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Public Liberty Characters
« on: July 31, 2007, 09:03:36 PM »
Some of you have already posted characters, however i like having them locked in one place and easier to find.

So basic character sheets go here.

The players as it stands now are:

Gatac: Danny Cross:  (Arsenal)  Current Action Dice: 7d6 XP:
                  Inturder 3, Fixer 1, Quartermaster 1 (complete: approved)
Tenebrae: Ashley Collins (Eidolon) Current Action Dice: 6d6 XP:
                  Martial Artist 3/Scientist /Schemer 1 (complete; Approved)
MDL: Katherine Baker: (Tempest) Current Action Dice: 4d6 XP:
                  Wheelman 4/Inventor 1 (complete; approved)
Falkus: Dana Knight: (White Rose)  Current Action Dice: 6d6 XP:
                  Soldier/Triggerman (complete; approved)
Foproy: Simon Shepherd (The Shepherd) Current Action Dice: 5d6 XP:
                  Faceman 5 (complete; approved)
Scarecrow: Ronin Carter (Enigma) Current Action Dice: 6d6 XP:
                  Intruder 3/ Martial Artist 1/Raptor 1 (complete, approved)
Dr. Yes: Dainiel Reily (Stitch)  Current Action Dice: 6d6  XP:
                  Snoop 2/Thug 3 (complete, approved)
Sludig: Dr. Lance Hoyt (Chronicle)   Current Action Dice: 6d6  XP:
                 Explorer 3, Soldier 2 (complete, Approved)
Mirror: Reginald Halifax (Long Iron) Current Action Dice: 6d6   XP:
                 Soldier 1/Scout 1/Sniper 1 (complete; approved)
Mister Anderson:  Jiang Zao-zhe Chiang. (Liberty Smith AKA Fire Star.) Current AD: 6d6
          Explorer 1 / Martial Artist 1 / Wheelman 1 / Soldier 1 / Sweeper 1 (complete: approved)

Players Ten. Recruiting is closed.

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Re: Public Liberty Characters
« Reply #1 on: July 31, 2007, 10:31:12 PM »
(Removing Sue Spade from the game... I think I'm going to bow out. Thanks.)
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Re: Public Liberty Characters
« Reply #2 on: August 01, 2007, 01:33:07 AM »
Full Name: Ronin “Enigma” Carter

Origin: Agile Pickpocket [+2Dex, -2 Str, Speed Bonus 5ft x 2, class skill (Acrobatics),+1 Ref save bonus (4, 8, 12, 16 20), Contact (acquaintance), +1 insight bonus to Blend & Sleight Of Hand (4, 8, 12, 16, 20), Bonus Feat: Burglar]

Class/Level: Intruder 3 / Martial Artist 1 / Raptor 1

Nationality: American
Age: 23
Height: 6’0”
Weight: 85kg
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Blonde

Distinguishing Characteristics: *See pictures below.  When not on his motorcycle, his helmet is removed, but balaclava and mirrored aviators remain worn.

Strength                   10 (+0) 
Dexterity                  18 (+4) 
Constitution             10 (+0) 
Intelligence              12 (+1) 
Wisdom                   14 (+2) 
Charisma                 14 (+2) 

Vitality/Wounds:       40 / 10
Stress Threshold:       14
Subdual Threshold:       10

Saving Throws
Fortitude         +2      (+2  Class +0 Con)
Reflex             +12     (+6  Class +4 Dex, +2 Origin)
Will                 +4      (+2  Class +2 Wis)

Defence:             21   (10 +7 Class +4 Dex)
Initiative:         +7      (+3  Class +4 Dex)

Unarmed:         +7     (+3  Class +4 Dex)
Melee:              +7      (+3  Class +4 Dex [Finesse])
Ranged:           +7     (+3  Class +4 Dex)

Request:          +7      (+5  Level +2 Wis)
Knowledge:     +6     (+5  Level +1 Int)
Gear:                +7      (+5  Level +2 Cha)


Weap                  Atk            Dam         E                 T        Rng           Rec            Qual                          SZ/H    Ammo
Razer Sword            +7            1d10       1-2            18-20      -               -               BLD, FIN, KEN(+7)     S/1h        -
Long Knife               +7            1d6+1       1             19-20       -               -               AP (1), BLD, FIN        T/1h         -
Light Crossbow       +7            As bolt      1              19-20   60ft x 2        -               INJ (ammo)               D/1h     30M2
Unarmed                 +7                             1              19-20      -                -                 -                                -            -


Motorcycle Suit w/Helmet + Face Shield - Type: Moderate, DR: 6/2 (7/3), Resistances: CD6 FA6 BN2 FL2, DP: -2, ACP: -1, Weight: 15.5 lbs

Weapon Proficiencies
Unarmed, Edged, Exotic-Edged (F), Exotic Hurled

-   Specialty Feat:      Burglar
-   1st level:          Kicking Basics
-   3rd level:          Dueling Basics
-   Bonus Feat:      Ambush Basics
-   Martial Arts:       Martial Arts (DEX)
-   Secret Weapon:      Favoured Gear (Razor Sword)

Class Abilities
-   Dextrous (Core)
-   Nimble (Core)
-   Gear Prep
-   Evasion I
-   Bonus Feat (Ambush Basics)
-   Martial Arts
-   Secret Weapon (Razor Sword)


Acrobatics (Str/Dex)                     8/12      (8 ranks +0 Str or +4 Dex)
Analysis   (Int/Wis)                    
Athletics (Str/Con)             8/8      (8 ranks +0 Str or +0 Con)
Blend (Dex/Cha)                           9/7      (5 ranks +4 Dex or +2 Cha)          
Bluff (Cha)                  6      (4 ranks +2 Cha)
Bureaucracy (Cha)                         
Computers (Int)                      
Cultures* (Int)              
Drive* (Dex)                8       (4 ranks + 4 Dex)
Electronics (Int/Wis)                      6/7      (5 ranks + 1 Int or +2 Wis)
Falsify (Int/Wis)               3/4      (2 ranks + 1 Int or +2 Wis)
Impress (Cha)               
Intimidate (Str/Wis)          9/7      (6 ranks +3 Str or +1 Wis)
Investigation (Wis/Cha)      
Manipulate (Wis/Cha)         
Mechanics (Int/Wis)          
Medicine (Int/Wis)            
Networking (Wis/Cha)         
Notice (Wis)             9       (7 ranks +9 Wis)
Profession* (Cha)   
Resolve (Con/Wis)                 
Science* (Int)                               5      (4 ranks +1 Int)
Search (Int)                4       (4 ranks +1 Int)
Security (Int)              6      (5 ranks +1 Int)
Sense Motive (Wis/Cha)           
Sleight of Hand (Dex)                            6       (2 ranks + 4 Dex)
Sneak (Dex/Cha)                              12/10      (8 ranks +4 Dex or +2 Cha)
Streetwise (Wis/Cha)                           4/3      (3 ranks +1 Wis)
Survival (Wis/Cha)          4/3      (3 ranks +1 Wis)
Tactics (Wis/Cha)                          5/5       (3 ranks +2 Wis or +2 Cha)

Cultures:       Central America
Drive:       Standard Ground Vehicles, Personal Ground Vehicles
Profession:      Theif
Science:       Super Science (F)

Security Systems, Criminal Underworld, Rothschild Family

Wealth:                          11     (+2 Class +3 Base +4 Big Budget +2 Cha)
Lifestyle:                                  1 (House: 1 bdr apartment, Vehicle: Classic Motorcycle, Appearance: Streetworn [-2])
Possessions:                           9
Spending Cash:                       1 ($100)

Mission Gear:    2G, 1S, 1V +2 Faction [T, G, V, R] + 3 Common Items
Personal Gear
III – Gadget: Miniaturized Grapple Gun w/winch (Ahead Of Its Time) [Housing: Left Gauntlet]
III – Gadget: Skill Boost (Sneak) PR4 [Housing: Motorcycle Suit]
III - Motorcycle Suit w/4 addons (Personal Tailoring, Weight Reduction, Athletic Helmet, Mirrored Face Shield)
II – Gadget: Miniaturized Light Crossbow [Housing: Right Gauntlet]
II – Long Knife
II – Gadget: DR 2/- [Housing: Motorcycle Suit]
I – Gadget: Sensor Mask PR4 (Electric Eye/Heat) [Housing: Left Gauntlet]
I – Gadget: Sensor Mask PR4 (Motion/Noise) [Housing: Right Gauntlet]
I – Electronics Kit I
I – Ahead Of Its Time (Grapple Gun w/winch)
I – Lock picking Kit I
Favoured Gear – Razor Sword w/ Custom Hilt + Razor Sharp

Common Items
Mirrored Aviators, Binoculars, Flashlight, Utility Belt, Load Bearing Gear, Backpack, Hand Cuffs, Multitool, Matches, Notebook, SWAT Mirror, Pack Of Pencils, Chewing Gum, Razor Wire

Contacts  x 2
Aquaintance - Audrey Matthews (Consultant - Science [Super-Science])
Aquaintance - Charles Johnston (Specialist - Political Favours)

GC Fiat - Suprise me.  I never really come up with good subplots in any case (I was thinking something like Wanted by the Rothschild Family, but then i wasnt sure whether you would be using them in your campaign, and also whether being wanted by them is even a good idea, being that they are [according to the conspiracy] extremely wealthy/powerful.)

Ronin never met his real parents. He grew up in and out of foster homes, and ended up getting in with the wrong crowd.  He was taught the tricks of the criminal trade.  It started off with smaller gigs like shop-lifting and pick-pocketing, but on one occasion he tried on the wrong person, and he was caught in the act, but only just.  The guy was a member of the Mafia, but instead of doing the usual and killing Ronin, he saw some potential in this young kid and threatened/blackmailed Ronin to work for them.

Ronin worked for the Mafia for many years, always doing what they asked, for fear of reprisal, until, at the age of 18 he tried to leave, and the mob bosses had his girlfriend killed.  He knew they did it, but tried not to let on and continued to work for them, thinking of a way he could get revenge.  About 2 months later he saw an opportunity to get back at them and took it.  He was asked to retrieve an item from some rich family that the Mob boss Dominic Carlos believed held some mysterious powers.  Ronin did as he was asked, but he made sure he left enough evidence around to implicate the Dominic Carlos, and about 1 month later, Dominic had a mysterious "accident".  Ronin was able to get out in all the comotion and infighting the death of the mob boss caused.

Since that day, Ronin has been doing everything he cant to hurt the Mafia in any way possible.  He also progressively started to find any information possible on the family he was asked to steal from.  The only bit of information so far that he has found is the name of the family.... the Rothschilds.
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Re: Public Liberty Characters
« Reply #3 on: August 01, 2007, 02:06:14 AM »
Name: Daniel Cross
Alias: "Arsenal"

Origin: Brainy Criminal

[+2 Int, -2 Str, Extra Skill Points, +2 bonus to Knowledge Checks, Handgun proficiency, 1 acquaintance-grade contact, +2 insight bonus to Bluff and Sneak, Bonus Feat: Fence]

Class/Level: Intruder 3 / Fixer 1 / Quartermaster 1

Nationality: USA
Age: 23
Height: 1.8 meters
Weight: 70 kilograms
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Black

Strength: 8
Dexterity: 14
Constitution: 10
Intelligence: 16
Wisdom: 11 (3rd level)
Charisma: 16

Vitality/Wounds: 28 / 10
Stress Treshold: 11
Subdual Treshold: 10
Saving Throws:
Fortitude: +1 (+1 base, +0 Con)
Reflex: +7 (+5 base, +2 Dex)
Will: +4

Defense: 18 (10 base, +2 Dex, +6 Class)

Initiative: +4 (+2 Dex, +2 Class)
Attack Boni:
Melee: +1 (-1 Str, +2 Class)
Ranged: +4 (+2 Dex, +2 Class)

Unarmed: +1, 1d3-1

Feats (-) and Abilities (=):
=Weapon Proficiencies: Hurled, Handgun, SMG, Shotgun, Rifle, Explosives
=Dexterous: Intruder Core
=Gear Prep
=Evasion I
=Bonus Feat: Explosive Basics
=The Hookup (Networking/Streetwise): DC 21
=Something Just for You: Quartermaster Core
=Pick and Save: Advanced
-Silver Spoon
-Extra Gear (Weapons)
-Explosive Basics
-Advanced Skill Mastery (Fence)

Skills: (rank, total bonus)

Acrobatics: 6, 8 (Dex) / 5 (Str)
Blend: 6, 8 (Dex) / 9 (Cha)
Bluff: 8, 13
Bureaucracy: 8, 14 [18-20 Threat, Reroll 1/session]
Cultures: 4, 7 - Northern America, Western Europe, Eastern Asia
Drive: 6, 8 - Personal Ground, Standard Ground, Heavy Ground, Service Aircraft
Falsify: 3, 3 (Wis) / 6 (Int)
Impress: 3, 6
Mechanics: 6, 9 (Int) / 6 (Wis)
Notice: 6, 6
Profession - Bookie
Science: 6, 9 - Chemistry, Economy
Search: 6, 9
Security: 6, 9
Sleight of Hand: 8, 13 [18-20 Threat, Reroll 1/session]
Sneak: 6, 11 (Dex) / 10 (Cha)
Streetwise: 8, 14 (Cha) / 11 (Wis) [18-20 Threat, Reroll 1/session]

Contacts: Ray Nixon - Acquaintance (Consultant - Analysis TL+8)

Interests: Organised Crime, Military Logistics, Opera

Subplot: True Identity Danny faked his death to operate as Arsenal, hoping to spare his family the wrath of his prior associates. However, they are still looking for all the money he took - and that might lead them right to his new friends.

Wealth: 17
Lifestyle: 3
Possessions: 8 - 2/III, 3/II, 5/I
Spending Cash: 6

Mission Gear
Gear Picks: 1G 1S 2R 1T 1V 1W 3 Any
Common Items: 4

Personal Gear
Gear Picks: | Thompson M1928 (with Reworked Action III), Fragmentation Grenade x 3 | 3 lbs. Plastic Explosives, Converted to Add-Ons (3 electric blasting caps, 3 non-electric blasting caps, 3x timer detonators, 3x pressure detonators), Colt M1911A1 | Demolitions Kit I, Lockpicking Kit I, Mechanics Kit I, 1 load .45 ammunition armor-piercing, 1 load .45 ammunition subsonic JHP
Common Items: 11 - Trenchcoat, load-bearing gear, domino mask, fedora, cigarette case, little black book, pair of leather spats, zippo lighter ("They'll take off, I can just feel it!"), silver money clip, notebook, case of pencils
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Re: Public Liberty Characters
« Reply #4 on: August 01, 2007, 07:37:42 AM »
Name: Ashley Collins
Alias: "Eidolon"

Origin: Brainy Contract Professional

[+2 Int, -2 Str, Extra Skill Points, +2 bonus to Knowledge Checks, 1 acquaintance-grade contact, CL+4 max ranks for Profession and Resolve, free Resources request 1/mission, Bonus Feat: Talented (Advisor)]

Class/Level: Martial Artist 3 / Scientist 1 / Schemer 1

Nationality: English
Age: 25
Height: 1.85 meters
Weight: 75 kilograms
Eyes: Blue
Hair: White – (iconic trait)

Strength: 8
Dexterity: 16
Constitution: 10
Intelligence: 18
Wisdom: 10
Charisma: 14

Vitality/Wounds: 34 / 10
Stress Threshold: 10
Subdual Threshold: 10
Saving Throws:
Fortitude: +2 (+2 base, +0 Con)
Reflex: +8 (+5 base, +2 Dex, +1 insight)
Will: +5 (+5 base)

Defense: 19 (10 base, +3 Dex, +6 Class)

Initiative: +5 (+3 Dex, +2 Class)
Attack Bonuses:
Melee: +2 (-1 Str, +3 BAB)
Ranged: +6 (+3 Dex, +3 BAB)
Unarmed: +8 (+4 Int, +3 BAB, +1 forte)

Unarmed: +8, 1d6+4
Cane Dart-Gun: +7, 1d3 + Poison (12 doses Basic Knockout Poison)

Feats (-) and Abilities (=):
=Weapon Proficiencies (*forte): Blunt, Edged, Handgun*, Hurled, Rifle, Unarmed*,
=Unyielding: Martial Artist Core, may spend full action and AD to restore VP/WP equal to AD result, even if helpless or dying.
=Martial Arts (Intelligence)
=Discipline of the Mind: +1 Dex, +1 Reflex, can spend AD to ignore fatigued condition or reduce exhausted to fatigued until damaged.
=Bonus Feat: Vital Points Moves
=Intense Study: I Can Swim
=Calculating: Schemer Core, minimum AD result 4.
=Mental Leap: +3 Dex, Int or Wis for up to 10 rounds, then exhausted.
-I Can Swim
-Martial Arts (Intelligence)
-Photographic Memory
-Talented (Advisor)
-Two-hit Combo
-Vital Points Moves

Skills: (rank, total bonus)

Acrobatics 6 (+5 Str, +9 Dex)
Analysis 4 (+8 Int, +4 Wis)
Athletics 6 (+5 Str, +6 Con)
Cultures (North America, Southern/Western Asia, Eastern/Western Europe) 4 (+8 Int)
Drive (Standard Ground Vehicles) 0 (+3 Dex)
Impress 6 (+8 Cha)
Medicine 6 (+10 Int, +6 Wis)
Notice 6 (+6 Wis))
Profession (entrepreneur, teacher) 7 (+9 Cha)
Resolve 7 (+7 Con, +7 Wis)
Science (economy) 0 (+4 Int)
Sense Motive 6 (+6 Wis, +8 Cha)
Sneak 6 (+9 Dex, +8 Cha)
Tactics 4 (+4 Wis, +6 Cha)
13 unspent skill points, may spend at any time with I Can Swim

Contacts: Richard (Special Agent) – Associate – Intercept Communication (Snp3); Research Project/Faculty (Sci5)

Interests: Media, Mysticism, Puzzle-solving

Subplot: Mystery Ashley’s parents were killed in a burglary gone wrong, but Ash believes that there was more to it than that. Ash found a golden signet ring in the fireplace that he is sure belonged to neither of his parents. Who is the owner of the ring, and how are they connected to the death of Mr. and Mrs. Collins?

Wealth: 14
Lifestyle: 5
Possessions: 5 - 1/III, 2/II, 4/I
Spending Cash: 4

Special Check Bonuses
Knowledge: +13 (+5 career, +4 Int, +2 talent, +2 insight, 19-20, may take 10 or 20)
Request: +7 (+5 career, +2 Cha)
Gear: +5 (+5 career, +0 Wis)

Mission Gear
Gear Picks: 1G, 1E, 1R, 1W, 2 Faction
Common Items: 10
Reserve Picks: 3

Personal Gear
Gear Picks: DR 2/- Gadget (Caliber II, housed in pendant) | Miniature gear pick (Disinject Model 35, built into Cane [Caliber I, with Ahead of its Time Caliber II and Upgraded with Custom Handle, Deadly Precision and Detailing]) | Feat Training (Bandage) | Goggles (night vision)
Common Items: 10 – Backpack, Cane (gadget housing), Flashlight, Hip Flask, Leather Gloves, Meteorite Pendant (gadget housing), Passport, Pocket Knife, Rope, Steel-Capped Boots.
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Re: Public Liberty Characters
« Reply #5 on: August 01, 2007, 07:39:57 PM »



Name: Daniel Riely
Nickname: Stitch
Codename: Trolley boy
Alais: Dan, Danny, D.R.

Team Role(s): Medic, Brawler, Researcher

Iconic Appearance
A G1 Leather Flight Jacket (as worn by Naval Aviator crew)
with a Red Cross patch on the right shoulder and a Dodgers patch on the left shoulder. (dodgers patch)

41 year old male, black hair, brown eyes, height 182 cm, weight 87 kg.
Born in America as the 2nd of 3 brothers to an Irish father and Italian mother.

Personality: Compassionate, Cooperative, Distant
Daniel is striving to make a difference in the world, but he will always try fit in time to do the things he enjoys. He dislikes arguing and uneccessary disputes, and will often go along with conflicting viewpoints purely to keep the peace.  He is often pondering over unusual things, which can create the wrong impression when he is with people.

Career History:
At 21 years of age Daniel failed medical school partway thru his third year.  He found he did not have the manual dexterity required for complex surgical opertaions and intellectually he struggled with the more advanced lessons.  He went to China for a 3 month holiday, before he returned home.
Looking at other options available Daniel joined the local ambulance services as paramedic where he worked for 15 years.  He often worked night shift and in rough areas which involved their fair share of violent confrontation.  He then took long service leave and extra time off for a year long holiday - where he went to Bulgaria, Albania, Italy, and Nth Africa before returning home to hand in his notice.
Daniel then enlisted as a special investigator with the state police, who hired him largely because of his medical expertise.  He has worked there for the last 4 years and is now looking into joining 'Public Liberty'.

(see also interests and subplot, below)



Str 16(+3)  Dex 10(+0)  Con 12(+1)  Int 14(+2)  Wis 14(+2)  Cha 10(+0)

Origin and Class
Vetran Rescuer
Snoop 2 / Thug 3
Veteran: 1 request check per session without using an action die
Rescuer: Speed +5 ft, request 1 caliber II medical assistance resource
Snoop: Astute, Flawless search, Intuition I
Thug: Chip on Your Shoulder, Got Your Back I, Vicious Attack

Derived Values
Vitality/Wounds: 13+2d8+3d12 / 12
Stress Threshold: 12
Subdual Threshold: 15 (inc. +3 from thug class)
Saving Throws:
Fortitude: +5 (+4 base, +1 Con)
Reflex: +4 (+4 base, +0 Dex)
Will: +6 (+4 base, +2 Wis)
Armor: None
Defense: 16 (10 base, +0 Dex, +6 Class)
Initiative: +3 (+0 Dex, +3 Class)
Melee Atk: +7* (+3 Str, +4 Class) *+1 with blunt weapons (forte)
Ranged Atk: +4 (+0 Dex, +4 Class)
Weapon prof: Blunt (forte), Handgun, Shotgun (2 class, +2 from level)

Examiner (origin / 'Elite Ops' Cmpgn Qual swap)
Bandage (Lvl1)
Club Basics (Lvl3)
Wolfpack Basics (Thug2)

Acrobatics 0 (+3str/+0dex, Untrained, CC, Cap 15) +3/+0
Analysis 8 (+2int/+2wis, +2examiner, threat 19-20, Cap 40) +12/+12
Athletics 4 (+3str/+1con, +2rescuer, Cap 30) +7/+5
Blend 2 (+0dex/+0cha, Cap 20) +2/+2
Bluff 4 (+0cha, Cap 30) +4
Bureaucracy 2 (+2int/0cha, Cap 20) +4/+2
Computers 0 (+2int, Untrained, Cap 15) +2
Cultures 4 (+2int, Cap 30) - Northern America, Northern Africa, Eastern Europe, Eastern Asia +6
Drive 2 (+0dex, Cap 20) - Standard Ground, Heavy ground, Mounts/Animal-Drawn +2
Electronics 0 (+2int/+2wis, Untrained, Cap 15) +2
Falsify 0 (+2int/+2wis, Untrained, CC, Cap 15) +2/+2
Impress 0 (+0cha, Untrained, CC, Cap 15) +0
Intimidate 6 (+3str/+2wis, Cap 30) +9/+8
Investigation 6 (+2wis/+0cha, Cap 30) +8/+6
Manipulation 0 (+2wis/+0cha, Untrained, Cap 15) +2/+0
Mechanics 0 (+2int/+2wis, Untrained, CC, Cap 15) +2/+2
Medicine 8 (+2int/+2wis, +2rescuer, +2examiner, threat 19-20, Cap 40, Bandage feat) +14/+14
Networking 2 (+2wis/+0cha, Cap 20) +4/+2
Notice 6 (+2wis, Cap 30) +8
Professions - None (CC)
Resolve 4 (+2wis/+1con, Cap 30) +6/+5
Science - None
Search 6 (+2int, Cap 30) +8
Security 0 (+2int, Untrained, CC, Cap 15) +2
Sense Motive 6 (+2wis/+0cha, Cap 30) +8/+6
Sleight of Hand 0 (+0dex, Untrained, Cap 15) +0
Sneak 4 (+0dex/+0cha, Cap 30) +4/+4
Streetwise 2 (+2wis/+0cha, Cap 20) +4/+0
Survival 0 (+2wis/+0cha, Untrained, CC, Cap 15) +2/+0
Tactics 0 (+2wis/+0cha, Untrained, CC, Cap 15) +2/+0
(Total skill ranks = 76)

Contacts: Sussannah Niles - Acquaintance (Consultant - Falsify)

Interests: Baseball, Gardening, Playing Tourist, Newspaper/Magazine (assorted) browsing.

Subplot: Compulsion (Render emergency medical assistance to civilians in need).  Dan has spent 15 years as a paramedic and rendering emergency medical assistance is something he rushes to do automatically.  Whether travelling past a bad accident or witnessing a nearby civilian hurt during a fight involving the PCs and their adversaries, Danny will be there trying to help those in need.  (I figure this can aslo be used as an excuse for any time in the game where I am away or take too long to respond. I would prefer not to feel compulsion to administer aid to people we just fought - as I always find that thinking kind of irrational - but I would help patch up an enemy minion from time to time under the right circumstances)



Wealth: +8 (+2 Sneak, +2 Thug, +0 Char, +4 Big Budget)
Lifestyle 4, Posessions 3, Spending cash 4 ($1600)

Picks: 1/III, 1/II, 3/I
Chosen Misson Gear:
I - Car, passenger (full size sedan) with 1 addon (Run-flat Tires)
I - Brass Knuckles (1-handed blunt weapon)
I - Appraisal Kit I
II - Handgun (GM choice appropriate to setting)
III - First Aid Kit III (Kit I on person, Kit II in vehicle, Kit III at safehouse/base)

Mission Gear
Picks: 2T, 1G, 1W, 0 Faction/Freelance (Cha) picks.
Chosen Misson Gear:
None as yet.

Common Items (14): (14) Batteries, Binoculars, Blankets, Crowbar, Duct Tape, Flashlight, Load-bearing gear, Magnifying glass, Matches, Notebook, Pen, Sports Equipment x 2 (Wooden baseball bat + baseball), Watch.



Attributes: 16 (13pts), 14 (8 pts), 13 (6 pts) + 1 (lvl 3), 12 (4 pts), 2 x 10 (2pts)

Class/level, BAB, Fort, Ref, Will, Def, Init, Wealth
Snoop 2: +1, +2, +2, +3, +3, +1, 2
Thug 3: +3, +2, +2, +1, +3, +2, 2
Total: +4, +4, +4, +4, +6, +3, 4

Thug class skills - Athletics, Bluff, Drive, Intimidate, Notice, Resolve, Sense Motive, Sneak, and Streetwise

Skill ranks = [(4+1) x (8+2+1)] + [3 x (4+2+1) = 5 x 11 + 3 x 7 = 76
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Re: Public Liberty Characters
« Reply #6 on: August 01, 2007, 10:18:18 PM »
Simon Sheppard
code name: the Sheppard

disciplined (talent), clergyman (specialty)(baptist)
faceman 5

str: 9,  dex: 10, con: 10, int: 14. wis: 14, cha:18,
vit:28, wounds: 10 , sub dual: 10, stress: 14
def :13
init: 5

fort:3, ref: 1, will: 7
melee, unarmed: 3, range: 3

skills(ranks only)( x*)= misc bonus
blend: 8, bluff: 8, bureaucracy: 4, cultures, 8, falsify:8 (8*), impress 8, intimidate (2*) manipulate:8 (2*), networking: 4  (2*) sense motive:8
focuses and fortes#
cultures, Eastern Europe# (Germany), north America# (usa), western Europe# ?(France),
drive: standard ground vehicles
profession: baptist minister
science mathematics

subplot: long term mission, Simon has dedicated himself to rooting out a rouge group of Christians looking to bring communism to the united states. He also suspects them to have ties to Hitler.

unarmed, blunt, edged, handgun.

interest: biking,


Class abilities:
double speak
1,000 faces
cold read
quick change
mask (follow my lead)
backup 1

iron will
talented (hustler)

wealth 13 (with initial 3)
lifestyle 4
2 bdrm house, 1939 ford 5 window sedan
I colt 1908 vest pocket, first aid kit I, forgery kit I
II disguise kit II
III gadget pick, housing belt buckle ( skill bonus to falsify 10)

iconic appearance : ministers outfit
common items,
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Re: Public Liberty Characters
« Reply #7 on: August 02, 2007, 04:42:35 AM »
Name: Dana Knight
Alias: White Rose

Daring Gunslinger

[+2 Dexterity, -2 intelligence. +2 insight bonus with initiative checks. +2 insight bonus with action die results. Bonus feat: Quickdraw. Handgun and Rifle proficiency. Gain a Caliber II weapon at the start of each mission. +5 Speed. Base defense score increased by 2]

Class/Level: Soldier 4/Triggerman 1

Nationality: USA
Age: 28
Height: 5’5”
Weight: 132
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Blonde
Iconic Appearance: White Trench coat, White Fedora and White Mask

Str: 12
Dex: 18 (level 3 point here)
Con: 13
Int: 12
Wis: 10
Chr: 12

Handguns, Law, Famous Criminals
Proficiencies: Edged (forte), Handgun (forte), Hurled (forte), Rifle, Shotgun, Submachine gun, Unarmed

Speed: 35 feet

Saving Throws:
Fort: +3
Ref: +6
Will: +5

Def: 19

BaB: +5
Melee attack: +6
Unarmed attack: +6
Ranged attack: +9

Vitality: 43
Wounds: 13
Subdual Threshold: 13
Stress Threshold: 10

Knowledge Check: +6
Request Check: +6
Gear Check: +5

Action Dice: 3(5)d6+2

Unarmed: +6/1d4+1 damage

Colt M1911A1
Atk: +10
Recoil: 11
Damage: 1d12
E/T: 1/19-20
Range: 30 ft
SZ/Hand: D/1H
Weight: 2.5 lbs
Qualities: ACC, DEP, TKD
Upgrades: Extended Barrel, Custom Grip, Precision Upgrade I, Shoulder Holster
Ammo Type: FMJ
Shots: 7M7

Fragmentation Grenade (3)
Atk: +10
Damage: 4d10 explosive
E/T: 1-4/-
Range: 15 ft x 4
SZ/Hand: F/1h
Weight: 1 lb

Atk: +7
Damage: 1d6+4
E/T: 1/19-20
SZ/Hand: D/1H
Weight: 2 lbs
Qualities: AP(3), BLD, FIN

Throwing Knife (4)
Atk: +10
Damage: 1d6+1
E/T: 1/19-20
Range: 15 ft x 4
SZ/Hand: D/1h
Weight: 1 lb

Acrobatics: 8 (+9/+12)
Athletics: 8 (+9/+9)
Intimidate: 8 (+9/+8)
Resolve: 8 (+8/+9)
Sleight of Hand: 1 (+5)
Sneak: 8 (+12/+9)
Tactics: 7 (+7/+8)

Skill Focuses
Cultures: North America
Drive: Standard Ground Vehicles, Personal Aircraft
Profession: Secretary
Science: Economy

Class Abilities:
Fight On (Two Weapon Basics, Combat Expertise)
Fortunes of War I
Armor Use I
Two-Weapon Mastery

Quick Draw
Talented (Burglar)
CQB Basics
Combat Expertise
Two-Weapon Basics
Two-Weapon Mastery

Dr Ivanovich (Acquaintance): A Russian scientist who provided Dana with the upgrades she needed for her trenchcoat, as well as helping to fund her in her fight against crime. Dana's unsure of his motivations, but he's been a steadfast ally.
Acquaintance grade specialist (warchest)

Spending Cash: 1
Lifestyle: 1
Possessions: 8


1 III and 1 I pick converted into weapons upgrades
2 Colt M1911A1’s with extended barrels, custom grips, precision upgrade I and shoulder holsters.
4 throwing knives
3 Fragmentation Grenades
Unubtanium Alloy Plated Coat (Caliber II DR gadget build into trenchcoat)
Personal Gyroscopic Stabilizer (caliber I skill boost gadget, acrobatics, built into trenchcoat)
Physical Fitness Enhancer (Caliber I skill boost gadget, athletics, built into trenchcoat)

Common Items: Bouquet of white roses, white trenchcoat, white mask, handcuffs, suitcase, flashlight, load bearing gear, matches, cigarettes, painkillers

Mission Picks:
1 W, 1 S, 1 faction, 4 common items, 1 Caliber II weapon
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Re: Public Liberty Characters
« Reply #8 on: August 02, 2007, 04:52:47 PM »
Name: Reginald Halifax
Alias: Long Iron

Origin: Retired Outdoorsman
{+2 Int, -2 Str, 1 contact (+1 at 6, 12, 18), 1/session ask for hint, +1 threat Notice(+1 at 5, 10, 15, 20), bonus feat(Survivalist), Drive(Mounts & Animal Drawn), Hurled proficiency, +1 Possessions (+1 at 4, 8, 12, 16, 20)}

Class/Level: Soldier 1\Scout 3\Sniper 1

Nationality: British
Age: 58
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 189 lbs
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Gray
Iconic Appearance: Jodhpurs, Riding Crop, Raven

Str: 11
Dex: 14
Con: 13
Int: 13
Wis: 15
Chr: 13

Interests: Hunting, Flight, Golf
Proficiencies: Unarmed, Blunt, Edged, Handgun(Forte), Hurled, Rifle(Forte), Shotgun

Speed: 30 feet

Saving Throws:
Fort: 5
Ref: 6
Will: 5

Initiative: 10
Def: 15

BaB: 4
Melee attack: 4
Unarmed attack: 4
Ranged attack: 6

Vitality: 44
Wounds: 13
Subdual Threshold: 13
Stress Threshold: 15

Knowledge Check: 6
Request Check: 6
Gear Check: 7

Action Dice: 3d6

Unarmed: +4/1d4

Mosin-Nagant M1891 Sniper
Atk: +6 (Aimed/Braced +10)
Recoil: 20
Damage: 2d10+1
E/T: 1/19-20 (A/B 18-20)
Range: 200 ft
SZ/Hand: S/2H
Weight: 8.4 lbs
Qualities: SPA, DEP, RUG, MAC(-2), UPG(4x Telescopic Sight, Ergonomic Stock)
Upgrades: Ergonomic Stock, Reworked Action, Rugged
Ammo Type: FMJ
Shots: 5S50

Webley Mk. 6
Atk: +7
Recoil: 5
Damage: 1d8
E/T: 1/20
Range: 20 ft
SZ/Hand: D/1H
Weight: 2.4 lbs
Upgrades: Custom Grip
Ammo Type: FMJ
Shots: 6S60

Athletics: 8 (+10/+11) 19-20
Drive: 4 (+6)
Notice: 8 (+10) 18-20
Sneak: 5 (+7/+6)
Survival: 8 (+12/+11) 19-20
Tactics: 8(+10/+9)

Skill Focuses:
Cultures: Western Europe
Drive: Personal Ground Vehicles, Personal Aircraft, Mounts & Animal Drawn Vehicles
Science: Engineering
Profession: Soldier

Class Abilities:
Soldier: Accurate, Fight On(Marksmanship Basics)
Scout: Stalker, Rough Living, Bonus Feat(Desert Training)
Sniper: Eagle Eye, Expert Sharpshooter(Basics)

Jungle Training
Markmanship Basics
Desert Training
Sharpshooter Basics

Arthur Baird(Old war buddy) - Acquaintance(Friends in Low Places I) - Associate(Streetwise)

12 - Lifestyle 5, Cash 3, Possessions 4

Mosin-Nagant M1891 Sniper(Ergonomic Stock, Reworked Action, Rugged), Webley Mk. 6(Custom Grip), Raven (w/ Retrieve on command), Antivenin x3, Classic Motorcycle, Hot Air Balloon

Common Items:
Pipe, Flask, Binoculars, Riding Crop, Canteen, Compass, Rucksack, Entrenching Tool, Matches, Pocket Knife, Tent, Sleeping Bag, Pocket Watch, Flashlight, Notebook

Mission Picks:
2 Weapon, 1 Security

Major Reginald Halifax, British Army retired, is a good-natured gentleman with a love of hunting, flying and golf.  All of which he would be happy to talk about for hours on end.  With his omnipresent riding crop and jodhpurs, Reginald is accompanied by a large raven which rides on his shoulder and answers to the name of Montgolfier or damned bird.  Reginald has fought in wars on 3 continents, the Boxer Rebellion in China, the Second Boer War and Anglo-Aro War in Africa and the Great War in Europe.
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Re: Public Liberty Characters
« Reply #9 on: August 02, 2007, 06:40:15 PM »
Name: Katharine "Katie" Barker
Alias: Tempest
Origin: Gifted Thrill Seeker
[+2 Any(Int), -2 Any(Cha), Resolve Cap + 5 and always a class skill, Acrobatics threat range increased by 1(additional 1 at levels 5, 10, 15 and 20), Gain Lightning Reflexes feat, Gain Drive Personal Air Vehicle focus with associated forte(Jet Pack), speed + 5, gain a +1 insight bonus to Acrobatics and Athletics that increases by 1 at levels 4, 8, 12, 16, 20]

Class/Level: Wheelman 4 / Inventor 1

Nationality:  US
Age: 19
Height: 1.75 meters
Weight: 67 kilograms
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown
Iconic Appearance: jet pack and flight suit.

Strength: 14
Dexterity: 15
Constitution: 12
Intelligence: 16
Wisdom: 12
Charisma: 10

Vitality/Wounds: 39/12
Stress Threshold: 12
Subdual Threshold: 12
Speed: 35
Saving Throws:
Fortitude: +2(+1 base, +1 con)
Reflex: +10(+5 base, +2 dex, +3 Lightning Reflexes)
Will: +4(+3 base, +1 wis)

Knowledge Check Bonus: 8 (5 level, 3 int)
Request Check Bonus: 5 (5 level, 0 cha)
Gear Check Bonus: 6 (5 level, 1 wis)

Action Dice: 3d4 -> 5d6(Spirited Campaign quality)

Defense: 15(10 base, 2 dex, 3 class)
Defense(armored): 10(10 base, 2 dex, 3 class, -5 armor)
Armor:  DR 4/7(3/5 + 1/1 from helmet + 0/1 from Armor basics), -5 Defense, -2 Standard ACP(Nullified by Armor Basics), -2 Special ACP(any check with vision tag)

Initiative: +4(+2 base, +2 dex)   *Roll twice, keep preferred.

Proficiencies:  Handgun with Forte, Blunt with Forte, Unarmed, Rifle, Vehicle Weapon

Attack Bonuses:
Melee: +6(+4 base, +2 str)
Unarmed: +6(+4 base, +2 str)
Ranged: +6(+4 base, +2 dex)

Unarmed: +6, 1d4+2, 1-20
Brass Knuckles: +7, 2d4+1, 1-2/20, BLD, +3 resist to disarm
Colt M1911A1: +7, 1d12, 1/19-20, 11 Recoil, 25ft Rng, DEP, TKD, 7M7 Shots
Stunner: +7(?Attack gadget housed in pistol, I'd assume uses handgun proficiency and thus forte), 4d6 Electrical, ?Error/Threat, 20 Ft Rng, 1 shot

Feats (-) and Abilities (=):
=Driven: Wheelman Core, Action Dice spent to improve Maneuver or Mechanics(Repair) checks are doubled, errors with said checks require the GC to spend 1 additional action die to activate.
=Custom Ride: Pick one vehicle mission pick at caliber + 1.
=Manual Adjustment:  Take half action after failing a mechanics check that can be retried, to succeed if DC is Wheelman class level + 20 or less.  May retry errors but only before they've been activated.  May be used up to starting action dice number of times.
=Crash Course: Techie
=Vehicle Familiarity:  Choose 1 specific vehicle/mount, it gains +1 to defense and damage saves.  You gain +1 to initiative and maneuver checks using it, and electronics/mechanics/medicine checks to repair/heal it as appropriate.
=Technophile: Inventor Core, Spend 1 action die to automatically succeed with any gear check or any electronic or gadget request check.
=Utility Belt: Gain Inventor Class level additional reserve common items.  All reserve common items succesfully required provide a +1 bonus to all skill checks made using them.
-Lightning Reflexes: +3 to reflex saves, roll twice for initiative and choose which to keep.
-Daredevil:  May choose stunt during chases.  Accel and Turning are considered +2 for choosing strategies in chases.
-Talented(Speed Demon): Drive and Mechanics cap raised by five.  Skill points invested in one raise both(but only to skill cap).  Both are always class skills.
-Techie: +2 insight bonus to knowledge and skill checks for Computers and Electronics.  Threat range for these set to 19-20.
-Pack Rat: Possessions + 2
-Armor Basics(Moderate): When in moderate armor, DR versus ranged +1, ACP is lowered by 2, speed penalty is lowered by 5.  *Acquired via Possesion of Feat Training.

Skills  -  Rank (Total Bonus, Cap)
Acrobatics 7(+11 Str, +11 Dex, 40) [18-20 threat, +2 insight]
Athletics 7(+11 Str, +10 Con, 40) [+2 insight]
Cultures(North America, Western Europe) 0(+3 Int, 15)
Drive(Personal Air Vehicle(Forte Jet Pack),Standard Ground Vehicles, Performance Aircraft, Service Aircraft, Heavy Ground Vehicle, Standard Watercraft) 8(+12 Dex, 45)
Electronics 8(+13 Int, +11 Wis, 40) [19-20 threat, +2 insight]
Impress 3(+3 Cha, 20)
Intimidate 4(+6 Str, +5 Wis, 30)
Mechanics 8(+11 Int, +9 Wis, 40)
Notice 7(+8 Wis, 40)
Profession(Pilot, Aircraft Mechanic) 4(+4 Cha, 30)
Resolve 8(+9 Con, +9 Wis, 40)
Science(Super Science, Fabrication) 5(+8 Int, 30)
Security 5(+8 Int, 30)
Streetwise 3(+4 Wis, +3 Cha, 20)
Tactics 3(+4 Wis, +5 Cha, 20)

Contacts: Michael Bowers(Mechanic) - Acquaintance - Consultant(Falsify)

Interests: Powered Flight, World War I Aviators, Card Games

Subplot: GC Fiat (With a few possible hooks listed here, though I'd be happy with an unrelated surprise as well)
    True Identity(The Tempest guise involves heavily padded flight suit, full face covering mask with a built in voice modulator to give the appearance of a man's voice.  Few know that Katie is Tempest.)
    Mystery/Personal Mission(Father died in an aerial accident, considered either mechanical failure or pilot error.  Katie isn't completely convinced.  Could also go in the way of a Compulsion to be overly careful with vehicle maintenance, giving things a tune up in the field just in case)
    Nemesis/Romance(Family friend employed as pilot with Public Justice that bears a minor grudge/rivalry with the Tempest persona, and is also a bit of an unwanted suitor to Katie)
    Nemesis(Father was an old WWI ace, inheriting a family legacy nemesis who may or may not have been involved in father's death is an option)

Wealth: 12
Lifestyle: 1  (Appearance Mod: -2)
Possessions: 10  1/IV 3/III 3/II 5/I
Spending Cash: 1

Mission Gear
Gear Picks: 1V, 1W, 1G, 1E
Common Items: 4
Reserve Pick Limit: 2  (One is common item only.)

Personal Gear
Gear picks:
Jet Pack(Caliber IV Flight gadget housed in common item 'Jet Pack Housing')
Stunner(Caliber III Attack Gadget(PR4, Electric damage) installed in Colt as alternate fire mode)
Mechanics Kit(Caliber III)
Electronics Kit(Caliber III)
Colt M1911A1(Caliber II)
Feat Training(Armor Basics) (Caliber II)
Flight Suit(Caliber II Gadget, Miniaturized Flak Jacket with Early Ballistic Helmet Upgrade, installed in common item World War I aviator jacket)
Flight Suit, part 2(Caliber I Gadget, Ahead of its Time mechanism)
Voice Masker (Caliber I Gadget, Miniaturized Voice Modulator installed in helmet from flight suit)
Brass Knuckles (Caliber I weapon)
Weapon Upgrades (Caliber I weapon pick, Wicked(Brass Knuckles) and Tactical Holster)
Lockpick Kit (Caliber I pick)
Common Picks:
jet pack housing, WWI aviator jacket, flashlight, binoculars, notepad, WWI related books, swiss army knife, watch, fire extinguisher, flares, chain, luggage

    Katie was the only child of Elliot and Caroline Barker.  Elliot had been a noted ace pilot in World War I, Caroline the heir to family aeronautical business.  They met when Elliot returned from the war and was employed at the family business.  Katie was always very close to her father, listening raptly when he told tales of his tales of his days in the war as a young child.  She frequently accompanied him to the airfield as she grew older, and he encouraged her to help him with mundane repair tasks, even teaching her the basics of piloting eventually.  Katie took after her father and had both an natural aptitude for and interest for such things.

    Things changed, however, when Elliot died in a plane crash.  Katie knew that a mechanical failure, or a mistake on her father's part were the most likely culprits, but she can't quite accept that it would happen to him.  Her mother, who never entirely approved of Katie's dabbling in 'a man's field,' was shocked and scared after the accident, and forbid Katie to have anything to do with the business anymore.  Richard Kindley(a family friend, his father had served alongside Elliot) who worked at the business as a test pilot stood up for Katie, and persuaded Caroline to allow Katie to continue working in the shop on account of her talents in that regard.  Flight, however, was still off limits.  Katie's relationship with Richard was oddly strained.  She appreciated his standing up to her mother on the subject of her dabbling with mechanics, but resented that he agreed with her mother on the subject of Katie's piloting.

    Richard was among those to be offered a place in Secret Justice, for his own skills as a pilot.  An offer was extended to Katie as well.  From Richard and her mother's perspective, she was simply offered a place to work as an engineer and mechanic, assisting Richard and others with equipment.  In truth, she was offered the opportunity to do this in addition to creating an alternate persona, who would be free to fly.  Katie gladly accepted the offer, and set to work on the creation of 'Tempest' at once.

    A flight suit, actually an old aviator jacket of her fathers, heavily modified with plating and padding to not only protect, but disguise her shape.  A helmet, full face covering, with an invention of her own design installed.  A voice modulator, giving her the appearance of a man's voice.  The illusion complete, this was Tempest.
    Katie took well to the training regime, though a rivalry developed between her, in the guise of Tempest, and Richard.  Recruited around the same time, training in similar field they competed frequently.  It didn't help that Richard came to believe that Katie was fond of Tempest, and felt some pangs of jealousy over the issue.

    Katie is a fairly average looking woman, who only stands out due to a taller than typical frame, and a tendency towards more masculine dress.  She tends to dress practically, overalls smudged with oil, tools shoved into pockets.  She looks most at home in a workshop or garage.  As Tempest, she wears somewhat worn leather, with obvious plating and padding beneath covering her body.  Her helmet is a full face affair of gleaming steel, the same as the casing of the jet pack strapped to her back.

    Katie is a very determined individual. She is good at what she does, she enjoys what she does and she throws herself into things wholeheartedly.  While she can come off as gruff if interrupted in her interests, she's generally outgoing.  Somewhat impulsive, she would rather take action than talk things through.

    Her father's stories of WWI still have a strong hold on her.  Katie can't help but see parallels between his days in the Lafayette Escadrille(American pilots serving in France on their own impetus, before America entered the war) and her own role to play in Public Justice.  While she intellectually understands the seriousness of the situation, and has some realistic concept of the risks involved, she can't help but be caught up in romanticized notions of this as a grand adventure.  It's not just about pursuing a chance to pursue interests she was otherwise denied, it's more importantly about living up to her father's image, continuing a legacy.

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Re: Public Liberty Characters
« Reply #10 on: August 06, 2007, 01:56:50 AM »
"Imagine a person.
   "Tall, lean and feline, high-shouldered, with a brow like Shakespeare and a face like Satan, and long, magnetic eyes of the true cat-green. Invest him with all the cruel cunning of an entire race, with all the resources of the strange sciences, past and present, shunned by the unthinking minds of the West. All accumulated in one giant, terrible intellect that burns as coldly as the fire in her alchemically altered veins burns hot.
   "Imagine that awful being, and you have a mental picture of Dr. Weng Chiang.
   "The man she know as her author, as her father..."

Spoiler: Dr Weng Chiang • show

Spoiler: Iconic Appearance • show

Name: Jiang Zao-zhe Chiang.
Alias: Liberty Smith.
Alias: Fire Star.
Alias: Daughter of the Dragon.
Origin: Firebender Test-Subject.
Spoiler: show
  • Requirement: Interest (Pyrophilia). +2 Charisma, -2 Wisdom. Increase non-villain disposition 1/session. Base speed +5 ft. Damage Resistance 6 vs. Stress. Pyrokinesis w/Psion level = career level. Achilles heel (contagion), fast healing, feral and light sleeper NPC qualities. Vendetta: anyone viewing the supernatural as evil.
  • +2 highest, -2 lowest. Feat: Mystic Blood (Wis +1. Speed +5 ft. Light sleeper). Strong minded I. Seductive.

Class/Level: Explorer 1 / Martial Artist 1 / Wheelman 1 / Soldier 1 / Sweeper 1.

Nationality: British (Hong Kong).
Age: 19.
Height: 161 cm.
Weight: 50 kg.
Eyes: Gold (flame-filled when using power).
Hair: Black.
Iconic Appearance: Fire-patterned brocade coat.

Strength 10. Dexterity 14. Constitution 12. Intelligence 16. Wisdom 15. Charisma 13.

Vitality/Wounds: 42/12.
   Stress: 15 (+ DR 6).
   Subdual: 12.

Defence: 18 (+6 class. +2 Dex).
BAB: 4.
   Unarmed: +7.
   Melee: +4.
   Ranged: +6.

Initiative: 9 (+7 class, +2 Dex).

Fortitude: +5 (+4 class, +1 Con).
Reflex: +7 (+5 class, +2 Dex).
Will: +5 (+3 class, +2 Wis).
Action Dice: 3d4.

Interests: Pyrophillia. Music. Tea. 
Subplots: Wanted (minions of Weng Chiang).

Proficiencies: Unarmed. Hurled. Explosives. Exotic Edged. Exotic Blunt. Handgun.

Class Abilities: Connected. All Over the World. Martial Arts. Custom Ride. Daredevil. Fight On (CQB Basics). Split Shot. Hard Sweep (Basic).

Feats: Mystic Blood. Candidate (Strength & Charisma). Martial Arts (Intelligence). Daredevil. Psychokinetic Basics. CQB Basics.

Skills: Acrobatics +5 / +7. Athletics +7 / +8. Blend +6 / +5. Cultures +7. Impress +5. Intimidate +7 / +9. Investigation +7 / +6 (Thr 19-20). Notice +7. Pyrokinesis +12. Resolve +6 / +7. Science +7. Search +10 (Thr 19-20). Sense Motive +9 / +8 (Thr 19-20).

Foci: Cultures (Western Europe. Eastern Asia. Occult). Drive (Personal Ground. Mounts). Profession (Enforcer). Science (Chemistry. Pharmacology. Engineering).

Wealth: 11 (+3 class, +1 Cha, +4 quality).
   Possessions: 7.
   Lifestyle: 3.
   Spending Cash: 1.

Personal Gear: 2/III. 3/II. 4/I.
   Picks: Brocade coat (w/gadget: secret compartment, gadget: Cal III Levitation check + Psi battery). 2x FN Browning High-Power service pistols (w/ported barrel, shoulder holsters, reworked action). Razor Sword (w/retractable, deadly precision, gadget: lantern). Mesmerist Ring (gadget: Cal I cover identity).
   Items: Zippo lighter. Sweets. Satchel. Small fireworks. Flask, water. Flask, gin. Flask, lantern oil. Flour. Chilli powder. Powdered pepper. Tea leaves. Rock salt. Flute. Silk rope, 50'.

Mission Gear: 2W, 1V + 1.
   Picks: ...
   Items: ...
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