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[Fantasy Craft] Two New Tricks
« on: October 10, 2009, 12:20:58 AM »
Grappling is really, really powerful in FC.  The size modifiers combined with the fact that it requires a single skill means that you can knock a player right off the random number generator within just a few levels.  It also means that a huge, lumbering ogre has a harder time grabbing hold of a human than he does a pech, and that it's easier still to snatch a nimble fairy from the air, and that snagging a buzzing fly between two fingers is trivial.  So, here are two new feats I've been toying with.  The first is to represent that smaller things are harder to grab onto, even if they're easy once you make contact, and the second gives a mage something to do on her turn instead of waiting for the party to save her.


Initiative Action (forte):  When others get too close for comfort, you slip away.  When you would be grappled, you may oppose the check with your acrobatics skill and negate any bonus from a larger size your opponent might have.  You may use this feat a total number of times per combat equal to your starting action dice.


Spellcasting Trick (forte): Even under pressure, you're able to call upon your powers.  While grappled, you may make a resolve check against a DC equal to the damage you took after your last turn.  On a success, you may cast a spell with a -3 penalty to the spellcasting check.