Author Topic: Feats for a monster wrangler  (Read 1426 times)

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Feats for a monster wrangler
« on: September 06, 2007, 06:25:48 AM »
So, I was kicking around some setting ideas, and one of the things I was thinking about was space exploration for the intergalactic bureaucracy. A kind of fusion of Star Trek and Paranoia. Anyway, one of the PC objectives in such a setting would be improvising useful equipment, rather than getting stuck with the bureaucracy mandated equipment.

For the wheelman, this of course means investigating the rideability of the native wildlife. Which naturally means subduing it first. Here's a first pass at an unarmed feat chain for doing that:

Bullfighting Basics:
You can outwit an angry bull.

Benefit: When you make a Drive check using the Mounts and Animal-Drawn Vehicle focus, you gain a synergy bonus from your Athletics skill. Further, you gain the following stance and trick

Madator Stance (Stance): Once per round while you are in this stance, when an opponent moves into your Reach, you may immediately take a 5-foot step

Over Here! (Trick): When you make a successful unarmed Standard Attack, one ally's defence against the target's attacks increases by 2 for one full round

Bullfighting Moves:
They're so busy looking for the tricks up your sleeve, they don't realise your sleeve is the trick.

Prerequisites: Base attack bonus +3 or higher

Benefit: You gain the following tricks.

Cape Twirl (Trick): When you successfully feint an opponent with a lower Intelligence score, you can take a Tire action targeting that opponent as a free action.

Bull dancing (Trick): Once per round, when benefiting from a Total Defence action, you may move to any unoccupied square adjacent to an opponent who attempts an unarmed attack against you.

Ride 'em! (Grapple trick): When choosing the "Move" grapple benefit, you may use the movement modes of any pinned opponent

Bullfighting Supremacy:
Trying to lay hands on you is an exercise in frustration.

Perquisites: Base attack bonus +12 or higher, Bullfighting basics, bullfighting moves.

Benefit: Your Intelligence score increases by 1. Further, you gain the following tricks:

More Cunning Than You (Trick): Once per round, you may target an opponent with a lower Intelligence score with a Feint, Trip or Tire action as a free action.

Leaping Dismount (Grapple Trick): After successfully ending a grapple, you may move up to your speed, passing freely through squares adjacent to or occupied to opponents


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Re: Feats for a monster wrangler
« Reply #1 on: September 06, 2007, 06:40:16 AM »
  • Matador Stance should specify that the 5ft. step is a free action.
  • Bull Dancing should probably be changed to only letting you move if the attack misses.
  • More Cunning Than You is a bit too close to the Sleuth's Little Details for my taste.
  • Leaping Dismount should specify the free action, once more.

Otherwise, these are very nice - very inventive. I like 'em. :)



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Re: Feats for a monster wrangler
« Reply #2 on: September 06, 2007, 07:53:40 AM »
Matador Stance should probably also specify that the 5 ft step is in addition to your normal 5 ft step or movement.


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Re: Feats for a monster wrangler
« Reply #3 on: September 07, 2007, 01:11:46 AM »
Those are very well done. Bravo.
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