Author Topic: Requesting Information for a Fallout 3 Campaign  (Read 1424 times)


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Requesting Information for a Fallout 3 Campaign
« on: June 05, 2009, 04:09:15 AM »
(Note: This may contain SPOILERS, of Fallout 3, or other games of it's series)

Hello, been a long while that I've posted here, I sadly still haven't run a Spycraft game yet! Well anyways, even though I've not played, I always like to get all the information ready for it. So that when someday, the desire to run such a campaign arises, it can just be done in under moments notice. Or otherwise just be more well prepared for it and such.

So I was wondering on any information that could be suggested to me for a Fallout 3 campaign. I've searched a small bit on this matter, read a few threads about it. I mostly just copied some random quotes from people, such as their take on the Railway Rifle, Shiskhebab, Super Mutants and Yao-Guai's as foes.

Not sure if I have all that much yet, but the only Fallout game I've played, is Fallout 3. As thus, I liked the place Megaton, quite a bit, so I think my campaign would have a bit of focus on Megaton. Probably be a bit bigger even, and be a more main town of sorts, in the wastes.

Considering Spycraft does like the characters to be a bit over the top at times, especially during later levels. I'd have no problem being a bit appropriate in regards to higher powerlevels, and having some more "over the top" like encounters. Such as Power armor wearing Super Mutants, or Four armed "Goro-Style" ones. Maybe even Enclave brainwashed Death claws, wielding Shiskebab greatswords, created from helicopter blades, or otherwise. Hell, may even make a high level encounter be a Armor layered behemoth!

Don't have much on Mission ideas,  but I think a big adventure of sorts that I had was:

Spoiler: Mission Idea • show

The main cast (or players), as part of Megaton, given the task of moving "The Atom" out of Megaton, into a DC area. Which is believed to be a big swarming area for Super Mutants. Thus are to escort this bomb into this area, plant said bomb, escape, and then when they're at a certain "safe area" to detonate said "Atom" and mission complete. An idea of one of my potential players was, that Burkes helped hire them to do this, since couldn't blow up Megaton, next best thing why not. They wouldn't be alone,

 I would think there might be some random NPC's to help escort this bomb, and a Ghoul NPC ally, that's to stay with the bomb when it's planted in the DC area. As someone might need to "protect" the "Atom"  so it goes off, or, to ensure it goes off, if the remote function doesn't work. Said Ghoul would be for it most likely, in that his life sucks, he's ready to die.

Some roleplaying that could be done, is when the church of Atom disagree with this idea. The PC's could step in to do whatever. Intimidate them, convince them via diplomacy or otherwise.

Church of Atom members
the "agents" or PC's (the players),
Ghoul NPC (don't have a name for him yet)

Another Mission idea, and I might consider doing it as the campaign starts. Is that Megaton is under attack. By a horde of Raiders, with some probably driving barely intact vehicles, perhaps some Molerats thrown in for good measure. They're a threat, in that carrying heavy weaponry, that is, Missile launchers and such.

I'm aware of this unofficial campaign, "war never changes".

However a player of mine, did give me a queer request, a sentient Deathclaw as a character. Just like the ones that existed in the previous Fallout games. Since I don't know any talent/race creation rules, I'd probably wonder on a Deathclaw write up there. I also would understand that some things would probably be done via feats, such as the claws AP value, probably starting off low, instead of negating all armor outright. As thus, I would want to fulfill this request for a player of mine, as I do want all players to be unique and such.

I'm also curious for Deathclaw, Super Mutant Behemoth, and other creatures in Fallout world converted over to Spycraft. So if anyone has those, I'd appreciate to see others versions. Although, by the looks of the NPC creation rules, I could probably create these creatures myself, if I just take the time and such. As thus, if that is what I must do, I don't think it'll bother me too much.

Anyways, any help, even if they're links to threads that have already talked about this, would be appreciated. If there's already a big main thread about converting Fallout , or Fallout 3 into Spycraft, link it, and I'll probably go there.