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3466  Products / Fantasy Craft / Re: Species Feats, Attribute Modifiers, Pricing on: December 10, 2009, 10:17:21 PM
Is there a pattern to how the species feats are priced? They often grant something like "+1 to the lower of Con or Wis" plus some other benefit, which seems to be stronger than a typical feat. How is an attribute modifer valued relative to a feat? In Fantasy Craft, attribute increases are rather more common than in That Other Game. Maybe I'm undervaluing the value of a FC feat.

Also, is it just my imagination or do the species feats vary in utility? Perhaps there is a philosophy at work I do not understand. Obviously, the numbers aren't everything. For instance, Two Hit Combo and Darting Weapon together are not worth as much together as two feats you can use at the same time, even though you do gain some versatility.

In general they are built around (2 moderate and 1 minor ability) or (1 moderate and 3 minor abilities). In some cases there is also a draback which ups the amount of good stuff being offered. The design point metric hovers around 2.5.

+1 to lower of 2 attributes and and +2/-2 are both used as moderate abilities, but you'll note that they are in the context of the race the feat is attatched to - you'll not see the +2/-2 increasing an attribute they already have a bonus to, and the -2 being applied to a attribute they have a bonus to is not that uncommon, making the +2/-2 more of a shift to the race's basic attribute profile rather than "a bonus".
3467  Products / Fantasy Craft / Re: Sling Madness on: December 10, 2009, 10:05:27 PM
I'm his gm and i don't like that very much. Though he will know why there are giants using superior Giant slings with the massive quality against the group now. (1d6 + Str Subdual, 17-20 Crit, possible sprawling fun). Thanks!

Getting hit by a high speed rock the size of both your fists having a chance to knock you on your rump seems pretty logically sound (once you get up to bowling ball sized, being killed instantly seems more appropriate...).
3468  Products / Fantasy Craft / Re: Species Feats, Attribute Modifiers, Pricing on: December 10, 2009, 10:01:28 PM
That line you probably don't want to leave out - if a character multiclasses with points still in reserve what counts as a class skill can get horribly tangled up.

As a house rule, I'm leaning towards adding "If you have assigned all of your skill points, once per session you may add a +5 bonus to one failed skill check." It's still giving you hidden reserves, which is the spirit behind the feat.

The trick with adding a Spellcasting rank is one I had considered and found very amusing Smiley. Given that in order to do so you had to spend a not inconsiderable ammount of time with a lower Spellcasting rank that you might have otherwise (basically giving yourself a -1 or more to all your spellcasting checks up until "the big reveal"), I think it's a totally fair and reasonable use.
3469  Products / Fantasy Craft / Re: Types / Which stack, which don't on: December 10, 2009, 06:39:15 PM
Animal, Beast, Folk, Ooze, Plant - seem to be exclusive to each other.

I could see a use for Plant Folk to create a dryad-like critter perhaps - person-like, but also clearly of the trees. The difference between that and straight Plant-type is additional susceptibility to folk-targeting effects.

Ooze Plants are kinda wierd but certainly doable.

The most awkward may be Ooze Animal - the animal's limitation on fine manipulators makes the ooze's multiple pseudopods largely blunt instruments.

...are there Undead Constructs

Necromantic Bone Golem. The Diabolical Flesh Engine. Kinda gross but eminently doable.

Elemental Outsider Beasts?

Hellfire Drake (heck, that you can make as a player character Smiley)

Horror Spirits?

Attic Haunt. Mirror Fiend. Etheral Nightstalker.

Undead Elemental Outsiders?

Blackwater Devourer. Gravesoil Overlord

Construct plants?

Wallbreaker gear-vine. Clockwork gilt-rose.

Shouldn't an Elf be a: Fey folk then? Or is "Folk" the base type, which is the default when not entered?

D&D Elves are folk. You could do a fey folk version for one only modestly unearthly - like the dryad above fey folk represents person-like but also of the wild. The Fantasycraft presentation are fully fey, meaning folk-targeting effects roll off them entirely.
3470  Products / Fantasy Craft / Re: The Defendinator! on: December 10, 2009, 06:13:05 PM
Lol. I had to read that twice to see what you were getting at, but you're right Cheesy.

Yeah. Just stick with that first attempt (middle of page 4). It really is easier to parse.
3471  Products / Fantasy Craft / Re: The Defendinator! on: December 10, 2009, 05:58:29 PM
Thinking on natively one-armed critters all I came up with was the slivers from Magic: the Gathering, which aren't big tool users. It bugs me a little but its the best I've been able to line up the 7 or so considerations I see surounding the subject.



"If a character has additional guard weapons readied in all of his other hands, he gains a +1 bonus to defense."

Wow. That is some serious verbal chicanery. I don't think that the gain is worth the logic loop (backflips?) required to read it...
3472  Products / Fantasy Craft / Re: Types / Which stack, which don't on: December 10, 2009, 05:47:30 PM
The primary limitation is you can't have incompatible types on the same critter. There are only 3 types that are incompatible and they are each incompatible with the other 2. They are~

Animal: Limited brain (major skill restrictions), no fine manipulators (no hands)
Beast: Normal brain, no fine manipulators (no hands)
Folk: Normal brain, fine manipulators (hands or someting similar)

Everything else makes no presumptions about those two factors. You can combine animal with any of the others to give the resulting critter limited inteligence and no fine manipulators. You can combine beast with any of the others to give it a normal brain and no fine manipulators. You can combine folk with any of the others to give it a normal brain and fine manipulators.

You do not have to apply Animal/Beast/Folk to every critter. The other types can be used stand-alone.

You can use as many types as you need to create the critter you are modeling, but getting above 2 starts raising questions and more than 3 can definitely be more confusing than it's worth. Generally the more types it has, the more suceptible to effects it's becoming, as things like turning and some spells look for a particular type. Turn undead for example would effect a deep-rot treefolk (undead plant), a death hound (undead animal), and plain vanilla ghoul (undead or undead folk depending on the designer's mood)
3473  Products / Fantasy Craft / Re: Should save dependent abilities scale? on: December 10, 2009, 03:20:14 PM
I have to admit I was horrified when I first read about how NPCs threat levels 'scale' with the parties average level. So at 20th level a lowly bugbear can still keep up in combat?! gahhh! Of course, it doesn't work out that way in the end.. but that sure scared me when I first read it.

Heh. If a bugbear is being presented as a credible threat for a party of 20th level characters that may well be the god-king of all bugbears, the very template from which all other bugbears descended (or at least aspire to).

Or it's a bugbear adventurer too Grin. Do you know how many villiages he had to sack to get to level 20? A lot. No, more than that. A -LOT-. He's been busy. Probably planning his revenge since the players first rolled his tribe 17 levels ago.

3474  Products / Fantasy Craft / Re: Contemplating Avatars on: December 10, 2009, 03:14:07 PM
Other things you can do to make them seem cooler is to toss in mutliple of them but treat each one you throw in as a 'form' of the main avatar. Each time they beat a form, do a short cut scene where the thing 'powers up' or changes form or something and then comes back at them fresh again.  That can really make for cool fights where they get in over their head fast.

Wooooo! I totally see how to script that and make the cost very manageable.

To the lab!!
3475  Products / Fantasy Craft / Re: Contemplating Avatars on: December 10, 2009, 03:09:23 PM
High Defense/Resiliance = Did you manage to hit/affect me at all?
DR = Did you hit me hard enough to even notice?
High Health = Have you finally managed to pile enough damage on me to make me care?
Tough = Well done. Now try and do it again. From scratch.

That is some deep, multi-layered survivability. The Grave Wurm is not kidding around.
3476  Products / Fantasy Craft / Re: [Quest Hub] Talon Rock on: December 10, 2009, 03:02:46 PM
Need to set up a master list of dramatis persona (wiki page thing mostly, to let folks adding adventures draw on existing figures where interesting/appropriate)

...and then more adventures! Smiley

(plus answering further questions as they arise)
3477  Community / License to Improvise / Re: Begining a new Tale on: December 10, 2009, 02:45:02 PM
I'm working on a description of using universal, limited, and multi-track renown in campaign design. It's turning into kinda a long essay so I'll post it as a seperate thread when it's ready. We can follow up on your questions and setting there Smiley.
3478  Products / Fantasy Craft / Re: [Quest Hub] Talon Rock on: December 10, 2009, 01:47:31 PM
What's the level of hygene understanding/technology in this society?

I'm leaning towards fantasy standard (a.k.a. above fuedal Europe, but not fuedal Japan). Bathing and washing is understood to promote health but may not be daily activities. Isolating fecal waste is understood to promote health and mulching it in nightsoil piles prior to use in aggroculture is a common practice. Plumbing is rare and genrally open and exterior rather than enclosed tubes (gutters and some light irrigation tech). Certain herbs/woods will be grown specifically for perfuming purposes to offset odors. Soap is primative and rare - extensive surface scrubbing will have to suffice. Roman-style lathering with vegatable oil and scraping with a strigel would consitute a special occasion and possibly a specialized service. Some miners are going to want to get as clean as possible immediately after returning from the mines and spending time in town with their families.
3479  Products / Fantasy Craft / Re: [Quest Hub] Talon Rock on: December 10, 2009, 12:44:30 PM
Aww man, I miss goofing around with this stuff.

Which is why I thought it should be back on the first page, at least for a bit. We've gained a lot of new posters since the book came out Smiley.

I think what I was aiming for here was something for the Trade guild goons that were the only actual formalized sorta guard outpost at all.  Their job was to protect their goods not necessarily the city.  As for the armory part, I was thinking that there would be a place that kept the militia's weapon stores and would also function as a merchant of sorts to buy/sell weapons to adventurers and other things.  Since the guild seemed to be the biggest piece of the puzzle, why not have their small garrison of troops run a small armory that is quasi-informal out of their barracks?

Ooo. I like that:). Very frontieers-ey and a great place to cash in weapons seized during adventuring.
3480  Products / Fantasy Craft / Re: Wands as weapons? on: December 10, 2009, 12:10:33 PM
Pondering the side effects of the Arcane upgrade, with no ammo required what exactly does a character do with their multiple required half actions?  Obviously the quality can't remove load, that'd be far too good, but still...

The user is "recharging" it I'd guess. Pouring magical energies into it to prepare the next discharge.

(Coincidentally, I'm puzzling over a craftsmanship upgrade that reduces a weapon's load time by 1)

I'm laughing at how well the feat chain explains Hank's bow from the Dungeons and Dragons cartoon Wink.

I also didn't think of it before, but I think that maybe these should be Spellcasting feats, rather then Basic Combat feats.  The additional synergy with casters doesn't bother me [especially with a Channeler], in fact it seems appropiate.  Not to mention that they're the only* ones who can use them.

I considered it too, but I'm leery of it. These are pretty stong feats already. Tacking on all the benefits of increased Spellcraft feats may tip them into no-brainer in any setting that allows them. I think as Basic Combat feats, they create an incentive to mix in a few militant class levels for war-mage builds (dash of soldier to accelerate acquisition), and make the prospect of a class ability or other character option that makes basic combat feats count as spellcasting feats very juicy.
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