Author Topic: How to make Alien Gear for Stargate.  (Read 1152 times)

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How to make Alien Gear for Stargate.
« on: May 07, 2009, 05:43:24 AM »
I'm trying to convert alien gear from Stargate rpg that have not been converted in the Wiki pages, but I have some difficulty with the convertion, the problem are marked in bold. I'm hoping to find people here that can help me in that process:

Goa'uld Healing device: The user must have naquadah in their bloodstream to make the device work, limiting its use primarily to Goa'uld and Tok'ra.
Device used by Goa'uld and Tok'ra to heal another's injuries. It is effective at repairing staff weapon injuries and even returning people from the brink of death. The device is, however, much less powerful than a sarcophagus.
Alien Gadget
Housing: 1 Small Commen Item
-Miniturized Mechanism pick "First Aid Kit"
-Healing Mechanism pick.

Transphase Eradication Rod (TER):
Goa'uld weapon capable of making visible and eradicating any object that is out of phase from normal sensory perception. It fires a powerful blast of energy, and is mounted with a search device capable of making invisible enemies visible, including those utilizing a personal cloaking device. Several versions of this device have been stolen by the Tok'ra. Disrupts invisibility device, and when you target it against a retou it is considered coup de grace.

Invisibility device:
Alien Gadget
Housing: 1 Small Commen Item
Invisibility Mechanism pick

Memory Recal Device:
A device used by the Tok'ra to analyze the thoughts of individuals. This can be useful for recalling oppressed or forgotten memories, and for extracting strategic information from captured enemies. Two of the devices can also be used in tandem to allow two people to share the same thoughts and dreams, even interacting with one another on an unconscious level.
Alien Gadget
Housing: 1 Small or Tiny Commen Item
Skill Boost Mechanism pick "Knowledge"

Ribbon Device (Kara Kesh):
A weapon used by Goa'uld, also known as a "ribbon device." The device is a useful means of interrogation and can inflict great pain. It is capable of emitting a powerful blast of energy to send a foe hurtling across the room. It is also capable of directing a much less intense, yet very deadly, ribbon of energy -- usually directed to the victim's forehead. Extended exposure is lethal. The device works largely through the user's thought or emotion, theoretically allowing the user to communicate a message to his or her victim, if held in an extended "grip" of less intense energy.
The user must have naquadah in their bloodstream to make the device work, limiting its use primarily to Goa'uld and Tok'ra.
Alien Gadget
Housing: Caliber II Weapon 2D6 damage + 2D6 Subdual. E/T: 1/20. Recoil: n/a.  Rng: 5' (max 5 incriments).  SZ/Hand: D/1h.  Qualities: NAQ (Naquadah Triggered), CTK (Cultural Technology Goa'uld), TKD. Weight: 1 lb. Comp: 30/5.
I have a problem with the Nerve Rip attack section (old rules half action touch attack, success = -1 Dex, dex = 0 paralized, recovery 1 per min if he is 25ft from the wearer, may toggle the targets speach), I was thinking of adding a gadget mechanism but can't find any that works that way.

Personal Shield:
Shield of energy used by many Goa'uld System Lords for personal defense. Personal defense shields are presumably smaller versions of standard Goa'uld force shields, which operate on an oscillating frequency principle. The strength of a personal defense shield is directly proportional to the amount of kinetic energy directed at it. Bullets and blasts from energy weapons are therefore stopped, while slower-moving weapons (such as a thrown knife) can pass through.
Alien Gadget
Housing: 1 Small Commen Item
-Damage Reduction Mechanism pick
-There are no disadvantage rules for gadgets so this is what I created: -1/2DR against melee, thrown, and unarmed attacks / +1/2 DR against all other attacks (so a DR 4 Damage reduction Mechanism = DR 2 against melee, thrown, and unarmed / DR6 against all other attacks).

Thats for now more to follow.