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Off-Topic / Re: Reaper Watch 2016
« Last post by foproy on October 24, 2016, 11:28:58 AM »
Add one more to a cappy year. Chloe Rust. My grandmother.
Play-by-Post / Re: [OOC] Way of the Wicked
« Last post by Ares on October 24, 2016, 10:16:20 AM »
I'm good to go
Play-by-Post / Re: [OOC] Way of the Wicked
« Last post by Antilles on October 24, 2016, 10:09:49 AM »
I think we're ready to continue? No one's missing any actions?
License to Improvise / Re: [FC] [WIP] Undead Species Feats
« Last post by Slashes-With-Claws on October 24, 2016, 09:08:54 AM »
For adding a Mummy, I am thinking the following.

Apprentice: Achilles Heel (Fire), Slam I Natural Attack
Journeyman: Bestow Curse a number of times per scene equal to Starting AD.
Master: Frightening Quality

Fantasy Craft / Re: Let's Read: The Fantasy Craft Book of Holding - Volume 1
« Last post by SilvercatMoonpaw on October 24, 2016, 08:28:06 AM »
Path of Civilization
A focus on the finer things in life.  Starting you out with a simple Lifestyle bonus you end up gaining a Holding, Followers, bonus money, and a HUGE Charisma boost.
I find it very odd that my first reaction upon reading this is to think "There should be an option for Path of Civilization to instead grant improved intrigue skills and Sneak Attack."  I don't know why I automatically think Conan-style, seeing as I love modern civilization.

Path of Cold
As you might expect, it starts you out with Cold Resistance that increases as you take more Steps, then being able to convert your damage to Cold (Though the usual penalties still apply).  Then it follows up with a bunch of ice based magic, including a unique Elemental you can summon.
Functional, but feelt "off" to me.  Depends on how you think of it: if it's a being of pure "cold" energy it sort of works.  But I eventually developed some Ice Elementals as an alternative.

No Path of Dragons?  Aww.
Step IV should grant (AP 4) to the fire breath weapon.  Otherwise it's slightly weaker than the others (according to Truescale).
Fantasy Craft / Re: Let's Read: The Fantasy Craft Book of Holding - Volume 1
« Last post by TheVastator on October 24, 2016, 07:47:34 AM »
the tricks are probably the best part of the manual :)
New special rider on Nemesis Basics:

Special: If your campaign is using the Letís Get Organized campaign quality (page 97), you may choose an Organization as if it were an Alignment for this feat chainís purposes.

That makes sense.  Speaking of, that is something I noticed was lacking with Organizations.  We have not covered them yet in this read, but I use them in the game I run.  And while Organizations can have an Allied Social Identity, there is no opposite, a Rivalry, Enemy, or some similar term Social Identity.  There is Hostile, but that is against everyone.  It needs some way to make one Organization dislike one specific other Organization in their Social Identity.

For those following along, we will be getting to the basics or Organizations soon; once we get through Paths and Tricks, then new Gear, Organizations are the next thing up after that, though a lot of the details are at the end of the book.

Page 75-76: New Paths
A whole load of new Paths for your Alignments.

Path of Civilization
A focus on the finer things in life.  Starting you out with a simple Lifestyle bonus you end up gaining a Holding, Followers, bonus money, and a HUGE Charisma boost.

Path of Cold
As you might expect, it starts you out with Cold Resistance that increases as you take more Steps, then being able to convert your damage to Cold (Though the usual penalties still apply).  Then it follows up with a bunch of ice based magic, including a unique Elemental you can summon.

Path of Craft
Can you craft fantasies with this?  You get Crafting B/M/S, the ability to identify and repair things, and can roll twice when making a Crafting Check and keep the better result.

Path of Discretion
The better part of valor.  Steps count as Covert Feats for things that count Covert Feats.  You get a mix of spell abilities for a variety of situations such as Calm, the ability to hide your path, the ability to blind or deafen a lot of characters, and the ability to Scrye.  You also get a free Contact and get clues about targets you Research.

Path of Honor
Starts off with a big Resolve Bonus, then goes to strengthen your weakest Attribute, give you some AP, Iron Will, a roll twice with Tactics, and finally two free Ranks of Renown.

Path of Liberation
Starts you off with Iron Will.  Then you can use Knock and once per Scene remove certain Conditions from other party members (Shaken is one, which is Graded, but judging by the wording it removes ALL Grades, not just one).  Further along you can negate magic that impedes a target's movement as well as remove some Curses.  Then all your allies get Iron Will, provided they can see/hear you.  Then finally you can protect people from hostile magic and mind reading.

Path of Shuriken
Shuriken are basically always armed or you and you gain Edge for making kills with them.  Then their damage increases and they always do a minimum of 1 even after DR and Resistance; while 1 may not seem like much, it means that poisons can be more easily applied (Though, I am guessing that NPC Damage Immunity would still completely negate the damage of a shuriken).  Then at Step III you can make Free Attacks with shuriken for the cost of Edge.  Then, hit someone three times in a single Round with your shuriken?  They are now Entangled until they take time to move and free themselves.  And finally you can spend an Edge to pull shuriken out o thin air, even if you are stripped naked.

Path of Time
Starts off with Fast Healing, which simply speeds up your normal healing rate, it is not super fast regeneration.  Also you can use Expeditious Retreat.  You get Insight (Which is basically just a Free Hint), and a bonus to reflex.  Then at Step III the real time control starts to show as you can Haste and Slow.  Then you can act when Surprised and move faster.  And finally you can look into the past and get a Dex bonus.

Path of Truth
An opposite to Path of Deceit or Secrets.  As one might expect, you get a bonus to Sense Motive.  You next get the Emissary's Auto success with Investigate and Sense Motive (Your Step being used in place of Class Level.  This gives it a low maximum, but still useful enough at low to mid level; at high level your bonus could easily exceed this).  Then you can make it harder for others to lie with a Zone of Truth.  Then you get the once per Scene ability to see through magical concealment and illusions.  And finally the Detect Lies spell.

No Path of Dragons?  Aww.

Page 76-77: New Tricks
As usual, you can buy these with a Proficiency.  And there are a load of nice new tricks, not just a bunch of "Substitute another Attribute when making this Attack" Tricks.  No, no, no, these are some really nice Tricks!  So, let's read them!

Back Alley Smarts
A knife Trick that, when you Anticipate, instead of giving you a Defense Bonus, gives you an Attack Bonus for a single attack against that target.

Batter Up
Use a club on a smaller enemy?  The better you Attack Roll the more you send them flying.

Give a bow Bludgeon, letting you hit someone with it as if it were a Blunt Weapon.

Come and Face My Blade!
For the fencing blade user who Taunts.  When you Taunt the target is required to move towards you, unless they are already Adjacent, and then make their attack after the move.

Don't Come Any Closer
When Grappling with someone you can use this Trick to make an attack against someone adjacent not involved in the Grapple.  You get a penalty with this attack and a larger Error Range, and you cannot use a two-handed weapon since you need one hand to grapple.  But, it is useful if you have someone trying to mess with your Grapple.

Drop it!
If you Parry with a whip you can make a free Disarm, at a penalty.

Finish Him!
Ah, another Trick that references Mortal Kombat.  So, how this Trick works is if you hit someone on the previous Round, and they have not hit you since then, you can use this Trick to get a Threat Range boost against them.

Forceful Exhalation
For Breath Weapons!  It makes the Save easier, but also lets it knock enemies over by giving it the Massive Quality.

Hassan Chop!
Give a Greatsword some AP.  The more Melee Combat Feats you have, the more AP you get.

Held to the Fire
Oh yes, another Breath Weapon Trick.  This one is used when Grappling.  If you win the Grapple you can melt the target's face with your Breath Weapon (An automatic hit with no Save). 

I Said Look at Me!
A Threaten Trick.  If you do really well with the Threaten Action (Beating the opponent by 4 or more) you roll Damage Twice, and keep both results!  I am guessing it counts at two separate hits, which means they make two Saves against Stress.

I am Using Your Weapon
Use a Grapple Benefit to take an enemy weapon and hit someone with it.  It can be either your Grapple victim or anyone in range.  You get a penalty to this Attack and a larger Error Range.

In Your Sights
Threatening with a handgun gives you a bonus equal to your Ranged Combat Feats.

Jaws Dripping With Fire
Basically designed for a drake.  You need both a Bite and a Breath Weapon.  This converts your Bite Damage Type to be that of your Breath Weapon at no penalty.

Bull Rush right through objects as long as their Damage Save is lower than your Athletics Bonus.  Get a high enough bonus and you can punch through a stone wall.

Long Fuse
Want to chuck a Grenade but need some time to get away or some other reason to delay it?  Use this Trick, it explodes on your next Initiative Count.

Nailed It
Gives a bonus to Hammer Attacks if you have a higher Con than the target.

Overhead Swing
Do more damage against a Sprawled or Prone enemy with a Melee Attack.

Overpowder Boom!
For your longarms.  Everyone in Close Quarters of you takes Bang Damage equal to the Damage Roll.  This means you too I would assume.

Paw & Thorn
If you use an Edged Weapon to do Cheap Shot and target the enemy's Speed with it, you also cause Stress Damage and the target is Sprawled.  One problem with this Trick.  Cheap Shot is already a Trick (Attack Trick to be specific), so how can you use this Trick when you can only apply one Trick per Attack?  Or is this for those who have the Class Ability that lets you use two Tricks?

Pinpoint Accuracy
Increases the Damage if you hit well, Score a Threat, and/or roll a Natural 20.  Only applies if you do not activate the Threat as a Critical Hit.

Pommel Smash
For sword users.  As the name implies, you hit with the pommel, giving your sword Bludgeon.

With a successful Parry you can make an Attack for free at a penalty; it must be with the weapon that you parried with.  Note that this is a Standard Attack as a Free Action, not a Free Attack, so the Free Attack restrictions do not apply.

Roll and Draw
Make a Tumble?  Add a Handle Item to it.

Rhythmic Chopping
Bonus Attack and Damage for every hit you made with an Axe against that target this Round.

Second Wind
A once per Scene Refresh Trick.  Even if you are attacked the Refresh is still successful.  Also the amount of Vitality recovered is the higher of either the AD roll or double your Level.

Set for Charge
When you Total Defense with a Spear.  You cannot take the free move that comes as part of the Total Defense if you use this.  But, the first person to move adjacent to you is automatically hit by your spear and takes damage.

Shield Drive
Bull Rush with a shield to also inflict your shield's damage on the target.

Spinning Display
If you have a staff, instead of using Bluff to Distract you can use Prestidigitation.

Stand Off
Polearms can Tire within Reach instead of just Adjacent.

Straight Talk
A non-combat Trick.  When you successfully Bluff you also improve the target's Disposition.

Throw Anything
You need a lot of Strength to use this.  But any melee weapon you have Forte with gains Hurl.

throwing for Distance
+1 Range Increment for Throwing.

To the Hilt
Do a bonus 1d6 Damage with either Melee or Unarmed.  However, you also take 2 Damage of the same Type, and what is more, that 2 Damage you take cannot be reduced by DR or Resistances.

Waste Not
Another non-combat Trick.  When you disarm a trap you gain Raw Materials from it.  The higher the Complexity and your Crafting the more you get.

What's in my Pocket?
A successful Distract also causes the target to lose a Half Action.  Can only be done once on a target per Combat.

Wrap Around
Using a flail against an enemy who is getting a Guard or Defense bonus from someone else's Phalanx Fighting?  This negates that bonus for this attack.

A lot of nifty new Tricks!  I like many of these.  In the game I run some players have already taken some of them.  And a build of a character I am making for another game uses a couple of them.

And that concludes Chapter 3.  Next time, Chapter 4 starts us off with new Gear.
License to Improvise / Re: New Expert Class: Field Medic
« Last post by DW on October 23, 2016, 09:06:08 PM »
Update! (At last?)

I've moved the split 3/5/7/9 around slightly, moving the 5/9 to the 3/5 position and vice versa. Also, the Level 1 Ability has been updated (to make hoarding edge a better option than spending it... for now, at least). There's a new ability at the Level 4 effect to cause bleeding (just outright and period).

I'm feeling good about this version, but you guys were right. The Level 8 isn't what we need in this class, so I'd love to hear more ideas to fix it up. Any thoughts?
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