Author Topic: Mistborn RPG: Want to Get Involved? Researchers Needed  (Read 2325 times)


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Mistborn RPG: Want to Get Involved? Researchers Needed
« on: April 18, 2011, 11:23:59 AM »

We've hit a whole lot of milestones with the Mistborn RPG project recently and you'll see plenty of exciting new updates for the project soon, but in the meantime we wanted to reintroduce you to someone. He's been a part of the Crafty Games family for some time and friends will recognize his work. His name is Ben McSweeney and he's the gentleman responsible for that amazing Fantasy Craft cover, as well as every class illustration for the game to date and a whole slew of other incredible pieces.

Well, we're pleased to announce that except for a few key reprints from the collection of Isaac Stewart (he who developed the maps and Allomantic symbols for the Mistborn series), Ben's illustrating the entire Mistborn RPG, including the cover and all the interiors. Yay! :)

Now, what's this about getting involved, you ask? Well, Ben's always been a rather personable bloke, and he periodically reaches out to fans of various properties he works on to get details right and generally raise the level of his scrawl from merely godlike to something approaching O_o (which is shorthand for "SWEETZOMBIEJESUSTHATSBEAUTIFULGETMESOMENAAAUUUOMGBBQ!!!). He's at it again, this time with questions for the Mistborn aficionados in the audience. To get in on the action, head over and take a look at the latest in his thread at Brandon's forum...

(That links directly to his most recent post(s). The thread actually goes back a couple years before that.)

More soon. Until then, Stay Crafty!
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