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December 22, 2014, 12:40:58 AM
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 on: December 21, 2014, 07:04:57 AM 
Started by Crafty_Alex - Last post by Mister Andersen
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Ultimately though the above discussion is likely moot because if you're casting this spell, it's most likely going to be in a situation where the target -- and given that the effects seem to be essentially a Blessing effect reskinned as Calling, I think it should have a range of "touch or personal" -- has a Notice bonus that is mechanically significant. Assuming you don't just include "[blah] checks you benefit from" language I suppose

 on: December 21, 2014, 06:53:40 AM 
Started by Crafty_Alex - Last post by Krensky
Off the top of my head and without checking language, but maybe grant a grade of Uncanny Dodge?

 on: December 21, 2014, 06:49:19 AM 
Started by Valentina - Last post by Valentina
Oh, and as long as we're handing out links:
Suicide and guns -yeah, that's a Havard header.
"The Accessibility of Firearms and Risk for Suicide and Homicide Victimization Among Household Members: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis."
Start from the bottom paragraph and read up to save yourself sanity.
Actually, IIRC, Puma's professor at a university down in Nevada, right? He don't need my advice.
Women's safety and firearms, some analysis and stats.
Here's my particular favorite:
"Women in the United States account for 84 percent of all female firearm victims in the developed world, even though they make up only a third of the developed world’s female population. And within American borders, women die at higher rates from suicide, homicide, and accidental firearm deaths in states where guns are more widely available. This is true even after controlling for factors such as urbanization, alcohol use, education, poverty, and divorce rates. "

Eighty-four-percent. Four out of 5 women who get shot to death in the modern world die in the USA, even though they're only 1 in 3 overall.
So if there are 900,000,000 women in the modern world 300,000,000 of them are Americans, but of those women killed by guns only 20% will be from that other 600,000,000 women.
Does that not amaze anyone else? Shocked

Oh and because "better a 911 in hand then a 9-1-1 operator on the phone" is a meme:
In another study, published in the American Journal of Public Health, researchers interviewed 417 women across 67 battered women’s shelters. Nearly a third of these women had lived in a household with a firearm. In two-thirds of the homes, their intimate partners had used the gun against them, usually threatening to kill (71.4%) them. A very small percentage of these women (7%) had used a gun successfully in self-defense, and primarily just to scare the attacking male partner away.

7%'s not a real inspiring number for arguing women's defense.

 on: December 21, 2014, 06:37:52 AM 
Started by Crafty_Alex - Last post by bits
Being immune to flat-footed condition for 1 hour per level does seem a bit strong for a 6th level spell when comparing it to the benefits granted by other long-lasting 6th levels spells such as Mass Status, or Tongues II.  Don't know if it's possible to tone that part down, perhaps being given a reflex save (DC 10/15) to avoid becoming flat-footed though other affects (e.g paralyzed) may still cause it?  

Other than that I like aegis' version well-enough.

 on: December 21, 2014, 06:34:34 AM 
Started by Valentina - Last post by Krensky

 on: December 21, 2014, 06:30:45 AM 
Started by Valentina - Last post by Valentina
When firearms can make the choice of pulling their own triggers, then they become the problem. Just like any tool, it takes on the characteristics and mannerisms of its wielder.

Yeah, sorry -good philosophical argument, but bullshit. Go ahead and trade your toothbrush for your sidearm, and see which one is more dangerous in your mouth.

I'm not saying "kill yourself" -I'd just say that if I meant it, but spend a second considering that swap. I bet you think it's a bad idea, and I bet why is because you are pretty sure that your sidearm is more dangerous then your toothbrush irrespective of what you intend. If your toothbrush goes rogue you might scratch your gums or choke on it.
If your gun does anything but remain utterly inert you'll be lucky to "merely" call 911 with a blown-out cheek.

I'm pretty sure we had the same conversation about Doctors a while back, and that while Doctors might unintentionally cause more deaths then firearms there's just no truth in believing that a gun is more useful for relieving head pain then a neurologist^.

Unless you're planning suicide.

Also when that poor 9-year-old girl shot and killed that instructor at that range was she intending to kill him? What are the "characteristics and mannerisms" of a Uzi wielded by a little girl doing target shooting?

Regarding Chicago's gun control laws, she was referring to the crossborder guns when she stated the murders were committed by guns owned by someone other than the perpetrator.
In regards to Afghanistan, she was referring to the war in the country. People in Chicago are dying by gunfire more often than people engaged in war in that country.
Low income neighborhoods are not specific to one racial identifier.

Chicago: she didn't say that. She referred to Chicago's attempts to control weapons locally, or else citing Chicago as a specific case has no meaning besides that illegal guns contribute when introduced from less controlled areas.
...which would negate her point about Chicago being specifically a case of firearms law control failure.
Chicago's laws effect Chicago's weapon's sales. Conflating that as failure with unaffected outside sources is without merit.

Afghanistan: still has almost nothing in common with any salient American example.
I got her point; it was just weak.
Afghanistan's not the Russian Front circa 1943, it's a country in which a small group is resisting a foreign presence with bombs and snipers and in quieter years the local sports are tribal violence and soccer.
It's murder rate is 6.5 per person and ~1,948 in 2012 compared to the US's 4.7/14,827.
We're also nearly ten times the size of that craphole, so that one particular city would have more deaths total but less per capita is no mystery.
Chicago's city population is 2.7 million, with about 10 million in the whole metro area. It, by itself, is a third the size of Afghanistan. No shit more people die there.

Chicago also a 32% Black city from which hailed our much-reviled Black President, A-Black-Obamination aka Blackenstein's Monster.
So you'll forgive me, or maybe you won't, if I think deliberately bringing up that "urban poor people do the most killing in That Black City" is a dog-whistle to the ...uh... dog-eared..? Grin

Interestingly enough, the Declaration of Independence not only "of the People, by the People, for the People", it also says the government shall do nothing without the consent of the governed.

Yes, true, I concur -do you have an example of it doing otherwise?
The 2nd Amendment is about the right of the citizens of this country to stand up against tyranny and repression within our government. Why? Because we had just finished fighting a war against the very same thing.

Actually no it was a concession demanded by the slave holding states to permit slave hunting patrols to be legally armed so they could capture runaways.

And that tyranny and repression was inflicted by a colonial power. I'm not seeing how that's a local form of fascism, especially not in a nation that just ejected said colonial power.
If you don't think that is going on now, then check out the overmilitarization of law enforcement that grown in the last 5-10 years, not to mention the Patriot Act (aka Repeal the 4th Amendment Act) or the National Defense Authorization Act (aka let's get rid of the 5th, 6th, and 8th Amendments). We'll see if Obama resigns the Patriot Act up for another 4 years like he did in 2011. He did sign the NDAA into place.

Now I'll understand if you don't read my posts, but trust me that I'm quite aware of, and agitated by, Police Militarization.
But again, point to this being done illegally.

I challenge you to watch both of these videos all the way through:

I think some people will find some clarity.

I will.
I sat through, and quite paid attention, to blondie's speech.
I can do those.
...unless they're just like 5 minutes of screaming white noise which would both make a liar out of me and be a rather cunning strike on your part.

^C'mon now, Desertpuma. We ain't pals, but I give you enough credit to believe that you recognize that a firearm, the modern evolution of modern history's most potent killing tool, is in fact inherently dangerous.

You didn't have a reply, but I honestly credit you with noticing how that stabbing at that rural Chinese school didn't produce any deaths in spite of it's frenzied nature. I'm pretty sure there are no comparable US school shootings in which 22 people were injured and nobody died.

Soldiers do not deploy into a warzone armed with pencils and Payday bars because convicts with grudges and nut allergies are also fatal. We didn't build nuclear-tipped ICBM's because they won a coin-flip between that and MIRV-dispensed irregularly manufactured gummi bears as the tools of MAD.

That's logic as basic as water is made up of a oxygen molecule bonded to two hydrogen*. You and MilitiaJim and anybody else can attribute the intent to kill on the wielder of a weapon, but nobody gets shot without a gun.

*if anyone doubted that Krensky is smarter then I am, they shouldn't.

 on: December 21, 2014, 06:09:58 AM 
Started by Valentina - Last post by Krensky
On a side note, taxation is theft because the government is neither inheriting money from us here in America nor is it trading sweat from its brow in equal transaction for what it takes.

* Facepalm.

Ok, this is going to go nowhere.

 on: December 21, 2014, 06:06:16 AM 
Started by Crafty_Alex - Last post by Krensky
brought it up because Notice checks are explicitly noted in the team check rules as something you ought to use those rules for.

It's noted as a way to play the odds on the result of the check, not as the correct way to make the check.

The rules flat out say if everyone is going to make a Notice check it should be run as a Team check. That's also how it was explained at least once by one of the Trio back in the day. It's also a explicit example in SC2.0.

If you're going to have the whole team roll Notice, just tell them what they see. It's the same thing.

Oh, and Hi! I run it that way and did in the PbP games you were in.

 on: December 21, 2014, 06:02:05 AM 
Started by Valentina - Last post by Desertpuma
The EU considers the UK to be the most violent country within their organization. Gun violence may have gone down but everything else went up: assaults, robberies, rapes, theft, home invasions, burglaries, and so on.

They may have strict gun control laws but how many other freedoms do they give up as well. As much as I would love to visit Canada and enjoy many Canadian performers doing their job, they are not permitted to publicly criticize their own government anywhere. Many of those "socialist" European states also have tremendously high tax rates and more than one of my friends in France has stated they stopped caring about the government because it never listens to them anyway. They have no real means to stand up to them. Why do you think all the austerity marches keep happening? ...

On a side note, taxation is theft because the government is neither inheriting money from us here in America nor is it trading sweat from its brow in equal transaction for what it takes.

Don't even get me started on civil asset forfeiture laws breaking the 5th Amendment.

 on: December 21, 2014, 05:57:08 AM 
Started by Valentina - Last post by Krensky
The 2nd Amendment is about the right of the citizens of this country to stand up against tyranny and repression within our government. Why? Because we had just finished fighting a war against the very same thing.

That's a myth.

The Second Amendment is mostly about northern states not being able to defund or disarm the southern militias which were used primarily for slave control with a minor bit about a powerful block of convention attendees and congressmen who didn't think we needed or should have a standing army.

The debates in congress, correspondence, and the drafts of the amendment are pretty clear.

Congress' response to Shay and the Pennsylvania rebellions are fairly clear on the founders views on armed insurrection against the US Government.

Oh, and the Declaration of Independence? Irrelevant. It has as much meaning to US law and jurisprudence as the Magna Carta.

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