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September 20, 2014, 11:13:43 AM
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16  Community / License to Improvise / Re: New Species: The Warg on: August 03, 2014, 04:57:38 PM
Howl Attack: Once per round as a full action you may let out a frightening howl which affects all foes in a blast inflicting 2d6 + your Cha modifier in stress damage (this blast tapers off every 5 feet; see page 214 of FC). Make a single ranged attack against all foes in the area; each character hit may make a Will Save (DC 10 + the number of Species feats you have + your Con modifier) to avoid taking any damage. [2.5]

I would suggest~

Dreadful Howl: As a full action you may unleash a dreadful howl. All enemies up to one size category larger than you able to hear you must make a Will save (DC 10 + the number of species feats you have + half your Intimidate ranks, rounded up) or suffer 2d6 + your Con modifier stress damage. The DC of this save increases by +4 for enemies able to see and hear your as you howl. You may use this ability a number of times per scene equal to your starting action dice.

GRIM PACK [Species]
  Benefit: The higher of your Strength or Constitution rises by 1. Each time you would be affected by an enemy's spell, you may make an Intimidate (Wis) check. You gain Spell Defense against that spell equal to the result of your check. However, you suffer a -2 penalty to Appearance.

-Let Slip the Dogs of War I: At level 1, as long as you are flanking an opponent, your bite natural attack gains Keen 10 and guard 1.
-Let Slip the Dogs of War II: At level 4, all of your allies with a bite natural attack able to see and hear you also gain this benefit.
17  Community / License to Improvise / Re: New Species: The Warg on: August 03, 2014, 12:51:38 AM
  As someone who has thought long and hard on this very topic for years...

  That is some sexy work.

  Watching a movie with my family, but I'll have a few thoughts to share on the howl and the Let Slip the Dogs of War abilities, shortly.  (...and as mentioned the Spell defense needs a numerical tweak Smiley)

  Also of possible interest:
18  Products / Fantasy Craft / Re: Let's Read: Fantasy Craft - Bow Crossbow discussion on: August 03, 2014, 12:41:41 AM
  I've written out elaborate responses twice now, but I've saved them to a document for later. It's interesting to see what people do with the toolset both in optimized theorycraft and actual play.

  If I might ask a favor: how would folks maximize the applied damage output from a Pech with a battleaxe? I remember making an off hand comment years ago that such a foundation would lead to a combo substantially more violent than the dominant death-dealer build at that time...
19  Products / Fantasy Craft / Re: Let's Read: Fantasy Craft - Bow Crossbow discussion on: August 02, 2014, 02:10:32 AM
Plus if they're going to bother to model so many different aspects of crossbows vs bows they should be including the training investment.

Lack of feat support [for crossbows] is a common complaint in various discussions I've observed.


I mean, come on, it is kind of funny Smiley.
20  Community / License to Improvise / Re: [A New Pie] Version 1.2.1 on: July 29, 2014, 07:51:17 PM
Primarily guidelines/rminders to myself to make sure those attributes connect to actions like Taunt or Threaten.
21  Products / Mistborn Adventure Game / Re: Impossible actions on: July 29, 2014, 05:41:23 PM
  Out of curiosity, do these scenarios require anything stronger than "Changing actions cannot increase the number of dice in your pool" to take them all out behind the woodshed and work them over with a fine piece of hickory?
22  Products / Fantasy Craft / Re: Let's Read: Fantasy Craft on: July 29, 2014, 05:27:11 PM
You're free to rule 0 of course, but RAW you're meant to be able to add as many customisations as you want

Stacking complexity values can put a halt to that really fast.
23  Community / Off-Topic / Re: Is anyone going to San Diego Comicon? on: July 23, 2014, 11:03:01 PM
Quest complete and loot secured.
No one methioned there would be Martian sharks in the lunar ocean but the forces of light prevailed.
We can discus shipping arangements and XP awards after I get back from the show Smiley.

(There was some pre-show prep/research, a three hour line, a half-mile sprint *pant-pant*, and a 40 minute line - a good time all around ^_^)
24  Community / License to Improvise / Re: STORMSURGE - Warstrider Gaming for Mastercraft on: July 20, 2014, 02:08:03 PM
Crazy busy ATM (last 36 hours to prep for my pilgrimage) but I will definitely plug those into the spreadsheet!
25  Community / Play-by-Post / Re: STORMSURGE: Around the Campfire [OOC and open feedback] on: July 20, 2014, 02:06:12 PM
  Well, obviously my visit to my folks didn't exactly come complete with oodles of free time the way I expected Tongue.

  I'm in the final stages of prepping for the San Diego Comic Con, so I'll actually be forcibly unplugged for the next week. then  few more days at my folks, then setting up my own place again for a few months.

  I'm actually struggling a bit with unique contracts. I have probably enough niches left to fill out this turn, but when I look at the full catalogue, I see the means for many of the smaller buyers to meet their needs by ordering existing designs. I have 1-2 turns of strong storyline in mind, but I wonder if we would be best served by playing out another year or so and then setting the result as the default campaign start for tabletop play?

  Either way, I have been very pleased with the field test of the design system. I'm mulling over adding some less "grounded option for folks who want to use it in support of other (more anime) settings, but as a straight near-future military themed tool-box you guys have definitely exceeded my expectations.
26  Community / Play-by-Post / Rules Update on: July 07, 2014, 11:06:36 PM
  1. News/contracts goes out (GM). This is the big in-setting heads up with background, public opportunities, and contact descriptions. This is also where you'll learn the outcome of previous trials and public opportunities.

  2. Dossiers go out (GM). Updates on private info from the previous round & your current warchest. This is where your unique choices/opportunities for the turn are presented.

  3. Immediate Actions (Players). Send me a note with your actions that affect the current round. This includes assigning Contract Analysts, submitting joint production approvals, unleashing Security Investigators, and sending in special requests/proposals to the GM. This is an RPG as much as a corporate simulation and I try to be responsive to your ideas. If you haven't already feel free to jump in on the thread with your company's public take on events, contracts, trash talk, interviews, advertising, sports...

  4. Immediate Results (GM). Your immediate actions are logged. Extra income from joint production is applied, various intel/reports are delivered, and I try to fold a modest degree of player-conceived madness into the game Smiley.

  5. Operations (Players). Send in the following:
Finalized designs for this turn’s trials. You may post them publicly rather than in private mail. I’ll compile the latest from either the thread or direct mail to produce the Warbook entry and Trials lots table.
Confirmations. Your dossier will generally include ongoing projects and/or special opportunities that require your input.
Bid in lotteries. Commit funds to this turn’s open lotteries. Remember that in most cases if you lose your funds are returned in full. Go big or try to sneak in a lucky bargain. These are lotteries, not auctions, so you can win with just a single lot.
Launch investigation. You may claim 1 lot in one of this round's investigation opportunities without cost. If you company has a house detective you may add these lots to that investigation or launch an additional investigation with them. Investigations are resolved by lottery and provide bonus information on the events in question as part of the following turn's dossier. Players may also commit detectives to topics of their own creation with the results determined by the GM.
Commit to prototypes. Submit Weight class and leg type for each of your entries into the next round of trials. I need this information for billing purposes as prototype costs are assessed at the start of the project (2.5 billion, 2 billion for favored weight class or leg type, 1.75 billion for both favored weight class AND leg type).
Refits and Modules. You may generate new prototypes by refitting old designs. New configurations for existing modular designs are also approved. (see below for details).
  Full specs are not required and you will be able to make changes or absorb newly approved options up until the turn-in on the round of the trials.
Corporate Expansion. Start new regular projects. You have some always-available options for expansion. These include expanding factories and adding and improving Contract Analysts.

  6. Turn close out (GM). Warbook updated, judges comments, and contract winners announced. Basically the easy stuff before writing the next turn intro.

REFITS (1 billion each)
  To be considered a refit of an existing design, the new design must meet the following criteria.
  Weight class: Unchanged
  Performance upgrades: total number of upgrades may increase or decrease by 1, Upgrades may be reassigned between speed and handling freely.
  Arm Style: Unchanged
  Leg Style: Must remain biped, quadruped, or hybrid, but may change to a different style in that category.
  Features: Must retain any 2 features from original model. NOTE: Two features acquired throught competitive technologies are still two features - keeping them allows you to change both of the other features on designs that have a total of 4 features.
  Armor: May increase or decrease by up to 2 points (not to exceed normal limits)
  Loadout: Must retain a total of 3 individual weapons, weapon clusters, and/or gear of the original model.

NEW MODULES (1 billion each)
  A strider with the modular systems feature may exchange all of its load out. All other elements of the design remain unchanged. All previous modules will be consider during trials.

Expansion Options
  1. Expand factory/Open new factory. You may increase your maximum production (the cap on your income each turn from building/selling striders) in lots of 1.5 billion.
  You may either add to an existing location or start a new one. Centralized sites may prove easier to defend if the fur starts flying, distributed sites often generate influence in the nation you’re building in. Factory construction can be suspended without financial penalty but may annoy the host nation, resulting in a loss of influence.

  Build factory in 1 turn - 8 billion
  Build Factory in 2 turns - 3.75 billion each turn (total 7.5 billion)
  Build Factory in 3 turns - 2.25 billion each turn (total 6.75 billion)
  Build factory in 4 turns - 1.5 billion each turn (total 6 billion)

  2. Develop Contract Analysts. You may have up to 3 contract analysts. Assigning them to a specific contract during the Immediate Actions step will give you access to either the Hidden Criteria A or B for that contract.
  Contract Analysts can be a specific individual or a team at your discretion when you establish them. Like factories, this decision may have an impact on later skullduggery.

  New Analyst - 500 million
  Add major client expertise to existing Analyst - 500 million (adds two lots when assigned to a contract from that client)
● European Unity (EU)
● Sovereign Australis (SA)
● United Republics Defense Command (URA) (provide a single lot when dealing with a URA member state)

  Add minor client expertise to existing Analyst - 250 million (adds two lots when assigned to a contract from that client)
● Amazon comPact (AP)
● Japanese Defense Force (NS)
● Kingdom of Hawaii (KoH)
● Mercenary community (KQ)
● Novvy Sovet (NS) - remnants of the USSR
● Independent Quebec (Qb)
URA Member States-
● Atlantis (Atl)
● Aztlan (Azt)
● Canada (Cnd)
● Dixie (Dxe)
● Lone Star (LS)
● Pacifica (Pac)

  3. Expand toolshops. You may increase the number of designs you support with parts/maintenance. Each shop provides 250 million per turn per design so long as clients are requesting support for their purchases.
  Spin up tool shop in 1 turn - 1.25 billion
  Spin up tool shop in 2 turns - 500 million each turn (total 1 billion)

  4. Hire House Detective. You may have up to 3 house detectives. Each provides 2 lots to the investigation they are assigned to and multiple detectives can be assigned to a single case.
  Detectives can be a specific individual or an agency at your discretion when you establish them. Like factories, this decision may have an impact on later skullduggery.

  New Detective - 250 million
  Add expertise to existing Detective - variable (player-proposed options)

Technology Report
  All options in the design document are permitted for use in Turn 4 Trials.

27  Community / Play-by-Post / TRIALS: Late 2046 (Turn 6) on: July 07, 2014, 11:05:46 PM
28  Community / Play-by-Post / STORMSURGE: Late 2046 (Turn 6) on: July 07, 2014, 11:05:18 PM
Late 2046 (Turn 6)

Notify Rand-McNally...
  We’re gonna need new maps for the Dark and bloody. What had been a three way boxing match between the world’s superpowers has become the new frontier for the Australian monarchy. Europe’s interest have been hemmed in to a band no more than 400 miles deep from the Mediterranean coast while the URA holds the majority of Western Africa (a largely undesirable stretch of hot and dead) and only a single key port in The Congo region. Meanwhile, Australis has formally absorbed its ally South Africa as a new dukedom and established two additional dukedoms along the East coat, further entrenching its control of Madagascar. Royal decrees are already being considered for two more substantial regions to be placed under the banner of the Southern Cross as citizen states with the full rights and protections of the southern hemisphere’s dominant power. This strategy of nationalization is a far cry from the decade of freebooter-like predation by foreign corporate interests and likely signals a major shift in the conflict due to the reluctance the major powers have had for direct conflict on sovereign soil. Whether the crown actually has the funds to truly integrate these regions to the standards enjoyed on the Australian mainland remains an open question.

Tropical Revolution
  South America’s northern costal nations of Guyana, Suriname, and French Guiana, long considered part of the Amazon Compact’s back yard have slipped into chaos with populist revolts spilling across their borders, forming a single loosely unified revolutionary front. While the Compact has attempted to provide humanitarian relief, the region has rapidly spiraled into armed conflict. URA forces have entered the region at the request of the beleaguered government prompting the Compact to deploy its own peacekeeping forces. The fighting continues with the to larger powers performing a difficult dance to not engage each other directly, but incidents seem inevitable.
Incendiary Accusations From Atlantis
  We can only hope Atlantis’ ships are more water-tight than their information-security. In another infamous leak, it’s come to light that the teams investigating the neo terrorist attack on the shipyards north of Boston earlier point to Dixie backers. While Atlantis had been keeping this knowledge under wraps, the leak has triggered outrage nation-wide that URA member states could even consider the use of deadly force in their dealing with their fellow member republics. The council or Governors has declared emergency closed sessions to address this crisis.

We have a name. Now we need a face.
  In a lapse of their usual steely discipline, a terrorist WarWolf may have inadvertently revealed the name of the organization responsible of the attacks on Oita, Monaco, and now Las Angeles.
  Rather than their usual MO of amphibious assault, this time a handful of light striders (a mix of Morays and WarWolves) deployed from conventional tractor-trailer rigs in the heart of the west-coast metropolis. Police were completely outmatched by the military-grade machines which rampaged through the downtown area for nearly an hour before scuttling their machines and escaping into the smoking rubble. Despite the cloak of wanton destruction thrown over the operation, the target was clearly Pinnacle Production Support’s auction of the APEX strider validation tool-set. Rather than theft, the two-pronged attack both at the auction site and the nearby corporate offices seemed bent only on destruction, eliminating both known copies of the design program.
  In the midst of the destruction, emergency services and journalists found the word “DUSK”  chiseled into the stone facade of the convention center, presumably by machinegun fire from one of the WarWolves [see attached image]. Initially this graffiti was suspected of being a single pilot’s call sign, but agencies investigating the attack in Monaco has announced they have some evidence corroborating that DUSK is in fact the internal name for the larger force.
  Calls are now growing to establish an international strike force, possibly under the auspices of the revive United Nations to engage and apprehend DUSk’s forces when their base is identified. Meanwhile the manhunt for the walkers responsible to the thousands dead and hundreds of millions in property damage continues in Pacifica and adjacent URA member states.

Fighting over Rocks
  Continuing the trend of global unrest, fighting has broken out all along the Indus river. After ten years, Occupied Pakistan remains a troubled territory under Indian governance. Pakistan became a conquest, client region after a low yield nuclear device was detonated in the heart of New Delhi in 2035. The region’s economic value is marginal compared to the force India has expended pacifying the region and many economists believe the ongoing campaign is a huge factor in India’s failure to rise to prominence in the post-plague global landscape. The terrain has long favored soldiers on foot over better equipped mechanized forces. Even striders become trapped by the impassible terrain, boxed in and destroyed by lighter forces. With the uptick in armed resistance India is reaching out for new technologies to police the region.

More Terror in the West
  A series of truck bombs detonated mid-morning Tuesday on and around the Onyx-Iron main campus in Atlanta. the daytime attack seems targeted as much at the corporate staff as the buildings, resulting in over 200 deaths. Combined with lingering difficulties at the Louisiana factory complex and many feel that OI has effectively ceased to exist. Adding the chaos and confusion, OI’s three design teams, considered some of the world’s leading experts on amphibious assault platforms have gone missing - whether they have gone underground or been kidnapped as part of a larger plot remains unclear at this time. Rumors abound that the attack provided cover for a parallel net-based attack on OI’s computer systems, but both the FBI and Dixie’s own cyber-crimes task force have declined to comment on the ongoing investigation.
29  Community / Play-by-Post / Re: STORMSURGE: Around the Campfire [OOC and open feedback] on: July 07, 2014, 01:44:25 PM
Sorry, bigger family holiday than I expected. I've continued to plot and scheme, looking forward to some writing time ASAP. I want to get 2 turns in before the San Diego Comic Con. More boom soon Smiley.
30  Products / Spycraft Third Edition / Re: Action, Ultra-Violence, and Adult Themes in TTRPG Design on: June 30, 2014, 07:24:38 PM
I rolled a 20 but I'm all out of narration points, so that means the character cannot critical, so critical are not actually tied to character abilities their tied to gamist mechanics ruining immersion every time an issue like that comes up.

  I'm a little unclear why anyone would think the narrative process is improved by having big gory descriptive kills every single time you could potentially spend a narration point. It sure as heck wouldn't increase my level of immersion as the player doing it or as another player at the table, because my limited experience with massacre says that most kills are in fact pretty uninspired and lacking in dramatic flair.

  Fallout 3 had a perk that did that, and while the concept is amusing the reality is unending gratuitous overkill gets really goddamn dull in a matter of seconds.
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