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Happy Thanksgiving!
« on: November 26, 2015, 12:29:16 PM »
From my family and friends (of which there are 24 people crammed into my home right now) to your's!  (We're even going to do some RPGing once the kids and wives are retired for the night.)  And for the non-US crowd, happy Thursday!  It's almost friday!   ;D


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Re: Happy Thanksgiving!
« Reply #1 on: November 26, 2015, 12:39:06 PM »
  Alone here today but lots of phone calls to friends/family.

  I've got a bread-stuffing stuffed pork loin I've covered with cinnamon applesauce and surrounded with orange juice and garlic in the oven right now. After it's out I'm making a cornbread loaded with shredded crab meat and little nuggets of horseradish-cheddar. Then I'm baking chocolate chip cookies.

  Not traditional this year but OMG does my place smell fantastic!

  Good health, good food, and good cheer. For this and many, many other blessings, I am thankful.
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Re: Happy Thanksgiving!
« Reply #2 on: November 26, 2015, 05:39:37 PM »
Mmm. Horseradish cheddar.
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Re: Happy Thanksgiving!
« Reply #3 on: November 26, 2015, 06:23:19 PM »
I am thankful for many things but there are a couple in particular I want to share this evening.

I am thankful to Crafty Games for the sheer amount of entertainment that they have brought to me and mine. I really appreciate how available and responsive the owners/designers are to their fans.

I am thankful to these forums and its members. I have found no place on the internet where ideas can be exchanged so freely, both about the games we play and the world around us; where people can disagree yet remain respectful; where I can make friends with people from across the world.

Though I have hardly met any of you in real life, I look forward to keeping up with the happenings here every day.

So, thanks to everyone for making this THE best place on the 'net.
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Re: Happy Thanksgiving!
« Reply #4 on: November 26, 2015, 07:41:27 PM »
I'm thankful for everything Bill said plus for Bill's tinfoil hat. It reminds me that no matter what awesome reverse engineering/math shenanigans/clever explanations he does, it's coming from someone wearing a tinfoil hat. And that's rightfully humbling when ya get schooled.


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Re: Happy Thanksgiving!
« Reply #5 on: November 27, 2015, 05:12:59 AM »
Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I am thankful my father is in a better place now since he had been fighting cancer for 6 years. This my family's first Thanksgiving without him around and he usually did most of the cooking. I am also thankful for all things Crafty including these forums, which are some of the best on the net.

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Re: Happy Thanksgiving!
« Reply #6 on: December 01, 2015, 03:18:16 PM »
I wasn't online much Thanksgiving as I was dealing with some house repairs (nothing too problematic, and it also gave me the chance to sort and purge some of my old and unwanted possessions at the same time, which was good). I've been swamped since the holiday, so this is pretty late.

We want to extend our heartfelt thanks to all of you this holiday season. Alex and I consider you family and you've proven over and over again that our steps in all of this - gathering this rag-tag group of gamers and enthusiasts under a single wee banner - were never wasted.

Especially in times of high stress like the recent website outage, you folks always step up and support us. You continue to support us in making things for you, and every day you prove how amazing a community you are. For all these reasons we cannot thank you enough.

Happy Belated Thanksgiving, and in general a happy holiday season to everyone! Let's make the rest of it awesome and look forward to a splendid 2016 in our little corner of the internet, shall we?
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Re: Happy Thanksgiving!
« Reply #7 on: December 02, 2015, 04:01:38 PM »
Thanks Pat, all.

I tend to stay out of threads about the holidays as they're pretty much an emotional-white-knuckle trollercoaster ride for me year after year.

But so far things have been okay. :)

Happy Holidays all. Love the ones you're with; take no good heart for granted.