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Bounties / Re: [WEBSTORE] Share your opinions, earn store credit!
« Last post by Mister Andersen 2.0 on November 13, 2017, 03:51:37 PM »
When I try to post a review, I get this (from multiple IP addresses - home & work):

Access Denied - Sucuri Website Firewall

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Bounties / Re: [WEBSTORE] Share your opinions, earn store credit!
« Last post by Desertpuma on November 13, 2017, 02:46:58 PM »
I like this. Already picked up the FC GM screen that I did not have
Bounties / Re: [WEBSTORE] Share your opinions, earn store credit!
« Last post by Mister Andersen 2.0 on November 13, 2017, 02:44:45 PM »
How big can these review be?
Bounties / [WEBSTORE] Share your opinions, earn store credit!
« Last post by Crafty_Alex on November 13, 2017, 12:17:14 PM »
Hello Agents!

As you may have noticed, the all-new, all-different Crafty Games webstore launched last week, with a heap of new content and features:

  • The entire Crafty Games catalog, together for the first time: For the first time ever, you can get every single Crafty Games product – including our entire catalog of Classic Spycraft, Shadowforce Archer, Spycraft 2.0, and Fantasy Craft PDFs, alongside exclusives and promotional items – all in one place!
  • New Checkout Options: We now accept both Paypal and credit card directly through our secure site.
  • Rewards Points!: Our new rewards program gives you 1 point for every dollar you spend at Every point can be redeemed for credit on future purchases from our webstore, be it for books, PDFs, games, or even shipping!
  • Manage Downloads, Points, and Purchases with My Account: The new My Account tab lets you store and download all your PDF and digital product purchases, alongside your receipts, preorders, and rewards points, in one place.
  • Free Downloads!: Now you can get our most popular and requested support files, including character sheets and errata, along with a number of new tools such as NPC builders and gamemaster screens, all for free.

While we're thrilled to finally have this store up and running (along with a bunch of new features in the works - including vastly improved international shipping rates!), there's one thing still missing - you!

Review Crafty Products, Get Store Credit
Since our products have been scattered all over the place for the last decade, you the Crafty Faithful have had to buy them outside our site. But your insights and opinions are essential for helping the new generation learn about what you think makes our games great.

Rather than keep these here (often buried), in the forum, we'd like to ask you if you'd post your reviews - new or old - to our new product pages. If you own (or have extensively played) a Crafty product in the past, we'd love to hear what you think!

As a thank you for contributing your reviews and ratings, we're offering 5 rewards points - the equivalent reward of a $5 purchase - for every review you post! That's effectively 25 cents store credit for each review, which you can then spend for discounts on anything and everything you can buy from the new Crafty store. A current tally of your points can be found in your My Account page.

To leave a review, first create or log into your account on,, go to the Crafty Games webstore, then navigate to the product page for the book or game you wish you review. Then, click the "Review" button in the Additional Information box below the product image to rate and review the product.

Please note this bounty will be offered for a limited time only, until such time as we determine we either have a sufficient number or reviews, or the end of the year, whichever comes first. So claim your credit while you can!

Thanks everyone, and stay Crafty!

Fantasy Craft / Anyone ever use Hexagrapher?
« Last post by Desertpuma on November 13, 2017, 11:59:59 AM »
Just curious if anyone has ever used Hexagrapher before? If so, what are your impressions of it?

If not or you've never heard of it, here is a link:

Matt Colville did a video extolling his like for it but I also wanted to hear other opinions.
License to Improvise / Re: Expanded Bestiary
« Last post by TKDB on November 13, 2017, 11:19:19 AM »
Ok, so here's my plan for the fey: I have a lot of fey to post, so I'll be breaking them up into three posts over the next...however long it takes me. Two posts for fey taken from actual real-world folklore, and one with fey that are (best I can tell) inventions of TOG or my own ideas. The real-world fey will be split up based on whether they lean more Seelie court (ie, benevolent or at least benign unless you piss them off) or Unseelie court (ie, actively malicious). I have the Unseelie here; the Seelie and non-folkloric posts will come later. (Probably quite some time later, given I had the Unseelie fey statblocks nearly all done at the time of my last post, and it took me two weeks just to get those written up for posting, working around everything else I have going on.)

Spoiler: Custom NPC qualities • show

Repeatable Natural Spell (+2 XP per spell level): As natural spell, but usable 3 times per scene.
Unlimited Natural Spell (+3 XP per spell level): As natural spell, but usable at will.

   In addition to the usual mischief associated with Unseelie fey -- spoiling milk, blighting livestock, and the like -- these shifty fey are particularly known for their connection with nightmares. These malevolent nocturnal spirits slip into homes at night and sit upon the sleeping victim's chest, causing dreadful nightmares and growing steadily heavier, crushing the breath from the victim. They have also been known to show vampiric behaviour, scraping wounds with their teeth on the victim's chest to lap up small amounts of blood. By day, alps may walk about living ordinary lives, typically not even knowing their own true identity until night falls, or else they might retreat to a secluded den to rest, or to their master in cases where a practitioner of the dark arts has called an alp to his service. Alps also possess the power of the Evil Eye, allowing them to lay curses upon people, as well as exceptional durability and powers of invisibility and shapeshifting. Alps have been known to take all manner of animal shapes, but whatever form it takes an alp always wears a distinctive hat, giving it a deceptively comical appearance. However, as with most fey, their habits are not entirely consistent; they are fickle and impulsive creatures, and have been known to be persuaded to leave peaceably if invited to return in the morning for a gift or simply to have coffee.
   Tactics: Alps are averse to direct confrontation, preferring to sneak up on sleeping targets unawares and begin their crushing attack. If confronted, they will typically attempt to flee unless quite confident they can overpower the opponent. However, they can only leave a room by the opening they came in by; thus, they may be trapped if that entrance is closed off, in which case they will fight viciously to escape. Alps are known to be vindictive, and an alp may return later -- sometimes even years later -- to get revenge on one who has disrupted its predation. Alps prize their hats greatly, for an alp's hat is the key to its powers of shapeshifting and invisibility. An alp will grow greatly distressed if its hat is lost (or even at risk of being lost, as may happen with a critical failure in the heat of combat), and will offer great rewards for its return. Like many fey, alps are known to have peculiar fears and aversions; the most typical among the various charms purported to repel an alp is lemons. Alps despise lemons, and are severely weakened if one is forced into its mouth.
   Alp (Medium Fey Walker — 98 XP): Str 12, Dex 14, Con 10, Int 10, Wis 12, Cha 10; SZ M (1×1, Reach 1); Spd 30 ft. ground; Init VI; Atk III; Def V; Resilience IV; Health V; Comp II; Skills: Athletics V, Intimidate III, Sneak VI; Qualities: critical hesitation, darkvision II, feat (Black Cat, Jinx), grappler, invisibility, light-sensitive, natural spell (Bestow Curse 3), nocturnal, shapeshifter I, tough II.
   Attacks/Weapons: Squeeze V (damage type: stress), Crushing Weight (Str draining II: linked to attack Squeeze)
   Treasure: 1A, 1M

   Haunting specters appearing as women (sometimes young and fair, sometimes old hags) in mourning gowns, banshees are widely feared as omens of death. Their presence -- and particularly their sorrowful wail -- invariably bodes ill fortune for one or more who are near. Although some view the banshee simply as a messenger bearing news of what is already fated, she is more typically considered to be herself the bearer of death and ill fortune, and thus classified among the Unseelie fey. Families with a long and distinguished lineage may be haunted by a particular banshee, who appears whenever a member of the family dies. Some banshees are associated with war deities, bearing proper arms and armor and appearing at major battles to influence the outcome.
   Tactics: While the banshee's wail is often fatal on its own to the faint of heart, banshees are rarely the direct cause of death for more tenacious heroes. Rather, they facilitate the coming of death by other means, bringing ill fortune and weakening a person's resolve. Banshees in service to gods of war are more combative, entering the fray themselves with their spears as they use their supernatural influence to tip the scales in favor of their side.

   Banshee (Medium Fey Spirit Flyer/Walker — 100 XP): Str 10, Dex 14, Con 10, Int 10, Wis 14, Cha 14; SZ M (1×1, Reach 1); Spd 30 ft. flight, 30 ft. ground; Init VI; Atk III; Def IV; Resilience V; Health II; Comp II; Skills: Intimidate IV, Notice III, Sense Motive IV, Spellcasting IV; Spells: Bestow Curse, Death Knell, Deathwatch, Scare II; Qualities: class ability (Mage: spell secret Deathwatch), darkvision II, dread, everlasting, feat (Black Cat, Jinx, Repartee Basics, Repartee Mastery), treacherous.
   Attacks/Weapons: Keening Wail (draining, soul III: aura 30ft. radius), Long knife (dmg 1d6+2/19-20/finesse, keen 4)
   Treasure: 1M, 1T

   Banshee, War (Medium Fey Spirit Flyer/Walker — 120 XP): Str 14, Dex 14, Con 10, Int 10, Wis 14, Cha 14; SZ M (1×1, Reach 1); Spd 30 ft. flight, 30 ft. ground; Init VI; Atk V; Def IV; Resilience V; Health II; Comp II; Skills: Intimidate IV, Notice III, Sense Motive IV, Spellcasting IV, Tactics IV; Spells: Bestow Curse, Death Knell, Deathwatch, Scare II; Qualities: class ability (Captain: battle planning I, Mage: spell secret 1 spell), darkvision II, devoted (War V), dread, everlasting, feat (Black Cat, Jinx, Repartee Basics, Repartee Mastery), treacherous.
   Attacks/Weapons: Keening Wail (draining, soul III: aura 30ft. radius), throwing spear (dmg 1d8+7/19-20; hurl, reach +1), Hide shield (dmg 1d3+2 sub/20; guard +2), Long knife (dmg 1d6+2/19-20; finesse, keen 4)
   Gear: Lightweight moderate chainmail w/ lt. fittings (DR 4, Edged Resist 3, DP -1, ACP -1, Disguise -10)
   Treasure: 1M, 2T

   Bugganes are great, brutish creatures covered in shaggy dark hair. They love to wreak mischief and havoc, and are often used as muscle by fey to get back at those who've offended them. They delight in anything that causes distress to others, whether relatively minor pranks (such as plugging chimneys to fill a house with smoke) to serious property damage and violent attacks. Due to their size and boorish habits, they are often considered faerie relatives of ogres.
   Tactics: Despite their great size, bugganes can be quite stealthy when they wish to be. They like to sneak up on foes (especially by burrowing through the ground) to maximize the terror they inflict. Aside from this, they are fairly direct combatants, laying into their victims with tusks and claws, or simply manhandling them with their great strength.

   Buggane (Large Fey Walker/Burrower — 88 XP): Str 18, Dex 10, Con 16, Int 6, Wis 12, Cha 10; SZ L (2×2, Reach 2); Spd 30 ft. ground, 30 ft. burrow; Init III; Atk VI; Def III; Resilience IV; Health V; Comp I; Skills: Athletics V, Intimidate IV, Sneak V; Qualities: damage reduction 3, darkvision I, feat (All-Out Attack), grueling combatant.
   Attacks/Weapons: Claw II × 2 (bleed), Bite III (armour piercing 2)
   Treasure: 1T

   These fearsome headless horsemen are often confused for undead due to their morbid appearance and decapitated state. However, they are not undead, but rather the faerie harbingers of death, riding by night to usher their targets to the other side. They ride swiftly on black horses (sometimes reported to be headless themselves) or macabre black carriages decorated with skulls, human skin, and similarly funereal accents. In one hand, they wield a gruesome whip fashioned from human vertebrae, while in the other they carry their grotesquely grinning head. Nobody knows where they get their orders, but once in pursuit of a target they cannot be barred from their mission, for all gates and doors open at their approach, even if locked.
   Tactics: Dullahans are implacable and mission-oriented. When they ride, they ride in pursuit of a particular target, and will not rest until that target is found and slain. Typically, all this takes is for the dullahan to lock eyes with the target and speak his name, at which point the poor soul drops dead. Dullahans prefer not to be observed while at their business, and will punish those who dare to watch them by throwing buckets of blood on them or lashing out their eyes with their whips. Those who are caught observing a dullahan often find themselves the next victims. For all their fearsome reputation, there is one defense purported to be effective in warding off a dullahan: They are reputed to be frightened of gold, and may be deterred by wearing gold jewelry or placing gold objects in their path.

   Dullahan (Medium Fey Walker — 146 XP): Str 12, Dex 14, Con 14, Int 12, Wis 14, Cha 14; SZ M (1×1, Reach 1); Spd 30 ft. ground; Init III; Atk V; Def II; Resilience IV; Health V; Comp II; Skills: Intimidate VI, Ride V, Search III, Survival V; Qualities: class ability (Lancer: born in the saddle, Lancer: master rider 1/adventure, Scout: rough riding, Scout: trail signs, Shinobi: qi sense), darkvision II, devoted (Death I), dread, fearless I, fearsome, feat (Combat Rider, Glint of Madness, Headless Court, Whip Basics, Whip Mastery, Whip Supremacy), improved sense (sight), menacing threat, natural spell (Locate Person 4), nocturnal, superior traveler II, swift attack I, tough I, unlimited natural spell (Knock 6 XP).
   Attacks/Weapons: Vertebral Whip (Ogrecraft bone barwhip: dmg 1d8+2 lethal; threat 19-20; AP2, finesse, reach +1, trip, Ogre craftsmanship), Pronouncement of Doom (draining, soul IV: gaze), Lash Eyes (blinding II: linked to attack Vertebral Whip)
   Mounts and Vehicles: Riding horse (Spd 50 ft ground (Run 250 ft); Travel 7; SZ/Def L/IV) or fast coach (Spd 20 ft ground (Run 40 ft); Travel 6; SZ/Def L/9)
   Gear: Moderate hardened leather armor w/ light fittings (DR 5; Fire Resist 5; DP -1; ACP -2; Spd -5 ft)
   Treasure: 4A

   In their natural form, these bestial water fey appear as strong, beautiful horses; however, they are talented shapeshifters, and often take the form of attractive humanoids (often having water weeds in their hair) to lure in prey. They live by ponds, lakes, and streams, and in whatever form they take they try to entice victims near the water. In some cases, kelpies will drown their victims before feeding, but others will simply begin feasting as soon as the victim is in the water, where they are less able to fight back. A kelpie encountered in its equine form may or may not already be wearing riding tack. A kelpie without riding tack can be captured by putting a halter on it stamped with a holy symbol, and thus captured can be of great value due to their exceptional strength. They can also be bred with ordinary horses, yielding hardy progeny capable of breathing water (but lacking the intelligence, shapeshifting abilities, or malice of full-blooded kelpies). Taking the saddle or bridle from a kelpie encountered already wearing them may give one leverage to coerce the monster, as it will beg and plead and offer any favor for the return of the riding tack. One may even convince a kelpie to abandon its haunt if the bridle can be stored safely away where the kelpie can't get to it (such as in a house protected with a holy symbol over the door). Kelpie bridles may possess magical properties, such as functioning as an amulet against ill fortune or conferring the ability to turn people into horses.
   Tactics: Whatever form the kelpie takes, its goal is to entice prey into the water. In equine form, it typically attempts to lure victims into trying to ride it, at which time it will dash into the water to trap the victim. In humanoid form, it will employ various manners of deception and/or seduction to draw its victims at least to the water's edge, if not into the water itself. Like most predators, the kelpie will not risk its life trying to fight prey that proves more dangerous than expected, and will flee into the water unless cornered or trying to protect its foals.

   Kelpie (Large Fey Beast Walker — 100 XP): Str 18, Dex 12, Con 12, Int 10, Wis 10, Cha 12; SZ L (1×2, Reach 1); Spd 50 ft. ground (Run 250 ft.); Init IV; Atk IV; Def IV; Resilience V; Health III; Comp I; Skills: Athletics V, Bluff IV, Impress III, Sense Motive IV; Qualities: aquatic II, attractive I, beguiling, devour, fearless I, improved stability, shapeshifter II, superior runner I, superior swimmer V, tough I.
   Attacks/Weapons: Kick III, Trample I, Bite III (grab)
   Treasure: 2M

   These reclusive forest sprites delight in disrupting travelers moving through their territory. Their influence causes victims to lose their way even in familiar areas, and in some cases those affected by the maahinen disappear entirely for a time, separating them from traveling companions. Those under the maahinen's influence are often unable to hear the normal sounds of nature, compounding the distress of being lost with an eerie, unnatural silence. Eventually, victims of the maahinen find themselves entirely paralyzed and "covered by forest", seemingly transformed (from others' perspective) into part of the natural landscape.
   Tactics: Maahinen are very secretive fey, preferring to remain unseen if at all possible. They slip silently through the underbrush to stalk their victims and plague them with their unnatural influence. They will use Hide the Path to cause victims to become lost, and Maze to separate individuals from a group. Ultimately, they aim to paralyze their victims with the curse of Metsänpeitto, at which time they will use their knack for glamers to disguise the helpless victim as a piece of the countryside. They can accomplish this in a mere instant, using their Quick on Your Feet ability to conceal the victim before their companions realize what happened. Their motives in doing all this are quite inscrutable; they do not feed on their victims as prey, nor do they steal any of their possessions. They seem simply to delight in misleading travelers; the true danger lies in the various other hazards one is exposed to in the wilderness. Victims of the maahinen have sometimes been known to break their influence through various odd charms often purported to be of use against the fey, such as turning one's coat inside out or switching their shoes to the wrong feet. However, some victims are saved only by the intervention of a shaman, and some are never seen again.

   Maahinen (Tiny Fey Walker/Burrower — 69 XP): Str 10, Dex 12, Con 10, Int 10, Wis 12, Cha 10; SZ T (1×1, Reach 1); Spd 30 ft. ground, 20 ft. burrow; Init IV; Atk II; Def V; Resilience V; Health I; Comp II; Skills: Blend VI, Disguise VI, Survival IV; Qualities: chameleon (forest/jungle II), class ability (Assassin: Quick on Your Feet 1/session), feat (Spell Conversion: Duration), meek, natural spell (Hide the Path 6, Maze 8 ).
   Attacks/Weapons: Dagger (1d6 lethal; threat 19-20; qualities: hurl, bleed), Forest Cover (damage I: ray 40ft. range; damage type: stress; diseased: Metsänpeitto)
Treasure: 1A

Metsänpeitto (disease): This curse of the maahinen causes the sufferer to be entirely paralyzed, allowing the maahinen to conceal him as a rock, shrub, tree stump, or other bit of natural scenery. Incubation time: 1d6 days. Effect: Paralyzed for one incubation period.

   These vicious, grotesque fey are known to haunt old ruins, particularly fortresses that were once the sites of bloody battles, tyrannical regimes, or wicked deeds -- particularly human sacrifices. They look like cruel, twisted old dwarves, with long protruding teeth, skinny fingers tipped with sharp talons, large red eyes, and long hair matted with grime and gore. The name "redcap" refers to the distinctive cap each one wears, which is dyed with the blood of its victims. They wear sturdy mail with heavy iron boots, yet move with uncanny swiftness in spite of its weight. Redcaps are extraordinarily resilient, but are vulnerable to invocations of the divine. When slain, a redcap vanishes, wailing, in a sudden burst of flames, leaving behind a single large tooth.
   Tactics: Redcaps tend not to stray far from their haunts, but they are aggressive and bloodthirsty toward all who stray within their domain. They strike hard and fast, charging in to swarm opponents with their heavy pikes and bombarding their victims with stones. They also are cunning tacticians, and will take full advantage of the defensive fortifications, traps, and weaponry available in the old castles and forts they call home.

   Redcap (Medium Fey Walker — 91 XP): Str 16, Dex 14, Con 12, Int 10, Wis 12, Cha 10; SZ M (1×1, Reach 1); Spd 30 ft. ground; Init V; Atk VI; Def IV; Resilience III; Health IV; Comp I; Skills: Athletics V, Intimidate IV, Tactics IV; Qualities: achilles heel (divine), charge attack, class ability (Soldier: killer instinct), damage reduction 6/opposing Alignment, feat (Ambush Basics, Armor Basics, Ferocity Basics, Hurled Basics, Quick Draw, Wolf Pack Basics, Wolf Pack Mastery), ferocity, interests (Alignment), rend.
   Attacks/Weapons: Pike (damage 1d8+5 lethal; threat 20; lightweight, reach +2), Claw I (damage 1d6+5 lethal; threat 20), Sling (damage 1d4+8 subdual; threat 20; range 60 ft x6; load 1), Large Rock (damage 1d10+8 lethal; threat 20; range 20 ft x2; massive)
   Gear: Partial chainmail w/ lt. fittings (DR 4, Edged Resist 2)
   Treasure: 2A, 1T (always a tooth)

   Dreaded stalkers of the frozen north, wendigo are men corrupted by the taint of cannibalism. A wendigo has no feet, instead only blackened, bloody stumps where its feet were lost to frostbite and maddened running through the icy wilderness, but instead it soars at great speed through the air. A wendigo's features are gaunt and feral, with ragged bloody lips and blood trickling from the eyes from the winds of its swift flight. It is said that elder wendigo grow to enormous size, as they get bigger with each meal and thereby never satisfy their consuming hunger. The wendigo has a distinctive and peculiar scent, reminiscent of the musky odor of a big cat overlaying a pungent aroma of rotting leaves. It speaks with the voice of the savage wilderness, a feral cry containing hints of many different animals, the rush of falling water, and the howling of the wind in the trees -- a voice at once dreadful and seductive, speaking to the deepest primal urges of man. It is a predator, hunting down people in the wilderness to devour them, but it is also seeks to corrupt others to become wendigo themselves. Wendigo have an uncanny knack for knowing when someone may be susceptible to their call -- those who are in tune with their more primal, savage nature, and particularly those who have tasted human flesh -- and these the wendigo will stalk patiently for days through the wilderness, slowly wearing down their minds and embedding insinuations of feral, forbidden hunger. When the wendigo believes the target's resolve is sufficiently eroded, it bids him to run with him, and from there to fly through the biting winter air. As the victim runs and the icy wind whips at his face, he feels an exhilerating sense of freedom, and from there is transformation into a wendigo is all but complete.
   Requirements: Fey or Folk
Benefit: The NPC gains the Fey and Horror Types and a fly speed of 80 ft. His Strength and Dexterity rise by 2 each. He also gains the Sneak VI and Survival III Signature Skills, achilles heel (fire, heat), class ability (Assassin: Cold Read 1/session), damage immunity (cold), devour, dread, feat (Ghost Basics, Ghost Mastery, Ghost Supremacy), killing conversion, natural spell (Geas), regeneration 2, repulsive II, and superior traveler IV. He also gains Bite I (upgrades: diseased (wendigo fever)) and Maddening Whispers (stress damage attack I: 60 ft ray; dmg 1d4 stress per 2 TL, Ref DC 10 for 1/2 damage; upgrades: diseased (wendigo fever)).

Wendigo fever (disease): A dreaded curse that brings a gnawing hunger for human flesh, slowly transforming one into a wendigo. Incubation time: 1d6 days. Effect: -4 Wis, -4 Cha. Special: Characters who have committed cannibalism suffer a -5 penalty with their saving throws against wendigo fever.

   Last winter was a harsh one, and as supplies dwindled in the snowed-in hunting lodge this man was forced to resort to the unthinkable. When the snows receded and he returned home, the others in his village were appalled to hear how he alone managed to survive they exiled him. And perhaps rightly so, for not longer after he began to change, growing ever more feral and aggressive. Now he haunts the woods around that lodge where he had that first sweet taste of elven flesh, and the people of his village shun the area as cursed.

   Wendigo Elf Hunter (Medium Fey Walker/Flyer — 143 XP): Str 12, Dex 12, Con 10, Int 10, Wis 12, Cha 10; SZ M (1×1, Reach 1); Spd 40 ft. ground, 90 ft. flight; Init IV; Atk V; Def III; Resilience II; Health III; Comp II; Skills: Notice III, Search VI, Sneak IX, Survival IX; Qualities: achilles heel (fire, heat), burden of ages, class ability (Assassin: cold read 1/session, Scout: killing blow, Scout: trophy hunter), damage immunity (cold), devour, dread, favoured foes (Fey), feat (Ghost Basics, Ghost Mastery, Ghost Supremacy), improved sense (hearing, sight), killing conversion, natural spell (Geas), regeneration 2, repulsive I, superior traveler IV.
   Attacks/Weapons: Hatchet (dmg 1d6 lethal; threat 20; qualities: AP 2, hurl, trip), reflex bow + 40 barbed arrows (dmg 1d6 lethal; threat 20; range 30 ft. × 6; qualities: bleed, poisonous), Bite I (diseased: wendigo fever), Maddening Whispers (damage I: ray 60ft. range; damage type: stress; diseased: wendigo fever)
   Gear: 2 jaw traps
   Treasure: 2T

   A cultist from a group of cannibalistic nature-worshippers who draw no distinction between human flesh and other meats. By transforming into a wendigo, this member has attained a place of particular honor within the cult, having been changed into a more primal form.

   Wendigo Devotee (Medium Fey Horror Walker/Flyer — 101 XP): Str 12, Dex 12, Con 10, Int 10, Wis 10, Cha 10; SZ M (1×1, Reach 1); Spd 30 ft. ground, 80 ft. flight; Init II; Atk III; Def II; Res V; Health II; Comp I; Skills: Impress III, Resolve VI, Sneak VI, Survival III; Qualities: achilles heel (fire, heat), class ability (Assassin: Cold Read 1/session), damage immunity (cold), devoted II (Nature), devour, dread, feat (Ghost Basics, Ghost Mastery, Ghost Supremacy), honorable, interests (Alignment), killing conversion, natural spell (Geas), regeneration 2, repulsive II, superior traveler IV.
   Attacks/Weapons: Ritual weapon, Bite I (diseased: wendigo fever), Maddening Whispers (damage I: ray 60ft. range; damage type: stress; diseased: wendigo fever)
   Gear: Holy book
   Treasure: None
Fantasy Craft / Re: Questions
« Last post by Nuaurpy on November 13, 2017, 10:42:46 AM »
just regular characters, regular stats, no items to boost saves.
A soldier, an assassin/swashbuckler, a scout/deadeye, a courtier/priest, a keeper/alchemist and a sage.

I don't have all the information about your characters so I have to make a few assumptions. Assuming that you just use point buy and so their stats are pretty moderated and assuming they aren't heavily increasing the stat in their bad save and assuming that the expert classes are all level 4/8 in their classes: The Soldier should have a pretty bad reflex save like +4, the Assassin should have a similar Fort save, the Scout/Deadeye should have a +3ish will save, the priest courtier is going to depend on how many levels in each but should also have a terrible reflex save, the Keeper Alchemist should have a +3 reflex. And those are just the really bad ones. When I was quickly checking these I found that many will have around a +6 in their secondary save.

Assuming that they have +2 in all of their save attributes (Being kind of generous here, I imagine some of these are going to line up with dump stats)  just to be safe that means that on their bad saves they should be failing a DC17 50-55% of the time and against their second save around 40% of the time. For the most part their high saves are around +8 so again assuming they have a +2 stat bonus to bring it up to +10 they will only fail that 30% of the time.

So that's a good ratio for the most part. if you're throwing out a reflex AoE that hits all of them you're probably looking at about 2-3 of them failing. Keep in mind you don't want to be throwing around DC 20+ too often because then even their high saves are only looking at around a 50% success rate and failing spell save DCs can suck a lot. I just hit my party with Devotion Hammer a couple session ago and 2/3s of them were stunned for 4 round because they got super unlucky with their saves and rolled between 1-3 on their save. The save on that was DC 14 if the save was instead 20+ that can easily result in a dead party if things go poorly.
Play-by-Post / Re: Recruiting: Chasing Ghosts (Spycraft 2.0)
« Last post by Desertpuma on November 13, 2017, 07:08:55 AM »
Rather do a small team of 3-4 players than a solo adventure. Even a 2 man team would be more preferred.
Play-by-Post / Re: Recruiting: Chasing Ghosts (Spycraft 2.0)
« Last post by LordKruelos on November 13, 2017, 07:00:41 AM »
My initial thought for my character offhand (since we are going to be 3rd level to start) is going to be something in the following realm:

Gifted or Shrewd as a Talent w/Contract Professional, Geek, Journalist or Wanderer as a Specialty and then Classes as Snoop 1/Hacker 1/Faceman 1.

I'm going for a guy who is heavy in Analysis, Investigation, Observation, and Contacts. Pretty broad but I'll fine tune it later. This is not a combat oriented guy at all.

In the event we don't have any other takers, would you like to play a solo adventure?
License to Improvise / Re: Power Moves - Arcade Martial Arts for Mastercraft
« Last post by Morgenstern on November 13, 2017, 04:49:39 AM »
  Well that is a collection of lessons learned about naming bonus types for damage ;).

  "Look alive, men! It's not for naught it's called Shipwreck Island where lie Shipwreck Cove in the town of Shipwreck."

  I'm trying to think of new names for the Feat Tree governing the use of Power Moves, as it's a bit repetitive ::). I have some ideas but I'd like to hear suggestions.

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