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Play-by-Post / Re: [OOC] Way of the Wicked
« Last post by Ares on December 07, 2016, 11:58:09 PM »
Save vs. shaken:

20 vs. DC 12 (5 Stress total)
Play-by-Post / Re: [OOC] Way of the Wicked
« Last post by Mister Andersen on December 07, 2016, 10:45:47 PM »
Well, shit. My abject appologies.

I've been so absolutely hammered by the past month that I hadn't realised how much time had gone by. Everytime I sat down to update, something would always grab me. I'm off to deal with one such thing now.

Here's most of the combat round. I'll finish it later tonight.

V: 6/156
W: 0/21
Grumblejack roars fiercely as he hurls the body of the beast aside and finally rises once more to his feet, anger and bloodlust suffusing him. Scooping up his mighty axe, he roars a challenge at the remaining foe but it falls on indifferent ears

Spoiler: show

Reposition. Taunt (action fails)

V: 0/70
W: 0/14
Seeing one of the great shaggy beasts fall, Aiden is filled with determination to end the fight quickly. In one smooth move he places his shield on the opposite shoulder while shifting his stance so that side is facing the remaining daemon, then leaps at the daemon shield first, shifting as much of his weight behind it as he can as well as aiming it as high on the daemon as he can.

Unfortunately his charge is met with a large dismissive backhand slap against his shield that sends the fallen knight spinning off into the wall and thence onto his knees with a thunderous clash of metal against stone.

Spoiler: show

Bullrush fails; reposition 5' and sprawled


V: 44/???, 100/???
W: 0/???, 23/???
The remaining creature seems momentarily torn about what it should do -- advance towards the one near the altar, strike the one it's just floored, and see to the ogre are all valid options. But it settles on 'Return the favour of killing my companion' and rounds on Creamor.

As had Grumblejack it roars, but this isn't a challenge. Rather it's a threat of violent and prolonged death, a threat that hits home on its intended target but perhaps too well. The cringe it induces in the devil man pulls him narrowly but sufficiently out of the way of the bolt of crackling energy that follows the roar, leaving him slightly singed but unharmed.

Spoiler: show

Threaten: 28 vs 24, success. Inflict 5 stress damage.
Attack: Lightning bolt. Misses

V: 0/70
W: 0/14
S: 7/12

V: 0/45
W: 0/13

V: 0/54
W: 0/14
S: 4/10
The memory of the feeling of the demon's heart bursting is a bastion against the menace offered by  Creamor's foe and he clutches to it. "Come Grumblejack!" he cries boldly. "Let's not let this other one feel lonely!"

Charging forward, the devil-man sinks his fangs into suddenly vulnerable daemonic flesh.

Spoiler: show
The bite delivers 10 damage

V: 0/60
W: 0/12

License to Improvise / Re: [Notebook] Origin creation options
« Last post by SilvercatMoonpaw on December 07, 2016, 05:56:53 PM »
Have you ever thought of a drawback that requires extra food?  We have Lean Season, but what about in the opposite direction?
License to Improvise / Re: Talking Animal PCs
« Last post by SilvercatMoonpaw on December 07, 2016, 08:11:50 AM »
The Equine species entry is done.  The Equine species feats are in-progress: the donkey feats are done, but I still need to do the mechanics for pegasus feat level 2 and the text for pegasus feat level 1.
EDIT: After some consideration I decided to dispense with pegasus being its own species feat an simply made a feat for adding winged flight.  It doesn't have the same flavor, but it means you can add wings to any animal.

It would be nice as I go forward if people could focus some attention on critiquing my flavor text.  The semi-flowery/epic style of Fantasy Craft is not my writing strength.
License to Improvise / Re: Talking Animal PCs
« Last post by Morgenstern on December 07, 2016, 04:10:00 AM »
I recently saw Disney's CG Jungle Book (okay, Mowgli's real, but he doesn't count).  And I consider it epic.

  I would consider you correct :).

This needs to be doable in Fantasy Craft!

So I am giving myself the task of making it so.  Fortunately I started a long time ago.  Also the Warg exists, negating the need for me to make a Wolf (and providing the basis for a Hyena feat*).  Of course given Species Feats I don't need to make every kind of animal their own full entry.

Hopefully in time this will be worthy of one of those fancy PDFs.

  I like this plan, and I admit, Big Jim's layout work inspires me to push a little harder too.

  I keep churning out new tools over in my Origin Creations options. Hopefully something there will help or inspire :).

Of particular interest to me is when you find you can't do something... as that's usually inspiration to create a solution!
Mistborn Adventure Game / Re: Making Conflicts Riskier
« Last post by Herowannabe on December 06, 2016, 11:21:10 PM »
Ditto what Kurkistan said: complications are suppose to apply in combat, but most people forget to do it. Truth be told I usually forget to apply complications during regular challenges.  ::)

Plus I usually find that I want conflicts to extend longer- not end sooner- so I'd be more inclined to tweak things in favor of making combat less dangerous. For example, I've toyed around for a while with the idea of putting a cap on how many nudges can be applied towards damage. Probably 0-1 nudges. The rest would have to be applied towards other nudgey type things, like causing your opponent to stumble (-1D to his next dice pool) or gaining an advantageous position (+1D to your next dice pool) or taking 1 step for free or etc. I think it would make combat far more interesting than "I hit with my axe and 3 nudges- that's 7 damage. Opponent now has a grave burden and only 4 health remaining."
Fantasy Craft / Re: Mysterious Freelancer Revealed! Plus Spellbound Status Report!
« Last post by Bhurano on December 06, 2016, 06:58:19 PM »
There actually I'd a way to do just that within the bounds of the rules: be the DM, and give your BBEG the Everlasting quality. Of course, you should never put something g like that in the hands of a player.

You know, giving that a player could be awesome.
As a GM just make it clear that it will cut both ways and that it WILL be featuring prominently in the story.
I mean, just because someone can come back from death, doesn't mean that people/the setting couldn't mess with him. >:D

Actually, I know a buddy who would LOVE that quality for his divine emissary.
If you'll excuse me, I'll have to write something down. ;D

We're still unsure. Mistborn House War and Nosh! are taking priority in the queue, but we generally don't update on this because a) our schedule shifts all the time, and b) we don't particularly like bringing non-updates just to get peoples' hopes up or invite questions as to our decision-making process. It's on the schedule, but until Pat's schedule clears up a bit more there will be no progress.

Best of luck with the new releases. :)
License to Improvise / Re: New kind of class?
« Last post by Morgenstern on December 06, 2016, 03:07:57 PM »
  And on the next page of Psonic Powers we find inspiration for...

  Time Bender [Seed Class]
  Call it a knack. A little something most people never even notice. But when you're this lucky... it ain't luck.
  In your campaign, a Time Bender could be…
•   A guardian of history armed with the very force they're sworn to protect
•   A being of prophecy, able to see the world for what it truly is
•   A dreamer, shaper, singer, and maker.
•   A clockwork artisan tinkering with the gears of reality

  Power: Stolen Moments. Your weapon -- and battlefield -- is time itself. Seconds are the most precious of all currency and by that measure you are rich indeed.
  Party Role: Specialist/Backer. While impressive on your own, your greatest achievements will often require the use of levers... what other people might call friends.

  Class Features
  Favored Attributes: Intelligence, Dexterity
  Class Skills: Acrobatics, Blend, Bluff, Disguise, Haggle, Impress, Intimidate, Investigate, Notice, Resolve, Search, Tactics
  Skill Points: 8 + Int modifier
  Vitality: 6 + Con modifier per level
  Starting Weapon Proficiencies: 3

  Core Ability
  Tick & Tock: You gain two d8 action dice at the beginning of each scene. These dice may only be spent to boost your skill checks and are discarded at the end of the scene if not used.

  Class Abilities
  Splitting Seconds: At Level 1, You gain a +2 bonus to initiative rolls and each time you spend an action die, one ally of your choice who can see or hear you may immediately take a half action after the action you spent the action die on resolves. If you spent your last action die, you may gain the half action instead of an ally.

  Time Lock: At Level 2, once per character per scene when you hit or touch an adjacent character with an attack, instead of inflicting damage you may place them in stasis until the beginning of your next turn. While in stasis they lose all actions, are unaware of their surroundings, and gain Resistance to all damage 50. They may still be moved if they are not secured in place by their own rigidity.

  Bright Idea: At Level 3, once per session when making an Intelligence-, Wisdom-, or Charisma-based skill check, you may roll twice, keeping the result you prefer.

  Temporal Uncertainty: Perhaps you were over there all along? At Level 4, once per round as a half action you may flash step up to 20 ft.

  Time's Trickster: At Level 5, you gain a +3 dodge bonus to defense against all characters with lower initiative than your own.

Table X.X: The Time Bender
Lvl BAB Fort Ref Will Def Init LS Lgnd  Abilities
 1   +0  +0   +1  +1   +1  +2  +0  +1   Splitting Seconds, Tick & Tock
 2   +1  +0   +2  +2   +1  +3  +0  +2   Time Lock
 3   +2  +1   +2  +2   +2  +4  +1  +3   Bright Idea
 4   +3  +1   +2  +2   +2  +5  +1  +3   Temporal Uncertainty
 5   +4  +1   +3  +3   +3  +5  +1  +4   Time's Trickster

  NPC Qualities
  Splitting Seconds - 4 XP
  Time Lock - 6 XP (special NPCs only)
  Temporal Uncertainty - 3XP
  Time's Trickster - 3 XP

• Time Bender: Splitting Seconds, then Time Lock, then Temporal Uncertainty; or Bright idea
Mistborn Adventure Game / Re: Making Conflicts Riskier
« Last post by Kurkistan_ on December 06, 2016, 11:04:59 AM »
One thing to note (that we often forget) is that Complications are a thing in combat: If I attack a defender and get an Outcome in the negatives, then I can expect Complications from that. It's covered in page 191 of the core book.

One of the more extreme Complications allowed (though Crafty warns against its overuse) is indeed hurting the attacker's Resilience(s).

Mistborn Adventure Game / Making Conflicts Riskier
« Last post by Aiken Frost on December 06, 2016, 08:35:18 AM »
Hello there, folks!

I have a question to ask you good people of the forum, regarding a change in the way conflicts between characters are resolved: does anyone considered altering conflicts between characters so they are a "two-way street"? In the current rules, every time an attacker fails his attack roll, the result is "nothing happens". But what if, every time you attack (either physically, socially or psychologically) someone, you risk taking damage if you fail your roll?

The first change it would cause, that I can see, is taking a defensive action would be more advantageous than it currently is and initiating a conflict will be a much more risky affair. I don't necessarily see those consequences as bad things, at a glance. What do you guys think? There is any obvious problems that I'm missing?
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