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Porting Spycraft expert classes...
« on: September 17, 2009, 04:38:32 PM »
Been musing over porting various expert classes from Spycraft to Fantasy Craft.  Mainly just going through the list and seeing which ones seem portable without drastic hassle.  Even the more seamless ones tend to have small details to puzzle through, just thought I'd make a post and see if anyone has any comments or insights on the rough patches I've encountered so far and my attempts at patching over them...

Brawler:  Two issues with porting the Brawler.  First, the class has a focus on improvised weapons, and the system behind those has some notable differences in FC (and the Improvised Weapon Basics feat no longer exists).  Second, the class plays around with Subdual damage a lot, which operates somewhat differently in FC (what with the lack of Subdual threshold and whatnot).

Porting Improvised Weapon Basics looks fairly simple, translate the +3 Gear check bonus to a +3 bonus to Crafting checks made to improvise weapons.  The penalties with improvised weapons that the feat removes are roughly identical in FC, so providing that benefit works as well.

While Improvised Weapon Mastery isn't necessary for building the Brawler class, my initial take would be making improvising a weapon a half action rather than a full action.  Needs a little more since the other benefit of the original feat doesn't make sense in FC.  An increase to the complexity of weapons you can improvise would work fairly well, and mimic the 'improvised weapon is of a type of your choosing' aspect of the original feat.  Don't know just what to expand the complexity to... probably 10 or 12D.  Allowing a slightly higher cap beyond that with a price... something like you lose the benefit of Improvised Weapon Basics with the item (ie, you are still subject to untrained, increased error range penalties) might be considered, but seems too complex to me off the bat.

Only other tricky bits are Shrug it Off and Juggernaut, Juggernaut ports fairly directly, but it has significant interplay with Shrug it Off.  Which doesn't port directly at all.  I'm thinking turning Shrug it Off into a combination of 'Ignore the first grade of Fatigued you gain in any scene' with a +1 bonus to Subdual checks...  Other thoughts included making it just a larger bonus to subdual checks(something in the range of +3 to +4).


Ported even easier, with two issues.  A boost to Gadget pick caliber, and the ability to train in 'Chase' feats.  My thoughts were to focus on the mobility aspect of the class.  The level of expert class the gadget pick ability was at is one that occasionally grants Feats in other classes, and Outrider was originally sort of granting a feat... so my interpretation was to have the first grant Mobility Basics, the second Mobility Mastery, to play up the movement aspect of the class (which certainly matches thematically with the Chase feats to some extent).


Fairly easy port...  Since the skill list is drastically smaller (20 compared to Spycraft's 30), I went with my initial gut reaction and cut down the skill points the later abilities grant.  Originally, 12 and 24, now 8 and 16.  In other words, since FC has 2/3rds as many skills, the FC schemer gets 2/3rds as many bonus skill points.


Now I hit issues...  The sniper looks fairly portable except for one issue.  It relies upon feats that are tied into the Brace action which is no longer in game.  Having Marksmanship Basics grant the benefits of Bracing in addition when you aim fixes that issue, but that still leaves Sharpshooter Mastery's reference to Bracing to deal with...  An easier fix would be to port Bracing into Fantasy Craft wholesale and leave the feats more untouched...  I still haven't come to any decisions I feel comfortable on this one yet though...

Anyone else doing any SC->FC porting?  I'd seen the Martial Artist that had been posted awhile back.

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Re: Porting Spycraft expert classes...
« Reply #1 on: September 17, 2009, 05:35:59 PM »
Requirements: Sneak 6+ ranks, Skill Basics (Robber), any 1 Melee Combat feat.

Class Features
Class skills: Acrobatics, Athletics, Crafting, Disguise, Investigate, Notice, Prestidigitation, Sneak, Ride, and Tactics.
Skill Points: 6 + Int modifier per level.
Vitality: 9 + Con modifier per level.

Core Ability
     Nimble: As written.

Class Abilities
     Secret Weapon: As written.
     Wuxia I: As written.
     Wuxia II: As written.
     Cutting Edge: At Level 3, your signature weapon gains the Edge Surge lesser essence (see Fantasy Craft, pg 195) and does not count against your total number of Prizes.
     Cyclone I: As written.
     Cyclone II: As written.
     Wolf Pack Mastery: As written.
     Armor Grace: As written.
     Outrider: As written, substituting in Terrain for Chase.
     Wolf Pack Supremacy: As written.
     Fleeting Shadow: As written.

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Re: Porting Spycraft expert classes...
« Reply #2 on: September 17, 2009, 06:53:24 PM »
Requirements: Dex 15+, Camouflage ability, Steady Shot trick.

Class Features
     Class skills: Athletics, Blend, Disguise, Notice, Resolve, Ride, Search, Sneak, Survival, and Tactics.
     Skill Points: 6 + Int modifier per level.
     Vitality: 9 + Con modifier.

Core Ability
     Long Shot: Ability renamed otherwise as written.

Class Abilities
     Shishkebab: At Level 1, you gain a version of the Cleave Basics feat that may only be used with non-grenade ranged weapons without the load quality.
     At Level 5, you gain a version of the Cleave Mastery feat that may only be used with non-grenade ranged weapons without the load quality.
     At Level 9, you gain a version of the Cleave Supremacy feat that may only be used with non-grenade ranged weapons without the load quality.
     Surprise Shot: At Level 2, when you make a ranged attack with a bow or hurled weapon against a flat-footed opponent, your threat range increases by 1.
     At Level 7, your threat range increases by an additional 1 (for a total increase of 2).
     Bonus Feat: As written.
     Perfect Killer: As written.
     Ranged Sneak Attack: At Level 4, when aiming a bow or hurled weapon, you may inflict 1 die of sneak attack damage with each successful attack.
     At Level 8, you may inflict 2 additional dice of sneak attack damage with each successful attack (for a total of 3 sneak attack dice).
     Magic Touch: At Level 5, your base attack bonus is considered to be +1 higher when making any ranged attack.
     At Level 9, As written.
     Million Dollar Skill: At Level 10, once per round, when attacking
with a bow or non-grenade hurled weapon against a vulnerable opponent, you may roll twice, keeping the result you prefer.