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Sapphire City: Characters and reference posts
« on: July 21, 2007, 08:20:53 AM »
Please post your characters here when you get a chance.
I've reserved two posts for a linkage list if it is needed later on.

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Re: Sapphire City: Characters and reference posts
« Reply #1 on: July 21, 2007, 08:21:13 AM »
Character Summary
Nezmaster - Michael Swain - Faceman 4 / Con Artist 2
Spinningdice - "Synth" - Hacker 5 / Intruder 1
Bubbalin - “Reese” - Advocate 3 / Intruder 2 / Snoop 1
RabidGerbil - 'Nietzsche' - Sleuth 4 / Martial Artist 2

Action Dice (Used / Bonus Grants)
Nezmaster  2 / 1
Spinningdice  0 / 1
Bubbalin  0 / 1
RabidGerbil  0 / 1
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Last PbP Game: Sapphire City

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Re: Sapphire City: Characters and reference posts
« Reply #3 on: July 25, 2007, 09:55:44 AM »
BG: (short Version)
Swain started out a stage magician playing in Vegas. Early in his career, when a casino refused to pay him, he found a way to trick the casino owner to hand him over half a million dollars for an 'investment' using a bit of smoke and mirrors, and some convincing. Swain decided this was a much better way to make a living. Each con sort of led to the next, almost like an addiction, with him sucked further and further into his own web of lies.
He developed a small coetirie of con men, each of whom he felt able of trust, mainly becuase it was profibable for everyone to do so.

Swain was finally caught after years of playing his cons.

One of his most trusted full  partners (Eddie Fenton) double crossed him not for the money, but for the girl. He had apparently fallen for the mark, and rather than trust  Swain (who would have called off the con, as he sort of liked her too) he trapped him. Shortly after Swain was arrested, the girl was killed.

Swain believes that she spurned Fenton, and Fenton killed her. Fenton believes Swain had her killed to prevent her from testifying. Neither story is true.  But some detecives are convinced on both sides.

There was other evidence, but the prosecutor 'lost the evidence'. This was done as a favor from 'on high'.  As a return for the favor, he was 'convinced' to reform and join the agency to help recruit. 

He actually is sort of relived. He's still doing much of what he did before, but now it's basically legal. But he would still like to Find Fenton and make him pay for what he did to the girl. Taking a bit of money is one thing. Murder for no good reason is quite another.

Name: Michael Swain    Code Name: Leopard  Player Name: Nezmaster/Tom

Faceman 4/Con Artist 2   Witty Enterainer

Strength      10                               Vitality 40                     Subdual 10
Dex              12                               Wounds 10                   Stress    14
Con             10
Int               12                               Defense 13 (class 2, Dex 1)
Wis              14                               Initiative 6 (class 5, Dex 1)
Cha             19

Knowledge Check 7
Request Check     10                        Action Dice 4 D6
Gear Check           0

Fortitude               4                         Unarmed  4
Reflex                    2                         Melee       4
Will                        6                         Ranged     5

Skill                   Ranks     Attribute      Misc      Total        Cap      Error     Threat
Bluff                     4               4              1            9          None        1        18-20
Bueracracy           4               4                            8           30           1          20
Cultures               4               1                            5           30           1          20
Falsify                   6             1/2                        7/8          40           1          20
Impress                9              4               3          16           40           1          20
Manipulate            9             2/4                       11/13       40           1          20
Networking           4             2/4              2         8/10        20          1          20
Profession             4              4                3          11          20          1          20
Sense Motive        9             2/4                       11/13        40          1          20
Sleight Of Hand     4              1                             5           20          1          20
Streetwise            5            2/4                          7/9          30          1          20

Cultures                                  Drive                                   Science
Central America                       Personal Vehicles               Fabrication
Northern America                                                               Programming
South America

Profession                           Weapon                              Contacts
Poker Player                        Unarmed (forte)                        Stanly Steel
Stage Magic                         Handgun                                        Gear Prep (aq)

Origin Notes:

Change Disposition of any 1 Non-villian by 1 grade (x2)
+2 Interests
Bluff -- Threat +2
+1 Culture Focus
+2 Impress and Profession Bonus

Class Abilities
Double Speak ---   Spend 1 Action Die to change targets disposition
1,000 Faces    ---   Targest you have disguised as become personas for FI Feat
Cold Read       ---   1 per session ask 4 quesions about character just met
Quick Change  ---  2 per session Sneak/hide or Falsifiy/Disguise as free action
Masks: Fake It --- Pretend to posses skill you don't have (+20 Bluff/disguise)
2 Faced:           --- All Bluff Checks are active
Short Con 1     ---- Increase error range +1 to 1/2 time for Impress,
                             Intimidate, or Manipulate
Sucker Born     ---- Error range -1 if mark feat is used

Silver Tounge --- (Origin)--- Bluff and Impress gains syn from Manipulate
                          Seduction wins do 1 pt Wisdom damage             
                          Impress/Persuasion is only -5 if culture not shared
                          Sense Motive Error Range targetting me +4
Flawless ID    ---- (class)---4 Cover Id's PR 6 (+2 interest, +1 profession each)
Mark               ----(lvl 1)  --- Target 1 char name 3 skills learn bonus for each 
                         Number of times = Number of Style Feats (3)
Dice Are Hot    ---(lvl 3) ----  No result cap for Streetwise/gambling
                                            Current action dice add + to Gambling; +1 Lifestyle
Charmer         ---(lvl 5) ----  1 Minute Impress/Influence = Free action vs Neutral
                          Intrigued, or Friendly...10 minute check in 1 minute.

Interests: Gambling, Poker, Famous Con games, Stage Magic (and Magicians), Las Vegas

Subplot: Nemisis
Lifestyle 8          Spending Cash 4          Possesions 2
Cash 1600   Appearance Mod +2

Personal Gear (1 lvl 2, 3 lvl 1
Luger p08       (Atk) 5 (Recoil) 13 (dam) 1d10+1  (E/T) 1-3/20 (Range) 20 Ft CMP
Knife                (atk) 4 (dam) 1d6+1  (E/T) 1/19-20 APC BLD

Poison Truth Serum (3 doses)
Voice Modulator

Mission Gear (Mission Caliber 2)
2 Tradecraft
Dossier (on target) pr 2
Knock Out Poison 3 doses

1 Resource
Skill Training: Intimidate

4 Charisma
Gadget Minature: Flash Bang Grenades (Dice)
Gadget Minature:  Tracer -- Poker Chip
Gadget Minature: Audio Bug -- Playing Card

1 Reserve

Flawless ID Cover ID's

Cover ID 1: Willy the Shark. Known Mob Enforcer, specializing in gambling and gambling debts. A reputation for taking unneccesary risks. (Interests; Stocks, Politics, Profession: Mob Enforcer)

Cover ID 2: Dr. Amos Morrison: Practicing Psychiatrist who has been cited several times for writing phony perscriptions. Never prosecuted, still has liscence.
Interests: Drugs, Sports Profession: Psychiatrist

Cover ID 3: Alvin Spencer: Banker with a rich wife who is vacationing in paris. Reputation for being unfaithful. Interests: Kink, France, Profession: Banker

Cover ID 4: Ken White: Driver: squeaky clean past. Rode breifly in the race circuit, then retired to an elite limo service in North Hollywood. False Bank accounts show previously high balance, but currently very low. Interests: Cars, Racing Profession: Driver

Common Items
Playing Cards, Poker Chip set, 3 Sets "Magic" playing cards", 3 magic tricks, Duct Tape, Scarf,
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Re: Sapphire City: Characters and reference posts
« Reply #4 on: July 26, 2007, 04:15:26 AM »
Name: “Synth”
Samantha Hallow

Origin: Striking Seducer(+2 Cha, -2 Con, 1/session improve NPC disposition, 1/session bribe at minimum value, +1 opponent on Diversion (4, 8, 12, 16, 20)Source: WoF(Preview), Fan Service, +2 Lifestyle for appearance/wardrobe, +2 Seduction checks (6, 12, 18), Ranks in Cultures copy to Impress, Source: Light of Olympus)
Class/Level: Hacker 5/Intruder 1

Strength   10   0
Dexterity   14   +2
Constitution   9   -1
Intelligence   16   +3
Wisdom      12   +1
Charisma   16   +3

Vitality/Wounds: 27/9
Stress Threshold: 12
Subdual Threshold: 9

Saving Throws:

Fortitude     +3        +4class -1Con
Reflex      +7     +5class +2Dex
Will        +5       +4class +1Wis

Defence      +6    +4class +2Dex
Initiative     +4      +2class +2Dex
Unarmed          +2   +2class 0Str
Melee        +2      +2class 0Str
Ranged      +4    +2class +2Dex

Smith & Wesson Ladysmith
   +4 attack, 1d10+2dmg (1d4+2), 1/20 E/T, 3rec, 10ft, F/1h, ORN.
   +2 attack, 1d4dmg, 1/20E/T.

Weapon Proficiencies
Unarmed, Handgun, SMG, Edged.

Fan Service: May sub Impress (Cha) when using Diversion or Feint. May perform either action as a full action to target all foes within range.
Talented: Diplomat: Class & Linked skills for Networking & Sense Motive.
Mark: May target 1 character within line of site and name 3 skills – learning total bonus with each. May use =Style feats/session.
Talented: Hustler: Class & Linked skills for Manipulate & Falsify
Style over Calibre: May deal 1d10+2 damage with any handgun, instead of it’s standard damage. Cheap shots with a pistol suffer only -2 and do not cause flat-footed on miss. Double ammo on all pistols requested.

Custom ’Ware: 1/mission during Intel, designate 1 computer – gains starting AD PR increase, considered to be running security software of equal PR (not counting against software limits).
‘L337: When fail a Computers or Falsify check with no error, succeed as long as DC is equal to or less than Hacker level +20.
Master Key I: Maximum ranks in Computers & Science now level +4. Any codes considered PR -1 for skill and request DC.
Gear Prep: During Intel phase may choose AD gear picks as if Calibre were 1 higher.
Trap Door: 1/mission: As free action gain 1 dossier/Cover ID of calibre = 1/3 hacker level.
Master Cracker: 1/session decode any decryption DC up to class level +20 with no skill check. Requires rounds = codes PR. May also use this ability to choose the ‘Master Cracker’ strategy (p372).

Acrobatics (Str/Dex)Int+3/+53ranks +0Str/2Dex
Athletics (Str/Con)   
Blend (Dex/Cha)Int   
Bluff (Cha)Int+96ranks +3Cha
Bureaucracy (Cha)Hak+85ranks +3Cha
Computers (Int)Hak+118ranks +3Int
Cultures* (Int)Hak+118ranks +3Int
Drive* (Dex)   Hak Int   +4   2ranks +2Dex
Electronics (Int/Wis) Hak Int   +8/+65ranks +3Int/1Wis
Falsify (Int/Wis)   All   +11/+9   *8ranks +3Int/1Wis
Impress (Cha)+11*8ranks +3Cha
Intimidate (Str/Wis)   
Investigation (Wis/Cha)      
Manipulate (Wis/Cha)   All+6/+8   *5rank +1Wis/3Cha
Mechanics (Int/Wis)Hak Int
Medicine (Int/Wis)   
Networking (Wis/Cha)All+8/+10   7ranks +1Wis/3Cha
Notice (Wis)   Hak Int+3   2ranks +1Wis
Profession* (Cha)   Hak   
Resolve (Con/Wis)   Hak   +1/+32ranks -1Con/+1Wis
Science* (Int)   Hak Int   +9   6ranks +3Int
Search (Int)   Int   +5   2ranks +3Int
Security (Int)   Hak Int   +9   6ranks +3Int
Sense Motive (Wis/Cha)All   +8/+10   *7ranks +1Wis/+3Cha
Sleight of Hand (Dex)Hak Int   
Sneak (Dex/Cha)      Hak Int+7/+8   5ranks +2Dex/+3Cha
Streetwise (Wis/Cha)   Hak Int   +4/+6   3ranks +1Wis/+3Cha
Survival (Wis/Cha)   
Tactics (Wis/Cha)Int

Cultures: North America, East Asia, Western Europe.
Drive: Standard Ground Vehicle, Personal Ground Vehicle, Personal Aircraft.
Profession: Computer Security, Pretty Face
Science: Programming, Mathematics.

Interests: Criminal Underworld, Computer Security, Seduction, Skydiving

Wealth (5class, 3 Charisma):
Lifestyle: 5 (+1app/wardrobe, cal II personal vehicle, 3 bedroom house)
Possessions: 3 (1/III, 1/II, 3/I)
Spending Cash: 3 ($900)

Mission Gear 2E, 1G, 1R 3Any(Calibre II: Gear Prep x4 items)
III: Computer, Laptop: PR3 (Custom 'Ware PR7), +5 Cap, T/2h, 2 hour battery. (incl PR7 free security software)
III: divided to 2 Caliber I: Software: Image Processing(PR1), Probe(PR1).
Caliber II: Anti-Virus s/w
Caliber III: Virus
Caliber III: Gadget: Tracer Bug (PR4), Housing - Laptop.
Caliber II: Resource: Feat Training - Concealed Carry (items hidden on person considered 2 sizes smaller)
1Any (Reserve)
Personal Gear:
Software: I: Code Cracker
I: Smith & Wesson Ladysmith .22
I: Forgery Kit
II: Electronics Kit
III: Camera, Still, Commercial Grade.

Common Items (12): smartphone, portable HDD, printer, multi-tool, keyring torch, duct tape, makeup, handbag,

Appearance: Samantha has a wide variety of outfits, but unless dressing for a particular situation she defaults to a shirt, jacket and either trousers or knee-length skirt. Slight adjustments to this attire can lend her appearance towards officer-worker to high powered executive. Around the house she tends to dress lightly, vest top and sweatpants tending to be the norm, unless expecting company.
Home: Samantha lives in an unremarkable 3 bed house tucked away in a moderately upscale area of Sapphire city. It's out of the way of any criminal elements, but there's enough teenagers and mid-life crisis' around that coming home at 3am doesn't attract any attention. One bedroom has been converted to an "office" strewn with cables, discs and assorted ancient hardware of no-use to anyone.
Vehicle: Classic Motorcycle: M(1x1), 1+1occ, 6/10 A/T, 45/80Mph, 10/+7 D/S, 2upgrades, 50lbs, 4/G, OPN (no cover). Custom Appearance (+1Impress), Control Increase I.

Chris Stark, Dealer.
Chris was an ex-lover several years ago, and specialises in not-quite legal goods. He walks a thin line between law and the lawless and has had problems with both over the years. Samantha has only just found he's moved to Sapphire city, and they've sparked a friendship - though neither have made any moves to resume their former relationship.
Acquaintance: Favour for a Favour: Bribe targets resistant to bribery (AD/session)
Associate: Cover Up (City): Cover up 1 event.
Confederate: Streetwise Skill (TL+16 bonus).

Nemesis: Michael Lane, previously the head of the Chrysanthemum she was a part of, while currently in prison he's good enough at worming his way out of things that it's unlikely to be a long term obstacle. Out for a little revege after Miss Hallow clued the authorities into many operations they would otherwise have missed as a way of buying her freedom.
Miss Hallow’s fall came from a friend – he was starting up a new company, and called for her to help. Unfortunately he wasn’t particularly honest with the amount of debt and poorly thought out deals he’d done, and as naïve as she was at the time it took her until it was too late to figure it all out.
Cut a long story short she ended up in trouble, and her instincts for self preservation led her to working for a somewhat behind the times crime syndicate – The Chrysanthemum Group, her talents with computers put them on the map and into the big leagues – though it also got them noticed by the wrong people. Despite her efforts she didn’t have the resources to compete with the government when it was after blood and the syndicate was unmercifully put down. Sensing a shift in the winds she bargained for freedom and ended up assigned to the Agency
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"Reese" Wagner
« Reply #5 on: July 26, 2007, 05:27:17 AM »
Name: Clarissa “Reese” Ruby-Jade Wagner
Codename: Christmas

Name: Clarissa “Reese” Ruby-Jade Wagner
Codename: Christmas

Origin: Witty Icon

Class/Level: Advocate 3 / Intruder 2 / Snoop 1

Strength      10      +0
Dexterity      14   +2
Constitution   13   +1
Intelligence   14   +2
Wisdom       12   +1
Charisma      18   +4

Vitality/Wounds:    40/13
Stress Threshold:   15
Subdual Threshold: 13

Saving Throws:
Fortitude   +4
Reflex      +7
Will      +6

Defence   +8
Initiative   +8
Unarmed   +3
Melee      +3
Ranged   +5

Weapon Proficiencies
Blunt, Edged, Handgun, Rifle

Concealed Carry: When patted down all items considered 2 sizes smaller.
Gorgeous: +1 Cha, +2 Synergy Impress & Networking, -1 Synergy Blend/Stealth & Falsify/Disguise
The Look: +2 Synergy Impress & Networking, -1 Synergy Blend/Stealth & Falsify/Disguise, +1 Error Range Blend/Stealth & Falsify/Disguise (Cumulative with Gorgeous)
Simply Irresistible: +1 Cha, +2 Synergy Impress & Networking, 1/2 time Impress & Networking Checks, -2 Synergy Blend/Stealth & Falsify/Disguise, -1 AD to activate errors Blend/Stealth & Falsify/Disguise (Cumulative with Gorgeous & The Look)
Home Sweet Home: Lifestyle Increases by 2

Persistent: May spend 1 AD for complex task to take 10 on number of checks equal to AD result. Checks do not double in time.
Absolute Certainty: Class Level added to Stress Threshold. +2 bonus to opposed checks against opponent to end of scene after successful resolve checks.
Behind the Scenes: May spend 1 hour informing supporters of needs and make DC10 request check without spending AD. May use number of times up to starting AD.
Networks: Associate Grade Contact or Gear Feat.
Gear Prep: May choose AD gear picks as if Calibre were 1 higher during Intel phase.
Evasion 1: Suffer no harm on successful reflex save.
Flawless Search: Automatic success on search checks if DC or opposed check less than 20+Snoop level (21)

Acrobatics (Str/Dex)      +4/+6   4 ranks +0 Str/2 Dex
Analysis (Int/Wis)         +4/+3   2 ranks +2 Int/1 Wis
Athletics (Str/Con)        +4/+5   4 ranks +0 Str/1 Con
Blend (Dex/Cha)   
Bluff (Cha)               +9   5 ranks +4 Cha (+1 to threat range)
Bureaucracy (Cha)        +8   4 ranks +4 Cha
Computers (Int)
Cultures* (Int)           +11   6 ranks +2 Int +3 App
Drive* (Dex)      +4   2 ranks +2 Dex
Electronics (Int/Wis)
Falsify (Int/Wis)
Impress (Cha)      +22   9 ranks +4 Cha +6 Syn +3 App
Intimidate (Str/Wis)      +2/+3   2 ranks +0 Str/1 Wis
Investigation (Wis/Cha)   +3/+6   2 ranks +1 Wis/4 Cha
Manipulate (Wis/Cha)   +5/+8   2 ranks +1 Wis/4 Cha +2 Origin
Mechanics (Int/Wis)   
Medicine (Int/Wis)         
Networking (Wis/Cha)   +20/+23   8 ranks +1 Wis/4 Cha +6 Syn +3 App +2 Origin
Notice (Wis)      +6   5 ranks +1 Wis
Profession* (Cha)      +10   3 ranks +4 Cha +3 App
Resolve (Con/Wis)      +5/+5   4 ranks +1 Con/1 Wis
Science* (Int)
Search (Int)      +5   3 ranks +2 Int
Security (Int)      +5   3 ranks +2 Int
Sense Motive (Wis/Cha)   +5/+8   4 ranks +1 Wis/4 Cha
Sleight of Hand (Dex)   +4   2 ranks +2 Dex
Sneak (Dex/Cha)      +4/+6   2 ranks +2 Dex/4 Cha
Streetwise (Wis/Cha)   +3/+6   2 ranks +1 Wis/4 Cha
Survival (Wis/Cha)         
Tactics (Wis/Cha)   

Cultures: North America, Southern Africa, Western Europe
Drive: Personal Watercraft, Standard Watercraft
Profession: Naval Officer (Ret.)
Science: N/A

Interests: Ancient History, Environmental Conservation, Marine Environments, Meteorology, Naval History, Water Sports, World History

Wealth (6 Class, 4 Charisma, +2 Lifestyle):
Lifestyle: 9 (+3 App, Mountain Bicycle and Ocean Going Sailboat, 3 Bedroom House on outskirts of Sapphire City overlooking ocean – Primary Residence and 2 Bedroom Apartment in Central Sapphire City – For Convenience)
Possessions: 3 (1/III, 1/II, 3/I, 14 Common)
Spending Cash: 3 ($900)

Mission Gear 1R, 1T, 2G, +4 (Charisma), 5 Common
T - Lethal Poison (Often used on her personal switchblade)
G - Incinerator
Common Items: PDA (Acts as housing for EMP), Handbag (Acts as housing for Incinerator), Surgical Gloves

Personal Gear:
III – Colt 1908 + upgrades (Laser Sight, Theaded Barrel, Suppressor)
II – Dagger (switchblade) + upgrades (Concealed Carry Holster, Retractable)
Common Items: Cell Phone, Flashlight, Handbag, Ipod, PDA, Pocket Knife, Makeup, Notebook, Surfboard, Watch




Clarissa is a 23 yr old woman who has ostensibly moved to Sapphire City to seek employment and a new start in life.

“Reese” was the sixth and last child of her father, a Vietnam veteran who had served as a Navy SEAL during that conflict. During the war, Randall served with great distinction and was decorated with the Medal of Honour whose citation remains undisclosed to the present date.

After the Vietnam War, Randall made his fortune in property, surviving several recessions to become extremely wealthy as a property developer. Reese was the result of his marriage to his third ‘trophy’ wife, a model who had been hired to promote one of his developments. “Reese’s” eldest siblings were actually older than their step mother, and into this environment Reese was essentially an only child growing up.

During this time, the family lived in a multi-million dollar beachfront mansion in Orange County, California where Reese was taught to swim, surf and boat by her doting father. The young girl was soon spending much of her time in or on the water, as well as joining her father running and cycling through the area. She also began working as a volunteer lifesaver at her local beach. From this time, she learnt to love the ocean, and truly understand the concept of patriotism and service to a cause greater than herself.

Tragedy struck her family soon after “Reese’s” 13th birthday, when her mother was killed in a traffic accident, and her father severely crippled. The accident caused her father to become addicted to painkillers and alcohol to numb the physical pain and mental grief. This changed him from the involved and doting father he had been, to an absent minded and sometimes harsh tyrant around the house. He also became somewhat fixated on his adolescent daughter as she grew to resemble her mother, and from this Reese became acutely aware of her sexuality and its effect on men.

To escape this attention, Reese became the quintessential beach girl, waking with the dawn to go for a swim before school, completing her homework in a bikini on the beach and only returning as the sun was fading. By leaving before dawn and coming home to collapse into bed, she could pretend not to notice the man who stood by her door when she woke in the middle of the night, staring pointedly at her tanned and toned figure. She forgave the man who had once been a great father to her, but nonetheless was disturbed by his unnatural fixation.

When she was old enough, Reese began looking for ways to permanently leave home and tried several different avenues. This resulted in her entering and winning the crown for Miss California, before controversially resigning her crown to take up the appointment at Annapolis her father’s heroism has bought her. The idea of leaving home for four years to study, and then living a life on the oceans she loved, working in and around boats thrilled Reese.

During her time at Annapolis, Reese earned a degree in history with honours and was duly commissioned as an Ensign in the United States Navy. That lasted for all of six hours before Reese flattened a drunken Captain late into the graduation dinner for daring to suggest that she’d had her last promotion unless she consented to his advances. Reese was discharged, and the discharge backdated to the moment she landed her punch.

Having nowhere to go, and refusing to return home, Reese ran away to sea by joining with Greenpeace and embarking on anti-whaling operations. Here she truly discovered herself, combining her love of the ocean and the idea that she served a greater purpose than her own existence.

It was also at this time that she would meet the first great love of her life; the unfortunately named (for his convictions) Michael Hunter; on their anti-whaling vessel. The relationship quickly blossomed on the confines of their small vessel, and before long they were finding that a small vessel with limited space was not ideal for conducting their relationship.

Deciding to try something new, the two lovers embarked on a series of different activities to support their cause, ranging from breaking into animal testing facilities, to outright sabotage. During this time, the couple managed to travel extensively, and Reese learnt a number of legally questionable skills from her older lover, as well as putting her natural charms to good use when suitable.

Eventually the pair became involved in a new mission to save gorilla habitats in the African rainforests. This went on for several months before tragedy struck once more, and poachers shot through Michael to claim the animal they were hunting. Fleeing in a daze, Reese waited until the poachers left, and returned to sit by Michael’s lifeless body for a week.

Eventually gathering her wits, she made her way back to the nearest civilisation, a remote African village where Michael had left a cache of supplies with the friendly tribes’ people. Searching through Michael’s possessions, Reese came across a satellite phone she had not been aware Michael possessed. Without thinking, she redialled the last number called and contacted Michael’s handlers at the agency.

Coming to her assistance, the agency evacuated Reese from the jungles and found a willing recruit in the young woman. Since nursing her back to health, the agency has requested that Reese move to Sapphire City to further their goals in the region. To this end, Reese has paid a visit to her father, complete with her most daring low cut, figure hugging dress and arranged for some ‘Family Assets’, including real estate to be made available to her.

Personality wise, Clarissa is a spontaneous and adventurous young woman with an idealistic heart. She would think nothing of dropping everything she was doing to go on a damn fool crusade for something she believed in. She has however started becoming jaded of late, and this is reflected in her somewhat Machiavellian attitudes when it comes to how she achieves her goals.

Clarissa still enjoys spending her time in the water, and her beachfront residence allows her to catch early morning swells on her surfboard. While Clarissa also enjoys going to nightclubs and dancing, her experience with her father has led her to be a complete teetotaller where mind altering substances are concerned.

Physically Clarissa is a 5’6”, 115lb woman with the characteristic look of a Californian beach girl, whose toned and athletic figure belies her age. She has medium long blonde hair with dark brown eyes and is known to prefer casual looking clothing from designer labels that accentuate her physical attractiveness. Due to her height, Clarissa is known to habitually wear 3” heels as a matter of course, often stiletto heeled sandals. When found at home, Clarissa is usually dressed in a designer bikini with a short wrap to lower thigh and a pair of heels, with her hair wet from her periodic dips into the ocean.

Clarissa is known to use the pseudonyms “Clare” and “Larissa” when she is attempting to hide her identity.
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Re: Sapphire City: Characters and reference posts
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And now, for something completely different - bear with me here, I'm doing this in a funny order for a reason. Also bear with me because this is a bit unusual and tricky for me to play (I usually make combat-monkeys), but I'm going to take a shot at it. First, a few vignettes:

   Stephan Phillips closed the door behind him and took a careful stock of his apartment, eyes gliding over tired furnishings with equivalent weariness. Old, fraying couches and a rug that whose shape kept changing with the weather; kitchenette with crusty dishes from this morning's scrambled eggs and departure; a bottle of 18-year scotch on top of a well-stocked liquor cabinet - half empty, again; and books -- dog-eared volumes on psychology, criminology, and philosophy housed in leaning bookshelves, mismatched except for their construction of cheap plywood; some newer tomes stacked high on a table by the unmade bed - on biology, physics and mathematics; and filling every remaining nook and cranny paper - reams and stacks, notebooks and notepads, all of haphazardly-arranged of writings.
   The thing about keeping your place too orderly, Stephan reflected as he uncovered the answering machine with its glaring red eye, is that burglars have a tendency of arriving and departed unnoticed. But keep your place a mess, and at least you know if you've had unexpected visitors. With the answering machine dug out of its nest, Stephan tripped the switch, notepad already in hand.
   "Good afternoon, this is Linda Williams calling for Mr. Phillips? I got your name from Lydia Pratt, I am not sure if you remember her, she was the one whose grandma--uh, grandmother disappeared, and she keeps saying how good you are at your job, and she is so glad for closure, and I, uh, I'd like to hire you also. My advisor - you see, I am also a student like Lydia - my advisor, she was about to be offered tenure, I mean, the paperwork was already in, and you probably know how important that is in academia, and then suddenly last week she was fired and is about to move to Wisconsin, of all places, and everyone is being, like, all silent about it and not answering why and what, and, you know, I am not a famous PI like yourself, but like, I can still tell, I think I can tell I mean, when someone is being all kinda shifty. So that is it really basically, Mr. Phillips - and my family is moneyed, Mr. Phillips, so I can afford your services, I'm sure."
   Stephan grimaced. Famous PI indeed, or maybe a lanky balding burnout fleecing rich brats in a small university town. A chuckle escaped his mouth briefly at the deterioration of the girl's speech, from a carefully crafted image of the young academic, to an inelegant valley brat. He'll take her money, of course, and figure out whatever dumb threats or petty extortions got the professor fired - but it has been some time since this was anything but a way to pay the bills.
   "Good evening, this is Detective Joe Donovan calling for Mr. Stephan Phillips? Mr. Phillips, I just wanted to call and see if you perhaps have changed your mind about assisting our force with some work. As I mentioned in my previous message and letter, word got to us on your work down in the city, and we wou---
   Stephan deleted this one without even listening through. Tomorrow he'll call on the Williams brat. Tonight -- yet another half-emtpy bottle will become all-empty.

--------Fade to black-----------
[with apologies to philosophers everywhere...]

   "Good morning, professor - your office hours are now, yes? I am afraid I am not quite a student, but I have read much of your work, and I would love a few minutes of your time. My name is Stephan." It set Stephan's teeth on edge to be so damn friendly.
   "I do not see why not, Stephan, though of course you will have to excuse me if an actual student appears. Now, what did you want to ask me?"
   "Well, professor, in essence, I agree with your work on free will and determinism - certainly you make a strong case for libertarianism. But I must admit, I am not sure that I am convinced in your dismissal of ultra-strict determinism because it leads to fatalism. Fatalism, you say, is uninteresting philosophically, is a dogmatic argument and impossible to falsify."
   "That is correct - if you are a fatalist, what sense is there to argue with you? You could not help but be here and confront me, and I could not help but respond to you, which makes both of us, and this conversation - and the world - completely irrelevant. We are but passengers, strapped into our seats in the roller-coaster of life. Where is the philosophy of that?"
   "Please, professor, we both know that that argument can be turned against libertarianism itself - if you are a libertarian, what sense is there to argue with you? I can make a sound argument and you need not be convinced, for you are free to choose as you will, independent of reason! If we take either position to its extreme, it is untenable. Instead, let me present a situation to you, and you can tell me which position you find more compelling.
   "Suppose, for the moment, professor, that when you were younger you were involved in a car accident. Suppose that a young woman was involved, killed in the crash - and buried, in a location known only to you, reported missing and presumed dead. Suppose - professor, are you feeling well? You seem to have grown slightly pale. Suppose, professor, that some years later an unfamiliar voice told you on the phone that the location was known to one other, one other who could use some favors in the local university. Suppose, in this hypothetical situation you acceded to the voice's request - have you lost a small bit of your freedom there, professor?
   "Suppose - I suggest you not reach for that drawer, professor - it will take more than your .22 Beretta to intimidate me, and besides you will notice that my foot is hooked around your table leg such that I can, at my discretion, trap you beneath a 112-kilo mass in the space of 1.5 seconds, crushing between three and seven vertebrae, with a 40% chance of being paralyzed. Now, if I may continue? Suppose, professor, that the best damn P.I. in a hundred mile radius came across these fine little details in the course of investigating a few unexplained faculty firings on behalf of a concerned student, and came here, into this room, where he left you no choice but to listen to the rest of his story - have you lost a small bit of your freedom there, professor?
   "Suppose, then, that the P.I. told you that you have no choice but to hire him to locate the mysterious voice on the phone. I would argue that you would indeed hire him, demonstrating that perhaps you had less free will than you previously thought. Of course, you could disagree - you could kindly ask the P.I. to leave and see your - hypothetical, of course - career ruined, as the P.I. will not hesitate to share the information about the accident with the general public. Have you lost a small bit of your freedom there, professor? Do you think that you would have free will in this case, or would you not?"

-----------Fade to Black-------------

   Stephan surveyed his mess again. No unexpected visitors - he debated actually cleaning the place, having not had a single break-in since leaving the city. One more check from the girl, and a new job from the professor - and perhaps another from that situation down the line, bills will be paid as they were always. He scanned the liquor cabinet -- perhaps anejo tequila tonight, to start with. He started to pour when a soft voice clearing its throat made his eyes widen.
   "Calvados for me, please."
   Stephan took out another snifter and his prize Calvados bottle, nerves hardened to the point of brittleness allowing him to pour both drinks before turning around. On his couch, with not a single piece of paper or book disturbed anywhere in the room, sat a thin man of indeterminate age. A tailored gray suit with a conservative tie looked completely out of place in the dingy apartment, but if the man noticed he gave no sign of it. Stephan brought him his drink, which the man exchanged for a thick folder.
   Few surprises were in the folder. The flashfire career as a city P.I., from the insignificant trailings to the high-profile cases to rapid decline; the ex-wife; half a dozen mistresses, which led to the second ex-wife and the departure; the brief drug addiction and the ever-present alcoholism; the depression and the bitterness; a few extortions and fewer friends; threats and information thefts, and more of the same. In short, Stephan Phillips' life, in tiny black letters on sheets of white paper.
   Many people think they are special - Phillips knew he wasn't. He saw himself in the same light he saw all other people - vain and arrogant, afraid and angry, confused and weak and ultimately stupid. When he got over the heart-pounding fear of pressuring his first mark to divulge information using nothing but knowledge, bluster and luck, he reasoned that there will always be someone better than him, and that someone may one day come in with just this sort of folder and their own demands. He carefully arranged the information in the folder back in the order he got it and handed it to the gray suit, still silent and sipping his brandy.
   "Will I be traveling?"
-------------Fade to black------------
(a less prose-ey background is at the end of the post)

Name: Stephan Phillips
Codename: Nietzsche

Origin: Gifted Contract Professional (Gifted: +2/-2 to any, 1 skill is always a class skill and result cap increase by 5, 1 skill threat range increase at lv 1,5,15,20 - Sense Motive, Intimidate. Contract Professional: Talented Feat. One acquaintance-grade contact, Resources Request w/o Action die 1/session, choose a skill to increase max rank to CL+4 at lev 1,4,12,16,20 Sense Motive, Intimidate).

Class/Level: Sleuth 4 / Martial Artist 2

Strength 7 -2
Dexterity 14 +2
Constitution 10 +0
Intelligence  14 +2
Wisdom  18 +4
Charisma 14 +2

Vitality/Wounds: 37 / 10
Stress Threshold: 18
Subdual Threshold: 10

Saving Throws:
Fortitude   +3
Reflex      +4
Will      +6

Defense   +5
Initiative   +3
Unarmed   +9
Melee      +9
Ranged   +7

Weapon Proficiencies
Sleuth gets 3, Martial Artist gets 6 -- not sure whether I take first or highest. So -- if 3, then Unarmed (forte) and Handgun. If 6, make Handgun a forte and add rifle and hurled.

From Origin: Talented - two skills covered by a skill feat rise in tandem (Observer skill feat - Notice and Search)
From CL1: Hard Core - take 10min Impress/Influence check as 1min or 1min as a full action when targeting NPCs whose disposition is Aloof/Unfriendly/Hostile.
From L1 Martial Artist: Martial arts - Base unarmed threat becomes 19-20, damage increase by 1d6 (now = 2d6). Chose Wis -> Wis applies to unarmed attack and damage rolls. Considered always armed for Intimidate.
From CL3: Glint of Madness - Can threaten uninjured opponent. Each time you drop an opponent to 0 or less, may take threaten as a free action. Stress dmg on threaten increases by cha mod.
From CL6: Spirit moves - three tricks: 1. One warning = threaten uninjured target, deal additional stress damage by as much as your BAB exceeds theirs. 2. Shatter weapon = can perform smash check on adjacent opponent's weapon when taking Total Defense. 3. Vitalize = once per teammate per scene, make unarmed attack against a teammate, they regain 1w and 1d6v.
From L4 Sleuth: Diplomat - Sense Motive and Networking threat 19-20, get +2 bonus.

Core: Sympathetic - roll two action dice on cha/wis skill checks.
Sources I - can spend 1hr talking to contacts to make a request check for a dossier w/o spending action die. Class level added to the roll instead of Career level.
Little Details (1/session) - Can make athletics/smash, disarm, faint or trick as a free action.
Bonus feat (Diplomat, see above).
Martial Arts (feat, see above).
Discipline of the Spirit - lower of Wis or Cha goes up by 1, +1 to Will saves, can activate adjacent threats.

Analysis 7 ranks Int/Wis +9/+11
Bureaucracy 7 ranks Cha +9
Impress 7 ranks Cha +9
Intimidate 10 ranks Str/Wis +8/+14 OR +9/+15 within sight of his car (custom appearance) Threat 19-20
Investigation 7 ranks Wis/Cha +11/+9
Manipulate 9 ranks Wis/Cha +13/+11
Networking 7 ranks Wis/Cha [+2Feat] +13/+11 Threat 19-20
Notice 9 ranks Wis +13
Resolve 9 ranks Con/Wis +9/+13
Search 9 ranks Int +11
Sense Motive 10 ranks Wis/Cha [+2Feat] +16/+14 Threat 18-20
Streetwise 7 ranks Wis/Cha +11/+9

Cultures: North America, South America
Drive: Personal Ground, Standard Ground
Profession: P.I.
Science: Genetics

Interests: Hard Determinism (Philosophy), Neurophysiology, Cognitive psychology, Fine liqueur

Wealth: 1 +2 Cha
Lifestyle 3 (Average - a loft as close to downtown Sapphire City as he can get, even if it is a sketchy area; midsize sedan with security package II, emergency svcs pkg, custom appearance [+1 Intimidate]), Spending Cash 2 ($400), Possessions 1 (1/II, 2/I, 18 Common Items)

Mission Gear 1R/2W +2GTVR (CHA), 6 common items.
Personal Gear:
1 Set Low-Profile Armor + Nomex Underwear
Forensics Kit I
Liquid Skin Patch (x3)
Common Items: Briefcase, binoculars, flashlight, bag of zipties, a PDA, Leatherman tool, duct tape, UV flashlight, 10 reserve common items.

He has 3 contact "notches" (one for existing, one from 7 ranks Networking, one from his Origin).
Since I am playing this as Nietzsche being brand new in town, I'd love to be able to leave those blank for now and fill them in from actual NPCs he encounters. Is that okay? Otherwise I can come up with something.

GC Fiat - Dr Yes, I am giving you some stuff to work with - pick whatever you like (if you'd like me to pick, I can do that as well). Some possibilities: Compulsion (alcoholic drinks), Discredited, Romance/Relationship (any of the ex-wives), Nemesis (any of the folks he has discredited / exposed / extorted). Or anything else you feel like doing.

   Stephan Phillips (codename Nietzsche, again with apology to philosophers everywhere) is a bitter, angry man. He was born to unremarkable parents in an unremarkable neighborhood and had an unremarkable childhood. He was somewhat disgruntled about his so-called boring life as a teenager and young man, but eventually convinced himself that nothing else is any better, and everyone's lives are ultimately the same, far more driven by our electrophysiology and biochemistry than we'd care to believe, with little choice in our actions on the macro level. He confirmed this belief by reading up extensively on both scientists' and philosophers' thoughts on human nature and behavior, and parlayed his newfound knowledge into a private investigator - using any and all of his newly understood levers into the human psyche.
   Rather than become resigned to his fate, he became instead full of bitterness and distaste for himself and the world as he repeatedly tried and failed to separate his higher-order impulses from the basic ones that he could not help but follow. Several high-profile investigations, attempts on his life, and disastrous marriages later, he escaped the city for a small university town, where he dealt with simpler cases and read up more on what exactly makes people tick. He was doing it in large part to try and stay one step ahead of himself, so to speak - predict his own actions and responses so he could at least prepare for the relevant eventuality. He was partially successful, though the resultant drive to inaction took him another step towards complete defeatism. When an Agency man arrived in his home with a complete history of his deeds and misdeeds, he really did not see himself as having a choice between agency work and prosecution. Sapphire city is his first assignment with the Agency.
   He is a caucasian man in his mid to late thirties, a little over six feet tall, tending to a thin and lanky build - though a small gut has started to build up thanks to his alcohol problems. He is balding, and whatever hair he has left is turning to gray. His dress is by no means sharp, but he gets by without drawing too much notice. Still, there is something deeply unnerving looking into the eyes of a man who does not believe any of us have true choices available to us - something he takes frequent advantage of.

Let me know if you want/need anything else! Any of the other players, if you want background hooks with this guy, drop me a PM.


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Re: Sapphire City: Characters and reference posts
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Nietzsche's current actions and whereabouts
(Kept as up-to-date as I can manage)

Scene 1: waiting to see if someone more sneaky can tail Mike. Assembling dossier and psych profile on Mike. Debriefing Graham.

Scene 2: assembling a dossier on Sophia. Investigating the crime scene.

Broad plans:
- Try to take over or replace Noakes' security force (more detailed plan here)
- Use the info on Mike to get to his boss, and start infiltrating and subverting that particular organization.
- Get real estate info from Graham and start looking into a permanent base, setting a security procedure in place so we can hire personnel, etc etc. Having more local support would be great. Also, I bet a handful of these supercomputers would be great for R&D...
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Re: Sapphire City: Characters and reference posts
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(Just posting it here.  Hoping to be approved.)

Vincento Carerra "Vinny Wheels"

Level 6 Wheelman.

STR 10 (0)
DEX 18 (4)
CON 13 (1)
INT 13 (1)
WIS 11 (0)
CHA 13 (1)


Acrobatics 3/7 (3 ranks)
Athletics 5/6 (5 ranks)
Drive 15 (9 ranks)
Electronics 7/6 (6 ranks)
Impress 4 (3 ranks)
Intimidate 1 (1 rank)
Mechanics 10/9 (9 ranks)
Notice 6 (6 ranks)
Profession 2 (1 rank)
Security 8 (7 ranks)
Streetwise 10/11 (8 ranks)
Tactics 2/3 (2 ranks)

Preferred Weapon - Beretta 93R 9mm

 Personal Ground - P
 Standard Ground - P F
 Personal Aircraft - P
 Performance Aircraft - P
 Engineering - P
 Driver - P
 North American - P

 Edged - P F
 Handgun - P F
 Rifle - P
 Shotgun - P
 Submachine Gun - P

Feats & Class Abilities
 Marksmanship Basics
 Baby It
 Lane Dancer
 Defensive Driving
 Driving Instincts
 Custom Ride
 Manual Adjustment
 Crash Course
 Vehicle Familiarity I
 Drivers Only.

 Reading Popular Mechanics
 Racing Circuit
 Vehicular Science (studies car modifications)
 Vehicular History (studies information about older cars)

 Dresses in street clothes, well clean but stricktly street fashion.
 Lives in a Loft.

 Vinny Twoguns.  father.  Acquaintance.

Vinny spent most of his childhood on the run from one mob or the other with his mother and father.  Vincent Carerro, Vinny Wheels' father, was a low grade hit man for a syndicate that crossed the wrong man.  He kept dragging his wife and infant son around hoping to get into a strong syndicate and get protection.  He lost his wife in a drive by and found a syndicate when he emptied the car that killed his wife.  Vincento grew up around that syndicate.  Vinny learned to strip cars by age 7, steal them by 12 and race them by 14.  Vinny was in a small group of kids looking for entrance into the mob and planned a heist without Vinny noticing.  Vinny was tuning the engine of the group's cars.  He was not told as he was considered the weak link in the group.  He went along to help his buddies.  The group quickly found themselves in far over their heads.  Eddy, the one that actually owned a car and was going to drive got shot early and killed.  Vinny slid behind the wheel at 14 and proved that he had his uses.  The group were white knuckled before Vinny pulled to a stop to let them out.  He drove like a champion.  Vinny lost the cops without any trouble.  He ditched the car and returned to the hide out.  The syndicate was already there, they were taking the boys to task for not clearing that kind of caper with them.  Vinny showed up and took his lashing with the rest, he did not run and did not cry.  The leader of the syndicate hit team recognized Vinny and found out what he had done.  Vinny spent 3 years running get away for the mob till he found another way to drive.  Racing.  He spent 4 years racing and was approached for an off the books job.  He accepted when he found out his father was the one asking.  Vinny Twoguns had gotten fairly high up in the syndicate and had been chosen to run a caper. 

The Caper was a military project to be stolen.  Wheels was to drive them in, and out.  Twoguns was to ramrod the mission.  The group failed miserably.  Wheels was hospitalized none of the others made it.  He came out of the hospital, he later found out his father had set up a mission to fail, he had been an accident.  His racing career was dead, he turned to driving for who ever could pay.  He currently had a supped up ford mustang as his get away car.
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