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Mistborn Adventure Game / Stormy Weather: Callout for suggestions
« Last post by Herowannabe on March 21, 2017, 11:03:44 PM »
Hey all, so tomorrow I'll be meeting with my bi-weekly MAG group, and I'm looking for any tips/suggestions people may have for a scenario I want to run. I'm pretty sure none of my players check this site, but if one of them does happen across this, stop reading and turn back now lest I smite you with the GM-hammer.


Okay, here's the scenario: They're currently on a small ship sailing the southern ocean, and I want to have them encounter a storm. I imagine that the storms would be something fierce- hurricane level surely- since the ocean is further south and closer to the extreme heat of the equatorial regions of Scadrial.

I'd like to run it as sort of an extended-contest, except obviously they're not competing with anyone, just the effects of the storm. If any of you have read the Justice, Like Ash adventure (and if you have, please don't spoil anything in here for those that haven't), I have in mind a structure something like the extended contest outlined on pg 179. If you haven't read JLA, basically, I want an outline of around 6+ different rounds, calling upon different attributes/standings/powers/etc depending on the situation, with various consequences for failure and possible rewards for success.

Anyway, I created a google spreadsheet with a rough outline of what I have in my head right now. I'd love for anyone to help me fill in the blanks, especially if you have any sort of knowledge of sailing terminologies and procedures. Or just have any ideas that might be epic and exciting. I should note that one way or the other, this is going to end with the crew shipwrecked, the scenario is all about playing through the experience of braving the storm.

EDIT: So after I posted this I kept working on the scenario and one step led naturally to the next and I think I have a fairly decent scenario planned out, and was even able to work out some semblance of "success" if the crew rolls well. I'd still love it if anyone wanted to look it over and offer suggestions though. Thanks!

And if anyone ever wants to run a similar scenario, feel free to steal any/all of the ideas I laid out. I wrote it in such a way that it could be adapted to other crews.
Off-Topic / Re: Mass Effect: Andromeda discussion thread
« Last post by Valentina on March 21, 2017, 06:33:17 PM »
Wooooo, big things!

Some epic exploration, some visceral gunfights, and asari swords come with a free dash-and-slash technique!

Much bueno, great gott alrighty. Having a good time. ;D

Discovered the Explorer class. Interesting stuff, but what's intriguing are little tweaks like how my boost and jump animations changed. Wonder if others do so as well. Explorers are kinda what I've been trying to do all along: everything. Biotics, ballistics, and battle techs. Quite the welcome option.

Complaints are lack of easy loadout tuning on ship, lack of any place to practice with new weapons before deploying and lack of a gun on the Nomad. Also the sad shortage of Tempest flight porn.

Otherwise? Hopes remain high and are even being satisfied. 8.8!

Oh, and augmentations remain tantalizing. +30% RoF while hovering? What!? :o
Ten Thousand Bullets / Re: Pinging the Crafty Lads
« Last post by RichardAshenden on March 21, 2017, 06:28:03 PM »
Has 10K Bullets been released yet?
Fantasy Craft / Re: Trained Skill
« Last post by TKDB on March 21, 2017, 11:17:58 AM »
The full description of the Trained Skill essence explicitly waives the need for tools:

Quote from: Fantasy Craft 2nd Printing p. 198, emphasis mine
The item ensures you’re always trained with checks made using 1 skill, even if you lack the proper tools.

So yes, this is precisely within the intended scope of the effect. How exactly that works is up to the GM to decide, but given this is a magic item, there are plenty of possibilities.

Having raw materials to work on is another story, but that's something that's more or less up to GM discretion to begin with. Given that spending coin/materials from your own inventory is always an optional investment that simply speeds up the process, I've always figured that doing a little legwork to scrounge up materials is an abstracted-out component of the downtime needed for crafting.
Off-Topic / Re: Mass Effect: Andromeda discussion thread
« Last post by MilitiaJim on March 21, 2017, 06:02:42 AM »
Wait a sec... Isn't that voice?... *actress lookup engine go!* Yeah, Katy Townsend, aka Cait from Fallout 4.  Huh.  Neat.
Oh really?  Time to set up my settlements to run themselves and go look for Cait.
Fantasy Craft / Re: Trained Skill
« Last post by Takeru on March 21, 2017, 04:57:59 AM »
A check can count as trained but still be impossible to perform. You can't smith weapons without anything to smith or anything to smith with.

Though there are ways to make your own mini forges and furnaces out in the wild using simple, portable tools. You don't always have to be in a big blacksmithery to get some metalwork done, but you at least need SOMETHING to do your forging with. Leniant GMs might allow a drake fire breath to work, but at the end of the day you can't make something from nothing using nothing.
Fantasy Craft / Re: Talking about Spellbound/FC magic in general.
« Last post by SilvercatMoonpaw on March 21, 2017, 04:42:07 AM »
I suppose to provide another perspective on the shapeshifting issue:

Maybe there should be a Call to Arms dedicated class for shapeshifting.  It means people can get their fix while the balance can be controlled by not being beholden to the magic/caster system or D&D legacy issues.

Though that's probably too much work for Crafty A&P.  Just spitballing wishes here.
Fantasy Craft / Re: Trained Skill
« Last post by TheVastator on March 21, 2017, 03:34:17 AM »
having ranks in a skill doesn't mean that you actually have also the equipment necessary to use the skill, so I'd say no.
Fantasy Craft / Trained Skill
« Last post by Kadrok on March 20, 2017, 11:34:51 PM »
So regarding the Lesser Essence: Trained Skill. Am I right in thinking having an item enchanted with "Lesser Essence: Trained Skill (Spellcasting)" is basically the same as having a Mage's Pouch, or a Drake-weapon?

And if a blacksmith had a ring enchanted with "Lesser Essence: Trained Skill (Crafting)" can they basically smith in the wilderness with no tools?
Play-by-Post / Re: [IC] The Secret of Kung's Island
« Last post by MikeS on March 20, 2017, 10:07:25 PM »
Spoiler: show

MikeS: Initiative [ d20+7 = 20 ]
MikeS: Knowledge [ d20+10 = 20 ]
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