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License to Improvise / Re: [Notebook] Origin creation options
« Last post by Morgenstern on Today at 09:43:53 AM »
  The math on this is intriguing. Its derived from the 1-2 points for a single partial attribute modifier bump with the point of comparison being 2 points for +1 vitality per level having an average benefits of 10.5. In a short, sharp fight its better than DR 1. But mostly its a 'you can take one more hit that the next guy. One.' kind of benefit.

  Still Standing: Your maximum vitality increases by 5. (♦)

  And for that little bit of a boost when fight or flight kicks in.

  Adrenaline: While you have your maximum wounds and vitality, you gain a +1 bonus to Initiative checks and +5 speed. This does not increase your overland travel rate. (♦)

Play-by-Post / Re: [IC] The Secret of Kung's Island
« Last post by Ares on Today at 04:28:39 AM »
Spoiler: show

Ares rolls d20+3 = 8
Ares rolls d20+3 = 10
Ares rolls d20+3 = 13

All dead,
9,5,7 remain

Ini Harpies: 23

Ini Jick: 13

Ini Quag: 7

Ini Megaros: 15

Ini: Vashkar: 11

All harpies move to one of the close combatants and attack:
9 vs. Quag: 24, Hit

second Rend attack: Miss

Damage: 11 AP2

5 vs. Jick: 21, Hit

Damage: 11 AP 2

second Rend attack: 28, Critical Hit

Spending 1 AD to go to wounds directly: 15 AP2

Ups, sorry  :o

7 vs. Vashkar: 26, Hit

Damage: 12 AP 2

second Rend attack: 11, miss

Plunging into combat against surprised enemies turned out as efficient as one could hope. A few quick cuts and slashes felled another three harpies before they could get their bearings - only three remained, but those were now furious, being driven mad by the smell of blood and their own singed feathers.
Their horribly sharp claws raked over the three adventurers until suddenly blood spurted from Jick's left arm.
Off-Topic / Re: Video Game News and Such 2016
« Last post by RusVal on December 03, 2016, 07:18:27 PM »
Last of Us Part II Reveal Trailer

Oh no, I can already hear all the feels being felt across the gaming community.

Death Stranding

Seems the whole... oil birthing thing is a major element to the setting.  I'm thinking ecological disaster requiring desperate measures, and the heroes have the one key to fixing it.  Or something.
Fantasy Craft / Re: Mysterious Freelancer Revealed! Plus Spellbound Status Report!
« Last post by Crafty_Alex on December 03, 2016, 12:17:55 PM »
We're still unsure. Mistborn House War and Nosh! are taking priority in the queue, but we generally don't update on this because a) our schedule shifts all the time, and b) we don't particularly like bringing non-updates just to get peoples' hopes up or invite questions as to our decision-making process. It's on the schedule, but until Pat's schedule clears up a bit more there will be no progress.
Play-by-Post / Re: [IC] The Secret of Kung's Island
« Last post by Fiendbasher on December 03, 2016, 08:46:28 AM »
Seeing the goblins rush past him, Vashkar snorted and put his bow away. He took to the air after them, quickly passing them by and snapping his jaws like a steel trap on the wing of one of the harpies in flight just before landing near the basket.

Spoiler: show
Move & Attack:

Off-Topic / Re: Reaper Watch 2016
« Last post by Desertpuma on December 02, 2016, 04:12:47 PM »
Andrew Sachs, who played Manuel in Fawlty Towers

Man, he did such a great job of playing stupid so John Cleese could lose his mind. The guy was quietly one of those actors who just makes a show
Play-by-Post / Re: [IC] The Secret of Kung's Island
« Last post by jarvvoitlus on December 02, 2016, 09:25:26 AM »
"Go now!" called Jick, already dashing towards the overturned basket. His brother beside him, they swung steel into the reeling harpies. They both targeted the same harpy with their charge, and it fell to the ground lifelessly.

Spoiler: show
Battleplan: +10 speed
Jick Standard move and attack: 1d20+14=28
4d6+7=21 damage

Quag standard move and attack: 1d20+10=19
License to Improvise / Re: [Fantasy Craft] Share Space
« Last post by Takeru on December 02, 2016, 08:52:35 AM »
This could service (since it's Acrobatics) for a balance check to stay atop a large creature, but I think the Balance rules fit that already. As for climbing something Shadow of Colossus style I was originally going to add this in, but that's definitely a subset of Athletics and my shift at work ended to close for me to write up a second entire new thing. 
License to Improvise / Re: [Fantasy Craft] Share Space
« Last post by Slashes-With-Claws on December 02, 2016, 07:33:51 AM »
I like the concept here.  Could this also be used to get on the back of a large creature?  Or would another action be used?  Maybe I should make a rule like we have been using in my game for that.
Play-by-Post / Re: [OOC] The Secrets of Kung's Island
« Last post by MikeS on December 02, 2016, 07:20:01 AM »
Spell DC is 19, and I also rolled a 1, so I needed the AD to cast the spell and avoid the error.
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