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Rising Unrest [OOC]
« on: August 20, 2011, 12:06:49 AM »
This is the OOC thread for Rising Unrest.  Please put any off topic chatter, OOC discussions, etc. here.

Here is the link to the IC thread.

As a habit I picked up on other forums, I store all the relevant information for the campaign here in the OOC thread as well.

Table of Contents
Setting Thumbnail
Useful Species Background Information
Faiths/Alignments/and all that goes with them.


Game Mechanics (Qualities, Allowed Species, Banned Feats, etc.)
Spoiler: show

Available resources:
FC main book
Adventure Companion - No Master Classes

Reason with a touch of Industrial (steam engines and such are getting started)

Permanent Campaign Qualities:
Deadly Combat
Fragile Heroes
Hewn Limbs
Luck Abounds

Available Races:

Banned Feats:
Cute N' Cuddly
Nasty Little Git
Sky Clutch/Crest
Lava Born/Clan
Jewel Born/Clan

May use this homebrew feat tree (as gear feats).


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Re: Rising Unrest [OOC]
« Reply #1 on: August 20, 2011, 12:07:12 AM »
Setting Thumbnail
Spoiler: show

The folk of the southlands enjoy life.  Times continue to change and mostly things seem to be moving in a positive direction.  The steam engine is making inroads into all kinds of places.  It brings with it wealth and increased production.  Decent quality good have reasonable prices.  Science seems to have answers around every corner and those responsible don't seem to hide in their towers and keep secrets to themselves the way wizards do.

Nevertheless, every engine means fewer people have work to do and those that work have fewer coins in their pockets.  While the goods are cheaper the purses are lighter.  Perhaps lighter than they were before ... in relative terms.  Nonetheless, life goes on.

Rumors from the west say the Dwarven War of Succession may soon come to an end.  The bards sing and travelers tell stories that House Stonefist seems poised to crush House Sunspear.  If they do, then House Jadeheart would be forced to yield.  Normally such things would have no bearing on the Union of Free Cities; however, Dalgar Stonefist has sworn that the Empire must be reborn - in fire and ashes if necessary.

To the east Andora sits restless in its large mountain valleys.  It would seem that a new power further east has them on edge.  Their wall prevents all but the wildest of rumors from coming this far.

Thankfully, the dwarves (and other free folk) of the Hills of the Emerald Dawn have offered their solidarity with the Union should the now shattered Dwarven Empire raise it's head once more.  That is to say, the bards still sing of the friendship between the folk of the Emerald Hills and the folk of the Union.  But will the Ruling Council keep their word in the face of the combined might of the Grey Mountains?

These are times of adventure!


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Re: Rising Unrest [OOC]
« Reply #2 on: August 20, 2011, 12:07:44 AM »
Useful Species Background Information
Spoiler: show

The Dwarven Kingdoms are in the west beneath, on and in the Grey Mountains.  To their south lies the frozen waste.  The only thing of any apparent consequence on the ice is the Dome of the Anvil.  It is the holiest site on this plane for any dwarf.  Beneath the dome is an anvil shaped piece of iron where Hrothgar - the first dwarf (and their God) - came to rest.  It is also the anvil upon which his son, Hamar, began forging the souls of all dwarves.  The glaciers are also home to the Glacier Clan - many of whom become priests.  Those of the Mountain Clan claim right of rule over all dwarves and lesser folk.  The Empire once stretched across the Southern Sea but fell into war and self destruction some 700 years ago.

The giants of the Razor's Spine seem to get along well with everyone.  Some even are recognized as citizens of Andora.  Other giants ... are a mixed bag.  Some work well with others and some don't.  Most don't acknowledge the imaginary lines on maps that outline one nation or city's territory.

Most humans live in cities along the Southern Sea though they can be found among the Hills of the Emerald Dawn, Andora and on the islands of the sea.

The ogres have no home.  At least none that they know.  They are shunned by most as they are often grotesque.  Some are accepted into an orc tribe but this is rare.  Some find service in armies.  Others worship at the alter of brutality and become mercenaries.

The orcs inhabit the plains to the north and east of the Grey Mountains.  They value bravery in battle and yearn for a glorious death that will be kept in song.  The longer their legend lives the longer they can stay in Paradise and need not be reborn to forge their legend anew.  Some have sought the cities of human and pech alike to try their fortunes.

The pech enjoy life among the rivers from the eastern portion of the plains to the Razor's Spine in the east.  The boundary between the Union and Andora.  Some farm, others ride the river and some walk the land with their goods.

Many saurians live in the Camata desert to the north.  In general they are Disciples of the Flame and seek to spread their belief in one supreme being to others.  However, not all that seem themselves as saurian follow this path.  The Effet - sometimes called Frogmen - live in the forested swamps found along the rivers.

The unborn are not a race so much as folk have no other name for them.  Whether they are the golems of the old songs made by magic for purposes unknown, or spirits of the land that invest the very rocks of the earth, or cadaverous flesh given a mockery of life by either magic most foul or science gone astray they are all unique.  Recently, however, there is a new breed: clockwork facsimiles of folk.  No one seems to know where they come from.  Even the unborn seem not to know where they were made or why.  None can say what gives such a clockwork creature the spark of life.


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Re: Rising Unrest [OOC]
« Reply #3 on: August 20, 2011, 12:13:25 AM »
Spoiler: show

Folk in general and dwarves in particular are wary of magic users.  Dwarves because they feel it is an affront to the strength and ingenuity their god gave them.  The rest are wary because of the dwarves.  The area that is now the Union was first influenced by and ultimately ruled by the old Dwarven Empire for close to 1000 years.  Negative attitudes kinda rub off on people.

Now that's not to say that every innkeep is going to run screaming if you light your pipe with a flick of your finger.  In OOC knowledge terms, most people feel that low level magic (level 0 and 1 spells) is fine.  Most practioners of such simple magic (wise women, the village elder, etc.) would simply argue that they *just know things* or that they were blessed by gods.  Some few proclaim themselves magi and try to learn more.

Up to about level 3 spells (depends on the jurisdiction), you won't have any trouble.  Between levels 4 and 6, there is the expectation (or requirement in some places) that you belong to a known magic school so as to better control your *dangerous* abilities.  Some towns even require registration with the City Watch (or equivalent) when you enter.  Level 7 through 9 spells virtually require membership in a known school.  Untrained use of powerful magics in public can be a crime in human/pech lands and IS a crime in dwarven lands.  Citizens of the Hills of the Emerald Dawn will lock you up.  The dwarves of the Grey Mountains will execute you.

Most spells are learned through study and practice.  Many arcane magic users have a spell book but it serves more as a meditation tool than anything else as, truthfully told, almost all magic is in your head.  Some ingredients are needed for truly large workings.

Sorcerers tend to see the slow plodding teaching methods of most schools as annoying at best, and harmful at worst.  They feel it lacks the creativity and free wheeling nature of their magic.

Thus those learning a school of magic tend to be bound into that school's spells.  They can always transfer to another school (for the appropriate fee or in lieu of money the appropriate quest) if they wish to learn other spells.  Most schools require direct learning - Cure I, Cure II, Cure III, etc. - rather than a more freefrom approach.

Sorcerers also have schools though they are often hidden because the authorities don't consider them adequate teaching grounds.  However, the instructors - often fellow students - will teach whatever they know.

Also, technology has a tendency to break when around a high level mage - determined by Circle of Power.  Mostly this is flavor but it might have a game effect in some cases.


Arcane casters do not get access to any Wish spells.  They aren't lost, they are the province of the gods.
Arcane casters only get access to Resurrection I.  Resurrection has many repercussions to the established order so it is a highly regualted spell.  Higher levels of Resurrection are considered lost and universally considered illegal.


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Re: Rising Unrest [OOC]
« Reply #4 on: August 20, 2011, 12:16:16 AM »
Faiths/Alignments/and all that goes with them.
Spoiler: show

Alignment: Spirits
Skills: Investigate, Ride, Search, Survival
Paths: Nature, Protection, Spirits, Wilderness
Avatar: Ghostly Dire Tiger
Weapon: Great Club
Opposed Alignment: None per se.  However, any abilities that target an opposed alignment instead target those who despoil the environment.

Many, so called, primitive peoples worship the spirits - those of the ancestors and nature.  The priests - often called shamans - commune with the spirit world to ensure peace and tranquility as well as to ensure that balance between folk and nature is maintained.  Larger groups of ogres and some orcs follow this path; however, other folk have been known to follow this path.


Alignment: Way of the Warrior
Skills: Acrobatics, Athletics, Ride, Tactics
Paths: Destruction, Heroism, Strength, War
Avatar: Warrior Spirit (Use stats for Guardian Angel but change strength to 15 and sword to Broad Axe)
Weapon: Broad Axe
Opposed Alignment: Way of Peace

More a life philosophy than a religion, the Way of the Warrior points its followers toward constant self improvement.  It requires one to sharpen his skills in battle if not outright war.  Because it may allow the individual a chance at some form of glory, many orcs follow this path to delay - if not prevent - their rebirth and the consequent loss of the paradise between lives.


Alignment: Way of Peace
Skills: Blend, Investigate, Search, Sneak
Paths:  Knowledge, Life, Protection
Avatar: Guardian Angel
Weapon: Unarmed/none
Opposed Alignment: Way of the Warrior

Those who follow the Way of Peace have forsaken violence and seek to better themselves through meditation and their world through action.  While they do not normally raise arms against others they may protect those weaker than themselves.  Though few orcs follow this path, there are some who feel that the best way to end the cycle of rebirth is to bring Paradise to the living world.


Alignment: Dwarven Pantheon
Skills: Athletics, Haggle, Search and *
Paths:  Earth, Order and *
Avatar: Earth Elemental V or Water Elemental V (Idona only)
Weapon: *
Opposed Alignment: Kell Soul-breaker (See Dark King)

The Dwarven Pantheon represents the holy family.  Hrothgar is the patriarch of that family and was the first dwarf.  He is considered to be the All-Father.  He is the patron of priests and the nobility.  Freya, his wife, is the bearer of his children and the patron of both mothers and caregivers.  Hamar, his oldest son, forges dwarven souls on the Anvil of Life and is the patron of craftsmen.  His priests also serves as confessors and council those in need of repentance.  Dalgar, the second son, is a mighty warrior and hunter and is the patron of the same.  Idona, his daughter, is mistress of the seas.  She is patron of fishermen and sailors.  All dwarves are known to pray to her for safety when upon the water.

*The specific patron deity provides an additional skill, an additional path and the ritual weapon.

Hrothgar - Investigate - Knowledge - Throwing Spear
Freya - Survival - Protection - Quarter Staff
Hamar - Crafting - Metal - Mallet
Dalgar - Tactics - War - War Hammer
Idona - Ride# - Water - Harpoon

# The first focus of Ride MUST be water craft.

NOTE: only dwarves may take this alignment.  The priests teach that the other (lesser) folk have their own deities but that the holy family concern themselves only with dwarves.  A convert is only entertained if he/she has dwarven blood and undergoes a quest to prove his/her soul is truly dwarven.


Alignment: Moon Godess / Green Man
Skills: Blend, Crafting, Ride and *
Paths:  Protection and *
Avatar: Stone Golem
Weapon: *
Opposed Alignment: Oblivion (see Dark King)

Though known by many names and faces the Moon Godess represents the feminine elements.  Her partner is the Green Man, both husband and child.  He represents the masculine elements.  They are partners by their priests / priestesses focus on different elements.  Many folk away from cities make offerings to these intertwined deities.  Even in the cities - if nature can be found, there are those who follow their path.

* Males and Females have different roles.  Therefore there are unique skills, paths and weapons.
Female - Prestidigitation - Life, Magic - Dagger
Male - Survival - Beasts, Wilderness - Quarter Staff


Alignment: The Lord of the Purifying Flame
Skills: Acrobatics, Prestidigitation, Ride, Survival
Paths:  Fire, Nature, Order
Avatar: Angel of the Purifying Flame (Use stats for Fire Elemental V)
Weapon: Long Bow
Opposed Alignment: The Lord of Darkness (see Dark King)

Though most think of it as the religion of many saurians, this faith has adherents of all races.  The Lord of the Purifying Flame is believed by his faithful to be the only true god.  He is often referred to as "God" or "The One" - with the capital letters well understood by tone of voice.  The great temple in the Catama desert is surrounded by flowing water but a bright fire burns at its center.  All adherents to the faith keep a small shire with a flame constantly lit in their homes.  To them, it is not mere fire but a spiritual reminder that The One must purge them of all uncleanliness before they will be ready to join him in Heaven.  Smaller temples also maintain fires should a home-fire burn out.


Alignment: Trickster
Skills: Bluff, Disguise, Prestidigitation, Sneak
Paths:  Chaos, Curses, Deceit
Avatar: Ancient Sidhe
Weapon: Sling
Opposed Alignment: Varies*

The Trickster is worship in the small things in life.  The boy who eggs a noble, the women who tells her married lover that she is with child just to see the look on his face, and the noble who sets puzzles and pranks on all his guests have all - knowingly or not - worshiped at the altar of the Trickster.  Not surprisingly, priests of this deity are often practical jokers, clowns and jesters.  However, some veer into far more dangerous games ...

* He/she/it opposes everyone and no one as the situation requires.  Provided that tricks are played on others, the Trickster is happy.  If another moves to restrain this activity, then they have shown themselves to be in Opposition.


Alignment: Seductress
Skills: Bluff, Disguise, Haggle, Prestidigitation
Paths:  Beauty, Deceit, Secrets
Avatar: Pending
Weapon: Fan Blade
Opposed Alignment: None

The Seductress is often worshiped in the cities.  Every brothel has a shrine for those who work there.  She is even given the occasional offering by married folk (both men and women) who seek a little extra in their lovemaking.  She also is a favorite of spies as they often rely on wiles to seduce secrets from others.  Her priests and priestess are universally lovely (Comely feat strongly recommended), and excel at removing things from others - a bed and clothing are optional.


Alignment: Sun God
Skills: Crafting, Investigate, Search, Tactics
Paths:  Good, Heroism, Life, Light
Avatar: Guardian Angel
Weapon: Long Sword
Opposed Alignment: Dark King

The Sun God is known by many names, Helos, Onus, Ra, but the world over he is seen a benefactor and protector.  His priests teach that he smiles on believer and non-believer alike granting his protection to all.  His shield is the sun and he watches over the earth for signs of decay and corruption.  His houses of worship are open to all who need them and many come and worship on the first day of the week.


Alignment: Dark King
Skills: Blend, Bluff, Disguise, Sneak
Paths:  Darkness, Death, Destruction, Evil
Avatar: Nightmare
Weapon: Mace
Opposed Alignment: All (though not all see him as their opposite)

The Dark King is known by many names, Kell Soul-breaker, Oblivion, The Lord of Darkness.  If the Sun God gives the gifts of light, life and creation to the folk of the earth; if he protects them and offers them the chance to make something for themselves; then the Dark King seeks to bring darkness, death and destruction upon the folk of the earth; he seeks to tear down what they have built and enslave them to his will.  His followers blend into society, never showing their true faces.  One of his priests might be a beggar, another a blacksmith and still another a noble.  It is even whispered that some of his priests are brazen enough to pretend to the priestly mantle of another faith for a time.

Heroic characters should not take this alignment.


In general most people are happily polytheistic.  They leave offerings when they feel something is important.  Translation: un-aligned.  However, there are devout followers of each faith - even the Dark King.

The average Joe on the street may leave an offering to the Sun God while on his way to a brothel so he can leave an offering to the Seductress before heading home to his wife who is leaving a saucer of milk out in honor of the tiniest spirits who bow to the Moon Goddess.  Neither of them are aligned.


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Re: Rising Unrest [OOC]
« Reply #5 on: August 20, 2011, 12:16:59 AM »
Spoiler: show

Antilles post reminded me that I haven't put up any of the languages.  The language names are in italics while any game notes are in [brackets].

Ateso - The original language of the folk along the plains was mainly spoken by pech and humans.  It has basically died out; however, there are a few speakers still left and many scribes learn it in order to translate old documents.  It uses a completely different script than the other known languages.
[As a dead language it requires 1 interest to speak it and another (2 total) to read and write it.]

Dagral - The official language of the dwarven empire, though it has fractured into various dialects.  While technically still the same language, it can be difficult if not impossible to understand someone using an isolated dialect.  All are written in the same interlocking patterns of symbols.  Called "tiles", these symbols convey multiple meanings and sentences are constructed by arranging the tiles around a central tile which corresponds to the core idea.
[A dialect MUST be specified when taking this language.  They include Dagral, Dalua, Dare, Da'ul, Demila and Dida.  A comprehension penalty may be imposed if the dialects are sufficiently different.]

Heraro - The language of the Hills of the Emerald Dawn.  It grew out of the Dida dialect of Dagral but was influenced by the folk of the plains as well as the orcs.  It is written with a set of ornate runes that roughly correspond to sounds.

Catela - Originally a pidgin of Ateso and Dagral, it developed when the dwarven raiders stopped attacking the coastal cities and started trading nearly 1000 years ago.  As more and more folk along the ocean shore and rivers spoke it for trade, their children began to speak it as a first tongue and it ultimately developed into the language as it is known today.  It uses a simplified version of the Heraro runes for writing.

Andori - The language of Andora.  The script appears little more than picture full of nonsensical lines and dots; however, it can carry a great deal of information.  Often there is more than one message hidden in the "picture."  Consequently, many who need codes have borrowed heavily from this language.

Silba - A language composed completely of whistles used mainly by the giants of the Razor's Spine for long distance communication.  It has no written form.  However, some scientists interested in the language have tried using Andori or Catela to record it.  Unfortunately, few such projects have made much headway.

Xhosra - The language of the holy scriptures of The Lord of the Purifying Flame.  It serves as the language of everyday life among the inhabitant of the Catama desert, regardless of their beliefs.  All adherents to the faith are expected to learn the language so as to read the scriptures in their correct tongue rather than crude translations.  It is written with a flowing script and is often used in art.

Najafo - Known as the language of orcs it is often spoken by ogres as well as a few pech in the northwestern plains.  It has a musical quality and the tone and timing of each word is important.  It is written with intricate characters that flow down the page.  Though many think that it is a pictographic language it is not.  Some simple words may well be expressed with a character that looks like an abstract painting of the word; however, most words are made up of multiple characters.  And, if taken individually, would have nothing to do with the word being expressed.


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Re: Rising Unrest [OOC]
« Reply #6 on: August 20, 2011, 12:32:11 AM »

Riverton sits on a horseshoe bend in the Green River about two days up-river of Goodharbor - a port on the Southern Sea.  The Green is a massive river - measuring some 60 chains wide in most places.  The situation with the horseshoe bend has allowed Riverton to reap the benefits that would normally come from both a lake and a flowing moat.

Engineers from all over the Union of Free Cities have been employed over the years and have constructed what is now regarded as a high point in hydro-technology.  There is an artificial channel with locks that functionally creates an island of Riverton.  The benefit of all this technology (aside from the security it brings the powerful) is to allow deeper draft ships to pass through the river.  The bend also provides for a convenient dock system for smaller ships starting from, ending or stopping in Riverton for a time.

The city is primarily broken up into five wards.  The docks contain the warehouses and sit next to the factories.  Both humans and some few machines turn out products.  The commercial section contains businesses large and small.  (The smaller shops often double as homes for their owners.)  The residential section is the smallest but is home to the most powerful in the city.  Former nobility, aristocracy and merchants call this area home.  Some of the estates are larger than some blocks elsewhere in the city.  The last ward is home to temples and the arena which holds various games throughout the week.  The favorite is probably, the horse race which is held on the eighth day of the week.

While the city is officially a republic, only those who own land (or who have enough money) are considered citizens and thus have a right to vote.  Consequently, the Assembly is basically a club for the previously wealthy and the new wealthy.  That said, laws are rarely passed that create too many waves.

Food comes from the surrounding communities which are under the protection of the City Watch.  The City Watch is under the command of William "Thorn" Ashland.  He is often seen as the people's champion and though his citizenship is due more to his post than his family, his voice carries loudly with the public.  The Assembly knows it ignores him at its own peril.  When the previous president of the Assembly secretly backed a slave operation - contrary to the very laws he helped pass- he discovered why William is known as the "Thorn."  The very public execution was well attended in the arena.


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Re: Rising Unrest [OOC]
« Reply #7 on: August 20, 2011, 07:39:36 PM »
OK, were finally getting started.  Please place your character sheets (or the forum equivalent) here.

Why each of you are traveling with the caravan is up to you.  If you haven't met previously, you will have met by the time we start.

Please let me know if there is anything that I need to do and/or add.


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Re: Rising Unrest [OOC]
« Reply #8 on: August 20, 2011, 11:41:48 PM »
I like the story.  One thought/clarification, though.  Was his family well off / wealthy?  Since engines are just becoming available they are still cutting edge (arguably, bleeding edge) technology, they are expensive.  Could the salesmen have been something of a con man?  Perhaps, getting his parents to sign a contract to use the tractor but expecting huge payments at each harvest?

Yep, that's pretty much it. Most of the story was written around 0300, so it's a little fuzzy around the edges.
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Re: Rising Unrest [OOC]
« Reply #9 on: August 21, 2011, 07:37:59 AM »
Spoiler: Character Sheet • show

James Andari
XP 2,500
Vigilant Fist
Martial Artist 3
Type: Medium biped folk, reach 1
Speed: 40 ft.

STR: 14
DEX: 12
CON: 14
INT: 10
WIS: 16
CHA: 14

Vitality: 20
Wounds: 14

Melee Attack: 5 = 3 + 2
• Razor +5 (1d6+2 lethal; threat 17-20; Qualities: Bleed, excruciating, finesse)

Unarmed Attack:  6 = 3 + 3
• Punch +7 (1d4+4 lethal; threat 19-20)

Ranged Attack:  4 = 3 + 1

Fortitude save: +4 = 2(base) + 2(con) [+1 vs. magic]
Reflex save: +6 = 5(base) + 1(dex) [+1 vs. magic]
Will save: +6 = 2(base) + 3(wis) + 1(discipline of the spirit) [+1 vs. magic]

Defense: 16 = 10 + 3 (class) + 3 (wis)
DR: 1 = 1 (armor)
Resists: Cold 5 (armor)
Spell Defense: 15

Initiative: +2 = 1 (class) + 1 (dex) [roll twice, keep best]

Action dice: 3d6

Lifestyle: 3
• Panache: 3 (+1 Appearance, 30s income)
• Prudence: 0 (15% Money saved/earned)

Legend: +1
Reputation: 0
Renown: 0

Origin Abilities:
Always Ready: May always act during surprise rounds.
Enlightened Notice: Maximum Notice ranks are CL + 5.
Practiced Acrobatics: Regain spent AD on failed Acrobatics check.

Class Abilities:
• Martial Arts
• Life of Discipline: Discipline of the Spirit
• Way of the Warrior

Skills: Total = Ranks + Attribute Modifier + Misc
• Acrobatics +7 = 6 + 1
• Intimidate +7 = 4 + 3
• Notice +11 = 8 + 3
• Sense Motive +9 = 6 + 3
Origin Skills: Sense Motive & Intimidate
ACP -0

• Two-Hit Combo
• Lightning Reflexes
• Martial Arts
• Mage Hunter
• Haze Basics
• Haze Mastery


Interests: +2 Knowledge bonus
• Language: Catela
• Study: Hills of the Emerald Dawn
• Alignment: Sun God
• Study: Mages
• Language: Heraro

• Unarmed (forte)
• Edged

Advanced tricks:
• Cheap Shot
• Fully Engaged
• Mix-Up: Anticipate
• Practiced Blow
• Retribution

General Equipment:
Grooming Case
Lantern, hooded
Map, average (Riverton and surroundings)
Minor protective charm (Medicine Pouch)
Rope, silk
Rations (7)
Oil, pint x4
Moderate Padded

Money in hand: 0s
Stake: 37s

Apt. above Mrs. Miggins' tailor shop - Scale 2 (5 Guests)
• Tradesman +8 (Rent out a room to miss Ginny Wendell, novice tailor)
• Room: Library (Over half on subjects related to magic)
Cost: 30 Reputation

Cursed: Once during lifetime, will at a crucial moment betray what is most beloved. Spent, but hereditary.

"Never assume when it comes to mages, or you'll end up as Jadehammer, Windswords or the Andari." How fitting that about the only place left you'll hear of my family is in a saying, warning of the dangers mages can pose. And why not? With a single curse, we went from a well-respected and influential human family in the empire, our members amongst the highest ranking non-humans in the military, to pariahs and outcasts in a single generation. Every new generation saw further diminishing of the family, both in resources and numbers, until today, where only I am left.

Every one before me tried to break the curse somehow, or try to repair the damage already done. Fat lot of good that did them. The only way to end the curse is to end the family line, and I might as well do that. I've nothing to pass on to any future generations, save this damned curse, so why do it? No, I've found a different path to follow. After my mother's funeral, a man approached me. Said he represented a group dedicated to watching mages in case they go bad, and training select individuals how to stop them when they go bad. Apparently they felt my history made me very well suited for such a job. I of course accepted.

Ever stop to think how hard it is to fight a mage when you have no magical powers yourself? They certainly had. I can't say the four years of training that followed was anything less than grueling, but now they've deemed me ready. They've sent me to this city, Riverton, to keep an eye on the mages in the area. They even set me up with a small apartment, how nice of them.

I've been here almost two weeks now, mostly meeting with friends and informants of this group I'm working for. Now I gotta head out to this mining town out west, for a meet and greet with the local representative. Should be just a routine trip...

Spoiler: Appearance • show

Like this, only with sandals, and the robe is padded.
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Re: Rising Unrest [OOC]
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Couple last things to hash out with GM man but here he is for the most part
spells awaiting GM approval

[spoiler]Tavish Zeth
XP 2,500
Intelligent Sorcerer
Mage 3
Type: Medium biped folk, reach 1
Speed: 40 ft.

STR: 12
DEX: 14
CON: 10
INT: 18
WIS: 14
CHA: 10

Vitality: 18
Wounds: 10

Spell points 9

Melee Attack: 5 = 1 + 4(martial arts)
unarmed 1d6+4 lethal 19 - 20 threat
   glaive 1d8 +2 lethal 19-20

Ranged Attack:  3= 1+ 2

Fortitude save: +1 = 1(base) + 0(con)
Reflex save: +3 = 1(base) + 2(dex)
Will save: +6 = 3(base) + 2(wis)

Defense: 15 = 10 +1(class) + 4(wis)
DR: 1 = 1 (armor)

Initiative: +2 = 1 (class) + 4 (int, martial arts)

Action dice: 3d4

Lifestyle: 2
Panache: 2 (+1 Appearance, 20s income)
Prudence: 0 (15% Money saved/earned)

Legend: +3
Reputation: 0
Renown: 0

Origin Abilities:
Double Boost (Int)
Split Decision
Bonus Feat: Faerie Heritage (keeps this jealously guarded)
Paired Skills (Spellcasting/Intimidate)
Terrifying Look

Class Abilities:
Arcane Adept
Subtle and Quick to Anger
Arcane Might
Circle of Power I

Bluff 6, Crafting 10, Impress 6, Intimidate 8, Investigate 8, Medicine 10, Notice 8, Prestidigitation 7
Resolve 6, Ride 7, Search 10, Sense Motive 8, Spellcasting 10, Tactics10

Origin Skills: Spellcasting and Tactics

Interests: Catela, Ateso, Xhosra, Andori

Martial Arts
Spell Power

Unarmed (forte)


0 lvl Read Magic, Magic Vestment I, Endure Elements, Expeditious Retreat, Create Water, Feather Fall, Orient Self, Detect Secret Doors
1st lvl
Cause Wounds I, Detect Magic, True Strike, Magic Missle
2nd lvl Blur, Cause Wounds II, Brawn I, Mage Armor
3rd lvl Call Lightning I, Cause Wounds III, Haste, Heroism I
4th lvl Lightning Bolt I, Dimension Door, Magic Weapon II, Cause Wounds IV
5th lvl True Seeing, Wild Side II, Heal, Cone of Cold

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Re: Rising Unrest [OOC]
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Quote from: Reverandboo
Couple last things to hash out with GM man but ...

Yes, how can I help?


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Re: Rising Unrest [OOC]
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My backers, how well known are they? Can I out and out say "I work for X" or is it entirely on the down low?

I'm assuming they have a supplies wagon or something to fetch the foodstuffs from? Or is he expecting me to hare off into the forest looking for wild mint and tomatoes?
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Re: Rising Unrest [OOC]
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Within the Hills of the Emerald Dawn, the Brotherhood (or inset better name here - I'm at work and the sheer techincal nature of my work is dampening my creativity) is known but not well known.  Outside the Hills, it probably isn't known at all.  Not a secret though.

Yes there is a food wagon.  No he doesn't expect you to strike out into the forest unless you enjoy it.  Magdar is always asking if anyone wants to go hunting.


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Re: Rising Unrest [OOC]
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Ok so I'll probably edit and re-edit this until I've ironed out the kinks but here goes!

" 'I am far from my clan-home, but my duty never wanes.' These are the words that are taught to all who step foot in the Other-lands, the words above the halls of the Clan-Wardens. They have been chorused together since the first Rising of the Flame, and have stood the test of time.

But now time is measured by a different beat.

Clutchlings are becoming harder to nurture from their shell-break. Whole layings are wiping themselves out before their Reasoning, with unbound ferocity heard of only in the oldest tales.

My name is Ryar'Bett, first shell-breaker of the last Full-Clutch in living memory and shell-broken with the gift of the Dark Mouth.  I have served Clan Zh'Orack for these last 15 Risings, my duty as a Warden to the Clan-Home being above all other needs. As the only Full-Clutch Mouther some consider me a person to watch, perhaps even an omen of some kind; for me  this is a folly. I have been merely gifted something from the Clan to use in its service.There is nothing but the Clan and its life. A life that must endure. For that, and that alone I have paused in my duty and ventured into the Outer. There I will search and must find the key to our survival."

Spoiler: show

Zh'Orack Ryar'Bett (Clan name, given name)
XP 2,500
Saurian Warden
Scout 3
Type: Medium biped folk, reach 1
Speed: 30ft

STR: 12
DEX: 16
CON: 12
INT: 13
WIS: 16
CHA: 10
Vitality:  15
Wounds: 12

Melee Attack: 3= 2 + 1
Throwing Spear: +3(1d8+1; threat 17-20; Qualities: Hurl, Reach +1)

Unarmed Attack: 3 = 2 + 1
Bite II: +3(1d8+1; threat 16-20; Qualities: can transmit blinding poison 3/combat)
Tail Slap II: +3(1d8+1; threat 18-20; Qualities: Reach +1)

Ranged Attack: 5 = 2 + 3
Throwing Spear: +6(1d8+2; threat 17-20; Qualities: Hurl, Reach +1)
Atlatl: +6(1d8+2; threat 17-20; Qualities: AP4, Load 1)
Bola(3): +6(1d6+2 subdual, threat 17-20; Qualities: cavalry, trip)

Fortitude save: 4 = 3(base) +1(con)
Reflex save:  6 = 3(base) + 3(dex)
Will save: 4 = 1(base) + 3(wis)

Defense: 18 = 10 +2(class)+3(dex)+1(speciality)+2(class ability)
DR: 2 (in armour)
Resists: Fire 5, Cold 4 (both in armour), Flash 4 (from goggles)

Initiative: +12= +4(class)+5(decisive)+3(dex)

Action dice: 3(d6)

Lifestyle: +1
  • Panache: 0 (+0 Appearance bonus, no income)
  • Prudence: +1 (20% money earned/saved)

Legend: +1
Reputation: 0
Renown: Heroic 1 (gained from Warden duty to his Clan-Home)

Origin Abilities:
Agile Defense: +1 base defense
Cold-blooded: Requires only 1 common meal/day; takes extra damage from cold
Darkvision I: Ignores dim and low-light penalties
Decisive: +5 bonus to initiative
Practised Investigate: Regain spent AD on failed Investigate check
Unbreakable: Decreases attribute impairment by 1, each time suffered.

Class Abilities:
Rough living +2

Skills: Total = Ranks + Attribute Modifier + Misc
Origin skills: Investigate & Survival
Acrobatics: 9=6+3
Athletics: 7=6+1 (+2 to Swim checks)
Investigate: 9=6+3
Notice: 9=6+3
Resolve: 7=6+1
Sneak: 9= 6+3
Survival: 9= 6+3

Swamp Clutch (+2 to swim checks, gains Regeneration I in water, aquatic I, achilles heel (fire))
Toxin Sacs (can transmit blinding poison via natural attack)
Pathfinder Basics (swamp)
Native Ferocity (improves all natural attacks)
Hurled Basics (double strength modifier for ranged damage)

Zen Shot

Study: Effet homelands
Language: Xhosra
Language: Catela
Study: History of the Saurians
Study: The Green River and tributaries

Hurled (forte)

Advanced tricks:
Back at you!

General Equipment:
Backpack (10s)
Canteen (5s)
Mirror (25s)
Googles (20s)
Rope, Hemp (6s)
Firesteel (8s)
Purse (5s)

Body Paint (forest/jungle) (4s)


Saurian Fitted Moderate Leather (75s)

2 Corded Throwing spears (44s)
Bola (3) (12s)
Atlatl (15s)

Money in hand: 71s


Chosen/Search: Has been sent by the Clan-Home to find the Knowledge of the First Flame Rising; scripts that will help control the fracturing violent nature of their clutchlings. Rarely speaks of this to Outsiders.

If anyone spots anything amiss please let me know!
EDIT: Missed the Swamp Clutch  and Hurled Basics benefits.
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