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Guide to Forum Etiquette
« on: January 29, 2008, 10:04:50 PM »
Crafty Games Guide to Forum Etiquette

This is a quick guide to a few key concepts for participation on these forums.

* You are not in a public place. These boards are in fact the private on-line residence of the Crafty Games owners, who have invited you to share in the camaraderie of a pretty nice bunch of people, who generally have at least one thing in common (an enjoyment of RPGs), but often bring a rich array of experience, knowledge, and opinions to almost any discussion. The same usually sub-conscious hint of reserve that you would apply when going out to a party at someone’s home will serve you well here. We throw some wild parties, but please, try not to break any dishes or furniture, deliberately or otherwise.

* Despite the anonymity offered by the net, think of yourself as being physically present when you post. Most civilized adults acquire a set of social skills that keep them from being punched in the head or bodily ejected from locations they enter, and you should apply those skills here. If you’ve yet to develop these skills, or refuse to exercise them just because you’re going by ‘Screen Name X,’ your visit here will be brief.

* Levels of rudeness are determined by the listener, not the speaker. In other words, you can be rude without knowing it. Most of our posters are experienced, tolerant participants who manage to work out incidental miscommunication amongst themselves and very rarely feel the need to bring something to moderator attention. When it does happen, the moderators review the situation and occasionally take action. While sincere statements of “I didn’t know I was being a prat” might resolve the current point of contention, it’s never carte blanche to repeat the behavior. When the moderators feel there’s a problem, contrition (or at the very least increased discretion) is a requirement of continued participation on these boards.

* If you disagree with another poster’s opinion, feel free to respectfully make a counter argument or present your own opinion. However, remain on the topic at hand. Other posters — and the fact that they hold an opinion — is never the topic at hand. Pointing out that other people have opinions falls under the heading ‘duh’ and is not post-worthy. "Calling out" another poster rather than addressing the subject is a thinly disguised form of personal attack, and will not be tolerated.

* If a moderator directly tells you that your behavior is unacceptable AND you wish to remain a member of these boards, your reactions should be limited to 1) sullen silence, 2) quiet acceptance of rebuke, or 3) an apology. If you are genuinely confused, you should send a private message to the moderator AFTER re-reading this guide. Most other public responses will get you banned. Moderator warnings are not topics for debate. We don’t issue them on matters about which we’re open to persuasion.

Thank you,
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