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With the new information gathered from contacts and allies, the Ashen Hands now sat with the three members of the Rage crew. Mask, Surrey and Norden to plan out how the scheme would take shape, and at what stage of the prisoner transfer they would set the trap.

Gathered around a large wooden table, located in the cellars below an abandoned warehouse which once belonging to Great House Causana, lay the safe house of the Ashen Hands.  All the members were looking towards the table, upon it lay all the information that they had managed to pool for the planning phase of the scheme.

Stroham stood and explained the details that were uncovered via his personal network of contacts, the time table of events for the transfer of the prisoners. The route that the carriages would be taking along the Ruler’s Highway, and the hour, which would be at night, to make sure that the highway is clear of traffic.

Kwyla placed a letter on the table. “That contains the information that I obtained from my contact, an Obligator working within the Canton of Stability.”
Sully went over the letter it contained the following new items of information:
A total of 14 prisoners would be transferred in three nights time.
They would be separated onto two carriages. One carriage would carry the full compliment of 10 prisoners. The second carriage would be carrying only 4 prisoners, of which three were Mistings. The fourth was normal a crumb.

The three Misting prisoners would be drugged, using Anathol, thus rendering them docile for transfer. They would also be accompanied by a High Prelan, in case of any further signs of allomancy.
The transfer would take place at night once the mists had arisen as normal standard procedure, thus enforcing the curfew protocol.

Bondark the Terrisman sat on the edge of his barrel and rubbed his neck, “I Cannot say its going to be too easy, but I guess it depends on which of the two carriages we wish to free, going for both is a little too ambitious, but could draw a lot of positive rep on the streets after.”

Mask spoke up, “Let’s talk about these three mistings, any information on what allomantic power they have?”

Sully looked over the details noted on the letter that Kywla obtained from Minkas. He quickly found the mistings, “One Coinshot, Pewterarm, and a Seeker.”

Mask looked across to his other crew members, “The Seeker we shall ask for payment, though in truth I don’t like to use that wording, but I would like to offer the Seeker the option of joining our crew once the heist is over and the prisoners are freed.”

Stroham and Sully nodded in agreement, “Perfect, the Seeker is yours should he wish it.”
Stroham laid out the map of the Luthadel across the table, securing the edges with a few tankards.

“These carriages join up with any other carriages transporting prisoners from the Canton of Inquisition, and the Under Canton of Intelligence. Eventually this forms a long caravan of eight to ten carriages with collected criminals from the different slum sectors of Luthadel. The total haul of prisoners normally sent to the Pits of Hathsin number around one hundred.”

“Using the false prison carriage that Sully obtained will allow you to join the flow of traffic. The carriages will make their way to intercept the caravan moving across the main highway and from there its straight all the way to the docklands.

“Keeping your eyes on the carriages from the Canton of Stability, you are to join that caravan just after they pass the adjoining road that leads from Henton Street, onto the Lord Ruler’s highway. Correct timing should place you right behind the target carriages.”

“From there while transiting through the dense mists, you must intercept the target carriage and remove the guards on duty from the top of the carriage, then commandeer the carriage taking the third turnoff from the highway, but not before crossing the Commercial District, this turnoff will lead you back down into the city, heading towards the Cracks.”

“I shall have the warehouse ready for your arrival, drive the carriage into the warehouse, and we open the doors taking care of the two guards within and the High Prelan. The guards inside will be aware than something is not correct. So careful when it comes to opening those doors, they will be prepared for action.”

Once the guards and High Prelan are taken care of, you are then to remove the false armor plates from the carriage and replace them with the false merchant signs. Using the small narrow streets of the Cracks as cover, you are to transfer the prisoners to our safehouse.”

“Back at the safe house on Canal Street, we unload the new recruits and place them into the care of Bondark, then return the carriage back to Bobby’s, where it will be stripped down for parts, thus leaving no evidence.

“Finally a celebration and speech are called for, to welcome the new members of the Ashen Hands. hopefully all will have gone according to plan.”

Mask looked up at Stroham, “Things never go according to plan…”