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Extreme Resources
« on: March 17, 2015, 07:44:19 PM »
A question about Assembling Resources, page 242.

"Only a character with six or more dice of Resources may attempt to assemble forces."

When you say "dice" of Resources, are we counting in Traits and Circumstances? Let's say there's a labor shortage and the man is insanely popular, two positive Circumstances granting a die, and additionally he's got Leader of Men as a Trait, adding a die, but only 4 Resources left. Can he add the Trait and the Circumstances and get 6, and be able to try to hire a Warband until the next Long Breather?

Additionally, how do we make the Extras he gets in addition to the forces? The definitions in the book seem contradictory. Everywhere else, Extras are listed as "unnamed," as a "type" of character like Guard rather than a specific character like Brekt the Wise. Yet here we're told these Extras will have names, will rise above the throng, can be given specific individual orders. Any good rule of thumb when it comes to making these Extras? How much do they get in Attributes and Standings? How many Traits? Are they allowed Powers? Should I pick a Threat level as though they were villains and build them according to the point score? What level, then? Will they level up as the heroes do? Fifteen or twenty Long Breathers down the road, will my player still be hiring the same Insignificant Threat Extra he's hiring today?