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Time to finish up the Species Feats.

For your Level 1 blobo; turns you into Odo from Deep Space 9.  When doing disguise you do not need a separate Actor's Props kit, you suffer no penalties for species and size, learn two new languages, can take Blood Feats, and get a new Skill Mastery pair.

You get a chameleon ability like a Jungle Clutch saurian.  Also, your Disguise and Blend are not linked so adding ranks to Disguise increases Blend too.  Is this retroactive?

Pseudo Smack
Drugs for oozes!  Oh, not that kind of smack.  AP for all your Natural Attacks.  And you get a Stance that lets you trade of one free hand for an extra Tentacle Slap I Attack.  Oh, and while in this Stance you can use Flail Tricks.

Pseudo Smash
You can be in two Stances at once, as long as one is the Stance listed above.  Also, the Grade for that slap is now II instead of I.

Ralgan Manifestation
For picking your kitty.  There is some sidebar fluff with this about some mists ritual, but if that does not fit your setting you are free to ignore it, FC is a toolkit after all.  This feat works like the Elemental Heritage Feat in that it is one Feat for all the different possible options.  So, pick your kitty from the list below:
Bobcat: No Speed penalties from terrain and you get a free Rank and Bonus to Notice.
Cheetah: More Base Speed and a +2 to your Run Multiplier.
Domestic: +1 Charisma and a Rank and Bonus to Impress.
Jaguar: +1 Wis and a Rank and Bonus to Sneak.
Leopard: You can climb faster and get a Rank and Bonus to Survival.
Lion: +1 Cha and you can boost the Disposition of other Kitties (Only other eno), provided they are not enemies.
Lynx: Cold Resistance and Rank and Bonus with Survival.
Ocelot: You can swim.  Also Rank and Bonus to Athletics.
Puma: Jump farther and your height does not limit your jumps.
Tiger: Thick Hide and Rank and Bonus to Intimidate.
A nice variety of simple buffs.  Also, there is an upgrade to make your kitty even better.

Ralgan Maturation
Kitty upgrade.  What you get depends what you picked as your kitty.
Bobcat: When you take advantage of cover it increases by one quarter and you get a Wis boost.
Cheetah: Another speed boost and a Dex boost.
Domestic: You can make others become Fixated with a Taunt and get a boost to Int.
Jaguar: You are harder to Track and get more Wis.
Leopard: More Panache and Int.
Lion: Thick Hide and Strength.
Lynx: Even more Cold Resistance (Bringing it to a quite hefty 10), and some Con to go with it.
Ocelot: Not only can you swim, but you swim fast.  And you get some Charisma.
Puma: Thick Hide and Dex.
Tiger: Your Claw I attack becomes Claw II and you get some Con.
Taken together a nice set of upgrades for any kitty.

Ram Hoof
Gives your centaur a sheep butt.  You become Fey Type, can see in low light, you get horns in the form of a Slam Attack, can Break Fall, Climb, and Tumble, are no longer Lumbering, and can spend 2 AD to boost any Save.  However, you are slower, your size drops to Medium (Though you also get to ignore the Hybrid Body quality and still use Medium Weapons), your Wounds drop because of the size decrease, and you lose Sure-Footed.

Ram Mane
That head butt Slam I you have upgrades to Slam II and you can do your choice of Lethal or Subdual with it at no penalty either way.  And you get a Trick that lets you use your Slam's damage when you Bull Rush.

Raptor Feather
Make your avian a predatory bird.  Your Claw Attack upgrades and you get a Bite I Attack with that sharp beak you now have.  And you get Intimidate as an Origin Skill.

Raptor Wing
Your Claw upgrades again (Claw III, nice), you get a Proficiency point (Which can be spent on Tricks of course), and you get a Rank and Bonus with Intimidate.

Serpent Hoof
Turn your centaur into a yuan... wait, sorry, that is copyright by TOG, umm... *Grabs lamia, scratches out the part about lion body and writes in snake* That works.  Or, how about naga?  Anyway, got quite a list of changes here.  First, get rid of Lumbering, Sure-Footed, Trample, Kick, and Restricted Action (Break Fall, Climb, Tumble).  Now add Cold-Blooded, Squeeze I, Restricted Action (Kick), a +2 Size Modifier for Grapple and Squeeze, and the inability to wear shoes.

Serpent Mane
Dex boost and Grade increase to Squeeze.

Silver Horned
The only other option for a unicorn.  You can Treat Poison or Disease as a Full Action instead of two hours of Downtime.  Your horn becomes a Fencing Blade for Feats, Stances, abilities, etc.  Also you pick a Fencing Blade for it to gain the qualities of.  If you pair this with Legendary Unicorn you can really stack the Qualities on your horn.

Silver Majesty
You get immunity to poisons, your Gore Attack upgrades one Grade, and when you do a Treat Poison or Disease the bonus it provides is doubled.  But you still cannot talk to most people.

Siren's Lure
For an avian with a few Ranks in Impress.  Your bird song is useful for Fixating enemies when you Taunt.  Also you gain the ability to use Charm Person II (Usage limits per Session based on your Species Feats).

Siren's Song
that Charm Person II above becomes Charm Person IV.

Social Animal
+1 Wis and Cha

Stone Daughter
Make your nymph a mountain nymph.  Your home locus becomes a mountain or range of mountains.  You gain Cold Resistance, and some DR that is bypassed by Blunt Weapons.  Also your Path is Earth instead of Beauty, if you wish.  Finally, you can later take Elemental Heritage (Earth) and Elemental Legacy, ignoring the usual restrictions. 

Stone Maiden
Any and all mountains count as a locus for you.  You get a bonus to Con.  And finally if you do take Elemental Legacy (Earth), you do not suffer any penalty (The -1 Starting AD or Blend penalty) for becoming Elemental Type.

Kobold!  Your Thick Hide gets thicker, you get a Bite I, and Light-Sleeper.

Even thicker Thick Hide.  Also you get a Gore I Natural Attack with an AP upgrade.  And you get to count your Species Feats for your Pick on the Big Guy Feat.

Twice-Marked Beast
You need Beast-Marked Elite to take this.  You pick a second beast form.  You ca switch between the two as a Free Action (Once per round) without it counting against use limits.

Urd-Scaled gives you wings!  Not good enough to fly, but you do not suffer Fall Damage as long as you still have voluntary control of your body.  You can jump without your height limiting you, and the distance is doubled.  However, all of this only applies when you are not wearing more than Partial Armor, Moderate or Full Armor prevents all these abilities from working.

Winged Flight!  Also you can choose to up your Size to Small if you want.

Water Daughter
Water nymph.  Pick a body of water be it a river, lake, etc to be your locus.  You can hold your breath longer under water.  When you Refresh in Aquatic Terrain you can use your Appearance in place of the AD result for how much Vitality you recover if the AD rolls lower than your Appearance.  As with the other nymph stuff, this includes the option to take a different Path, this time, as you might guess, it is Path of Water.  Also you can take Elemental Heritage/Legacy (Water).

Water Feather
Darn you alphabetization for ruining the flow!  Make your Level 1 avian a water bird.  You get a Swim Speed and get a bonus to Swim Checks, however your webbed feet lose their Claw Attack.

Water Maiden
Back to the nymph.  All natural water is your locus.  You get a bonus with Blend Checks in Aquatic Terrain, and you heal some Vitality based on your Appearance the first time per Scene when you enter natural water.  Also if you take Elemental Legacy (Water) you can become Elemental Type without penalty.

Water Wing
And back to the avian again.  You can hold your breath longer and can cast Water Walk on yourself, the usual Natural Spell usage limits apply.

Wing Basics
For anything with Winged Flight.  While flying you are considered a Size larger for Bull Rush and Trip Checks, as well as the Shove Trick (If you have the Trick that is).  You also get a Trick that lets you use your Dex in place of Str when doing a Bull Rush while flying.  I find it odd that the usage limit on this Trick is based on Melee Combat Feats and not Species Feats; a drake for example is unlikely to have any Melee Combat Feats since they cannot use melee weapons.

Wing Mastery
You can use your wings to Trip within Close Quarters.  And you get a Trick to go with this new ability.  If you use your wings to trip, and are successful against a target of equal or lesser size, the target is also knocked back five feet.

Wing Supremacy
More Flight Speed.  And a Trick to go with your Wing Buffet Ability (Which you get automatically for having wings).  The Trick changes the area of effect from a cone equal to your flight speed to a line equal to half your flight speed, and as wide as you are.  However, the Save DC becomes your Athletics Bonus instead of your Strength Score; while early on your Strength Score will likely be higher, your Athletics Bonus will quickly pass it if you keep investing in the Skill.

Wingling Blood
You become two Sizes smaller (To a Min of D), your speed is halved (Min 10), and you get winged flight, Acrobatics as an Origin Skill, and do not need as much food.  Usual Blood Feat stuff applies.

And that concludes the Species Feats.  Next time we finish up with the Style and Terrain Feats.  Then we get to move on to the new Paths and Tricks.
Fantasy Craft / Re: Questions
« Last post by Takeru on October 14, 2016, 06:11:24 AM »
Yeah! The idea, I guess, is that when you spend the whole crafting to make the meal you're making a PRESERVED meal that's able to travel around in your inventory and be used at any time during that adventure. The Improvisation rules are for when you're making individual meals. You can't make "Fresh" meals using this system, but that's the sort of thing you have to buy fresh-picked or pick yourself. You can turn nearly any set of food into a "Filling" or "Comfort" food, but "Fresh" is all about that home grown natural healthiness that comes from good produce or a freshly killed meal.
Fantasy Craft / Re: Questions
« Last post by Slashes-With-Claws on October 14, 2016, 04:56:22 AM »
Something the party realized in the game I run, as one of the players likes having their character cook, is that many simple food items have a complexity of 5D or 7D.  Page 73 says you can Improvise an item with a complexity of 5D or 7D.  Food made this way is only good for that Scene, instead of the Adventure, but if you just want to whip up a quick meal or make a pot of coffee, there you go.
Play-by-Post / Re: [OOC] Way of the Wicked
« Last post by Ares on October 14, 2016, 03:03:40 AM »
Do we? Bleed comes automatically with the gore attack, so that would be a bit redundant.

Not to mention, that the scarcity of AD in this campaign (*cough*) would make that an exceedingly expensive option.
Play-by-Post / Re: [OOC] Way of the Wicked
« Last post by Mister Andersen on October 14, 2016, 02:52:44 AM »
I thought we were using 1 AD=bleeding, 2 AD=direct-to-wound?
Play-by-Post / Re: (IC) Way of the Wicked II: Call Forth Darkness
« Last post by Ares on October 13, 2016, 11:49:40 PM »
Creamor weathered what the demon had to offer in terms of violence and went on the offensive, trying to drive the demon back over the banister.

Spoiler: show
Creamor flurries and uses the shove trick, assuming that the demon is standing on his prone form, he should be relatively higher than the banister  ;D

Three attacks:

Most likely a miss, unless the demon is flatfooted and not particularly good at defense

Crit: I'll drop an action die to do wound damage

Fortitude Save vs. 14 to avoid bleeding

Even more likely a miss

Creamor uses a 5 ft step to move to F9

Play-by-Post / Re: [IC] The Secret of Kung's Island
« Last post by Ares on October 13, 2016, 11:45:26 PM »
'Badge of Authority recognized.

Maintenance active.
Defenses inactive.
Lava flow inactive.
Vault closed.
Manufacturing inactive.

For remote view touch surface.'

As Megaros placed his hand on the mirror he suddenly became aware of another room. It's walls were grey, featureless, smooth almost mirror like stone. Crates of iron stood at it's center on wooden pallets. At the back of the room two small bookshelves stood, filled with leather bound folios.

Strewn across the floor lay mummified corpses. Their faded clothes indicated a mix of glass workers and clerks. Some had died near the door, looking as if they had hammered against it. Broken fingernails told a gruesome story of panic and despair. Some had just sunken to the ground and lay there as if they were sleeping. Others had just sat against the wall and sunken their heads on there folded arms.

In total, Megaros counted 11 corpses.
Fantasy Craft / Re: Questions
« Last post by TKDB on October 13, 2016, 10:37:42 PM »
Is it just me, or do the standard Crafting rules result in some rather oddly lengthy downtime requirements when it comes to ordinary cooking?

Even with pre-supplied ingredients (ie, raw materials or silver), you need a 26 or more to make three servings of anything fancier than a common meal in a one full day. Granted, cooking was a somewhat more time-consuming in the days before modern kitchen conveniences, but that's still pretty crazy. To be able to pull that off consistently, you need to be a veritable master chef, and even then you're still taking an entire day to feed just three people.

Is it just something where you should kind of abstract it out into doing the actual Crafting check during a longer stretch of downtime in preparation for an adventure? Or should there maybe be a campaign quality or something to reduce cooking times (perhaps step it down to a scale of hours, at least if you're contributing ingredients)?
Fantasy Craft / Re: Fantasy Craft Second Printing Q&A Thread
« Last post by Slashes-With-Claws on October 13, 2016, 04:51:42 PM »
So, if my character has Thick Hide which counts as partial armor (And is not wearing any other armor) and is a Soldier Class does the Defense Bonus from Armor Use apply?

Yep. Likewise, if you had Armor Mastery/Supremacy, you would get those feats' benefits as well (Armor Basics of course being irrelevant to you since Thick Hide has no DP, ACP, or speed penalty).

Huh.  I had actually never thought about that idea.  Interesting.
Play-by-Post / Re: [IC] The Secret of Kung's Island
« Last post by Fiendbasher on October 13, 2016, 04:23:37 PM »
Vashkar stalked over and shut the door to the hall. He then  stayed near it, with his head canted slightly to the side, listening for anything that might go past on the other side, while trying to keep one eye on the mirror.
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