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Stargate ships
« on: January 08, 2009, 09:03:40 AM »
I'm running stargate and was wondering if folk could give me some constructive criticism on the ships and the house rules below?


Death Glider (Calibre V vehicle)
Death Glider H (63, W6) 1+1  7/8   650/1200 MPH  8/+13  1   32/+2   25 lbs. 24/N  HOB (thermal C), UNF, SEN (radar 5), VTL, LSP (12 hours), WPN (Glider cannons), Alien
    Glider Cannon  (8d6 (AP15)  1-2/19-20  250ft  BLS(10ft), IMP)
F302 Fighter (Caliber V vehicle)
Earth F-302 Fighter  H (63, W6) 1+1  7/8  1100/1400  8/+13   3  32/+2   25 lbs. 24/N  HOB (thermal C), CHF, EJS, UNF, SEN (radar 5), VTL, LSP (12hours), WPN (20mm Gatling),
HDP (6), CMF (space), Redundant (Crew)

Tel'Tac Transport vessel (Calibre V vehicle)
C (8x15)  1+15  A/T 5/4    550/755 MPH   6/+18  0  30/+2  3 tons  10 days/N   HOB(thermal G), EJS (4), SEN (radar 5), JAM(2), VTL, HYP, Rings(1), DUC, LVQ, FOR, SHLD (50)

Al'Kesh Medium Bomber
G (12x34) 4+28   A/T 3/1  525/650 MPH  2/+22    0   32/+2 30 tons  10days/N  HOB (thermal E), DUC, HDP (30),  LVQ, SEN (radar 6), HYP, Alien, WPN (Al'Kesh gun turret, Naquadah Bombs), EJS (10), Rings(1), SHLD (100), HAR (1dice), JAM(6),
Al'Kesh Gun Turret (8d6 (AP20)  1-2/19-20  250ft  BLS(10ft), IMP)
Naquadah Bombs (8d10 (AP30) 1-3/20 1S10 per MPH  BLS(50ft) GUI(Laser) HDM IMP INA(-10))

Ha'Tak Pyramid Ship
V (90x90)  100 + 1500  A/T 1/1  450/575 MPH  0/+30  35/+2  6months/N    CAP, CRW,  LVQ, FSS, HYP, Rings(4), JAM (6), RDD (Engine, Fuel), SEN (radar 6), HAR (1dice), SHLD (250), HANG (2 Tel'tac, 24 Gliders), PDC(4), WPN (Tactical Naquadah bomb bay; Goa'uld plasma cannon x4)
Tactical Naquadah Bombs (10d10 (AP50) 1-3/20 1S10 per MPH  BLS(500ft) GUI(Laser) HDM IMP INA(-20))
Goa'uld Plasma Cannons (8d12 (AP30) 1-3/19-20  1 mile  BLS(60ft) IMP, INA(-8))

Space Combat: The range increment of all weapons that have range of less than 1 mile defaults to 1 mile. Likewise MPH becomes a relatively meaningless concept so use the speeds listed above for "relative" speed and "collision" speed.
Alien: If you don't possess the correct culture foci you suffer an additional -4 on all drive checks with this vehicle
Rings: The vehicle possesses the number in parenthesis's sets of transport rings
Hyp: The vehicle is capable of Hyperspace travel. It takes the ships computer 2 minutes to safely plot a hyperspace course. It can be done manually requiring a (low investment) DC 30 Science mathematics check (3d4 rounds Error 1-2/threat 20 Crit(1/4 Time ) Threat (Halve time) Error (Gain +2 Error range) Fail (Hyperdrive Broken; Or the GM may spend 2AD to plot a random hyperspace course). When the engine is critically hit the attacker cna choose either sublight engines (standard effect) or disabling the hyperdrive.
SHLD: Shields. These act as VP for the vehicles. A critical hit bypasses the shields. As a full action a person on a command deck can make an Electronics check to "reroute power" to shields each round [DC 20 + 3 times the number of failed damage saves. With success you restore your career level in Shield points. Crit (Your restore double your career level in VP) Threat (The DC for the next check drops by 3) Error (Next check DC increases by 3) Fail (Shields Broken)). Weapon & Secondary Gear hits can disable the generators as well.
HANG: Hangar space accommodating the number of vehicles specified.