Author Topic: Mission Bundles, Gear and Possesions for Different Play Styles  (Read 1167 times)


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I've enjoyed running a few games of SC with different Play Styles (eg Post Apoc, Spy, Space Opera) and found the rules to be flexible enough to cover the different types of campaign well.

One thing I found tricky though was selecting or thinking up good Mission Bundles, Gear and Possesions for each style.  I used the following below.

For the Spy game:

1) Mission Bundle: Explosive Chewing gum (red light, green light), Bug detector disguised as a watch and Radio Frequency/CCTV  Jammer disguised as a mobile phone.

2) Gear: Guns, Sports cars, Intrusion Gear and Snowmobiles.

3) Possesions: Tuxedo Liners

For the PA game:

1) Mission Bundle: Climbing Rope, Candles, Stethoscope, A little Ammo, Key Card

2) Gear: Weapons (Spiked Baseball bats, Crossbows, Armor made from salvaged metal. )

3) Possesions: Horses, Homemade spectacles

Does anyone have any good bundles, Gear and Possesions they have used in past campaign which I could crib ideas from ?
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