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Author Topic: Masscombat with Mooks  (Read 428 times)
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« on: July 25, 2011, 05:35:10 AM »

Hi there,

so at the weekend I GM'ed the second week in my freshly converted campaign world. While I have still to convert quite a bunch of things the guys and me had quite a bit of fun.

First they resolved the encounter with the lord of one of the seven high houses. One of the players learned that a title is helpful and that his wargs felt quite helpless in this environment. The other guy playing a descendant of a high house was seated at the lord's table and created quite a scandal in his dealing with an curios elfish woman, who happened to be the apprentice of the local archomagus. She was also inexperienced in the human ways and VERY outspoken to begin with. Both incited a scandal and he left the party with the girl. Grin

Nonetheless the lord decided to employ the help of his peer, especially because he owns a steamdriven airship as a holding. So he send the group into to the wasteland, a region inhabited by the remnants of an elven empire, mostly lesser demons and anything badass enough to thrive there. Their mission was to scout out an old elven ruin, which had been by a storm freed of the sand under which it was hidden.

They landed and discovered a bunch of kobolds, which they easily dispatched. They had no luck in negotiating their way into the ruin and squashed them - quite literally.

They descended into the ruin and overheard some talk, between several kobolds. Something about how one of the kobolds had them locked them out and how to open the gates. Naturally the kobolds began arguing and blaming one another. Grin

At the table the players decided to go further down, one even elaborated that he counted five to six different speakers. So they reached the end of the stairs and began to scream foul play... as I began to fill up the battlemap with more than a dozen enemies, and then many more Evil... I filled in 72 enemies and they thought, that's it, they are done.

They didn't run though, they decided to fight Shocked. The sorceress they brought to the battle lobbed fireballs and magic missiles. The 2 armored wargs of the Scout began to stride forward, the scout loosened some arrows, the orcish half-ogre lieutenant of the captain squashed through row, after row of kobolds and the captain himself commanded some additional attacks out of his allies. The one thing I hadn't planned for was the elven sorceress they had on board. Her role as intended should have been to analyze anything that comes out of the ruin. The player of the captain asked her along, arguing if they run into something magical in the ruin they might need her expertise. That struck me out of the blue and I decided to wing it and go with it. I know it's a bit dumb to overlook that simple thing... that's me... Smiley

Effectively they made short work of the kobolds - I used them as written - mostly because the lieutenant of the captain's player had cleave and a axe to go with it (damn deadly combination Shocked), the fireballs of the sorceress, the armored wargs and the ability of the captain to command attacks. The player of the scout felt a bit overwhelmed by this combat for now, since he put nearly anything in terrain feats - both to strenghten his animals and to aid the group (he gave them night fighting for this fight - which helped them possibly more than anything else). It was hilarious.

On a sidenote, the sorceress left quite an impression as one of her fireballs struck like a nuke (critical on her part) and the only thing left after that one, were kobold shadows burned on the floor and the wall. The player of the captain decided instantly Grin trying to get her as his second lieutenant - which is possible in our round, he just can't take animal partner as a tradeoff. And I have another plot hook. Wink

So one question popped up after this combat. Do need swarm creatures stand together to attack as one... I take it, that they have at least to be in reach if they want to attack an enemy as one... but what with ranged attacks? Do they have to stand together or can the stand apart and use swarm nonetheless. I think, that I maybe made the combat a bit to easy, since I packed the kobolds in groups of six together, not that they are the brightest tactical geniuses. Due to some lucky streak for the players, the kobolds didn't make that much damage with their slings... but they left an impression. Evil I plan to use swarm creatures and mooks further so any enlightment on these matters will be greatly appreciated. Smiley

And... sorry for the long post... Smiley
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« Reply #1 on: July 25, 2011, 05:55:48 AM »

So one question popped up after this combat. Do need swarm creatures stand together to attack as one... I take it, that they have at least to be in reach if they want to attack an enemy as one... but what with ranged attacks?
Well, I'd say no. The thing is, I try to avoid battlemat as much as possible, so I don't really care about whether the NPCs are grouped or not. Swarm is really more a mechanical tool than a real "hive mind" thing for me (there is another NPC quality for that btw), so I use it whenever I have large groups of critters (mooks most of the time, indeed) to accelerate the fight. But that's the way I use it and play the game, it might be different depending on your point of view on this option.  Smiley
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« Reply #2 on: July 27, 2011, 06:21:14 AM »

Thanks aegis, that helped to clear that. They will have to fight far more flexible kobolds and lesser demon in the ruins. Grin Far better and not so easy to catch a lot of them at once. Evil

Btw, a battlemat is quite nice - at least for me - to keep track of things. I tend to loose some bits and bytes if I only tell how different actions and other things affect such a fluid thing as combat. Sad If I add in the flexibility and depth of FC Combat can be quite daunting to resolve and my buddys like the combat as challenging as possible. Grin

Thx, again.

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