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License to Improvise / New Expert Class: The Timewinder
« Last post by Nuaurpy on Today at 03:54:32 PM »
Okay, I put a week between classes. I'm trying to make you guys not hate me and my damned classes. But I'm nearing the end I promise. A couple expert classes and a few master classes left and that's it.

A Timewinder has learned from their mistakes, mostly because they have lived each of them a dozen times by now. A Timewider is a master or an unwilling victim of time and has learned how to use that to their advantage, gaining access to information he never learned from another version of himself and keeping himself and his friends alive with his knowledge of the future.
Depending on your campaign, a Timewinder could be...
- A mage far older than her outward appearance suggests, using her magic to continue learning without spending the time.
- A cocky urchin, displaced from time by an accident, never learning what it is to fail for real.
- A man from the past, launched forward by magic gone wrong, searching for a way home.
- An adrenaline junkie mage getting his highs off of the mind accelerating effects of time magics.
- A spellsword for higher using his minor magic learnings for a living
Party Role: Backer/Solver​

​Requirements: Sorcery Campaign Quality, Spell Conversion (Casting Time), Dex 13, 4+ ranks in Spellcraft​
Casting: This is a casting class
Favoured Attributes: Wisdom, Dexterity, Intelligence
Class Skills: Acrobatics, Blend, Bluff, Haggle, Impress, Investigate, Notice, Search, Sense Motive, Tactics
Skill Points: 6+Int
Vitality: 9+Con
Don't Stand There: DUCK! Whenever you spend an Action dice to boost a saving throw 1 ally that is also affected and can see and hear you gains a bonus equal to your result. If your action dice explodes they only gain the value of the first dice.
Master of Time and Space: At Level 1, you may purchase ranks in the Spellcasting skill, learn Compass, Divination, and Foresight spells, and cast Level 0 spells you know. Also, when you fail a Spellcasting check to cast a spell of these Disciplines, no spell points are spent on the attempt.
If you already possess this ability from another class, you instead gain an additional Spellcasting feat.
Borrowed Time I: At level 2 you gain the Slow and haste spells and you may always attempt to cast these spells even if you do not meet the requirements, if you already know either of these spells you may chose another spell from the Compass discipline. Whenever you score a threat on the Spellcasting check to cast either of these spells your may immediately attempt to cast the other on a different target.
At level 7 the threat range of these spells increases by 1 and the additional spell granted when you score a threat no longer cost Spellpoints.
Circle of Power: At levels 3 and 7 the maximum level of spell that you can cast increases by 1.
Uncanny Dodge: At levels 5 and 9 you gain a grade of Uncanny dodge
Saw it Coming: It's almost cheating when you can watch the arrow fly by you before it's even fired. At level 4 You gain a dodge bonus to defense against Ranged attacks equal to your dexterity modifier
Your Time To Shine: Time is etched in stone, but you have a chisel. At level 4, once per combat as a full action, You may swap places in the initiative order with an ally that can see and hear you, your turn ends and they may take their turn immediately, if they were after you in initiative order you act normally at their initiative count.
At level 8 you may now do this twice per combat.
Bookworm: Who has time to read all these books? At Level 6, you make Research checks in 1/2 the usual time (rounded up).
Figured it Out Eventually: Look, at some point in time, we learned what that means. I just... skipped the steps where we puzzled it out. At level 8 once per session when you gain a hint you may instead gain a clue.
Help Me Help You: You can see a nexus of time where all versions of you from all time-lines fade in and out. Sometimes, when it counts, they bleed into your time for a fleeting moment. At level 10 whenever you or an ally within close quarters deals damage to an opponent you may spend an action dice to roll your damage and add it to the result, the attack gains all the qualities of your weapon. If this is for your own attack this means you roll your damage twice and apply both results. This additional damage is not an attack and therefore does not require or consume ammunition or other limited effects.​

​Tavle X.X: The Timewinder
​Lvl BAB Fort Ref Will Def Init Life Leg SP Abilities
 1  +0   +0  +2   +0  +2   +2   +0  +0   1 Don't Stand There, Master of Time and Space
 2  +1   +0  +3   +0  +3   +3   +0  +1   2 Borrowed Time
 3  +2   +1  +3   +1  +3   +4   +1  +1   3 Circle of Power
 4  +3   +1  +4   +1  +4   +5   +1  +1   4 Saw it Coming, Your Time To Shine
 5  +3   +1  +4   +1  +5   +5   +1  +1   5 Uncanny Dodge I
 6  +4   +1  +5   +2  +6   +6   +2  +2   6 Bookworm
 7  +5   +2  +5   +2  +6   +7   +2  +2   7 Borrowed Time, Circle of Power
 8  +6   +2  +6   +2  +7   +8   +2  +2   8 Your Time To Shine (2/combat), Figured it Out Eventually
 9  +6   +2  +6   +3  +8   +9   +3  +2   9 Uncanny Dodge II
10  +7   +3  +7   +3  +9  +10   +3  +3  10 Help Me Help You​

​NPC qualities:
Borrowed Time I 1XP
Borrowed Time II 3XP
Help Me Help You 8XP
Your Time to Shine (Level 4) 2XP
Your Time To Shine (Level 8) 4XP​
Play-by-Post / Re: Way of the Wicked I: The Knot of Thorns (IC thread)
« Last post by paddyfool on Today at 03:14:43 PM »
"I have to wonder if that frame holds more than just a pretty picture, and whether the contents of this chest may also be more than what they seem... but there will be time enough to assess them all better once we have completed this mission and stand amidst the ruins of this city, so long as we don't lose said plunder in the mean time.

Let us go then to the gates, and get the job done."
Technologies Converge and Power Diffuses: The Evolution of Small, Smart, and Cheap Weapons 

A neat article from the Cato Institute regarding the convergence of 3D printing and microelectronics on weapons and war.  I'm not sold on this leading either to utopia or distopia, but in a future/ish setting these could be some really neat bits and setting fluff.
Play-by-Post / Re: Way of the Wicked I: The Knot of Thorns (IC thread)
« Last post by Antilles on Today at 12:08:25 PM »
Aiden considers the question, and answers with one of his own. "Have you worn heavy armor such as this before? I may make this look easy" he thumps the chest of the plate armor he's currently wearing, "but it took me many long hours getting used to it. Hopefully our Lord's blessing will lessen that burden, but unless He has somehow lifted all of it, I don't think the middle of a combat would be the best place to learn to wear it."

He adds an aside to the others: "Unless there's something immediately useful, I suggest bagging it and moving on. I want to be far away from here when the bugbears arrive. How many defenders remain, do you think? And what should be our next step?"
Off-Topic / Re: XCOM (Reactions, stories, let's play setups, etc...)
« Last post by RusVal on Today at 09:48:35 AM »
Too bad, 'cuz the game's proper good. Oh well, it's not going anywhere, and by the time you get to play it they've hopefully released an optimizing patch/updated graphics drivers, as it's currently a bit choppy.

Yeah, there's definitely some bugs, like one that prevents me from taking screenshots after a minute or so of the game running.  Was barely able to upload this by taking it within that minute:


And according to the timer, I've already spent 5 hours in this game, and all I've done is create ~15 characters.  Most of them being the ones I said I would create in the Crafty Regiment thread.

And they look AWESOME.  Gonna have to show 'em off.

Edit- Yeah, this screenshot lock-out bug's annoying.  From the looks of it, I'm gonna have to restart the game for every screenshot.  That's... inefficient. :P
Mistborn Adventure Game / Re: Dual Wielding Odds
« Last post by Dreamstreamer on Today at 09:39:25 AM »
Considering the heavy investment, I'd allow it. Of course, nothing happens in a vacuum. Four targets? I hope you got the drop on them, 'cuz those are bad odds right from the get go!
Customer Service / Re: Infected site software?
« Last post by jasom on Today at 08:38:38 AM »
If you guys don't mind a suggestion from the peanut gallery: if you serve the forums up on a separate domain from the main site, then an attack on the forums won't cause chrome to blacklist your main site (the blacklists are per-domain in chrome).
Reaching a hand toward the armor, Lars' face is one of reverent awe.  He glances over to Aiden and asks, "Should you or I wear this gift?"
Customer Service / Re: Infected site software?
« Last post by Krensky on Today at 05:56:57 AM »
Despite the name Java and Javascript aren't really related.
Off-Topic / Re: XCOM (Reactions, stories, let's play setups, etc...)
« Last post by Antilles on Today at 05:52:20 AM »
Too bad, 'cuz the game's proper good. Oh well, it's not going anywhere, and by the time you get to play it they've hopefully released an optimizing patch/updated graphics drivers, as it's currently a bit choppy.
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