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July 24, 2014, 04:41:15 PM
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Author Topic: [Queen Bea Games] Age of Steel  (Read 1807 times)
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« Reply #15 on: May 21, 2014, 09:06:52 AM »

Shiny Smiley
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« Reply #16 on: May 21, 2014, 10:22:33 PM »

Let's be bad guys...

Kind of an appropriate quote for the next race, the Orcs! For the hor... waaaaaait a minute. Wrong game.

The Orcs of the eastern plains are the third race born out of the
second birth. Powerfully built and adhering to a rigid belief in survival of the fittest,
they are often employed by the other races as mercenaries when they march to war.
While they will occasionally raid settlements on the outskirts of their territory, they will
usually avoid this and strike out further, as they often rely on the trade that these
villages provide them. Famed for their mighty tamed rhigor, the orcs are a nomadic people, constantly on the move.
Example Male Names: Altanseg, Bat-Erdene, Ganbold,
Narantseg, Oyuun
Example Female Names: Bayarmaa, Kushi, Odval, Oyunb,
Appearance: Orcs are slightly larger than the average human,
with strong well developed muscles covering their body. Their faces are
sloped, with an almost porcine like nose. Their skin is usually a deep
ochre color, though yellow and black are common as well. Hair is
almost always coal black, though dark brown and red are possible.

Orcs are, without a doubt, the baddest of the BAs in the setting. Literally born out of their creator god's blood and entrails from wounds sustained in battle with the gods of the folk, they are bred for war and survival! How metal is that?!? Basically, they're Mongols with a bit of ol' Ottoman Empire thrown in. They're big thing is survival of the fittest. If you don't bring nothin' to the table, then get the hell out! Rawr! Oddly enough, this makes them a pretty inclusive group of dudes. If you can contribute, they'll take in anyone, even some wussy elf noble from across the sea. Natural masters of mounted warfare, they should have a pretty sweet ass new species feat in the sourcebook. Helllllls yeah.
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« Reply #17 on: May 22, 2014, 11:31:14 AM »

The Red Folk (Kel Ara), desert elves, or blood folk as they are sometimes called, fled to the deserts of Zahira in the south after the great splintering.

They quickly erected vast stone cities and began practicing the dark magics of their new gods. They are known to be the most emotional of the fair folk, and due to a pact with their high godSeth-Canan, drink the blood of creatures to survive instead of water.

They are feared all over the world for their command of the black arts
and vast armies of disciplined soldiers.


I really dig these guys. They're best described as vampire elves living in ancient Egypt with a very Imperial Rome style society. They, uh, are kind of different, for sure. They'll get their very own brand spanking new species feat, also!
Desert City?  How do they survive?  Is there a nearby fertile river valley with slaves of some species that has valuable blood?  "We guard you and you feed us" sort of deal?

Standing armies are expensive, and not much grows in deserts.  See Saudi Arabia.  That complained, Roman suggests a large population of plebians and slaves.  (Greco-Roman slavery was not as nasty as antebellum chattel slavery, but it wasn't nice.)  Plebes are human/saurians/pech who work fields and farms, and pay their tithe in literal blood?

Sorry to harsh the buzz.  Sad  These guys sound like a good antagonist kingdom and I want them to work.   Grin  (Are they even antagonists?  Are there duchies or other subdivisions that are actually decent places?)

Edits for a bit of space saving and some "thought" additions.
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"Quemadmodum gladius neminem occidit, occidentis telum est."  ("A sword is never a killer, it's a tool  in the killer's hands.")
- Lucius Annaeus Seneca "the younger" ca. (4 BC - 65 AD)
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« Reply #18 on: May 22, 2014, 11:57:46 AM »

The majority of their republic is actually based around a fertile river valley that does indeed allow them to thrive quite nicely. So, think ancient Egypt at the height of its power and then some. Much of Zahira is a true desert, though the northern portions allow a lot of life to flourish.

Oddly enough, while they do practice slavery, there are a few more opportunities for freedom and citizenship than some other societies (typically in the gladiatorial arenas or in the military).

Their people practice what's known as the blood trade, where (yes) non citizens pay their tithes in literal blood. There are also plenty of slaves used for this purpose, as well (rarely bled dry in the process, though. Bad for bidness).

Believe it or not, they're really not meant as antagonists, really. That typically falls under the shadow folk or high folk. Really, it's a setting with far more gray than black and white.

Excellent points to bring up!
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« Reply #19 on: May 23, 2014, 09:52:10 PM »

Would have posted this here sooner, but was super busy playtesting yesterday, and had work all day today. Gotta get that cheddar!

To make it up, I'll be going over two races for the price of none! Why, I'm practically giving them away! (Note: I am not giving them away. Take them, and I will find you. I'm Italian. I "know" people.)

First up, we got a brief little ovaview of us! Da humans!

Men came to Thesia from the eastern Dread Lands, and have
never truly lived down this supposedly tainted birth. They vary greatly from land to land, and have adapted well to wherever they find themselves. They are known for their adaptability and curiosity, allowing them to quickly learn and even improve upon the knowledge of the older races. Though they have recently begun to throw off the shackles of servitude placed upon them, the majority of man still lives under the rule of the non humans of Thesia. With the founding of Korosia, more and more of their number flock to the one bastion of freedom for their people.
Appearance: The variations that men come in is seemingly endless. From the
fair skinned barbarians of the north, to their dusky toned brethren of the
Zahiran desert. Men from all over Thesia have become as different as
the lands on which they live.
Example Male Names: Alexander, Bjorn, Gustav, Tholin,
Example Female Names: Adela, Freya, Maeve, Theresa,

Basically, humans came late to the game and have been playing catch up ever since. At some point in the past, they nearly caused the total genocide of all mortal races in the war with the dragons of the south, and have been forced into slavery ever since as punishment. They're... uh... not that happy about their situation anymore. The human kingdom of Korosia has become their last best hope for freedom. That part sound familiar. Oh well.

Next up, we have one of my favorite tropes from a fantasy setting. Gypsy wanderers! Ok, they're not called Gypsies here (due to the... history that name has in real life, among other reasons). We have here the voijori!

The Voijori were one of the last races born during the second
birth. Small and crafty, they are often overlooked by the other races due to their seemingly disarming nature. It is this blind spot that many traveling bands of voijori make use of when they need a good mark to take advantage of. They often travel the lands of Thesia in roving bands called caravans, and find family the most important thing to them. They have recently become fascinated with whatever aethertech artifacts they come across, and have become experts at repairing them.
Example Male Names: Anton, Grigore, Iosif, Radu, Stefan
Example Female Names: Anya, Elisabeta, Georgeta, Madalina,
Appearance: The voijori are easily mistaken for human
children at a distance, due to their small size and frame. Rarely higher than a human's waist, they have a very lithe build. Their skin tones vary as much as humans do, with the same range of hair colors possible, though darker tones are the most common.

Rule wise, they are pechs from the main book, but with a very heavy traveller feel to them. I love these little guys. They're fun, crafty, and one of the few real joyful peoples in the setting (something they are well aware of). I'm a big ol' fan of classic gothic horror movies with gypsy fortune tellers, the Vistani, etc... There's a bit more to them than meets the eye, though, as they have a pretty out there belief system that combines aspects of Jungian psychology and the Dreamtime of the Aboriginal peoples of Mad Max Land. They're... uh... yeah. They're out there.
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« Reply #20 on: May 23, 2014, 10:18:17 PM »

Quick addition to the last post (busy crazy day). Humans, right? Age of Steel adds brand new specialties for their bad selves! How many? Why, around six brand spankin' new ones, at the minimum. How awesomesauce is dat? Pretty dang awesomesauce, is how much!
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« Reply #21 on: May 28, 2014, 11:16:28 PM »

Been away for awhile. Enjoying some Memorial Day grillness and other odds and ends over the weekend. But I'm back, Jack!

In order to make up for lost time, I'll be throwing three races against the wall against the wall to see what sticks. You gonna get it.

First up, I don't mean to BUG you (har har har), but here are the sectrons.

The Sectrons started out as simple humans from the dragon
war, but that changed during the creation of one of the wastes. The
interaction of magical energies from the dragons and aethertech weapons
caused the populations of several villages to be altered into hybrids of insect
and man. They now live throughout the Dragon's Spine Mountains feuding
with the local skyborn holds for territory and resources. Occasionally, they
will raid even further afield while riding atop the giant insects and arachnids that they have tamed.
Example Male Names: Artor, Dargon, Flit, Skag, Zan
Example Female Names: Belana, Devora, Halla, Stellana, Yar
Appearance: The sectrons have similar builds to their human
cousins, but beyond that are very different looking. Their skin ranges in
color from dull greens and blues, to slightly more vibrant purples. Their
eyes consist of two large insect-like compound eyes, either red, yellow,
or blue in color, and possess two small antennae atop their heads. Whlie
they do possess hair on their heads and faces, the rest of their bodies are
completely hairless, with thick patches of a chitinous material covering
vital areas, such as the chest, arms, and legs.

These guys are going to be awesome with a capital AWWWWWW yeah! When it comes down to it, they're crazy mammal-insect hybrids that have become the ultimate survivors of the setting, beyond even the orcs. They'll have at least three species feats for them, in addition to the base sectrons. You'll be able to play the super sweet base sectrons, or maybe you could play one of the tank-like myrmidon brood or the masters of mounted combat, the hivers.... decisions, decisions. Oh, and they happen to have arms. Here comes the pain train! Choo choo!

Next up, we have not an entirely new race, but one from the main book with a few twists...

The Unborn are the youngest race to be created in the known
world. Born to a life of slavery and death, some still manage to earn or
fight their way to freedom. Built from whatever humanoid remains are
on hand, the unborn are more often than not human, as many poor humans
make ends meet by selling off the bodies of loved ones to the gnobbler
body smiths. Forever followed by a sense of disquiet and unease, the unborn
travel the world, searching for their place in it.
Example Male Names: Beast, Gustav, Jakob, Monster,
Example Female Names: Anya, Elizabeth, Gertrud, Inge,
Appearance: They unborn are quite a sight to behold. More
often than not they are constructed from multiple corpses, and have a
patchwork appearance about them. It is not uncommon for them to have
one arm longer than the other, eyes that do not match, or even parts
from different species on the same body. Because of this, other races
usually find them horrific to look upon. The one uniting feature that all
unborn feature is a small shard of aethercite mounted in their chest, just
above where their heart once was.

I really enjoy the unborn, and some of my favorite characters and NPCs have been these hulking brutes! You wanna play Frankenstein's monster or the bride, then these guys are the guys for you guys. What? I'm tired and it's getting late. Annnnnyway, each and every unborn created starts life as a slave, mostly in the gnobbler held lands. Those little guys absolutely love their slave race of flesh golems!

Last, and most certainly not least, we have another entirely new race! Yay!

The Vitrus are the most alien of the races that live upon Thesia,
in origin, physicality, and mindset. Originally, they hailed from an entirely
different planet, existing as sentient crystalline towers spread out across
it's surface. However, after being brought to Thesia during the dragon war,
they were forced to quickly adopt humanoid forms made out of their own
living crystal. Since then, they have fled to the furthest corners of the world,
attempting to stay beneath anyone's notice until they can find a way home.
Example Names: Ardor, Barb, Forge, Jag, Quartz, Spur, Talon,
Appearance: The vitrus appear as living humanoid crystalline
statues. For the most part, they are featureless, with some attempts at
mimicking human faces, though only in the most basic of forms.
The crystal that makes up their bodies is opaque,
and can be virtually any color under the sun. Nearly every vitrus is made
up of only one color, though a few of the older members of
the race have taken on a rainbow like look of many colors.

Like the sectrons and gnobblies, these guys are gonna have three species feats, in addition to their totally sweet base race! Besides the base vitrus, there are also some nice alts you can think of playing, such as the magically inclined channeller shard, or the crystal ninjas (ooooh yeah) of the spike shard! I dig the vitrus. They're designed to be extremely alien compared to all the other races of the setting. They don't think like carbons, don't act like carbons, and don't plan like carbons. Buncha weirdos, if ya ask me!
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« Reply #22 on: June 02, 2014, 05:28:23 PM »

Expect more updates super soon. Started a new job last week, so I've been pretty swamped with that. Sorry about the delay.
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« Reply #23 on: June 04, 2014, 10:41:13 PM »

Almost caught up with the new job, so here's another little updateroonidoony!

You know how the old saying goes, right? Out with the new and in with the old! Well, not really, but it totally should. Ya see, the Age of Steel is alllll about blending the new (steam punk aethertech) with the old (barbarians with big ol' swords and such), so I'm making sure the book has loads of new weapons and gear based off of classic weapons from antiquity that may not have been covered in the main Fantasy Craft book!

Today, I'll be going over just a small selection of badassified weapons and items! Needless to say, stats and prices are subject to change.

First up, we have the most classic of blunt weapons for street toughs and back alley thugs, the brass knuckles!

Brass Knuckles: Favored by street thugs, youngblood thieves,
and sometimes people just looking for a fight. Brass knuckles are a
simple set of metal coverings (and not always brass) shaped to fit
around the knuckles of the wearer.
Cost: 10s
1d6 subdual; Threat 19-20; Qualities: Finesse, grip, pummel; SZ/HandD/1h;
Hard 2; Comp 9D; Weight: lb.; Era: Ancient;

As you can see, they're not the most powerful of weapons, but in the right hands (har har har), they can be extremely nasty.

Next, we have a staple of the silent kill, the punching glove!

Punching Glove: Punching gloves are a favorite weapon
amongst the various assassin guilds. It is little more than a leather glove
with a blade made for piercing attached to the top of the hand.
Cost: 25s
1d4 lethal; Threat 18-20; Qualities: AP8, finesse, grip; SZ/Hand D/1h;
Const/Hard 1; Comp: 12D; Weight: lb.; Era: Feudal;

These wee little bad boys are just made for assassins and other characters that love to get in close, find a gap in the enemy's armor, and tear that crap up!

Finally, from south of the border, we have ourselves a sweet ass sword of Egyptian, err... Nahkti origin called the kopesh!

Used by the elite and powerful of the Nahkti Republic,
the kopesh is a small hooked sword that can be devastating in the right
Cost: 40s
1d8 lethal; Threat 19-20; Qualities: Hook, keen 4, trip; SZ/Hand T/1h;
Const/Hard 2; Comp: 14D; Weight: 2lbs.; Era: Ancient

The kopesh is a handy dandy little sword, perfect for skinning enemies and fish alike. That keen quality, combined with the ever fun hook, equals one sweet little sword from the ancient world.

So, as you can see here, I'll be combing ancient history for all sorts of inspiration for new and deadly weapons to mix in with the crazy barbpunk gear that I've thrown together. Well... not so much thrown as planned out in every possible detail and everything will be totally balanced and what nots. Yeah... that's it.

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« Reply #24 on: June 08, 2014, 03:29:18 PM »

Today I've decided to post some previews going over some of the feats that'll be added to
Fantasy Craft through Age of Steel, and also one of the new campaign qualities! This is where it gonna get good.

First up, I'm going to go over one of the many new species feats in the book. This first one is one
of the new elven species feats that'll represent one of my truly truly truly outrageous sub races.
Which one? Oh, just the coolest ones in the book, the red folk!

Red Nation
   Every bit the opposite of their shadow folk brethren, the red folk
        are renowned for their more emotional and manipulative nature.
   Prerequisites: Elf, Level 1 only
   Benefit: Your Charisma score increases by 2. Further, you gain
        the Charming ability and may increase the disposition of any 1 non adversary-NPC by 5.
   Special: Instead of needing to drink water to survive, the character now
        requires 1 quart of blood per day from any creature with the Folk, Fey, Beast, or Animal
        subtype (or 2 quarts per day when exposed to any heat over 90 degrees F), or else
        he begins to suffer the effects of Thirst. (see Fantasy Craft page 217)

As you fine folks can see, this species feat greatly changes the way a player is going to run their elf.
The red folk are manipulators supreme, and so they'll get a natural buff to their super sweet Charisma score,
while also being capable of simply forcing an NPC to like them more. Oh, and there's the whole
needing blood to survive thing. In the age of steel, most red folk prey on servants and non citizens
in their republic, but many people around the world take part in the blood trade, selling their sweet
sweet tasty blood for gold, like some crappy late night ad on television. BLOOD FOR GOLD!

Next up, I'll be showing off concentrated awesome in the form of the first of the aethertech feats in
the aethertech feat tree. What is the aethertech feat tree? Oh, just a series of feats that turn
the character more and more into a steam punk cyborg. That noise you're hearing is just the blast
of cool coming off these feats. Whoosh!

Aether Heart
   You have begun the process of augmenting your body with the
        wondrous capabilities of aethertechnology. Your very heart is now a
        shard of aethercite.
   Prerequisites: Non-construct
   Benefit: You gain the Always Ready ability (see page 15 of
        Fantasy Craft). Also, you require only 1 common meal per day. Finally,
        you are considered to always have a mage's pouch. (see page 159 of
        Fantasy Craft).

This here feat begins the process of turning yourself into some kind of magic man machine. A magnanimous
magic man machine, perhaps even. Mmm... pointless alliteration.  So, as you can see, this is designed for
only non-constructs to take, making sure you can't have a cybernetic unborn (or other construct player
character), as that would just be... well... it would be pointless. You see, as you go down the feat tree,
you become more and more construct-like, until finally becoming one completely, along with a few other
nice bonuses along the way.

Last up for today, I have one of the new totally bad ass campaign qualities being added to FC. Currently,
I'm calling this little guy...

Broca Divide (Permanent)
        Not every civilization is at the same level of technological development. Those that leave their people
        behind will only possess equipment developed by them, and nothing more. A 1st  level character's
        starting study involving their homeland will determine what sort of equipment they may purchase at character
        creation. See table XX to find out which homeland will allow up to what era in terms of technology
        and starting equipment will be available. Higher level characters are assumed to have traveled more, and had a better chance
        at obtaining more varied equipment. Because of this, the GM may allow whatever equipment he
        deems reasonable and appropriate, should a character be created at level 2 or higher.

This is meant to be a campaign quality that puts a nice spin on character creation. In the Age of Steel,
savage barbarians leave the distant north for the southern lands, wealthy red folk nobles seek their
fortune in the new world, and dwarven blacksmiths might find themselves in the far east searching for shards
of aethercite or moonstone. This quality was designed to allow players and GMs to have a little fun at
1st level and limit what a player may be able to put together based on their homeland. The main
book will have a chart covering all the major kingdoms and areas of the world, and
allow players to pick and choose where they might wish to come from.
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« Reply #25 on: July 05, 2014, 12:11:03 PM »

Sorry about the lack of updates of late. Been finalizing my Kickstarter plan/incentives, and going over stuff with my super bad ass artists a bit, too. I'll be posting actual rules both on here and over on License to Improvise, so you bunch of foos can take a look, break it a part, and start giving input, if you're so inclined. I'll be doing this in small chunks here and there as my group and I continue to do our own bits of playtesting.

First up, we have the new base class for the game, the Investigator!

You can download the PDF of this sucker right here...

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« Reply #26 on: July 11, 2014, 08:49:12 PM »

Today I'll be postanating for beta testering the first in the super awesome
steamware feat tree. (That's steam punk cyberware) As the AoS setting makes use of the
magitek trope, I've been working on a feat tree that slowly allows players to upgrade their
bodies, eventually becoming a magically enhanced clockwork cyborg. Pretty excited
about the feat tree, so far, and I thought I would post the first step down that particular
path for some feedback.

Aether Heart
   You have begun the process of augmenting your body with the
wondrous capabilities of aethertechnology. Your very heart is now an
artificial construct running on a shard of aethercite.
   Prerequisites: Non-construct
   Benefit: You gain the Always Ready ability (see page 15 of
Fantasy Craft). Also, you require only 1 common meal per day. Finally,
you are considered to always have a mage's pouch. (see page 159 of
Fantasy Craft).

Basically, this feat supercharges the character's body by replacing their
heart with some cyberware. The next two levels of the feat tree continue
the trend and eventually have most of the body made up of pure magic-enhanced

As last time, if anyone on here actually gets a chance to test it out, let me know how it goes!
Fantasy Craft Playtester
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« Reply #27 on: July 14, 2014, 03:27:31 AM »

Sounds cool, but pretty potent as well. Are there any drawbacks to becoming a cyborg, aside from the obvious?
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« Reply #28 on: July 14, 2014, 11:39:47 AM »

No real drawbacks the first two levels, though the player does get hit with an Achilles Heel for electricity and a lower move speed by the end. My group is just now beginning their play testing, though, so it's only recently that I'm able to start judging them myself in action.
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