Author Topic: Trouble connecting to site  (Read 957 times)


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Trouble connecting to site
« on: December 12, 2010, 03:12:14 AM »
I've had some peculiar problems connecting to the site the last few days, and was wondering if anyone else have had the same problems, or if was just me.

Basically, trying to access the site from my desktop pc has caused the page to show it is loading, but nothing happens no matter how long I let it sit. I've tried 3 different browsers (Opera, Chrome and IE, all updated) with the same lack of response across all 3, though when running ping against the crafty servers, it reaches the server fine and with a fairly normal ping.

I can access the forums using my Nintendo DSi, using the wireless connection of my web setup.

Anyone else similarly affected, or with an idea of what might be happening? It feels kinda silly having to pull out my DSi everytime I want to check the forums, not to mention it's a bit ackward typing with it...
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