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October 06, 2015, 11:23:37 PM
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Author Topic: Not to go munchie/min-max, but... how would this work?  (Read 1232 times)
Crafty n00b

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« on: July 15, 2011, 01:26:01 AM »

OK... personally, I'm the only person I know interested in Spycraft.  So, I'd have to GM, and not get to play this dream character I've slowly perfected the idea of, over time.  Problem is... I'm not sure what exactly it'd take, regarding feats, skill points, etc. in order to be able to actually achieve the concept... so I'm just going to go strictly by levels and show you the crazy concept I've fallen in love with.  So he's a gun-bunny... sue me.

While most of the base Spycraft classes offer some interesting or solid building options, the only one that really says 'versatile' to me is the wheelman.  Sorry, but a driver/surveillance operative/soldier...?  Yes.  If you think that's nuts, just look at Jason Statham and the whole 'The Transporter' series.  So... one wheelman, coming up.

Of course, it only behooves to take the guy up through a few levels... but I've forgotten how many I'd originally thought were necessary, but let's say it was around 5-7 levels.  7 seems to strike a chord.  Enough growth in the primary class and some bonus feats that, if memory serves, were needed to make the next step possible.

That leads us out of the main book and into the Modern Arms guide.  Therein... the Triggerman.  Let's not pull any punches - in two levels of this enormously powerful prestige class, you gain Trigger-happy (free action use of one attack using any gun you have ready), Gun-fu Basics (substitute your readied-gun's damage for your automatic unarmed damage when grappling), and Gunplay (any successful attack raises your initiative score by +1).  Meaning, you could grapple, shoot someone, free-shoot, next round shoot and free-shoot again... and if all hit, raise your initiative by 4 points.  In higher levels with bigger attack bonuses (or with weapon accuracy bonuses, natch), you see the potential.  But we're still just getting started.

If you want to delve into the Soldier/Wheelman class guide, I'd suggest taking a rank or two in Street Knight.  Nothing says mobility, maneuverablity and surveillance stealth like a motorcycle.  If you take up to level 6 in this, you can get Mounted Great Cleave, but... why wait for it?

Now... we come to where it just gets out of hand.  Break out... the Dark Inheritance.

Yes... I mean to make this guy a member of the Eight Heavenly Dragons Triad, and make him into... the Two-Fisted God of Guns.  Continuity alone makes this a nice class to pick up - no cross-class skills - but Bottomless Clip just makes this guy harsh.  And in Bullet Ballet and Firestorm... and he's a total beast.  With this insane combination of feats... correct me if I'm wrong, here:

Get into combat... pull a gun.  Grapple with someone.  Now...

Pull your trigger.  They get hit, automatically.  Pull it again, they get hit again - a single combat round for you, over.  Bet they let go for the next one - but that's OK, your initiative is climbing.

They let go... now shoot them again.  Then use your regular attack turn and hose everyone with Firestorm, using (if you're smart) BOTH pistols.  Then blink your eyes for Bottomless Clip to reload, and watch your initiative score jump to first place (likely) after hitting everyone with Firestorm.  Ahh... round 3.  Here we go again... crazy, but... I think he'll win.  Maybe even by himself.

Now, I think I remember having to take a few ranks of one of the spell-caster classes, in order to make the Two-Fisted God of Guns possible, but I'm not 100%.  Hell, I'm not even sure ANYONE can meet ALL of those prestige classes' feat requirements.  And let's not forget... he's a driver and surveillance/soldier, mixed in.  So... is it even feasible.
Crafty n00b

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« Reply #1 on: December 15, 2011, 12:48:21 AM »

I *HAVE* looked further into the situation.  It would appear a level in Gnostic (via Dark Inheritance) would make sense.  But still, I'm typically too busy with work & too stressed/tired when I get home to wrap my brain around a single aspect of an entire hobby I basically never see anymore, in a game I can't get anyone to GM, let alone play... so I don't see how many feats would be necessary to bring this all about, and how damn long it'd take.

BTW - unless my brain is corrupted by barely, hops & yeast, I don't remember ever seeing an experience point scale for leveling up.  Where can I find that in classic 1.0 rules?
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« Reply #2 on: December 17, 2011, 03:03:36 AM »

You won't... It's in the D&D 3.0 Player's Handbook.  1st ed was built off of that.
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