Author Topic: Infrno FantasyCraft One-Shot: Hellmount  (Read 2452 times)


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Infrno FantasyCraft One-Shot: Hellmount
« on: February 05, 2013, 01:47:32 PM »
FYI, I'll be running a FantasyCraft one-shot tomorrow (Wednesday the 6th) night at 8:00 PM CST. I have made four 5th level pregens for the scenario.

The premise is pretty simple: A band of heroic priests raid an unholy temple dedicated to demonic powers, only to find themselves trapped inside with a howling horde of cultists and monsters! Can they purify the temple and survive with their souls intact?

Yes, I watched Dredd and The Raid: Redemption recently. Throw in Aliens as another source of inspiration and you get the general idea.


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Re: Infrno FantasyCraft One-Shot: Hellmount
« Reply #1 on: February 05, 2013, 01:57:21 PM »
Woot! I would love an after action, if you have the time to type it up. :)
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Re: Infrno FantasyCraft One-Shot: Hellmount
« Reply #2 on: February 05, 2013, 02:14:09 PM »
Will do!


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Re: Infrno FantasyCraft One-Shot: Hellmount
« Reply #3 on: February 07, 2013, 06:07:40 PM »
We played this last night but didn't finish the scenario. We'll try and wrap it up next Wednesday.

So far, we've got a Crusader, a Priest/Inquisitor, and a Scout/Monster Slayer running around Hellmount. They had an easy time of getting inside and past the guards, but after "cleaning" some chambers of errant cultists, a powerful ritual was completed that opened a portal to a bunch of demonic creatures. I've used reskinned versions of the Barghest, Brawler II (from Call From Beyond), and a Chaos Beast so far as the monstrous opposition. Things weren't tense enough so I threw in some deadly lava flows breaching one of the walls of the castle keep to jack up the stress levels. I retroactively gave the standard NPC monsters "Treacherous" as well to make them more of a threat.

So far its been fun but fairly mindless. I may try and slow things down a bit before the final scene to try and re-establish some mood and suspense.


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Re: Infrno FantasyCraft One-Shot: Hellmount
« Reply #4 on: February 13, 2013, 09:07:01 PM »
lol, yeah slow it down :D   You practically nuked us with radioactive lobsters.  Though, the game was great and the pre-gens provided were fun (at least my Scout was) allowing me to climb and create distractions while sneaking up and brutally murdering any cultists in the way.  The skills were confusing and sometimes easily forgotten about, though this is usually pretty common with pre-gen chars, though when you remembered to use them, there was almost always something useful for the situation. 

Story was great.  The first enemies seemed a little off for the story (a few ragged guards), the cultists then baby-headed dogs brought the enemies back in to context that we need to pay attention or get screwed over.  While the game appeared fairly straight-forward, there was plenty of chances to speak up and have a little fun with the characters and even adding to the story on occasion (for example, discovering the lava making the fight all that more intensive and adding more comments and character interaction getting through it alive).  Only issue I can speak of was the lobsters before the boss did seem a little OP for a party of 3 doing major damage to anyone they hit with little chance of having an appropriate defense to block. 

Poor priest had to go by the end of this game, but his actions single-handily stopped the creatures from crossing dimensions, but managed to trap us as well.  After finally taking down our big baddy and escaping through pipes to the outside hellish world, epic scene closes with the knight and scout reading their weapons as demons begin enclosing the twisted image of the castle.  Don't know why, but that just made it feel like a grand adventure movie with that ending.


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Re: Infrno FantasyCraft One-Shot: Hellmount
« Reply #5 on: February 14, 2013, 11:22:28 AM »
Glad you enjoyed it Red Samurai!

To recap the second session:

* ALL scenes were Dramatic (there were two)

* Monster Slayer, Crusader, and Inquisitor escape lavafall and enter a chamber filled waist high with green slime
* Slayer tries to pole vault across to a stone platform in the middle of the slime pool, but slips and falls, swallowing some slime. He gets sickened for a minute.
* Inquisitor helps the Slayer get over his momentary retching
* Demonz attack (aforementioned lobster monsters)
* The demons in this case were TL 7 versions of the Brawler II from Call From Beyond.
* The Inquisitor got dragged into the muck and his comrades attacked the demon that was grappling him; the Slayer nearly speared him through on a Critical Failure, but the damage was minimal

* The heroes survived lobster monster attack, prepared to enter the main ritual chamber. They had some difficulty opening the door quietly, so they went ahead and bashed it down with the Crusader getting a Critical Success on "kicking down doors".
* In the main room, instead of cultists and a head priest, they found a lot of demons (more lobsters) and one Huge Demon (Brawler IV) who was leading the chant. They realize that they had already been drawn into the Abyss earlier and now the demon was trying to help open a portal through to their realm.
* The Huge Demon uses a Terrifying Roar which sends the Crusader and Slayer bolting back into the slime pool room.
* The altar before the Huge Demon is acting as a Consecrate spell, but Evil, giving our heroes -2 penalties on rolls and +2 to demons
* The brave Inquisitor gets up to the demonic altar and confronts the Huge Demon. He stops the ritual and saves the mortal plane from a demonic invasion, though it means cutting himself and his allies off from home.
* He is also able to destroy the altar with some Castigate and bashing of his bastard sword. He then Consecrates a spot to help his allies.
* The Crusader and Slayer finally snap out of their fearful flight from the demons and turn to face the crab-claw things on their tails.
* The Inquisitor gets taken down, spends some AD to get back into the fight, then goes down again for good.
* Vitality points drop significantly due to the Huge Demon and his lobster buddies's 1d12+ damage (reskinned their axes as Big Ass Claws)
* The Crusader and Slayer finish off the lesser demons and start whittling away at the Huge Demon's vitality pool. It quickly becomes a race to 0 wound points.
* The Slayer uses recovery and his last action dice to keep himself barely above 0.
* The two remaining heroes finally fell the Huge Demon with only a handful of vitality and wounds between them.

* As the abyssal construct of Hellmount begins to disintegrate, the two survivors escape outside and find themselves surrounded by demons. They announce their intent to begin demon slaying anew, and we fade out on their heroic charge.


I buffed up the Threat Level to 7 and that made a big difference in the tension of the battles this session. Every hit counted, and the fairly massive damage the Brawlers meted out quickly added up. There were no Critical Hits on either side, surprisingly, and the one Critical Failure I activated did something like 1 Wound Point to the Inquisitor. The tension of the fight made up for the lack of other suspense thus far.

The Inquisitor deserved a posthumous medal for his self-sacrifice and bravery in the face of the demon horde. He stopped the ritual, broke the demonic altar, and buffed his pals when they needed it most. If they hadn't run away due to Terrifying Roar, he might have had a chance to survive - but honestly I wanted this game to end with some PC deaths.

As an ongoing campaign, this would probably get boring pretty fast; open door, explore room, fight monster, rinse repeat. That is the stuff of traditional dungeon crawls, and while I know that appeals to some, I'm glad this was a one shot. This is not to say I didn't have fun, mind you; just that the adventure could use some more room for interaction and thinking.

I think I may have won some new players to FantasyCraft, and we are considering a real campaign on Infrno some time soon. All things considered, it was a success.