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Forum upgrade complete!
« on: June 01, 2011, 11:22:06 AM »
Hey all,

In an effort to curb some of the spam we've seen to date, I've been upgrading the forum today. Virtually nothing will have changed for the various honest dealers here on the forum, but we are in the process of declawing spammers so that means you'll notice some tweaks in these areas:

* Improved security - We made a jump of several releases today so hopefully we'll have better security measures.

* Stronger CAPTCHA/Anti-Bot - I'm still shopping for the new mod here, but expect it to be slightly harder to register for the boards.

* No HTML in signatures - The biggest change is all links and images in sigs have been deactivated. If you have one currently, good on ya - you can keep it. But if you change it or edit your signature, these will be removed. Sticking to text is good for everyone.

Thanks for your patience!
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A reminder.

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