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Fantasy Craft / Re: Talking about Spellbound/FC magic in general.
« Last post by SilvercatMoonpaw on March 22, 2017, 06:48:31 AM »
Based on what I remember reading from the Preview classes (it's been a while) the specialists could still be used even if you altered their Discipline line-up (I only remember some choose-able abilities that were basically "Resist [insert name], [insert name], and [insert name]" and one ability that let you bypass a restriction on a few spells).
So I looked and there are a few more than that, but I still couldn't see any that where an alternate Discipline made a difference so long as the spell effect was similar (i.e. there's one Reaper feature that would require one of the Disciplines have summoning of some kind, but it's a choice among several).  The classes are certainly flavored around their default 3, but I assume with the right concept that can be dealt with.
Fantasy Craft / Re: Trained Skill
« Last post by SilvercatMoonpaw on March 22, 2017, 05:38:01 AM »
Or go Harry Potter and use magic wands. It doesn't even have to use up a price slot. A mage pouch by any other name...
In my campaign, wizards have a distinct facial tattoo and are by law forbidden to hide it. Your dungeon, your dragon, your way.
Yeah: by Rules as Creatively Interpreted all a "mage's pouch" needs to be game-legal is that you can't use two of your hands to do anything else while casting.  It's doesn't say you specifically have to hold it.

(Hopefully this isn't another one of those times I've missed an obscure rules.)
Fantasy Craft / Re: Trained Skill
« Last post by Desertpuma on March 22, 2017, 05:34:57 AM »
So you can have Trained Skill: Spellcasting .. better hope you have something that also grants Spell Points
Off-Topic / Re: Augment-less: The Next Stage of Cyberpunk?
« Last post by SilvercatMoonpaw on March 22, 2017, 04:35:17 AM »
Technology has evolved, so the genre is changing to keep up with the science marching on.  People a couple decades ago didn't realize you'd be able to put on a sleeve to get your cyber-hand needs, or that computers would advance to the point at which you can already feel like they control part of your life.  Modern-day authors and audiences do know about that stuff, so the former writes it in so the latter gets that "Hey, I know this!" vibe.
Off-Topic / Augment-less: The Next Stage of Cyberpunk?
« Last post by RusVal on March 22, 2017, 04:24:20 AM »
So I'm mulling over the new Utopian goals in the upcoming Stellaris expansion, thinking about all the story possibilities, when a weird thought occurred to me:  In new media that can be considered in the "Cyberpunk" category, or at the very least heavily influenced by said genre, have you noticed a distinct lack of actual cybernetic implants?  And before you jump in with examples, I would like to clarify "new media" as stuff without direct connection to a previous franchise.  The Robocop remake, the Deus Ex prequels, etc. have certain expectations to meet.  What I mean is stuff that is fairly recent that can be considered "new IP".

For clarification, the stuff I'm thinking about include:

- Neill Blomkamp movies (Elysium and Chappie in particular)
- Titanfall 1 & 2
and plenty others that I'm sure someone will bring up.

In addition, now that I think about it, there's also franchises that have "changed" into the cyberpunk genre, without "needing" to add those elements:
- XCOM 2 (after all DLC in particular)
- Call of Duty: A&IW(will dive deeper into this in a bit)

Now, to be clear, I'm not saying that Cybernetic augmentations, implants and replacements, are going away completely.  On the contrary, with the large number of remakes and sequels to classic Cyberpunk franchises, it's safe to say that they will be around for a good long time.  There's even Call of Duty: Black Ops 3, with it's "modern" take on cybernetics.  However, what I'm suggesting is that there seems to be an interesting evolution of the genre, one that is remarkably lacking in limb replacement.

Think about this for a minute: In those examples I gave up above, what is usually the source for increased physical capabilities?


Sure, some of them require a surgical connection to a nervous system to function, but usually that's the extent.  People still have their flesh and bones (or in CoD: Advanced Warfare's case, a rather meh arm replacement), they just help them a bit with a robot shell.  Even Deus Ex, the quintessential Cyberpunk staple, introduced the extensive usage of exo-suits in their most recent game as a sort of counter-culture to the previous one.

And what about this: What element is most common in all those examples above?

Robots.  Mostly with droids, but sometimes with one struggling with human level self-awareness.

Probably the best example of this shift comes from a game that usually isn't used in the same sentence: XCOM.

Now I know what you're thinkin', "ooooh RusVal's talking XCOM, what a surprise", but hear me out.

In EU, the aliens had a clear example of cybernetics in the Floaters, which one character even calls out about.  Similarly, even the aliens that could be considered "robots" (Cyberdisk, Sectopod, and so on) are implied to have some form of biological element to their processers, possibly even being a silicon based lifeform (I think I spelled that right).
In EW, they introduce MECs, which require the implicit chopping off of human limbs to function.  And they include the alien version of it, with the Mectoid.  They even go out of their way to change Shen's (the said character's) line about it.

Then comes XCOM 2, a game so heavily Cyberpunk it hurts.  And yet... Okay, a chip in the brain in the ADVENT grunts, a chip for civilians... the Archangel is definitely a cyborg, but it's to an extent where its hard to tell were the bio ends and the metal begins.  The Berserker has shed their armor, and seem to be running on injection ports.  The robots are definitely robots now, with no implication that there's anything organic inside them (and at one point they even say that Sectopods don't actually have a pilot, despite what the troops had thought).  And over in XCOM, MECs have been replaced by SPARKs, a completely robotic unit with an advanced AI, one of which is the very much self-aware (yet *ahem* reformed) Julian.  And for the squishy meat-bags, a nice new set of EXO-suits for them to wear!

So I hope y'all get what I'm trying to get at, in that it seems that Cyberpunk seems to be going in an interesting "Post-Post" direction.  Any ideas why that might be, and what do you think about it?
Play-by-Post / Re: [OOC] The Secrets of Kung's Island
« Last post by Ares on March 22, 2017, 02:22:21 AM »
Missing Vashkar's ini, but since two of you beat the slime's ini, feel free to engage it while it is still flat footed (so to speak)
Fantasy Craft / Re: Trained Skill
« Last post by Saizhan on March 22, 2017, 12:53:38 AM »
Or go Harry Potter and use magic wands. It doesn't even have to use up a price slot. A mage pouch by any other name...
In my campaign, wizards have a distinct facial tattoo and are by law forbidden to hide it. Your dungeon, your dragon, your way.
Fantasy Craft / Re: Trained Skill
« Last post by Kadrok on March 22, 2017, 12:15:28 AM »
Hell yes! I've always felt limited by having to choose between a Drake-made weapon, a mage pouch or the Draconic Heritage feat... so this solves that problem nicely!

Enchanted Rings, Gauntlets and Crowns ho!
Mistborn Adventure Game / Stormy Weather: Callout for suggestions
« Last post by Herowannabe on March 21, 2017, 11:03:44 PM »
Hey all, so tomorrow I'll be meeting with my bi-weekly MAG group, and I'm looking for any tips/suggestions people may have for a scenario I want to run. I'm pretty sure none of my players check this site, but if one of them does happen across this, stop reading and turn back now lest I smite you with the GM-hammer.


Okay, here's the scenario: They're currently on a small ship sailing the southern ocean, and I want to have them encounter a storm. I imagine that the storms would be something fierce- hurricane level surely- since the ocean is further south and closer to the extreme heat of the equatorial regions of Scadrial.

I'd like to run it as sort of an extended-contest, except obviously they're not competing with anyone, just the effects of the storm. If any of you have read the Justice, Like Ash adventure (and if you have, please don't spoil anything in here for those that haven't), I have in mind a structure something like the extended contest outlined on pg 179. If you haven't read JLA, basically, I want an outline of around 6+ different rounds, calling upon different attributes/standings/powers/etc depending on the situation, with various consequences for failure and possible rewards for success.

Anyway, I created a google spreadsheet with a rough outline of what I have in my head right now. I'd love for anyone to help me fill in the blanks, especially if you have any sort of knowledge of sailing terminologies and procedures. Or just have any ideas that might be epic and exciting. I should note that one way or the other, this is going to end with the crew shipwrecked, the scenario is all about playing through the experience of braving the storm.

EDIT: So after I posted this I kept working on the scenario and one step led naturally to the next and I think I have a fairly decent scenario planned out, and was even able to work out some semblance of "success" if the crew rolls well. I'd still love it if anyone wanted to look it over and offer suggestions though. Thanks!

And if anyone ever wants to run a similar scenario, feel free to steal any/all of the ideas I laid out. I wrote it in such a way that it could be adapted to other crews.
Off-Topic / Re: Mass Effect: Andromeda discussion thread
« Last post by Valentina on March 21, 2017, 06:33:17 PM »
Wooooo, big things!

Some epic exploration, some visceral gunfights, and asari swords come with a free dash-and-slash technique!

Much bueno, great gott alrighty. Having a good time. ;D

Discovered the Explorer class. Interesting stuff, but what's intriguing are little tweaks like how my boost and jump animations changed. Wonder if others do so as well. Explorers are kinda what I've been trying to do all along: everything. Biotics, ballistics, and battle techs. Quite the welcome option.

Complaints are lack of easy loadout tuning on ship, lack of any place to practice with new weapons before deploying and lack of a gun on the Nomad. Also the sad shortage of Tempest flight porn.

Otherwise? Hopes remain high and are even being satisfied. 8.8!

Oh, and augmentations remain tantalizing. +30% RoF while hovering? What!? :o
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