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March 30, 2015, 09:16:34 AM
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 on: March 26, 2015, 03:37:16 AM 
Started by spinningdice - Last post by paddyfool
Drin is furious with rage, rage at shoddy failures of scrolls, slippery scroll cases and sentries that just couldn't go to sleep.

Let's see how you like this, he thinks... and summons up the biggest, meanest demon he can bring forth, positioning it between the men and their horses, before taking a single step back into the darkness.

(click to show/hide)

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 on: March 26, 2015, 02:09:37 AM 
Started by TheAuldGrump - Last post by Valentina
The Armata: the next gen Russian MBT.

 on: March 26, 2015, 12:07:47 AM 
Started by Crafty_Pat - Last post by TKDB
The Wheeled feat for Unborn says that you suffer double the normal penalty from a broken "leg" critical injury. However, the Construct type rules say that the only kind of critical injury a construct can suffer is "severe internal damage". Should constructs also be subject to broken limbs (perhaps with similar alterations undead get for what values on the Table of Ouch roll produce such an injury) in addition to severe internal damage?

 on: March 26, 2015, 12:01:48 AM 
Started by Antilles - Last post by Mister Andersen
Character      Initiative   Action, Round 1
AD: ?
(click to show/hide)
   1d20+8=26   ...
Sentry (Ranger1)
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   1d20+3=23   (F)Total Defence. (Fr)Rousing comrades.
(Fr)Notice check vs. Creamor's Blend: 1d20+2=22 vs. 1d20-3=13 (win, threat)
AD: 2
(click to show/hide)
   (F)Cast. (Fr)5' step
(click to show/hide)
   1d20+2=22   (H) Waking up (entangled, sprawled). (H) Getting up (sprawled)
(click to show/hide)
   1d20+2=21   (H) Waking up (entangled, sprawled). (H) Getting up (sprawled)
(click to show/hide)
   1d20=20   ...
AD: 2
(click to show/hide)
   1d20+9=19   (H)Ready whip. (H) Cast Shield (autosucceed).
AD: 2
(click to show/hide)
   1d20+3=19   ...
(click to show/hide)
   1d20+2=16   (H) Waking up (entangled, sprawled). (H) Getting up (sprawled)
(click to show/hide)
   1d20+2=13   (H) Waking up (entangled, sprawled). (H) Getting up (sprawled)
AD: 1
(click to show/hide)
   (H) Ready weapon. (H) Move.
(click to show/hide)
   1d20+2=10   (H) Waking up (entangled, sprawled). (H) Getting up (sprawled)
(click to show/hide)
   1d20+2=10   (H) Waking up (entangled, sprawled). (H) Getting up (sprawled)
(click to show/hide)
   1d20=9   ...
AD: ?
(click to show/hide)
   1d20+1=4   (H)sheath the knife. (H)ready the bow.

GM Action Dice: 8+(2x2)+1=13

 on: March 25, 2015, 10:15:26 PM 
Started by Crafty_Pat - Last post by Morgenstern
Let me add that the inclusion of an hyperspace interdictor as one of the imperial capital ships (the one with four large globes bulging out of the wedge hull) makes me squee.


That is all.

(still looking for my jaw. getting hungry and running low on soup and yogurt)

 on: March 25, 2015, 10:10:38 PM 
Started by Valentina - Last post by Morgenstern
Power corrupts. PowerPoint corrupts absolutely. Evil

 on: March 25, 2015, 09:33:28 PM 
Started by Morgenstern - Last post by Morgenstern
  I look forward to hearing back from some live testing Smiley.

  Self-ebbing makes for good 'comeback' mechanics because they are always ready but they risk less for the character who is already behind the curve. Underdog mechanics where you are just plain better while the tide is against you are also good fodder for heroic options Smiley.

  Honestly, I can't wait to hear back on a courtier or similar talky PC taking Nettle. That's gonna be diabolical... Without any other investment in combat ability that should make your frontliners LOVE YOU (like they had a choice, heh heh hehhh...). When I was putting Nettle together I was thinking "this is the Captain Kirk attack!"

 on: March 25, 2015, 09:22:31 PM 
Started by Valentina - Last post by MilitiaJim
PowerPoint is a tool of the Devil.

 on: March 25, 2015, 09:12:11 PM 
Started by Morgenstern - Last post by Medwyn
I really like this idea and will quickly fold it into my games.

I'm also toying with the idea of a feat that grants a stance where you gain DR against attacks that have a Higher Initiative. A way to screw being fast just being there to last.

 on: March 25, 2015, 08:50:50 PM 
Started by Morgenstern - Last post by Morgenstern
Why the increased movement distance for Aim vs. the existing version?

  Overall shift towards readiness to manage more contemporary conflicts and a 'run and gun' paradigm (or at least gun and scuttle Smiley). Aim RAW is also kinda weak even as an available-to-all default combat action. Giving up an attack to gain a +1 on other attacks which you lose if your target more than twitches is an iffy trade.

I believe there are LtI feats whose benefits include increasing the existing 5' distance.  This starts to break those if used in conjunction, and I don't see the underlying reasoning.

  If they don't already allow for greater motion than 15' per round, they can likely be tweaked pretty easily. Tracking cascade effects in official rules is challenging enough. Some LtI stuff just won't match up as written.

I find the use of Resolve vice Sense Motive an interesting choice.  Re-reading Resolve I see the appeal, though Resolve (Wis) might be better than Resolve (Con)?  Frankly, it's just nice to see more uses for Resolve.

  Finding more uses for Constitution was on my mind, but Wisdom may be better. (It'd be Determination in new pie, an attribute which exists pretty much specifically to catch things in the gap between those two attributes)

Fwiw to anybody, the roll20 initiative tracker lends itself well to this -- adjusting the current initiative value of a character/mob on the fly (possibly multiple times) without changing their position is trivial.  Then, at the end of the round, re-sort.  Ties can be dragged up or down as needed.  I think trying to do this by hand would be a bit of book keeping??

  Some, but I think the changes will actually be a bit less frequent than seeing them all in one place implies and that should keep the book keeping only slightly more demanding than the baseline system.

I can see the tactical benefits of going last/later in the initiative track (assuming I'm still alive Grin).  Then my attempts to ebb another character's initiative would dominate, until I dragged them down to my level.  Wink

  If just looking at it inspires tactics... then it's working Smiley.

(Finally, not to be nit-picky, but you might want to capitalize the use of aim when talking about the action, just as you've done with Sense Motive and Distract?)

  Good eye. Fixed.

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