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Project: Ghostwalker (1.0-1.5 campaign setting)
« on: September 10, 2007, 11:44:12 AM »
Notes: This is primarily an idea that could be converted to 2.0, but I currently lack the pdf's that would cover a lot of the things. I also like having multiple types of superpower sources in existence, thus this mixes other things into it. Also this doesn't include material from the five 1.0 books I don't have (Gentlemen's Agreement, Agency, Mastermind, World Militaries, and US Militaries), but it adds portions from Stargate and Dark Inheritance.

History: Ancient

The world is old, and there are powers hidden beneath the surface.

Ages ago, Demons walked the earth and so did a breed empowered to face them. Titans and monsters fought for dominance across the mortal world. And then something sealed them both away.

Magic of various kinds crept through the dark and hidden places, secrets of power. Wielders of an elder craft and mystics of incredible power. Those who walk on the fringe of reality and tapped into the power leaking from the sealed powers.

Now mankind has begun to plumb the depths of the human mind and body leading to the access of psionic powers manifesting in some and genetic augmentations that  led to the creation of genesoldier hybrids.

However, this same tinkering combined with an unhappy and desperate researcher unlocked the door containing the powers of the demons and titans, releasing the ancient enemies once more.

With the dawn of the new millenium, the barrier between worlds slowly begins to collapse as ancient forces are unleashed once more.

History: Project: Ghostwalker

After the Nazi's began to unleash occult forces upon the world during the second World War, various groups began to become concerned over supernatural foes. Several of these Counter Occult groups formed the seeds of what would become the Ghostwalkers.

The primary catalist was a man named John Black.

He was one of the few American agents who actually saw action dealing with a handfull of the terrors that had been unleashed by the Axis in Europe and had the charisma to draw togather several of the smaller groups over the next several decades.

Black also had a mystic talent of his own and seems to have reached the point of immortality.

By 1995, he had gained the full support of several governments to develop Project: Ghostwalker with experts from across the globe and began the hunt for various relics and groups while working against various doomsday prophecies for the millenial.

The boom of the supernatural at the millenial combined with the identification of several descendants of various governments psionics projects from the last century gave him the pull to begin preparing teams for the field and the development of two bases for the new agency.

Bases of Operations
The Fortress
A peculiar location in the central antartic, it was discovered in the sixties as a null zone where most of the special powers simply wouldn't function. A crater infused with enough meteoric iron to apply this dampening effect on anyone or anything within it.

Prometheus Center
A large compound surrounding a rebuilt castle, it is the main training facility for the Ghostwalkers and is also home to a massive series of vaults of relics collected.

A large construction base and tech center for the Ghostwalkers, it is also home of the primary research facility.

Alpha Base
The frontline base of the Ghostwalkers, a large airborn base that combines the scientific with the arcane to travel to hotspots. Two further bases of the same design are currently under construction.

The command center for Ghostwalker
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