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[Kingdoms Lost, Kingdoms Found] Chapter 1: Kingdoms Lost
« on: February 02, 2018, 02:35:12 AM »
See here for the OOC details of the party and important NPC's

It is a special occasion - Senator Quintus Fabius is celebrating his 30th year as Senator of Karvidium. He has, for all of that time, been the royal family's most staunch supporter. About half of the other Senators are there, as well as most of the noble families of Karvidium.

Radella Silvaran, Governess of Prince Florian and Princess Cassia is being kept busy trying to entertain the children. Aetius is on duty guarding the Prince. Phoebus is decidedly off-duty, with the very pretty daughter of a very pretty - and rich - widow on his arm. Malpighiales (Willow) is in one of the courtyards, talking with various noble families and trying not to feel like a museum exhibit, while keeping Shadow the leopard close. Balcmeg, even more of an outsider, is trying very hard to remember his instructions about not killing any humans where anyone can see. Cyprianus is helping to run the festivities and making sure the guests are suitably entertained. Faustus is mingling with the crowd.

The two outsiders eventually run into each other, and Willow offers Balcmeg a game of chess. Willow plays about as badly as she could, but somehow still wins - the not-so-subtle smile on Balcmeg's face tells Willow that maybe he allowed the Rootwalker to win. She challenges him to another game, and wins again.

Just before dinner Radella takes Princess Cassia off to bed on the second floor of the Citadel, much to Cassia's disappointment. Radella notices that the guards on the Princesses room aren't anyone she recognises; she invents a guard (Bobius) and enquires as to his whereabouts; the guard on duty tells her that the non-existant guardsman has been taken sick. Her suspicions raised, Radella gets the princess back out of bed and goes to find Phoebus.

At about the same time, both Faustus and Cyprianus notice that there are rather more guards around than should be strictly necessary - although Faustus isn't particularly alarmed, Cyprian knows that too many soldiers will kill the party, so he goes to a friendly palace guardsman and asks what's with the increased security. Faustus does the same with a training partner of his. Both the guardsmen tell them that General Aurelius suspects something dangerous is going to happen tonight, and so has brought in men from his own legion to bolster the regular palace guard. Cyprian's friend also volunteers the additional piece of information that the palace guardsmen are all being relieved after the dinner, so Cyprian doesn't need to worry about too many soldiers killing the buzz.

Radella finds Phoebus and asks him to play "Hide and Seek" with the princess - in the stables. Phoebus agrees willingly, telling Radella that he'll show the princess Achilles, Phoebus' own warhorse, who is stabled at the Citadel. Radella then finds Aetius and Prince Florian, and tells the guardsman about the unusual guards. Aetius hands Florian over to Radella, and goes to talk to his father, who is the Captain of the Palace Guard. Aetius' father tells him much the same story - General Aurelius came to the Guard and the King and said there needed to be more guards for the party because of some unspecifed threat. Aetius' father is not happy with the arrangement, but the General outranks him and has the King's ear, so what he says goes.

Radella, being fiercely protective of the children, asks Phoebus to go and get his armour and weapons and then tells Phoebus and Aetius to "help" the guards outside of the Prince and Princesses chambers. The guards seem to be very unhappy with the idea, but eventually grudgingly agree to share their duties with the two Soldiers. (Well, Soldier and Lancer). Meanwhile Radella makes plans for if something untoward happens; she talks to Willow (who is still talking to Balcmeg, and also Cyprian who is asking if Willow has some "special" supplies for the party after dinner.). Radella convinces Willow to move to a courtyard adjacent to the Royal chambers, and then goes back to Princess Cassia's room.

Immediately after dinner, there are several screams from the main party area. (It was at this point that I realised all the PC's were actually out of that area, and so missed a lot of the fun). The guardsmen outside the Prince and Princesses rooms look at each other, draw their swords and advance on Aetius and Phoebus. Combat ensues - the soldiers get some good hits in (mostly on Phoebus, as Aetius' defence proves to be too stout) but are eventually defeated by the two heroes. Meanwhile, with the sounds of combat outside the door, Radella takes Princess Cassia and hands her, out the window, to Willow. Unfortunately Princess Cassia is somewhat uncooperative, and it takes a team effort from Radella and Willow to get her safely into the Rootwalkers arms.

Radella sticks her head out of the door as the fight in the corridor finishes, and tells Phoebus to help Prince Florian out the same way. Phoebus goes to do so, when he and Aetius hear booted feet approaching.

Meanwhile Faustus has gone to his quarters to get his weapons "Just in case" and is on his way back to the action when all hell breaks loose. He stops a random fleeing partygoer who tells him "The Senator has been poisoned and the King is dead!". He immediately changes course and heads for Prince Florian's chambers. He gets there just in time to see Aetius remaining staunch against four more guardsmen, buying time for Phoebus to hand (or throw...) Florian out of the window to Willow. Phoebus also climbs down, and Radella jumps out of the window, but mistimes the jump, and Willow misses her..... but Cyprian catches her before she falls to her probable death. (My hero!).

Now that the Prince and Princess are safe. Aetius and Faustus split up and retreat - the soldiers go into the Prince and Princesses' rooms and then, seeing they're gone, run back the way they came yelling "They've escaped!"

Radella once again takes charge and starts leading the group - except Willow, who doesn't fit in the cramped spaces - through some lesser known paths to escape the Citadel. While they're there they run into a battered and bleeding and very distraught Queen Julius, who confirms that the Senator and her husband is dead - and implores the group to take her children to safety while she distracts the attackers.

(to be continued next session)
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Re: [Kingdoms Lost, Kingdoms Found] Chapter 1: Kingdoms Lost
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After calming the children (having just seen their Mother bleeding and hearing their Father is dead), our heroes, minus Willow, traverse the back corridors and servants passages of the Citadel trying to find a way out, in order to get Florian and Cassia to safety. The citadel is in chaos, but Radella, who knows the layout well, avoids contact until the group arrives at a small garden area with a bronze-reinforced wooden door to the outside. As they're crossing the garden a group of palace guard arrive on the scene, headed by Claudius Ocella, a Sergeant in the guard. He tells the heroes to stop and come with him; the queen wants the children by her side and he is to provide additional support as they travel through the citadel. Radella is suspicious - after all, they did just see the Queen not ten minutes ago and she told them to take the children away and to safety.

A brief, increasingly heated conversation takes place (at one point Claudius pulls rank on Aetius, which Aetius more or less ignores), before Claudius issues an order to "Capture them!". The squad of guardsmen split into two groups of three and circle around a hastily constructed defensive line consisting of Aetius, Phoebus, and Balcmeg the Orc, while Claudius takes on those three by himself, concentrating on Aetius. Aetius has fought Claudius in the practice arena before, and knows he is outclassed.

Radella starts to move towards the gate, while Cyprian and Faustus position themselves between the soldiers and the governess (and children).

A prolonged combat ensues; Aetius and Balcmeg take down Claudius with a little help from Cyprian's whip after much back-and-forward, while Phoebus, Faustus and Radella whittle down the guardsmen. Radella gets to the gate and discovers that it is locked, but she handily has the key on her. She and the children slip out into the city while the rest of the heroes finish off the guardsmen. Aetius, having landed the final blow on Claudius, is about to "cut his fucking head off" when two dozen more soldiers pour into the garden. Deciding that he'll kill Claudius another day, the heroes retreat through the gate and Radella re-locks it before the soldiers can join them.

Meanwhile Willow has been through the Citadel's infirmary, gathering some supplies and trying to act nonchalantly while moving towards the Citadel's main gate. Surprisingly, no one stops the Rootwalker, and she meets up with the other heroes in a grove a few hundred feet from the Citadel. The group stops to take stock of what is going on.

(to be continued in two weeks.)