Author Topic: Fantasy Craft Vs. D&D Magic?  (Read 10776 times)


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Re: Fantasy Craft Vs. D&D Magic?
« Reply #30 on: December 17, 2007, 04:42:02 AM »
Indeed.  The Channeler looks to me a lot like the Paladin always should have--the regular Fighters can laugh all they want about your prayerful nature and lack of bonus feats, until you put the Flame Strike on 'em.

Heh. Very true. Spellbound is design so that casters get stronger over time, but more like non-casters do, rather than being underpowered up front and oeverpowered in the late game. Unlimited 0-level spells at level 1 is a lot of ability when you get down to it, and they just ramp up steadily from there (becoming luminous starting you down a unique path and growing to be really, really butch).

When you see the Preserver (who got the lion share of oddball paladin spells) your paladins will weep with joy :). They are the other obvious battlecaster of the 8, and they are wildly different from Channelers.
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