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Tale of Two Houses - brainstorming
« on: November 01, 2011, 02:34:58 PM »
I am brainstorming some ideas for my first Mistborn game. Hopefully something that will generate a good 4 to 6 sessions of play. I am relatively new to the Mistborn universe and obviosuly the RPG has yet to be released, so forgive any mistakes :) Any thoughts appreciated.

This is early days so its not fully formed. It also has some similarities to the Final Empire story, but hopefully distinct enough to be its own story. I want the story to include the following which were also parts I like about the novels:

1.  Allow for multiple avenues. I like mix of the seedy side of the job with the dazzling lights of high society. When you mix this in with scope and high action, you get a good mix.

2.  I wanted to have it mean more than just profit. I want to include personal and dramatic elements. The PCs should care about what they are doing, the people involved and whether they succeed.

3.  I want it to have a number of layers, so I can add twists and complications as needed. A single solution tends to make the game too goal focussed and makes it hard to manipulate the story to keep up the drama.

My current thought is that the PCs are tasked to get around a problem. Perhaps there is a new tax, an underground slave highway or a vile tradition (like the use of skaa women by noblemen) that needs to be disestablished.  However, that problem is entrenched by a seemingly unshakeable alliance between two Great Houses. The PCs pretty much have to find a way to break this alliance if the problem is to be removed.

I sort of saw Romeo and Juliet as an inspiration, with a growing war between two Great Houses, but with the PCs behind the scenes manipulating the events. :)

A couple of twists I am considering:

- One House has the otherís heir as a political hostage. But the hostage actually loves one of her captors. Perhaps that captor has his own plans if he can just be reasoned with. This also provides an alternative resolution for the PCs in bringing the Houses closer together through the heirs.

- One of the Houses is secretly practising a perverted form of Feruchemy which attempts to transfer the cost and consequences suffered by a person onto another person via some kind of symbiotic relationship. Its far from perfect (perhaps it is costly and only works to reduce the cost by half and causes the cost to be transferred to someone tendfold) but it can provide a few shocks as an attempt to kill one of the nobles actually kills someone else (or a number of people), making that noble initially seeming immortal.

Perhaps the tax, tradition or underground is actually designed to hide this secret or provide it with the resources needed. Obviously the revelation of a connection to Terrismen may arise here in some capcity given the Feruchemical element.

I think this also ties nicely with the concept of the two House working together but also feeding of each other. One is forced into subservience with the other due to the way the parasitic relationship works. As an alternative resolution for the PCs, freeing the subservient House may work.

I also wanted to establish an NPC to whom all the PCs are connected (and perhaps even worked with) die prior to the scenario start, trying to unwind the alliance and achieve the task they are now left with. This sort of provides a legacy element to help sell the job to the PCs as being greater than just the profit.

This could also complicate matters in that perhaps the martyr was actually a member of one of the Houses. Perhaps the martyr knew the secret? What if the political hostage is that personís son or daughter? Also, given the perverted Feruchemy being practised, perhaps that person didnít actually die, but staged their death (killing someone or someones else) as a way to secretly motivate the PCs in bringing the Houses down.
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