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Also I would think this would prevent use of a Breath Weapon; it does not say that, but as a GM I would probably rule that.
Could still go out their nose.

(subtitle: I am joking.)
Going to see if I can quickly squeeze in finishing up Gear.

Page 80: Bows
One new bow.

Page 80: Bow Descriptions

Bracer Crossbow: A small, wrist mounted, crossbow.  The stats are the same as the hand crossbow, however being strapped to your wrist it lets you have your hands free.

Page 80-81: Combination Weapons
So, you have a weapon that is really two types of weapons fused into one.  I actually encountered a situation like this in the game I run.  One of the players was asking about their character having a kusarigama but we were not sure of the best way to handle it.  This is an attempt to solve such a problem.

So, a Combination Weapon counts as both weapons, and is considered Exotic.  You are required to have Forte in BOTH weapon categories to be proficient with a Combination Weapon.  You know, I am thinking to fully understand all this, I should make that kusarigama using these rules and see what happens.

So, first we need to pick the two weapons that make up the Combination Weapon.  Well, a kusarigama is easy enough, a chain (Blunt Weapon) plus a kama (Edged Weapon).  Let me grab one of my stat blocks from Bronze and Steel to put this stuff in.

Name: Kusarigama** (Blunt/Edged)
Damage/Threat/Qualities: Damage, Threat, Range, and Qualities are determined by the weapon’s use as a Chain or a Kama for each individual attack, as appropriate.

** You must have all the appropriate fortes for all the categories that this weapon combines to be proficient with this exotic weapon.

Now for the other stats they appear to be at least what the base weapons are, mostly higher.  So, I could get something like this...

Combination Weapons
Name: Kusarigama** (Blunt/Edged)
Damage/Threat/Qualities: Damage, Threat, Range, and Qualities are determined by the weapon’s use as a Chain or a Kama for each individual attack, as appropriate.
SZ/Hand: T/2h
Const: Hard 2
Comp: 15D
Weight: 7 lbs.
Era: Ancient
Cost: 18s
Description: Consists of a kama on a kusari-fundo – a type of metal chain (kusari) with a heavy iron weight (fundo) at the end.

** You must have all the appropriate fortes for all the categories that this weapon combines to be proficient with this exotic weapon.

Okay. I think I get making one.  When you upgrade one Craftsmanship and Materials apply to both parts of the weapon but Customization only applies to one or the other; if you want both, you have to upgrade both.

Page 81-82: Combination Weapon Descriptions
The book gives us four examples.

Double Crossbow: Two heavy crossbows stuck together.
Holy Water Sprinkler: Called that because of its appearance resembles one.  It is basically a mace with a shotgun in it.
Hoopak: A staff sling with a spear point on one end.
Master Cloak: A bladed and weighted cloak.

Page 82-83: Weapon Upgrades
All the species upgrades as well as a handful of new Materials and one Customization.

Avian: Light but fragile.
Blenno: Resistant to acid damage.
Centaur: More damage against smaller enemies.
Eno: Heavy and useful for shoving.
Hepatizon: Gives a +1 per Size to Spell Defense.  So, I guess Medium would be a +6?
Kobold: If your enemy has Monstrous Defense (Which reduces your Threat Range) this weapon ignores it.
Mithril: Very light weight and looks nice giving an Appearance Bonus.  However, the light weight prevents the weapon from being Massive.
Nymph: Bonus to AD rolls when boosting Attack or Damage.
Purified (material): For all those silver, cold iron, etc type weapons.  Has very little effect on the weapon's stats other than cost and construction but the weapon now counts as that material for the purposes of weaknesses to it.  Such as a werewolf being weak to silver; a weapon with Purified (Silver) would take advantage of that weakness.  The book does suggest adding specific effects for different materials to alter the stats of the weapon as well or have different costs.
Signet: Want to use the pommel of your dagger as a signet?  This lets you do it.
Thokcha: Useful for hurting ghosts as the weapon now does Force Damage if you wish at no penalty.
Unicorn: Triumphant Swing Trick.
Warg: Beasts can use this weapon in their mouth at a penalty.  If the beast has a bite attack they do not suffer the penalty, but cannot use their bite while holding the weapon obviously.  Also I would think this would prevent use of a Breath Weapon; it does not say that, but as a GM I would probably rule that.
Were-Touched: Turn the Tables Trick.
Wingling: Gives you a Threat Range bonus against a larger enemy.
Wootz Steel: Gives some Keen to the weapon.

And that is it for Gear.  Next time we get into the Prizes, which I am looking forward to talking about.  Though, a lot of the talk will be farther along in the book when we get to the GM guide stuff.
License to Improvise / Re: [Notebook] Origin creation options
« Last post by Morgenstern on Today at 08:07:02 AM »
  Ok, that's kinda awesome, actually ;D!

  Mana rich is nifty too.
  Reasonable. Try this as a replacement for most of page 8~

  Power Move Attacks
  Power Moves are used to make basic and tiered attacks. Within those two categories they are further identified as strikes, kicks, grabs, projectiles, and super-combos. However, they are NOT considered melee, ranged, or unarmed attacks despite their resemblance to them and do not benefit from character options that specifically affect a character’s melee, ranged, or unarmed attacks, or abilities that trigger based on having a proficiency or a forte (e.g. the Soldier’s various weapon specialist abilities). Likewise, they bypass Melee, Unarmed, and Ranged resistances unless one of their qualities alters them to be subject to those resistances. Abilities and modifiers that affect all types of attacks (e.g. the bonus from flanking an opponent) will adjust power move attacks normally. Power move attacks can only benefit from tricks that specifically effect power moves.
  Basic power move attacks are granted by “challenger” feats or purchased individually for 1 proficiency each. Basic power moves generally fit within the realm of normal physical plausibility and do not require any special campaign qualities to enable their use. Each requires a half action to perform and can be used any time the character would be able to make a standard attack.
  (Basic power moves are described on page 14.)
  Tiered power move attacks exceed the limits of real-world martial artists, featuring incredible leaps, bone-crushing impacts, and even blasts of brightly colored energy summoned forth by the character’s concentrated spiritual energies. They are only acquired through feats, require a half action to perform, and each character may only use a single tiered power move once per round, usually during their initiative count. Tiered power moves are divided into three levels of potency.

● Tier 1:...

Play-by-Post / Re: [OOC] Way of the Wicked
« Last post by Ares on Today at 01:07:20 AM »
Oh, great.
In that case, carry on nothing to see here. Just wanted to keep this fair  :)
Play-by-Post / Re: [OOC] Way of the Wicked
« Last post by Mister Andersen on Today at 01:04:57 AM »
It had already taken wound damage
Play-by-Post / Re: [OOC] Way of the Wicked
« Last post by Ares on Today at 12:09:19 AM »
Not that I'm not happy with killing the demon, but as a large creature it's wounds are 1.5 x it's CON. To die from 14 Wounds it would have to have a CON of 9

That said, if it's just 10, I'd be happy to spend my last AD to raise the damage to validate this outcome.  :)
Play-by-Post / Re: (IC) Way of the Wicked II: Call Forth Darkness
« Last post by Mister Andersen on October 26, 2016, 06:48:11 PM »

V: 6/156
W: 0/21
Grumblejack reaches up the leg planted firmly on his chest and grabs the second creature's ankle. Large hands twists savagely, staggering its stance but doing no real damage due to the lingering effects of paralysis.

Spoiler: show

Creature 2 is held

V: 0/70
W: 0/14
Still chanting, Aiden shifts his footwork and carves a wide arc with his mace. The head of the weapon cracks against razor sharp talons, snapping them back out of his defended space. The creature whips its hand back and forth, shaking off the discomfort and providing the fallen knight witht he opportunity to smash his shield right into its elbow, forcing it to punch itself right in the face!

Spoiler: show

Creature 1 is stunned into next round

V: 34/???, 100/???
W: 0/???, 23/???
The creature staggers backwards drunkenly, one of its fangs driven loose by the force of the blow. It's companion meanwhile tries to pull itself free of the ogre's grasp, but while Grumblejack couldn't hurt it he still exerts more than enough leverage to keep the cloven hoof trapped in his grasp.
Spoiler: show

Creature 2 fails its check and remains held.

V: 0/70
W: 0/14
S: 7/12
Whether Drin's spell is successful or not is difficult to tell given the efect of Aiden's attack, but he can feel in his heart that the fury of Hell is not with him this day. Even the viciously hurled threat about scattering its ashes has no obvious impact on the staggered creature. When the advisor makies it contemptuous remark, he can't help feeling that some of that contempt is directed at him.
Spoiler: show

Both checks fail

V: 0/45
W: 0/13
Janus runs over to the statue and begins clambering up its grotesque form.

V: 0/54
W: 0/14
S: 4/10
Creamor takes the opportunity presented by Grumblejack's successful grapple and launches himself at the creature. Caught off balance, it cannot defend itself against the animalistic fury of the assault and quite surprisingly the devilman finds his hand inside the creatures chest, clawed fingers wrapped around its burning heart. His eyes locked to the creature, Creamor squeezes tighter and tighter untill he feels the organ burst. The creature gives a great roar of agony and collapses forward onto its conquerors.

V: 0/60
W: 0/12
Lars finally seems to enjoy some moderate success in his assault upon the creatures. The hellfire leaves three smoldering holes in the thick pelt of the one in the centre of the room -- holes that quickly catch alight! However before that realisation can sink in, the cleric's mace lands a glancing blow against the creature's thigh.
License to Improvise / Scarier soul drain
« Last post by TKDB on October 26, 2016, 12:42:01 PM »
It occurred to me recently that there could be a niche for some campaign qualities to beef up the soul draining extraordinary attack. It's quite deadly for standard NPCs, but that daunting reputation doesn't quite translate to special characters beyond the early levels. The action die loss is rather frustrating, but that's about the worst of it once you have more than 5 or 6 levels under your belt. It'll take a lot of soul drain to really threaten the life of a mid- or high-level special character, and it all goes away with a mere night's sleep.

This is in large part a consequence of the more general issue of vitality bloat, so if you're using the Fragile Heroes quality or some other method to pare down vitality totals at higher levels that will make soul drain deadlier along with regular damage. But if you're not doing that, or just want soul drain to be a more daunting experience for your players to face in general, here are some campaign qualities to put in your toolbox:

Harrowing Soul Drain (3 AD): The maximum vitality penalty suffered by special characters who fail their save against a soul draining attack is multiplied by the attack's grade (eg, a Soul Draining III attack reduces maximum vitality by 30 on a failed save).

Persistent Soul Drain (2 AD): Special characters afflicted by soul drain must make a successful Fortitude save (DC equal to the original soul draining attack's DC) in order to recover with sleep. A character suffering from multiple soul draining attacks can only attempt a single save against a single instance of soul drain per 8 hours' sleep.
Page 78: Chapter 4: Gear & Prizes
Mostly just various upgrades for Gear, not many new items.  Still, upgrades are nice.  As for Prizes, that is going to be the fun item as we get into Organizations.

Page 78: Armor
No new armor, but, new upgrades in all forms.

Page 78: Armor Upgrades
All three types of upgrades are available (Craftsmanship, Materials, Customization).  A few of these refer to Armor Grade and have a multiplier based on it.  The Grade is the coverage of the armor so that you get the following: Partial Armor is Grade I, Moderate Armor is Grade II, and Full Armor is Grade III.  So when something is, for example, +2 per Grade and you are wearing Moderate Armor that would be a +4.  Most of the upgrades are a flat bonus though, so this only applies in a few cases.

Page 78-80: Armor Upgrade Descriptions
What all the upgrades do.

Adamantine: Halves the AP of weapons used against it.  I am guessing this is rounding down as it does not say.  Also is a little harder to break.
Avian: Lighter with a better ACP, but easier to break.
Blenno: Resists acid.
Centaur: Less Speed Penalty.
Design (Impressive): Stylish armor that gives you a bonus to Impress that increases by the Grade of the Armor.
Design (Intimidating): Menacing armor that gives a bonus to Intimidate.  Higher Grade is higher bonus.
Design (Wealthy): Look like a rich man and get a bonus to Haggle.  As usual, higher Grade is higher bonus.
Eno: Kitty armor weighs less and helps with Sneaking; you have to pick the terrain though.  Also it has a better ACP.
Dragon Hide (Subspecies): Doubles the bonuses from any of the above mentioned Design Upgrades.  Also you pick a dragon from which the hide is made and receive a bonus to Resistance from whatever its breath weapon is.
Exotic Hide (Tough): Adds a +1 to any Design Upgrade you have.  Also gives DR +1.
Exotic Hide (Rare): Doubles the bonus from Design Customization.
Hepatizon: Gives you a little Spell Defense per Grade.  Not much though.
Kobold: Protects against claws, teeth, and other natural weapons.
Mithril: Lighter weight and better DP, ACP, and Speed.  But expensive.
Nymph: Anyone who helps you with a task is more helpful, doubling the bonus they provide.
Ooze Use: Exactly what it says.  Oozes can use it.
Orichlacum: Gives a bonus to Impress.
Ostratic: Armor made on the cheap from random bits and pieces sew into a coat.  Has a worse ACP and weighs more.  Also the DR goes down as it takes damage.  However, it costs less and has a lower Complexity.  I feel this should be its own separate armor and not an upgrade for existing armor.
Unicorn: Taking a Refresh Action and get hit?  Well, if you make a high Resolve Check you can still Refresh.
Warg: You get the Fully Engaged Trick.
Were-touched: Gives a bonus to Distract.
Wingling: Decorative armor that gives a bonus to Appearance.

That is it for armor.  As I said, no new armor, just some upgrades.  Still, a few nice things.

Page 80: Weapons
New Qualities, Weapon, and Upgrades.

Page 80: Weapon Qualities
Four new weapon Qualities.

Fitting: Kind of fluff.  This means that for describing armor fittings this counts as one of them.
Gear (X): The Weapon also counts as a specific kind of Gear.
Hands-free: The wording on this is kind of poor.  Basically you can be counted as armed with this weapon even when not technically holding it in your hands.  Though you still have to have it equipped, such as strapped to your wrist.
Worn (X): Instead of just holding this weapon you are wearing it like clothing.  Maybe it straps to your wrist.  This makes it harder to disarm (Requiring X number of successes), but also makes it take longer to equip and unequip (Requiring X number of Handle Item Actions).

Page 80: Blunt Weapons
A handful of new Blunt Weapons.

Page 80: Blunt Weapon Descriptions
And here they are.

Fighting Lantern: A heavy duty lantern that you can hit someone with.  Also provides a little Guard Bonus.
Forearm Buckler: Like a regular buckler, but instead of being held in the hand, it is strapped to the wrist letting you keep your hands free for other things.
Mirrored Buckler/Shield: Counts as a mirror.  Useful for reflecting a Gaze Attack.
Weighted Cloak: The first of the weapon cloaks that were mentioned previously.  This one basically has lead shot sew into it to let you hit someone with it like a sap.

Page 80: Edged Weapons
They slice, they dice.

Page 80: Edged Weapon Descriptions
Two new ones.

Blade Cloak: Small sharp blades are sewn into the edges of this cloak letting you slice someone with a quick move.  Is a double weapon so you can really whip it around.
Half Spear: Lacks any reach, but is small and light, perfect for smaller species.  Also good for throwing.

Going to have to finish up the Gear another time.  Busy right now.
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