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The Wheels Come Off The Interrogation
« on: September 24, 2014, 02:56:47 PM »
On Tuesday I ran the first pure, modern Spycraft game that I have run in years, and had a blast with a scene where one of the PCs got nabbed.

Our hero's world fades to black as he is alone in an elevator.

When he awkes he is strapped to a tilted table, in a room with metal walls.

A few minutes later the one door in the room opens, and in comes a blond man with a dueling scar, dressed in thigh high boots, a corset, shorts, and carrying a riding quirt.

He strikes the agent once across the belly with the quirt, at which point our hero realizes that he has been stripped before being strapped to the table.

Then the man begins to speak....

'Before we begin, Mr. Babbage, I need to know your safeword.'
'Ah, new to this, are you?...
Choose a word, easy to remember, quick to say. As soon as you say it, I stop my ministrations, and raise my hands, like this'
'So that you know that I have heard you.'

While I am the one with the lash, you are the one in control.

If you feel dizzy, or short of breath, use the safeword immediately - do not try to brave it out. A panic attack can ruin the experience for both of us.

If you check the cuffs that are securing you to the table you will find a latch that you can reach even with your hands cuffed - it is difficult to reach, if you have a problem reaching it then use the safeword, and I will release you immediately....'

It was about then that our hero realized that there was a camera recording the proceedings....

Fortunately for him, the 'torturer' wasn't part of of the enemy agency, and that the nabbing had been done by one of his allies....

I stole the monologue pretty much entirely from a description of a bondage session...* I had been amused at how reassuring the dominator had been in describing what was going on. And his telling the 'victim' that they were the one in control - that with a word they could stop the whole thing, and that if they were worried they should just stop it immediately.

I then wondered how an Agent might handle the situation, as they realized that what was going on wasn't quite what it appeared to be.

The player managed to both talk his way out of the situation, and have the credit put into a gift certificate for a later date....

There was a fair amount laughter at the table....

The Auld Grump

* Webcomics can lead to strange places... in this case Devil's Panties led to Jenny Everywhere, that led to another webcomic titled Nic Buxom - A webcomic drawn and written by a heavy bottom. Which led to more information than I wanted, actually.... But found useful.
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