Author Topic: So I was watching Utopia and thinking about the final ep of Stargate...  (Read 1812 times)

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...and the following ocurred to me.

Without the capability to Ascend, your kind has faced the final tragedy of Ragnarok and gone willingly into the dark. But you have used the advanced technology of your people to cheat death one final time.
Prerequisites: Asgard.
Benefit: You gain a version of the puppeteer NPC quality. Choose any racial talent without this quality: you gain all the benefits and drawback of that talent, which are zeroed at the career level at which you take this feat. Further, the benefits granted by your original racial talent no longer improve and you may no longer gain character options with the Asgard requirement. Finally, you may not take a new host body unless you have access to a cloning facility.

Basically, we know that the Asgard are capable of storing intellects on disc and down-loading them into new bodies. It strikes me that there might be more than a few who might not have been queit so ready to die and were prepared to... make sacrifices. Obviously it needs work - I was thinking that they also become permanently sickened as a result of craming their intellect into a not entirely compatable neural architecture.


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i reckon we will see them again....