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October 02, 2014, 12:01:11 PM
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 on: September 29, 2014, 01:38:57 PM 
Started by DW - Last post by Nuaurpy
There's also that this class has a Spell Point progression that it literally cannot use unless you multiclass out of the class into a "proper" caster at some point.

Spell points: low is 0 spell points. Every class that has no spell points is considered to have low spell points

 on: September 29, 2014, 01:37:20 PM 
Started by DW - Last post by Nuaurpy
I think there's a good class buried in here. A skirmishing self buffer. Most of what TKDB said is accurate, I disagree with them on lifting the jump cap though, it makes sense when you look at what his spells are actually supposed to do.

From the top these are my suggestions, many of them will reflect what has already been said by the others.

Replace acrobatics with resolve, if that's your spell casting skill then it needs to be required. Combat focus seems in flavour of the class but then you immediately take away it's functionality by making sure that it's only used for generating edge. What if you changed that to "Whenever you use your combat focus it generates edge." you keep the self buff aspect and still make edge, it's not longer a painful choice or completely changing what people might have wanted the feat for in the first place. drop mobility basics as a feat prereq, nothing in the class needs or uses it, lucky break gives you edge for free each scene (acting like your starting spell points)

Your core ability should be a part of your first level ability. If this isn't your first expert class you won't get the core ability making the rest of this class nearly impossible to play. This should be something cool and flavourful, but not something that people will not take the class over if they can't get it.

Covert feats don't really fit with this class at all. I know that you could make some of them fit but this class doesn't have any covert skills, you'd basically be shoehorned into the Ambush, Garrote, or Mobility trees, if you don't use a garrote your options get slimmer, and ambush doesn't really fit the characters design. Go for chance which will grant edge generation and also feel like that "give it everything you have" motif that I get from this class.

Light as a Feather is good except the way that it limits armour. Is the armour limited by coverage and you meant partial armour, or by weight. I'm guessing coverage, but then why does partial plate hinder more than moderate padded armour? I'd just say when not wearing armour. Or change the limitations to not wearing full armour (which completely restricts jump checks anyway.)

Stiff as a board is good except when compared to earlier things in the class. Why give him charge attack after giving him charging basics? I'd change the level 2 feat to something else, or because 4/8 are usually the feat slots move charge attack to level two and find a feat that you can put here. Also light fittings don't actually change an armours coverage so those weren't restricted to begin with. What about something like "When wearing full armour the "Name here" can still jump as though he was unarmoured, although he is still restricted by his height.

Adrenaline is power is something that this class needs pretty bad, but it's also very open to abuse. with a feat like surge of speed or even just using club basics to move them and then move adjacent to them could make this an ability that essentially just says "Gain 1 edge per round." I think that this needs to be a little earlier in the class, maybe switch it with Adrenaline is life.

for over 9000 giving yourself a huge boost to edge... but then making it so you don't need it for the rest of the fight seems odd. What about something like "Once per session you may spend up to 5 edge to regain 5 vitality per edge spent in this fashion. For the remainder of the combat the "Name here" can spend vitality as though it were edge for the purposes of spell casting"

 on: September 29, 2014, 01:17:13 PM 
Started by DW - Last post by Gatac
There's also that this class has a Spell Point progression that it literally cannot use unless you multiclass out of the class into a "proper" caster at some point. The "caster level zero" prereq actually reminds of the Intruder expert class from way back in Shadowforce Archer, and while I can see why you have that thematically, in my opinion classes that have fluff prereqs like this are a sign that your concept is too narrow for how FantasyCraft expert classes are expected to work. I think that accounts for TKDB's feeling that you're mushing up two general ability sets that don't interact much - it feels to me like you're trying to duplicate the diverse abilities of one specific character you had in mind for this.

That said, I like the idea of trading Combat Focus for edge, and letting different feat trees count for uses. (That should probably be widened to the standard "Count as Basic Combat Feats for the purposes of class abilities and feats" language, though, along with rethinking which feat trees you want to include.) Have you looked at Morg's take on the Jedi Watchman? That class also cues off Combat Focus in an even more involved way, you might find something worth pilfering there.

As for an Edge generator, you really need one outside of the Core Ability. Have you considered something akin to Strut, a Martial Artist ability? Basically, it gives you a small action die if you spend a half action posing after a successful attack. I think something along those lines that lets you trade a half action for a point of Edge (building up your power?) would do nicely.

I'm not strictly against coupling the class to Covert feats, not least because I made a covert feat chain for combat parcour and such which gets into the problems of building Edge through momentum, but I'm wary of building this into the class as frankly, outside of Mobility, the official Covert feats just don't synergize well with what you're trying to do. If you're gonna dig into Covert, you should think about what's in that tree other than the Mobility chain, and figure out whether that other stuff can fit into what you want to do with the class or if there's a better feat tree a class user would have more motivation to buy into.

 on: September 29, 2014, 01:02:00 PM 
Started by TheAuldGrump - Last post by Krensky
I've said it before, but the only thing really worth conquering the Earth (from a rational/economic standpoint) for is the real estate or the natives.

 on: September 29, 2014, 12:12:23 PM 
Started by DW - Last post by meatwadf
I have to agree with TKDB on pretty much everything. My first advice would be to drop the two feats you currently have as requirements, and look at Lucky Break, first and foremost as a requirement. Also, replace that acrobatics with resolve, for sure. Oh, and may wanna add sorcery campaign quality as a requirement.

 on: September 29, 2014, 11:47:29 AM 
Started by TheAuldGrump - Last post by Agent 333
Any sci fi movie saying aliens are on earth for water must first explain why they ignored Europa and Saturn's rings before I can take them seriously. Earth isn't even the most abundant source of water in the solar system, never mind outer space. Hydrogen and oxygen are two of the most common elements in the universe, and they tend to combine with each other quite easily and violently. It would be much more implausible for there to be a dearth of extra solar water.

 on: September 29, 2014, 10:33:44 AM 
Started by DW - Last post by TKDB
The basic concept is interesting, but this class is super unfocused. You've got it running spellcasting off Edge, but hardly anything in the class facilitates that. Your core ability lets you convert Combat Focus uses to Edge, but the core ability shouldn't be where you put effects that are vital to the class's intended function in the first place, as it's possible to take the class without getting the core ability. (I know, the name "core ability" is something of a misnomer like that.) Past that, the class doesn't really facilitate gaining Edge at all until you get to level 8 (I'm assuming Adrenaline is Power is supposed to come at level 8, though it doesn't mention as much). Your gamebreaker lets you get 5 Edge for free once per session...but then lets you use vitality rather than Edge to cast your spells when you do so?

You give bonus feats from the Basic Combat and Covert trees, but there are only two Basic Combat feat chains that give Edge (Aggro and Giant Slayer), and none in Covert. Pretty much all the feats that give Edge are in Chance, Melee Combat, and Unarmed Combat, so I'd expect an Edge-focused class to give Chance and either Melee or Unarmed Combat feats. I can see giving Basic Combat feats instead of Melee or Unarmed to allow the class to be equally suitable for both melee and unarmed styles, but the Covert feats feel totally out of place (they don't even really help the mobile style, seeing as you already have the big one for that in the prereqs), while the Edge use that you say is supposed to be the driving factor for the class gets forgotten.

Your B-slot abilities (level 2/7) should really be more connected. The feat tree crossover for determining Combat Focus uses is fitting, but you're throwing that in with feats that are totally unrelated both to each other and to the supposed focus of the class. The feats given should be part of the same chain, or at the very least synergize for a particular style.

The D-slot (level 4/8) is likewise something of a hodgepodge. What does lifting the Jump cap have to do with Charge Attack? What do either of those have to do with Edge? (I'm also a little confused as to why the upgrade allows you to keep your Defense bonus in moderate armor if that armor is partial armor with heavy fittings, but not if it's just plain moderate armor.)

Even the prereqs are pretty unfocused. Expert and Master class prereqs have a little more space for things that are more thematic than strictly required, but the same rule used for feat prereqs still applies as a less ironclad guideline: First and foremost, what do you absolutely need to have for this to even be functional? Combat Focus is there for the core ability, but otherwise does basically nothing for the class. Acrobatics and Mobility Basics are there because you want the class to be mobile, but they have no bearing on the Edge stuff, and really even for the mobile skirmisher approach the class is pretty unfocused, just giving a smattering of vaguely mobility-related benefits. Finally, you've got a class-defining ability that uses Resolve checks, but no Resolve prereq? A good rule of thumb is that if an Expert or Master class is going to rely on a certain skill, you should have some number of ranks in that skill as a prereq.

Essentially, it feels like two classes (a mobile skirmisher type and an Edge-powered self-buffer) got haphazardly smushed together. I have some concerns about the Edge-powered casting itself, but frankly I can't really properly assess that with the class being in its present unfocused form.

 on: September 29, 2014, 08:51:17 AM 
Started by jameswllorimer - Last post by jameswllorimer
Note that I'm a Sydneysider who's only spent a day in enemy territory Melbourne. Basically because of what we refer to as the 'Australia Tax', whereby prices are often inflated well above the additional cost of import, virtually everything will be relatively more expensive, but your having  access to savings in pounds which are usually 2:1 to the aussie dollar most times means you're comparatively rich. Also, all your media runs on exactly the same formats -- yay PAL and region 2/4 interchangability.

Many thanks for the information, I'd seen a couple of the links already but it's always nice to have more. I certainly will be trying to get as much in the shipping container before I set off!

I'm in Melbourne. Neck deep in work ATM but contact me when you arrive.

Thanks Catodon, I'll be arriving late on the 18th, with I'm guessing sketchy access to the internet for a bit, but if you're free and fancy a game of, well anything, sometime then I'm up for it! I'll PM you when I hit the southern 'sphere.

 on: September 29, 2014, 07:09:49 AM 
Started by meatwadf - Last post by meatwadf
Thanks for catching the Witch that was still in there.

I'm not too happy with the wording, but the "anti-magic" is supposed to be sort of a nega magic that the focus of the Mage Hunter generates. Sort of supposed to be a bit ironic, since yes, they hunt mages for the abilities they wield.

Spell Defense is actually in their core ability, as you'll see, while spell reflection may come down the road. Wink This is meant to showcase only the first few levels, currently.

Thanks for the interest! Trust me, every little bit is welcome, even notes on wording.

 on: September 29, 2014, 06:52:55 AM 
Started by SilvercatMoonpaw - Last post by SilvercatMoonpaw
That said, these feel odd to me. I don't know, the idea of being able to select any combination of spells is off-putting to me. I feel like they should be constrained in some way; by school or discipline, perhaps, but that's still not quite the right feeling.
I can see that: there's not much flavor in them being open.  But I don't think the feats themselves need to have those constraints hard-coded (at least flavor-wise): they're intended to be generic choices that can then be reflavored by GMs and players based on their concept for spells chosen.

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