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Against the Dragon Gods(OOC)
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Dice Rolling
Players: Use Invisible Castle
GM: I'll make rolls independantly (to keep it quick), however, if you guys need to make a saving throw or opposed skill roll then i'll roll it using the website to speed things up. If you want to use action dice or special abilities, let me know in this thread.

I'll roll independantly and post everyone's initiative, then everyone else should post their action using a single post within two days. If you fail to post in this window then i'll decide your action and roll using the website.


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Re: Against the Dragon Gods(OOC)
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The Protagonists:

Martika Cayn Played by Mr. Andersen
Name: Martika Cayn
Origin: Hulking Northern Horde Orc-Blooded Mystic
Class: Captain 1 / Martial Artist 2 / Soldier 1 / Superior 1

Str 15 (+2)  Dex 13 (+1)  Con 12 (+1)  Int 14 (+2)  Wis 13 (+1)  Cha 12 (+1)

Initiative: +4 (+3 class, +1 Dex)
Speed: 40 ft.
Action Dice: 3d4    

Defence: +16 (+5 class, +2 Str, –1 size)
DR: 4 (armour)
Wounds: 18
Vitality: 62 (+57 class, +5 Con)

Fort: +7 (+6 class, +1 Con)
Reflex: +5 (+3 class, +1 Dex, +1 ability)
Will: +10  (+6 class, +1 Wis, +3 feat)

Base Attack Bonus: +3
   Unarmed: +5 (+2 Str)
   Melee: +5 (+2 Str)
   Ranged: +4 (+1 Dex)
Unarmed strike: 1d4+4 lethal, Thr 19-20
Broken zweihander (short sword): 1d8+3 lethal, Thr 19-20 (17-20 vs. Medium or less), rng 15 ft. ×2, qual: giant-forged, grip, hurl, keen 4, superior
Labrys (broad axe): 1d12+3 lethal, Thr 19-20 (17-20 vs. Medium or less), qual: ap2, giant-forged, grip, massive
Throwing knives: 1d4+2 lethal, Thr 19-20 (17-20 vs. Medium or less), rng 15 ft. ×3, qual: bleed, giant-forged, poisonous

Proficiencies & Tricks: Toppling swing, unarmed, blunt, edged, hurled, bows, shove

Interests: Language (Temnyazyk), Study (Frontier), Language (Low Draconic), Language (Rust Common), Language (Floresta), Study (Elf Nations), Language (Pulau)
Hearty Appetite: .
Restricted Actions: Conceal Item, Stash and Stealth checks
Gruelling combatant
Darkvision II
+2 morale bonus to attack checks in faint or no light
Right hand man (PL feat; basic combat feats count for PL value)
Discipline of the mind
Unstoppable force

Orc Blood (Species)
Northern Horde (Species)
Iron Will (Basic Combat)
The Gift: Endure elements, orient self (Spellcasting)
Personal Lieutenant (Style)
Martial Arts: Strength (Unarmed combat)
Guts (Species)
Armour Basics (Basic Combat)

Skills (origin)
Acrobatics: +7 | 6 ranks
Athletics: +16 | 8 ranks
Crafting: +8 | 6 ranks
Impress: +5 | 4 ranks
Intimidate: +7 | 6 ranks
Investigate: +9 | 8 ranks
Medicine: +10 | 8 ranks
Notice: +8 | 7 ranks
Resolve: +8 | 7 ranks
Search: +4 | 2 ranks
Sense Motive: +4 | 3 ranks
Survival: +5 | 4 ranks
Foci: Crafting (Pharmaceutical), Crafting (Inscription)

Legend: +4
Reputation: 20
Renown: Heroic 1

Light Load (max): 500 lb
Heavy Load (max): 1500 lb
Lifestyle: +3 (+2 class, +1 Cha)
   Panache: 2
      Appearance: 1
      Income: 20s
   Prudence: 1 (20%)
Coin in Hand: 5s
Stake: 0s
Prizes (max 2): 0
Gear: Backpack (contains: 50ft hemp rope, bedroll, garrotte, ointment, purse, salve, scribe's kit, smelling salts, rations, tonic), broad axe, doctor's bag, partial studded leather armour w/light fittings, short sword, throwing knives ×10
Load: ~70 lb

Panguar Ban, Personal Lieutenant
Pangur Ban (Tiny Walking Beast — 65 XP). Str 10 Dex 12 Con 10 Int 10 Wis 10 Cha 10; Size T (1×1, Reach 1); Spd 30 ft ground; Init I; Atk I; Def VII; Res II; Health III; Comp II; Skills: Spellcasting X; Qualities: Class ability (Master of magic, Spell secret IV, Stalker, Tomb raider, Very very sneaky), critical hesitation, darkvision II, feat (Casting basics, casting mastery, casting supremacy, giant slayer basics), grappler, improved hearing, improved vision, telepathic, unlimited spell points.
     Attacks: Bite (Bite I: 1d4 lethal, thr 18-20), Pounce (Claw I: 1d3 lethal, thr 20, upg: grab).
     Spells: Create water (DC 13), dimension door (DC 22), endure elements (DC 13), feather fall (DC 13), orient self (DC 13), scare I (DC 16), shadow walk (DC 31), silence (DC 19), teleport I (DC 25), teleport II (DC 31)

Str 10 (+0)  Dex 12 (+1)  Con 10 (+0)  Int 10 (+0)  Wis 10 (+0)  Cha 10 (+0)

Initiative: +0
Speed: 30 ft.
Action Dice: n/a    

Defence: +16 (+3 base, +2 size, +1 Dex)
DR: 0
Wounds: 5
Vitality: 15

Fort: +0 (+0 base)
Reflex: +1 (+0 base, +1 Dex)
Will: +0  (+0 base)

Base Attack Bonus: +0
   Unarmed: +0
Bite: 1d4 lethal, Thr 18-20
Pounce: 1d3 lethal, Thr 20, upg: grab

Skill Checks: +0
Spellcasting: +15 | 11 ranks, +4 insight, thr 17-20
Acrobatics, Athletics, Search, Sneak, Survival & Tactics min result: 21

Sir Rollo Whiskeyfoot played by Paddyfool
Sir Rollo Whiskyfoot
Pech Vanguard Captain 3 / Soldier 1 / Monster Hunter 1

Str 14, Dex 18, Con 12, Int 14, Wis 12, Cha 12

BAB: +4
Fort/Ref/Will: +5/+7/+6
Defense: 18 (21 w shield)
DR: 4
Init: +7
Lifestyle: 3 (2 panache, 1 prudence)
Legend: 5
Wounds/Vitality: 8 / 56
Renown: Military 1
Reputation: 20

Athletics 1 (1+2-2)
*Crafting 10 (8+2)
Impress 9 (8+1)
Intimidate 2 (1+1)
Investigate 4 (2+2)
Medicine 3 (1+2)
Notice 6 (5+1)
Resolve 11 (10+1)
Ride 10 (8+4-2)
Search 3 (1+2)
Sense Motive 5 (4+1)
Survival 9 (8+1)
*Tactics 13 (11+2)

Notes: ACP: -2, Enlightened resolve (pech) 5+career level, enlightened tactics (captain) 6+career level, appearance mod +2, paired skills (Resolve and Impress), ride focuses (Riding Mounts, Land Vehicles, Water Vehicles), craft focuses (Metalworking, Carpentry, Cooking)

Proficiencies / tricks
Hurled proficiency and forte; Blunt proficiency and forte; Black powder proficiency; Edged proficiency
Trick: Pick on the big guy (+2 insight to dmg vs larger opponents; 4 / combat)

Languages: Hugelsprach, Steam-talk
Studies: Drakes, Dragons, Bulwark

Misdirection basics (Vanguard): +1 to crit range vs specials
Personal Lt feat (Captain 1): See Iprot below
Contempt (1st): Make a free attack against a standard character.  May use a # of times = to starting AD.
The Extra Mile (Captain 2): 1/adventure, choose 1 teammate who has died during a standard scene. If you have the teammate’s body at the end of the scene, he Cheats Death with a Petty fate.
Quick Draw (3rd): May make 2 free handle item actions / round
Shield Basics (Soldier 1): +4 gear bonus when bull rushing with an armed shield.  Also, gain a stance:
  Phalanx Fighting (Stance): Each adjacent ally gains a +1 bonus to Defense and Reflex saves. This bonus increases to +2 when you wield a weapon with guard +2 or higher. The maximum bonus a character may gain from allies in this stance is +4.

Species/Specialty/Class abilities not already included above
Pech: Hearty Appetite (benefit from first 2 food and 2 drink consumed each day)
Vanguard: Basic Combat Expert (considered to have 2 more basic combat feats)
Vanguard: Charming (1/session, may improve Disposition of any 1 non-adversary NPC by 5)
Vanguard: Stand together (+2 morale to defense & all saves when at least 2 adjacent chars share species)
Captain Core: 1/scene as a free action, may grant teammates one of your basic combat feats as a temporary feat until the end of the scene
Captain 3: Battle Planning I (No prisoners! and Steady now!)
Monster Slayer Core: Cut Deep and True (Each time you spend an action die to boost an attack check with a bow, thrown, or melee attack, the attack also gains the keen quality equal to the action die result.)
Monster Slayer 1: Getting the Scent (Spend 1 day of downtime to gain +2 to Track checks & spell defense 20 vs a category of monsters covered by a study, or +5 to Track checks & spell defense 30 vs a specific monster covered by a study.)

On person
Small Pechcraft partial hardened leather with light fittings (helmet and armoured cavalry boots): DR 4, Fire resist 3, ACP -2, 19lbs, 115s
Small-scale tower shield: 6lbs, 30s
Superior Grip Keen Sabre: 3.75lbs, 100s
Superior Finesse Keen Cavalry Flail: 7.5lbs, 40s
Military Pistol: 3lbs, 85s
Powder & shot: 0.25lbs, 10s
Flash bomb (x3): 1lb, 20s
Greek fire: 1 lb, 20s
Whistle: 0.1 lb, 2s
Pipe: 0.1 lb, 5s

On Iprot
Small-scale superior armour-piercing cavalry harpoon: 4.5lbs, 30s
Smith's kit: 12lbs, 15s
Cook's kit: 10 lbs, 10s
Carpenter's kit: 10 lbs, 15s
Grooming case: 2 lbs, 8s
Tent: 15lbs, 10s
Blanket: 3lbs, 5s

Coin (stake): 0 silver

Sabre: +6 to hit, 1d10+5 lethal damage, 19-20, Superior, Finesse, Cavalry, Grip, Keen 4
Flail: +7 to hit, 1d8+5 subdual damage, 20, AP 2, Keen 4, Superior, Finesse, Cavalry
Pistol: +8 to hit, 3d6 lethal damage, 18-20, Load 7, unreliable, Cavalry
Hurled: +9 to hit, various.

Background and description:
Rollo Whiskyfoot originally grew up on the run, the son of pech craftsmen living in hiding in the land under the dragons, but did not stay there long.  Travelling over to the steam nations as a young lad, he was amazed by their technology, yet also concerned at their vulnerability and instability as nascent nations.  Adept in combat and a natural at making a good impression, he took a commission with the armed forces of Bulwark, where he was stationed among the outlying villages that fed the city.  He made a particular study of tactics, and of the greatest potential enemies of the people he helped to protect, and occasionally to lead - the dragons and drakes who continued to persecute them.  His flair for riding into the thick of trouble or off on rescue missions earned him the nickname "Sir Rollo", which he was happy to let stick.

While outnumbered in defence of one village against saurian raiders, his pony cut from under him, he truly believed his number was up; and it might have been, had a battered, corroded and moss-lined construct not come out of the forest to the village's aid.  Fighting alongside, Sir Rollo and Iprot were just able to carry the day, although it came at some cost to the latter, who stumbled and fell, the light dimming from its eyes, towards the close of the fight.  To repair Iprot was beyond Sir Rollo's own skill, or that of any he could find in all Bulwark; and so he forfeited his commission and travelled to Chataya, where he was indeed able to find craftsmen of sufficient skill to help him restore Iprot to function.  Once there, Sir Rollo took a reservist position in Chataya's own armed forces, and sought employment in outlying parts of the land around, guarding caravans or hunting down dangerous beasts.  He appreciates the culture and grandeur of the great city itself, and still spends some time there, but deliberately keeps his skills sharp in case the war he knew should sweep beyond Bulwark and arrive at the gates of this new civilisation.

The Ironhound Prototype 'Iprot,' Personal Lieutenant
Ironhound Prototype (Large Beast Construct Walker/Burrower — 75 XP): Str 16, Dex 12, Con 14, Int 10, Wis 12, Cha 8; SZ L (2×1, Reach 1); Spd 40 ft. ground, 10 ft. burrow; Init II; Atk III; Def IV; Resilience IV; Health IV; Comp I; Skills: Acrobatics IV, Athletics III, Intimidate IV, Notice I, Resolve II; Qualities: achilles heel (electrical), banned action (swim), cagey I, fatal falls, feat (Elemental Heritage metal, Special Construction brass), improved stability, interests (Hugelsprach, Steam-talk), menacing threat, superior jumper II, veteran II.
Attacks/Weapons: Trample II, Bite I, Slam I × 2

Ironhound Prototype (Large Beast Construct Walker/Burrower — 75 XP): TL: 3 (1+2)
Str: 16/+3; Dex: 12/+1; Con: 14/+2; Int: 10/+0; Wis: 12/+1; Cha: 8/-1;
Init: +3=2+1(dex)                     Melee: +5=2+3(str)    Fort: +4=2+2(con)
Health: +6=2+2(con)+2(size) ~ 60/21   Ranged: +3=2+1(dex)   Ref: +1=2+1(dex)-2(metal)
Def: 13=10+3+1(dex)-1(size)           Comp: +1              Will: +3=2+1(wis)
Size: Large (2×1); Reach: 1; Speed: 40 ft. ground, 10 ft. burrow;
Skills: Acrobatics IV (Dex) +8 = 7+1; Athletics III (Str) +9 = 6+3; Intimidate IV (Wis) +8 = 7+1; Notice I (Wis) +4 = 3+1; Resolve II (Con) +8 = 4+2+2 (metal)
Qualities: achilles heel (electrical), banned action (swim), cagey I, fatal falls, feat (Elemental Heritage metal, Special Construction brass), improved stability, interests (Hugelsprach, Steam-talk), menacing threat, superior jumper II, veteran II.
Attacks: Trample II [1d10/19-20], Bite I [1d10/18-20], Slam I × 2 [1d8/20]
NB: edged resistance 5 (elemental heritage); spell defense 20 (special construction)

Background and description:
A great bronze beast of fearsome aspect, Iprot has been in the service (after a fashion) of Sir Rollo for some time now.  Created by the antisocial dwarven artificer Kurgos Darkhelm to guard his clifftop property, Iprot was not long in the world when Kurgos came into possession of a valuable item fabled to have belonged to a notable dragon.  Doom and flame came over the ocean on swift wings; while all about was in fire, Iprot leapt from a window of its master's house in its defense.  Its paws touching a scaled body, it tried to grasp the attacker in its jaws, but these met empty air and it fell down the cliff-face to the sea below.  By the time the battered construct had crawled along the sea floor to the beach and around to the only place it had ever known, there was nothing left but smoke, ash, and ruin.

Since its alliance with Sir Rollo began (of which more above), Iprot has proven itself a staunch support.  Seldom speaking, and usually doing so in Hugelsprach, Iprot is happy to follow Sir Rollo's lead in most things, and to let others assume it is nothing but a beast, understanding little of what is said and caring less.

Party roles: Rollo - tracking, ambushes, group buffs, talking pretty, making nice things and whacking people with a flail/throwing grenades around.  Iprot: transport, mook clearance.

Mikhailovskoe Kravchinsky Kropotkinyvich Played by MilitiaJim
Mikhailovskoe Kravchinsky Kropotkinyvich  (Generally answers to 'Krav.')
Saurian Dragoon
Burglar 4 / Deadeye 1

Kravchinsky stands nearly seven feet tall when standing upright, and nearly 12' from nose to tail.  His scaly skin is tan striped with dark green, and his crest is a lighter crimson.  His gear is sturdily constructed in the arid highlands fashion, the weight centered around his slender hips, with his rifle strapped firmly between his wings, pistols at his hips, and kama strapped near the tip of his left wing, in reach of a hand for tool work, or as a wingblade whilst in flight.

Type: Medium biped folk, Reach 1
Speed: 30ft Walk / 60ft Fly

STR: 13
DEX: 18
CON: 12
INT: 12
WIS: 14
CHA: 12

Vitality: 34
Wounds: 12

Melee Attack: 5 = 4 + 1

    * Kama 1d6+1 Lethal, Threat 20, AP 2, Trip

Unarmed Attack: 6 = 4 + 1 + 1

    * Bite II 1d8+1 Lethal, Threat 19
    * Tail Slap II Reach 1 1d8+1 Lethal, Threat 19

Ranged Attack: 8 = 4 + 4

    * Breath Weapon 2d6+1 Fire (DC13 for 1/2), 20ft line
    * Pistol, Dueling +9/3d4 Lethal, Threat 18, 37.5ft x 3, Load 7
    * Pistol, Military +9/3d6 Lethal, Threat 18, 25ft x 3, Bludgeon, Load 7
    * Long Rifle, +9/3d6 Lethal, Threat 18, 75ft x 6, Bludgeon, Load 7

Fortitude save: 2 = 1 + 1
Reflex save: 9 = 5 + 4
Will save: 3 = 1 + 2

Defense: 20 = 10 + 5(class) + 4(dex) + 1(Agile Defense)
DR: 3 = 3
Resists: -

Initiative: 11 = 7(class) + 4(dex)

Action dice: 2d4 (-1 for Wings)

Lifestyle: 3

    * Panache: 1 (0 Appearance, 10s income)
    * Prudence: 2 (25% Money saved/earned)

Legend: +3
Reputation: 50

Origin Abilities:

    * Agile Defense
    * Low Light Vision
    * Paired Skills Ride & Tactics
    * Cold Blooded
    * Commissioned

Class Abilities:

    * Dextrous
    * Very, Very Sneaky
    * Evasion I
    * Uncanny Dodge I
    * Farsight I
    * Right Between the Eyes

Skills: Total = Ranks + Attribute Modifier + Misc

    * Acrobatics +11 = 7 + 4
    * Athletics +9 = 8 + 1
    * Blend -3 = 1 + 1 - 5
    * Bluff +4 = 3 + 1
    * Crafting +9 = 8 + 1
    * Haggle +6 = 4 + 2
    * Intimidate +7 = 5 + 2
    * Investigate +4 = 2 + 2
    * Notice +9 = 7 + 2
    * Prestidigitation +9 = 8 + 1
    * Resolve +8 = 8 + 0
    * Ride +9 = 8 + 1
   Air Vehicles
   Water Vehicles
    * Search +6 = 5 + 1
    * Sense Motive +3 = 1 + 2
    * Survival +3 = 1 + 2
    * Tactics +9 = 8 + 1

Origin Skills: Intimidate & Sense Motive
ACP -0


    * Quick Draw
    * Draconic Heritage
    * Draconic Legacy
    * Black Powder Basics
    * Black Powder Mastery


    * Language: Low Draconic
    * Study: Saurian Tribes
    * Language: Rust Common
    * Study: Potent Potables
    * Study: Explodie-things.


    * Black Powder Forte
    * Blunt
    * Edged
    * Unarmed Forte

Advanced tricks:

    * Cheap Shot
    * Concussive Shot
    * Menacing Threat

Gear: 50.25lbs
Cost (s)   Weight(lbs)   Item
20   2   Bandoleer
4   0.25   Body Paint
12   1   Balm
65   2   Dueling Pistol
85   3   Military Pistol
125   9   Long Rifle
30   3   Powder & Shot x3
5   5   Bedroll (Cloak)
2   0   Pouch
5   5   Backpack
20   1   Thieves' Tools
15   12   Smith's Kit
5   5   Rations
6   2   Kama

Money in hand: 101s

The Box Played by Catodon
The Box
Unborn Warden Scout 3/Explorer 2
Never given a name but people tend to call it ‘the box’.

Physical Description
A rectangular box built of dark wood and decorated with embossed tin, glass tiles and carved geometric shapes. The bottom third of three wheels protrude from the bottom. The head looks like a squat lantern fixed to the centre of the top of the box. The box has an obvious storage compartment with a hinged lid. Affixed to three sides are articulated rods that serve as arms. Two arms have grippers, the third ends in a bulky ‘jack-knife’ of numerous tools.

Note: the storage compartment has no game effect, it replaces the usual pockets etc assumed for folk characters. The head is able to move along a cross shaped groove on the top of the box and part way down each side. The box has no waist or neck, the track enables it to look down. The ‘head’ can also swivel like a tank turret.
Height: 2’wide x2’high x4’long box. Raised 6” of the ground on wheels with a squat 4” high x 6” wide ‘head’
Eyes: blue glass lenses
Hair: nil. Decorated with embossed tin, glass tiles and carved geometric shapes
Personality and History
The Box’s first memory is of a deep voice in the dark “explore, record, report”. When the sun rose The Box was alone in the forest. Not knowing how to ‘report’ the Box is happy to explore and record until its mysterious creators come for it.
After wandering the forest for several years it encountered the city. The joy of there was to discover was intoxicating. The Box discovered it already knew how to read and has also become a voracious reader.
XP 10 000
Role: The Box is a Solver who excels at uncovering clues, finding hidden objects, and overcoming obstacles.
Type: Medium ‘walker’ construct, 1x1 reach 1
Speed: 40 ft. with wheels and 20ft flight.
Action dice: 4d6
STR: 7(1)-2 spindly rods for arms, wheels have poor traction
DEX: 15(11) +2 double jointed and very manoeuvrable
CON:  15(11)    +2 sturdy hardwood
INT: 15(11)   +2 very curious, intense but rapidly shifting ‘focus’
WIS:  6   (1) -2 naïve, impulsive, understands others as well as any other 2yr old
CHA: 4(1) -3   acts much like a happy two year old (no tantrums)
Total 36pt
Vitality: 55 ((9+2)x5)
Wounds: = con= 15

Melee Attack: 1 = 3 -2str
Unarmed Attack:  2 = 3 + 1 forte -2STr (1d3-2 subdual, threat 20)
Ranged Attack:  5= 3 + 2

Environment saves +2 extra
Fortitude save: 8 = 3 +3 +2
Reflex save: 5 = 3 +2 -2 origin+2
Will save: -1 = 1 +0-2

Defence: 15= 10 + 2 +1(class) + 2 (dex)
DR: 0 = 0
Resists: Sneak attack 5
Initiative: 12 = 4+1 (class) + 2 (dex) +5 origin
always acts during surprise rounds (feat)
Lifestyle: -2=0+1class-3Cha
• Panache: 0
• Prudence: 0
Legend: 2= +1+1class
Reputation: 50 everyone in the city knows of the box
Renown: Nil, but no one knows what to make of it
Prizes Allowed: 1=0+1
Origin Abilities:
• Enlightened skill Max ranks = Lvl+5 for Investigate
• Limited Profs 2 less
• Lumbering You suffer a –2 penalty with all Reflex saves and become flanked any time two opponents are adjacent to you.
• Decisive: You gain a +5 bonus with Initiative.
• Practiced Investigate: If you spend an action die to boost an Investigate check and it still fails, you gain the die back after the action is resolved. Against multiple targets you only regain the die if the check fails against all of them.
• Unbreakable: Each time you suffer attribute impairment, it decreases by 1 (minimum 0).
Class Abilities:
• Stalker: At Level 1, each time you fail a Survival or Tactics check and don’t suffer an error, you still succeed as long as the check DC (or your opponent’s check result) is equal to or less than your Class Level + 20. If several grades of success are possible, you achieve only the lowest possible positive result.
• Trailblazer: Your presence ensures that everyone survives even the most hostile environments. Once per scene as a free action, you may temporarily grant your teammates 1 of your Terrain feats until the end of the scene
• Rough Living: Your time in the wild has toughened you. At Level 2, you gain a +2 bonus to Defence, as well as with saves prompted by the environment.
• Tomb Raider: You’re familiar with all manner of dangerous locations — how to get in, and how to get out alive. At Level 1, each time you fail an Athletics or Search check and don’t suffer an error, you still succeed as long as the check DC (or your opponent’s check result) is equal to or less than your Class Level + 20. If several grades of success are possible, you achieve only the lowest possible positive result.
• Bookworm I: You can ‘walk up to the right part of a library’ or ‘flip open a book to the right page’ with eerie accuracy. At Level 2, you make Research checks in 1/2 the usual time (rounded up).
Max Ranks: 8
*Origin Skills: Crafting and Ride (ride will be vehicles)
Acrobatics 10=8+2
Athletics 6= 8-2, tomb raider
Blend -3= 0-3
Bluff -3= 0-3
*Crafting (carpentry) 8= 6+2
Disguise -3= 0-3
Haggle -2= 0-2
Impress -3= 0-3
Intimidate -2 = 0-2
Investigate 14 = 10+2+2 insight, 19-20 max ranks lvl+5 and practiced. Also bookworm might help
Medicine 2= 0+2
Notice 6= 8-2
Prestidigitation 2= 0+2
Resolve 10 = 8+2
*Ride 2= 0+2 (nil)
Search 4= 0+2+2 insight, 19-20, tomb raider
Sense Motive -2= 0-2
Sneak 12=8+2+2pathfinder
Survival 6= 8-2
Tactics 2= 0+2
Feats: CL2, + origin*+class scout
First level slot spent on multiple feats: Custom construction tool hand (-2Str), Floater (-2Wis), Wheels (-2Cha), special construction hard wood (as per clay).
• *Pathfinder Basics (forest) +2 Sneak always act during surprise rounds and your Travel Speed increases by 2 MPH while in Forests/Jungles. (origin)
• Tool hand: always has climber’s kit and thieves kit
• Floater: flight 20ft. (see page 227), though you may rise no higher than 20 ft. above the ground.
• Wheeled: In Settled terrain and you gain the superior runner II NPC quality (see Fantasy Craft, page 235). However, you suffer double the Speed penalty from broken leg (wheel/track) critical injuries.
• Special Construction Hardwood. Mechanically the same as clay. You gain sterner stuff (see page 235) Also, each time you suffer 10 or more damage from a melee attack you may attempt to Disarm the attacker as a free action.
• (CL) Basic Skill Mastery Investigator +2 insight and threat 19-20 with investigate and search.
• Pathfinder Basics +5DR vs Sneak attacks and your Travel
Speed increases by 2 MPH while in settled/indoor (Class)
5= 2+2 extra origin+1CL
Total number studies: 4
• Native Language: Steam Talk
• Study: Homeland the ‘forest’
• Study: Chataya
• Study: Trees
• Study: Architecture
Proficiencies: 4 (=4scout+2CL-2 less spp)
Unarmed (forte)
Advanced tricks:
• Relentless attack: The character focuses completely on one opponent, keeping the pressure on until an attack gets through. If the character’s last attack was also against the current opponent and missed, he gains a +2 bonus with this attack.
Carrying capacity 35, 105
Astrolabe 10Lb
A box of coloured beetles 30s 4lb
Sextant 1lb
Child’s Game: Goblin and fox 1lb
A lobster glove puppet 9s 1lb
Book about trees (rare) 3lb 150s
Pack of cards 1lb
Hourglass 3lb
Magnet 1lb
A small bronze piece of an unknown machine (shiny) 1lb 1s
Magnifying glass (orange glass) 1lb
Map of Nation Average 0.1lb
Music box (sea shanty) 1lb
One snowshoe 5s 1.5lb
Umbrella bright yellow 3lb
Whistle 0.1lb
Ink 0.25lb
Sheaf of paper 0.5
Leaches 0.5
Total: 33.95Lb

Money in hand: 15s
Stake: 0


Elias Kant Played by jameswllorimer
Elias Kant
Unpredictable Human Gunmage
Mage 4 / Rune Knight 1
Type: Medium biped folk, Reach 1
Speed: 30 ft.

STR: 10 / 0
DEX: 16 / +3
CON: 10 / 0
INT: 18 / +4
WIS: 14 / +2
CHA: 10 / 0

Vitality: 36
Wounds: 10

BAB: +2
Melee Attack: +2 = 2+0
  • Long Knife: +2; 1d6+3 lethal; threat 19-20, finesse, keen 4
  • Old Kicker's bayonet: +2; 1d6; threat 20
Unarmed Attack: +2 = 2+0
Ranged Attack: +5 = 2+3 (+6 if using Canny shot trick, or using Black powder weapons, +7 if both combined)
  • "Old Kicker" military pistol +7; 3d6 lethal; threat 18-20; range 20x3ft; armour piercing, bludgeon, load 7, unreliable & 2 runes applied(gouging, lightning)

Fortitude save: +2 = 2+0
Reflex save: +9 = 3+3+3
Will save: +6 = 4+2

Defense: 17 = 10+4+3
DR: 3
Resists: Fire 3

Initiative: +5 = 2+3 (can roll twice keeping preferred result)

Action dice: 3d4

Lifestyle: 2 (and bonus 2 Panache)
  • Panache: 2 (Appearance bonus +1, 20s)
  • Prudence: 2 (25% money saved)

Legend: +4
Reputation: 20
Renown: Military 1

Origin Abilities:
Lightning Reflexes feat
Mix up trick
Split decision
Attribute training – lower of Dex and Int rises by 1
Black powder proficiency
Flashy – Prudence bonus +2
Paired Skills – Ranks in Spellcasting, gains equal ranks in Impress

Class Abilities:
Arcane Adept
Subtle and Quick to Anger
Arcane Might
Circle of Power I
Rune Carved (Gouging Rune, Lightning Rune; both applied to Old Kicker)

Skills: Total = Ranks + Attribute Modifier + Misc
Acrobatics         4 = 1 + 3
Bluff                  7 = 7 + 0
Crafting            12 = 8 + 4 (3 foci)
Impress            8 = 8 + 0
Intimidate        10 = 8 + 0
Investigate      9 = 7 + 2
Medicine           11 = 7 + 4
Notice              10 = 8 + 2
Prestidigitation   10 = 7 + 3
Resolve            8 = 8 + 0
Ride                 11 = 8 + 3
Search             11 = 7 + 4
Sense Motive   9 = 7 + 2
Spellcasting     12 = 8 + 4
Sneak              4 = 1 + 3
ACP -0

Lightning Reflexes (origin)
Favoured Gear [black powder – Old Kicker](origin)
Quick Draw
Surge of Speed
Spell Conversion: Effect (bonus)

Black Powder forte
Edged Proficiency

Advanced tricks:
Canny Shot
Mix-up (Distract)
Focus Spell
Power Spell

“Old Kicker” - military pistol with bayonet and armour piercing qualities - 128s
Lightweight Fitted partial Hardened Leather armour – 250s
Long Knife - 30s
Bandolier – 20s
Chemist's Kit - 20s
Rations x2 - 10s
Mage's Pouch - 20s
Backpack - 10s
Magnet -10s
Money in hand: 12s
Load: ~50lbs

Spells known: 22
Level 0: Endure Elements, Expeditious Retreat, Feather Fall, Flare, Glow I, Whispers
Level 1: Bless, Cure Wounds I, Detect Magic, Disguise Self, Entropic Shield, Magic Missile, Shield, True Strike I*, Scare I, Unseen Servant, Winter's Domain
Level 2: Blur, Brawn I, Mage Armour*, Wit I, Illusionary Image II, Silence*
Level 3:Call Lightning I, Searing Ray, Counter Magic I
* +2 bonus from Arcane Might
Caster level 5, Save DC 11

Languages: High Draconic, Rust Common, and Steam Talk

Studies/Interests: Dragon Kingdoms, "Mechanika" (the art of combining magic and tech)

Born and orphaned in the harsh realms of the Dragon Kingdoms, Elias Kant realised from a young age he had several gifts in life; a sharp mind, quick feet and the gift of sorcery. In a land where the Aether is so strongly manipulated, it was hard to conceal the raw nature of what was within him; using only enough to survive and testing these nascent magicks only when he was alone, Kant eventually came of age and seized the moment to escape the lands of his draconic captors as few others had before him.

He first arrived in Bulwark, which proved to be a tough city for a young man to not only live but survive in. Kant's first few months were ones of poverty, rough-living and hiding from those that would prey on him. One night, he was caught up within an attack on the city, a rolling melee of combatants near one of the cites gates. As both attacker and defender fell around him, a pistol dropped to his feet as another waves of saurians surged through an opening in the defenses. Taking up the weapon, he pointed at the onrushing mass of scales and fired. For a moment nothing happened, but in his panic Elias unleashed his gift through the gun, surrounding the barrel in a crackling of lightning. The resultant shot killed the lead attackers, and dropped the following saurian as well.

Having discovered a way to quite literally channel his abilities, he enlisted in the local militia seeking out anyone who could teach him how to further them. However this was to no avail; few mage-scholars knew of military techniques and few soldiers had the Gift. Elias stayed within the militia for several years, honing his weapon skills whilst all the while searching to learn more about his magicks.

Eventually Bulwark could provide him with no more, and his desire to learn more and better his fighting style lead him to leave the city to discover more. He headed for Chataya, with the hope that the diversity of peoples within its walls could finally provide him with some answers.

Laneot Greyshine Played by foproy
Laneot Grayshine
elf acrobat assassin 5

str: 11, dex: 16, con: 10 int:14, wis: 14, int:, 14, cha: 14

skills total, ranks/att/misc
acrobatics: 13, 8/3/2  
blend: 10, 8/2  
bluff: 10, 8/2
crafting (poison): 4, 2/2
disguise:10, 8/2
intimidate: 4, 2/2
notice, 8/2
prestidigitation: 11, 8/2
resolve: 4, 2/2
sneak: 13: 8/3/2
tactics: 4, 2/2

defense: 17 10+3class 3dex+ 1misc
vitality 45, wounds: 10, subdual: 10, stress: 14 speed: 50
init: 8=5class+3 dex
saves, fort: 3, ref: 6, will: 5
kukri x2, atk: +4, dam: 1d6+3 threat: 19-20, qualities: elf, bleed, finesse, keen 4
crossbow, hand: atk:7, threat: 20, rng: 20x6 shots:20, qualities: load 3
barbed bolts:x20, 1d6 bleed, poision
prof, *=forte
edged*, hurled, bows*

aloof, burden of ages, keen sight, natural elegance, sharp hearing
basic skill mastery robber (talent feat),  agile defense, attribute training (str), fast, practiced athletics
hand of death, heartseeker, cold read (1), quick on your feet (1), unspoken name +1, blade practice

raven nation, wolf pack basics,
salt the wound, whirling strike

study: raven nation, language: elven,  language: steam talk, language high draconic.

Tlatoss Onyxmaw Played by Antilles
Tlatoss Onyxmaw
Saurian Sorcerer
Channeler 5

Type: Medium biped folk, Reach 1
Speed: 30 ft.

STR: 14
DEX: 13
CON: 13
INT: 16
WIS: 12
CHA: 12

Vitality: 50
Wounds: 13

Melee Attack: 7 = 5 + 2
  • Superior Saurian Main Gauche +8: 1d6+3 lethal; threat 20; guard +1, hook
  • Superior Saurian Dagger +8: 1d6+3 lethal; threat 19-20; bleed, hurl
Unarmed Attack: 7 = 5 + 2
  • Punch +8, 1d4+2 lethal; threat 20
  • Bite I +8, 1d8+2 lethal; threat 18-20
  • Tail Slap I +8, 1d8+2 lethal; threat 20; Reach +1
Ranged Attack: 6 = 5 + 1

    Fortitude save: 2 = 1 + 1
    Reflex save: 4 = 3 + 1
    Will save: 4 = 1 + 3

    Defense: 16 = 10 + 3(class) + 1(dex) + 1(origin) +1(guard)
    DR: 3 = 3(thick hide)/3(armor)
    Resists: 2 Edged

    Initiative: 6 = 5(class) + 1(dex)

    Action dice: 3d4

    Lifestyle: 2
    • Panache: 2 (+1 Appearance, 20s income)
    • Prudence: 0 (15% Money saved/earned)

    Legend: +1
    Reputation: 50

    Origin Abilities:
    • Cold-Blooded
    • Darkvision I
    • Natural Attack: Tail Slap I & Bite I
    • Charming
    • Paired Skills: Spellcasting -> Intimidate
    • Terrifying Look

    Class Abilities:
    • Will of the Lightning
    • Path of Ascendance
    • Touch of the Weird I
    • Circle of Power II

    Skills: Total = Ranks + Attribute Modifier + Misc
    • Acrobatics +9 = 8 + 1
    • Athletics +10 = 8 + 2
    • Bluff +9 = 8 + 1
    • Intimidate +9 = 8 + 1
    • Notice +9 = 8 + 1
    • Prestidigitation +9 = 8 + 1
    • Resolve +9 = 8 + 1
    • Ride +9 = 8 + 1
    • Sneak +9 = 8 + 1
    • Spellcasting +13 = 8 + 3 + 2, threat range 19-20
    Origin Skills: Ride & Bluff
    ACP -0

    • Draconic Heritage
    • Knife Basics
    • Two-Weapon Fighting
    • Casting Basics

    • Language: Low Draconic
    • Study: Dragon Kingdom Military
    • Language: Steam-Talk
    • Study: Steam Kingdom Geography
    • Study: History of Magic

    • Unarmed (forte)
    • Edged (forte)

    Advanced tricks:
    • Relentless Attack

    General Equipment
    Climber's Gear
    Potion of Healing
    Potion of Vitality
    Drake Fitted Reinforced Studded Leather
    Superior Saurian Main Gauche
    Superior Saurian Dagger

    Level 0
    Feather Fall
    Polar Ray
    Level 1
    Burning Hands
    Magic Missile
    Fly I, Snap
    Control Weather I
    Level 2
    Scorching Ray
    Mage Armor
    Spiritual Weapon
    Gust of Wind
    Save DC: 12

    Money in hand: 24,5s

    Tlatoss has been roaming the Steam Kingdom for the last ten years, seemingly looking to escape something in his past. He has never spoken to anyone about his past, but perceptive individuals have picked up certain clues, noticed certain treasured items, that would indicate he was once an military officer in the draconic kingdom, and when in dire straits have been known to mumble a name under his breath, followed by several vile curses about his character, hygiene, preferred sexual partners and heritage.

    He has traveled from town to town, performing small jobs for coin. He presents himself as a knife-fighter, preferring to keep his magic as a surprise for when it is most needed, or will do the most damage. He is friendly and seemingly easy-going, but he rarely lets anyone get close to him, preferring to slip away in the darkness.

    Jobs have been scarce lately, and his purse is almost empty, so his hopes are high for the town coming up on the horizon.
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    Re: Against the Dragon Gods(OOC)
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    Against the Dragon Gods
    A WIP FantasyCraft Campaign Setting
    Hastily cobbled together by I, Prophet

    History of the World:
    Long ago, before the time of Dragons, the world was empty and lifeless.  Then, that great golden sphere released the Old Gods, and they set upon creating their great works, the mighty races who still toil to this day.  Ogres, Elves, Saurians, Pech, all were created in their own time, and each knew of their creator, and the others who dwelled upon the world.  These great works were not achieved overnight, nor were they the first or last works created by the Old Gods.  Other, lesser creations walked the world with those first men and women, and for a long time, things were good.  Then came the Last of the Old Gods, who is not named in any text or legend, and with him came strife.  The first men and women warred with one another, even among their own kind, and these wars continued for ages, and it was during this troubled time that everything fell apart.
    S'Huxe was the first of the Dragons to come, and the other Gods followed.  They declared dominance over this world they had found, and declared war on those who resisted.  The Old Gods did resist, and one by one they were destroyed.  The Last of the Old Gods was truly living up to his title, and stood at last upon that blasted waste that is now called the Forbidden Continent.  Mamoth and his kin were the only dragons who could survive for great lengths at those temperatures and therefor  mount a feasible assault.  He was gone for the better part of a decade, and returned alone and, as some whispered, changed.  The Dragons were swift to stomp out any hint of such talk.  Thus the world continued under their tyranny.
    The Elf-Dragon wars came next.  The Old Gods lingered on as their tangible Children, and as Spirits, which were somehow invisible to the Dragons myriad of senses.  The Children were quickly wiped out or driven into hiding in the Dragon Kingdoms, but lived on on the Elven Continent.  The Dragons would not let this stand, and sent wave after wave of invasion forces to the shores of the other continent, but something was wrong, something was interfering with their manipulation of the Aether, and somehow the elves could still tap into this force.  The dragons fought a losing battle against a unified front, and were soon pushed back.
    Then came the Dal Rebellion.  The Dragon, who was known to have all the worst qualities of the other Gods, chose this time where the forces of the others were demoralized to try to oust S'Huxe.  He and his brood swept across the Dragon Kingdoms like a plague of locusts, destroying slave and Dragon alike.  However, he turned out to be no match for the combined might of the other Dragon Gods, who imprisoned him in an ancient dwarven city.
    This was all the distraction an industrious few needed to launch a handful of vessels from numerous ports in each of the Dragon Kingdoms.  Each included at least one elf, who guided these younger races to the Elves ancestral homeland.  Most would come to regret this decision, as theses few would eventually grow in number, saving more and more over the course of two centuries, and eventually growing into the Steam Cities.

    Cities of the World:   
    1: Bulwark, the First City:  Bulwark is a city on the brink of war, perpetually.  All year round, the city is held by warriors of every stripe, ready to fend off an assault from Drakes and Saurians, and lives in terror of a Dragon attack.  This was the first point of land reached by refugees, fleeing from Lord Mamoth's wrath.  The ruling power of Bulwark is General Cloudscraper the Mighty,  a giant who fought off a young Mamoth Dragon.

       2: Chataya, the Endless City:  Chataya is the largest of the Steam Cities, the jewel and unofficial capitol of the Cities.  Every race is represented equally in Chataya, and the city is ruled by a council of guildmasters.

       3: Frontier, the City on the Edge:  Frontier is the most recently built of the Steam Cities, and the most recent push into what was commonly accepted to be elven territory.  It is a smaller city, ruled by a mayor.  

       4: S'Huxe, Golden City of The Emperor of the World: Little is known about S'Huxe's Golden City, save that it is a magnificent edifice to Draconic arrogance.
       5: Mamoth, Pit of the Beast:  This city is literally a big hole in the ground, composed of burrows and a shrine to the sleeping Beast Mamoth.

       6: Gotrede, Crossroads of the Slave Queen:  This is a city built by the slave races in the time before the Dragons came.  Many of the Dragon's slaves pass through this city at some point in their lives.

       7: Erizu, the Fires on the Water: Erizu is a massive collection of tents and fires set up along the banks of the great river.  A mighty tower sits amidst it all, and it is from here that Erizu's trusted servants reside.

       8: Riridari, the Hidden Lights: Hidden in the depths of the jungle, the location of this city is known only to the Dragon Lords outside its borders.  No slave has escaped with their life, and Rirdari's drakes are as secretive as their god.

       9: Umi, The City Above and Below: Half-sunk beneath the waves, by necessity Umi sees the least diversity amongst its slaves.

       10: Dal, The Traitor's Prison:  A massive dome in the middle of the desert, the Traitor Lord Dal is still served, if only by other prisoners.

    The Forbidden Continent:  The biting cold and bitter winds are all plenty of reasons why the Dragons would avoid this blasted waste.  But, if the whispers are to be believed, there is something more here, something that even the Dragons fear, and that Mamoth himself is the way he is because of an ill-fated sojourn into this frozen hell.

    Creatures of the World:
    Dragon Kingdoms: Before the Dragons came, Drakes were a silent and distant race.  Content to live in the hidden places of the world, they refer to this as the time Before the Call.  Believing the Dragons came to uplift and bless their people, Drakes refer to themselves as the chosen, and view the Saurians with scorn and even a bit of resentment.  The 'lesser' races are as Cattle to the typical Drake.

    Steam Cities/Elven Territories:  The descent of your kin into thralldom beneath the Dragons weighs heavily on your mind.  You are content to stay hidden, and this is occasionally a necessity, lest you fall prey to the Steam Cities prejudiced crusade against your kind, or become the crowning achievement of an Elvish hunters career.

    Drake Breeds:
    Old Drakes: Elemental Drakes
    Thinblood Drakes: Truescale, no Species Feat chosen.
    Dal Drakes: Bloodfang: You might lack the claws and aerial grace of your cousins, but your bite is as fearsome as your appetite is legendary.  You lose the Claw I Natural Attack and lose 20 ft. of Winged Flight, but your Bite Attack increases by 1 grade and you gain the devour NPC quality.
    Erizu Drakes: Flamescale: You are one of the desert drakes, appearing much like a massive lizard, until your scales burst into flame. Prerequisite: Drake  Benefit: You lose Winged Flight and your Claw I natural attack, but gain the natural defense NPC quality, of the same damage type as your breath weapon.
    Gotrede Drakes: Brownscale: Though smaller than your cousins, you have the fine manipulators common to the lesser races.  Prerequisite: Drake Benefit: Your size decreases by one step (minimum Small), and you may manipulate objects as though you were not a Beast.
    Mamoth Drakes: Shovelclaw: You are capable of withstanding the frigid temperatures common to the North.  Prerequisite: Drake Benefit: You Lose Winged Flight and Cold-Blooded, and gain a Burrow Speed equal to your land speed.
    Riridari Drakes: Ebonscale
    S'Huxe Drakes: Goldscale
    Umi Drakes: Azurescale

    Dragons: Dragons are not natives of this world, but cannot be banished like extraplanar beings.  Their mastery of the Aether is unsurpassed, as is their cruelty.  They came to this world two centuries past and crushed the old gods, asserting domination of the old world.  They enslaved the races of the world, and fought with the elves and their Aetheric masters.  The escape of so many refugees during the Dal Rebellion still infuriates the Dragon Lords, and they have sworn the destruction of the Steam Cities.

    Dragon Kingdoms: Your people, who once called themselves Erdekinder, have fallen far your own eyes.  Once toiling for the good of your people, as well as the Earth, you now serve beneath the tyrannical Dragons and their servants.  Stories of your homeland,  now called Gotrede, are still told by the oldest of your clan, but hopes of seeing the mighty cities of your ancestors are fading swiftly.

    Steam Cities/Elven Territories: Your parents were more than likely among those who fled during the Dal Rebellion two centuries ago, reaching the site of Bulwark and pressing south.  You are part of a race of sturdy, healthy craftspeople, and the Cities are glad of your presence.

    Dragon Kingdoms: Long ago you were taken from your homeland by the Dragons, forced to choose between death and servitude, you made the right choice.  You have the time to wait, and plan, merely waiting for the time when you can return to your homeland.  You have heard tell of these Steam Cities, fighting against your captors.  Perhaps you will see them one day.

    Steam Cities/Elven Territories: There was a time when it was only the occasional young fool to come from the Dragons to die while fighting your people and the spirits of your land.  Now the Steam Cities loom just over the horizon, and if you are Horse Nation, then the City of Frontier is testament to this fact.  However the future comes to be, you will live on, just as you always have.

    Dragon Kingdoms: The Dragons use your kind as pack mules.  Gone are the days of the Islands, where your people were strong and fiercely independent, answering only to the might of the Chieftains.  Now, under the Dragons, you slave stoically, knowing that soon, things will change, as they always have.

    Steam Cities/Elven Territories: The Steam Cities' streets are crowded, and the buildings are tall.  This does not put you off, as you tower over other citizens much as the buildings loom over you.  Your people are strong, born as defenders of the Spirits of the World.  Now, you defend the Steam Cities, and wait for the next big change to rock the world.

    Dragon Kingdoms: You are small and nimble, a cunning little bastard, which is why you aren't the main course on a Scaly's dinner plate.  They've had your kind for many generations, but no amount of time can breed out loyalty to the tribe, blood bonds formed so long ago, even the Scaly's themselves seem young by comparison.  As far as you're concerned, stories of the Homeland are best left to your bigger Cousins, the Orcs.  You'll stick with what you know: survival.

    Steam Cities/Elven Territories:  You're small, nimble and cunning, a worthy combination.  Who else can climb around inside a steam engine while the parts are spinning at breakneck speed?  The pay is good, and you know that a problem to stubborn to be fixed by a group of Tribefolk with banging wrenches can be solved by an angry Orc.

    Humans are the same wherever you can be found, jack-of-all-trades translates to the same word as human in every language you know.  Whether you serve as a drake's personal groom (and potential next meal) or work the rails between Steam Cities, there's always something just over the horizon, a new adventure every new day, and that is what your people live for.

    Monsters (Spawn of the Old Gods):
    Dragon Kingdoms: They have been all but wiped out, driven into hiding.  These Spirit-Children will fall, much like their parents.

    Steam Cities/Elven Territories:  The elves treat these beasts with reverence, a terrifying reminder of the time before the gods were scattered into the lesser spirits that linger today.  The Steam Cities see them as just more trouble, and seek to drive them away or slay them.

    Dragon Kingdoms:  You are implacable.  The Dragons know this, and that is why they enslaved your people.  The small island chain of the Coast of S'Huxe is your ancestral homeland, and you intend to take it back, in this lifetime.  You are not one to go down without a fight, even if it is merely snapping the occasional Saurian neck or accidentally dropping a stone on the head of a sleeping Drake.  The fight is not over.  Not by a long shot.

    Steam Cities/Elven Territories:  You are always spoiling for a scrap, and every day some new challenge rears its head, no matter where you find yourself.  Human carpenters can't make a bed frame?  Sleep in the barn.  Rival gang stirring up trouble?  Throw 'em off a roof.  Stubborn bull not moving off the tracks?  Push harder.  There is little that can stand in your way.

    Dragon Kingdoms:  The Dragons think that you cower in their shadow, but the Dragons don't know fear.  You are fear.  The little goblins don't remember, but the stories of the days in the Temnodoma are very much alive among your people.  When the Tribes warred eternally for supremacy against all comers, and even fought the Children of the Old Gods.  These New Gods know nothing of fear.  Some day, you intend to show them.

    Steam Cities/Elven Territories:  Every war needs soldiers.  Your ancestors participated in the withdrawal from the Dragon Kingdoms, and now you stand ready to take the war back to those bastards.  Your sword is sharp, your powder dry, and your heart hungers for the next battle.  Until then, you live with your tribe, serving in whatever capacity you can.  But, you are ready, and that is what truly matters.

    Dragon Kingdoms: You are food.  That is all the Dragons find you good for.  So, you wait for an opportunity to show itself.  A life on the run is better than being served up as a meal.  Besides, there are plenty of stones in the wilderness, and your pursuers are perfect targets.

    Steam Cities/Elven Territories:  You enjoy a pleasant family life, probably as a merchant in some capacity. Good food, better company, and a nice quiet life.  There is no way it could get any better than this.  Still, you can't help but shake the feeling that there is something more out there.

    Dragon Kingdoms:  You spend much of your time as still as the night air, ever wary of the omnipresent enemy.  It has been too long since you have had the company of another of your kind, or even an elf.  Certainly, there are a few to be seen in the caravans, but still you do not move.  Everything in good time, you tell yourself, and wait.

    Steam Cities/Elven Territories:  The Steam Cities are an abomination.  There is nothing good that can come from the belching black smoke and tarnished metal walls.  So, you retreat farther and farther into the wild places of the world, to be forgotten, or to fade like your progenitors, the Spirits.

    Dragon Kingdoms:  You are the Dragon's chosen.  Let the Drakes have their delusions, you don't need some foolish 'blessing' to be superior. You serve your masters gladly, whether as a soldier, sitting quietly in a marsh for weeks on end until the foolish target stumbles by, or as a craftsman, hammering out tools of war for the inevitable conflict. From which you, undoubtedly, will arise victorious.

    Steam Cities/Elven Territories: You are more than likely from a small group in the canyons and deserts of the southern Steam Cities, eking out a living as best you can despite being surrounded by judgmental foes against whom you feel no ill will.  Despite your best intentions, you are looked at with suspicion and fear at best, and outright hostility at worst.  Even the elves seem leery of your presence.  However, you have endured this long, and you intend to do so regardless of the fools that surround you.

    Dragon Kingdoms:
    Steam Cities/Elven Territories:

    Chataya in Detail:

    High Draconic: Spoken by the Dragon Kingdom nobles, as well as any slaves unlucky enough to have the 'privilege' to work for them.
    Low Draconic: Language of the other Drakes and Saurians, as well as the other slaves.
    Hugelsprach: The original language of Dwarves and Pech.
    Floresta: The original language of Elves and Rootwalkers.
    Temnyazyk: The original language of Orcs and Goblins.
    Pulau: The original language of Giants and Ogres.
    Rust Common: Steam Kingdoms Trade-speak
    Steam-Talk: The Unofficial language of the Steam Kingdoms, original language of humans.
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    Re: Against the Dragon Gods(OOC)
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    Re: Against the Dragon Gods(OOC)
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    I notice that some of us don't share a language. Should we nominate a language that all characters have?
    If so, I'd like to nominate steam talk
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    Re: Against the Dragon Gods(OOC)
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    Heh, good catch.  Right now, half of the party cannot talk to the other half, and no party member is capable of acting as translator.  I'd be happy to swap Rollo's steam talk to rust common if that'll fix this issue, but that'll still leave The Box out in the cold.


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    Re: Against the Dragon Gods(OOC)
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    As potentially hilarious as the linguistic compatibility could be, I'll recommend those of us with Rust Common and without Steam Talk trade in the Rust Common for Steam Talk.
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    Re: Against the Dragon Gods(OOC)
    « Reply #7 on: March 11, 2011, 05:47:13 PM »
    It would be funny to watch, that's for certain.
    History is updated.


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    Re: Against the Dragon Gods(OOC)
    « Reply #8 on: March 11, 2011, 06:40:21 PM »
    Updated character sheet/background posted in the old thread. I guess I'll have to change rust common for steam talk, but otherwise I should be good to go.
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    Re: Against the Dragon Gods(OOC)
    « Reply #9 on: March 11, 2011, 06:46:45 PM »
    Before we begin, I do need to know roughly how long each of you has been in Chataya.


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    Re: Against the Dragon Gods(OOC)
    « Reply #10 on: March 11, 2011, 06:53:11 PM »
    a former draconic prize, on the run. probably not long.
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    Re: Against the Dragon Gods(OOC)
    « Reply #11 on: March 11, 2011, 06:56:57 PM »
    Probably only a day or three.  No more than a week.
    "Quemadmodum gladius neminem occidit, occidentis telum est."  ("A sword is never a killer, it's a tool  in the killer's hands.")
    - Lucius Annaeus Seneca "the younger" ca. (4 BC - 65 AD)


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    Re: Against the Dragon Gods(OOC)
    « Reply #12 on: March 11, 2011, 07:07:25 PM »
    I'm thinking several years, if not a decade, but almost constantly on the move.

    And, I kinda prefer the character sheet to have the full formatting, so if you could be so kind?

    With formatting
    Code: [Select]
    [b]Tlatoss Onyxmaw[/b]
    Saurian Sorcerer
    Channeler 5

    [b]Type:[/b] Medium biped folk, Reach 1
    [b]Speed:[/b] 30 ft.

    STR: 14
    DEX: 13
    CON: 13
    INT: 16
    WIS: 12
    CHA: 12

    [b]Vitality:[/b] 50
    [b]Wounds:[/b] 13

    [b]Melee Attack:[/b] 7 = 5 + 2
    [li]Superior Saurian Main Gauche +8: 1d6+3 lethal; threat 20; guard +1, hook[/li]
    [li]Superior Saurian Dagger +8: 1d6+3 lethal; threat 19-20; bleed, hurl[/li]
    [b]Unarmed Attack:[/b] 7 = 5 + 2
    [li]Punch +8, 1d4+2 lethal; threat 20[/li]
    [li]Bite I +8, 1d8+2 lethal; threat 18-20[/li]
    [li]Tail Slap I +8, 1d8+2 lethal; threat 20; Reach +1[/li]
    [b]Ranged Attack:[/b] 6 = 5 + 1

    [b]Fortitude save:[/b] 2 = 1 + 1
    [b]Reflex save:[/b] 4 = 3 + 1
    [b]Will save:[/b] 4 = 1 + 3

    [b]Defense:[/b] 16 = 10 + 3(class) + 1(dex) + 1(origin) +1(guard)
    [b]DR:[/b] 3 = 3(thick hide)/3(armor)
    [b]Resists:[/b] 2 Edged

    [b]Initiative:[/b] 6 = 5(class) + 1(dex)

    [b]Action dice:[/b] 3d4

    [b]Lifestyle:[/b] 2
    [li]Panache: 2 (+1 Appearance, 20s income)[/li]
    [li]Prudence: 0 (15% Money saved/earned)[/li]

    [b]Legend:[/b] +1
    [b]Reputation:[/b] 50

    [b]Origin Abilities:[/b]
    [li]Darkvision I[/li]
    [li]Natural Attack: Tail Slap I & Bite I[/li]
    [li]Paired Skills: Spellcasting -> Intimidate[/li]
    [li]Terrifying Look[/li]

    [b]Class Abilities:[/b]
    [li][i]Will of the Lightning[/i][/li]
    [li]Path of Ascendance[/li]
    [li]Touch of the Weird I[/li]
    [li]Circle of Power II[/li]

    [b]Skills:[/b] Total = Ranks + Attribute Modifier + Misc
    [li]Acrobatics +9 = 8 + 1[/li]
    [li]Athletics +10 = 8 + 2[/li]
    [li]Bluff +9 = 8 + 1[/li]
    [li]Intimidate +9 = 8 + 1[/li]
    [li]Notice +9 = 8 + 1[/li]
    [li]Prestidigitation +9 = 8 + 1[/li]
    [li]Resolve +9 = 8 + 1[/li]
    [li]Ride +9 = 8 + 1[/li]
    [li]Sneak +9 = 8 + 1[/li]
    [li]Spellcasting +13 = 8 + 3 + 2, threat range 19-20[/li]
    [i]Origin Skills: Ride & Bluff[/i]
    ACP -0

    [li]Draconic Heritage[/li]
    [li]Knife Basics[/li]
    [li]Two-Weapon Fighting[/li]
    [li]Casting Basics[/li]

    [li]Language: Low Draconic[/li]
    [li]Study: Dragon Kingdom Military[/li]
    [li]Language: Steam-Talk[/li]
    [li]Study: Steam Kingdom Geography[/li]
    [li]Study: History of Magic[/li]

    [li]Unarmed (forte)[/li]
    [li]Edged (forte)[/li]

    [b]Advanced tricks:[/b]
    [li]Relentless Attack[/li]

    [i]General Equipment[/i]
    Climber's Gear
    Potion of Healing
    Potion of Vitality
    Drake Fitted Reinforced Studded Leather
    Superior Saurian Main Gauche
    Superior Saurian Dagger

    [i]Level 0[/i]
    Feather Fall
    Polar Ray
    [i]Level 1[/i]
    Burning Hands
    Magic Missile
    Fly I, Snap
    Control Weather I
    [i]Level 2[/i]
    Scorching Ray
    Mage Armor
    Spiritual Weapon
    Gust of Wind
    [i][u]Save DC:[/i] 12

    Money in hand: 24,5s
    "After all is said and done, more is said than done."
    - Aesop
    Mortality clarified in a single strike!

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    Re: Against the Dragon Gods(OOC)
    « Reply #13 on: March 11, 2011, 08:06:18 PM »
    I notice that some of us don't share a language. Should we nominate a language that all characters have?
    If so, I'd like to nominate steam talk

    Rust common makes more sense, given it's a mostly non-human party


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    Re: Against the Dragon Gods(OOC)
    « Reply #14 on: March 11, 2011, 09:02:41 PM »
    Yeah, that was what I was thinking when I first picked a second language.
    "After all is said and done, more is said than done."
    - Aesop
    Mortality clarified in a single strike!