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August 30, 2015, 09:05:52 AM
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16  Community / License to Improvise / Re: Realworld Languages Table on: August 12, 2015, 07:15:00 PM
Makes me miss the 2.0 language system

  To be honest most people hated it. Like deep and abiding loathing. A little too abstract.

  To me this is fine with a favor that lets you train up on a language for the rest of the mission. And If I were to do a revised Polyglot feat it'd probably give you 3-5 languages plus the option to temporarily have one until the end of the adventure for 2 action dice. So you could cover your bases and still be able to speak anything for a price.
17  Community / License to Improvise / Re: Realworld Languages Table on: August 12, 2015, 06:34:13 PM
  Indeed. The table is sorted broadest (over a billion speakers) to narrowest (around 10-15 million for the last 3-5). Greek and Yiddish are really only on there because of it's potential value in a more antiquities/tomb raiding context campaign. If you draw from near the top, it'll be pretty easy to leverage them.
18  Community / License to Improvise / Re: Realworld Languages Table on: August 12, 2015, 04:51:08 PM
  I'm not really sure "using half of these" is or should be a goal. They're like any other interests - sometimes the GM will arrange for them to pay off if you have them, otherwise they're flavor. If for some reason you were using a canned adventure that took you somewhere with a fairly restrictive language base (say, the island of Madagascar) the adventure itself had better have translation services written in. Then it becomes an neato-keen thing if a PC happens to have a matching language, but the adventure should never hinge on it.
19  Community / License to Improvise / Re: Realworld Languages Table on: August 12, 2015, 03:03:27 PM
  English is common everywhere. That's almost the point of English. It's certainly the point of making it THE language of air traffic control planet-wide Grin.

  I don't think realism is terribly demanding here. This is (with a little judicious editing and juggling) a list of the top 40 most widely used languages on the planet (by population, not geographic footprint - French is still spoken in far more places than Mandarin, at least for the rest of this decade). It's intended to be inspiring more than limiting. If you are a world traveling hero-type you're basically going to have English and then possibly some other language you consider you native tongue if you're not from an English dominated region, and after that you're either gonna get a guide (who speaks English) or the vast majority of characters you're going to interact with (verbally - violence IS the universal language) are going to speak something you speak because doing anything else is a pain in the butt Smiley. You can buy an extra language for a interest. That's picking up Spanish or Japanese for yuks. An actual polyglot character will nail the majority of field down in like a feat and a half.

  'Languages known' is for the most part an entertaining footnote except in the cases where the GM throws you a bone with people talking around you not realizing you understand them just fine. It's also good to make a first impression that you actually do know their language and not just English.

(click to show/hide)
20  Community / Off-Topic / Re: Power Armor? Power Armor on: August 12, 2015, 02:47:48 PM
Ya think so, eh?

  I do. Move the arm in ANY direction from that pose - there's an armor joint lined up with the middle of his humerus Smiley. Especially towards the post in the initial picture. Nice to see the leg placement though. Points for that.
21  Community / Off-Topic / Re: Power Armor? Power Armor on: August 12, 2015, 01:22:50 PM
  Not to be mean, but nothing human could wear that armor. His arms have either been ripped out of their socket or are tucked into the torso... except the torso isn't big enough for that. And that knee to ankle length is terrifying. Though maybe his foot is supposed to be in the flared portion at the bottom of the shin.

  Honestly I can't wait for some real power armor so drawing them like their external proportions are human-like will finally stop.
22  Community / License to Improvise / Realworld Languages Table on: August 12, 2015, 09:40:45 AM
  Just puttering with Wikipedia for a bit and came up with what is hopefully a fairly workable list of language interests for modeling the real world.

  Languages allow you to communicate with other characters that share at least one language with you. A forte in a language allows you to speak the language without a strong accent and read and write in any language you speak that shares its alphabet with that language (when it is written in that form). You begin with one language and its forte.  This is considered you “native language” and you speak with your native language’s accent when using any language you do not have a forte in.

Swahili (Bantu family)
Pashto (Afghani)
Dutch (includes Afrikaans)
Chinese, Pinyin
Arabic, Latin
Latin, Arabic
Arabic, Latin
Kanji, Kana, Latin
Gurmukhi, Arabic
Latin, Arabic
Latin, Cyrillic
Arabic, Latin
Latin, Cyrillic
Latin, Arabic

Italian, Portuguese

Belarusian, Ukrainian


Azerbaijani, Uzbek



Russian, Belarusian


USA, Canada, Great Brittan, Australia
Spain, Central and South America
India, Sri Lanka
Middle East, North Africa
Russia and neighboring states
Portugal, Brazil, South Africa
France, Canada, Western and Central Africa
Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore
Eastern Africa
Iran and neighboring states
Central Europe
Turkey, Iraq, Southern Europe
Coastal Vietnam, Czeck Republic
Italy, former colonies
Eastern Pakistan
Nigeria and surrounding states
Poland and surrounding states
Afghanistan, Pakistan
Eastern Europe
Nigeria and surrounding states
Eastern and Southern Europe
Belgium, Netherlands, South Africa, former colonies
Eastern Turkey, Iran/Iraq border
Denmark, Norway, Sweden
Balkan States
Ethiopia, Kenya, Somalia
Czeck Republic, Slovakia

Ooo. Fancy formatting Smiley.
23  Community / License to Improvise / Re: Random Char-Gen on: August 11, 2015, 09:14:41 PM
Silvercat: Blenno Jester Courtier. Interesting... I can kinda see it, but at the same time it's also very out-there.

"I may be a fool, sire... but I'm no fool. There are conspirators in the court. Let me uncover them for you..."

TKDB: Unborn Artisan Crusader. It almost sounded reasonable right up until the class; how would that even work, anyway?

"I am the Living Forge. I march with armies and they shall bear my steel and triumph..."
24  Community / License to Improvise / Re: [New Pie] Backgrounds for a Post-Apocalypse (Origins field test) on: August 11, 2015, 09:11:40 PM
Well given it seems like this new disaster needs further mechanics being spawned before origins can be tailored to it, how do waves 3 & 4 stack up for use in the original nebulously defined one?

  They're quite solid. I still itch a little at fields being only 1 point but there's some nigh unavoidable reasons to leave them there even if they feel more like 2 points to me. I considered putting a cap of only 1 field per talent/specialty, but the Brewer convinced me to let it be. Paired skill is also getting a little bit of scrutiny. Its well priced but it may be coming up a bit often. I wonder if a "Each Level you get 1 rank in either [skill A] or [Skill B]. Apply this rank before spending skill points." might be a simpler mechanism. Its fairly unbreakable and lets you take all your skill points somewhere else.

  I probably should update the parts bin with some of the more recent work on New Pie tech which will cause a few cascading changes, but as a field test I've been pleased. I actually have a list of 60 specialties for contemporary settings that need fleshing out. Maybe I'll use them to populate a chart as I learn to use the fancy multi-column formatting.
25  Community / License to Improvise / Re: Random Char-Gen on: August 11, 2015, 08:45:32 PM
  That you could just randomly generate Origins was a big goal of the original naming scheme for all the moving parts. The fun thing is they generally deliver a play experience as advertised Cool. When what sounds right generally works right, you've got a nicely evocative tool.
26  Community / License to Improvise / Re: New kind of class? on: August 11, 2015, 09:44:56 AM
Similar to how Master Classes have class skill Continuity, is there design room/viability for a class ability Continuity? I guess in practice it'd work sort of like Cross-Training, only restricted to classes you've already levels in, and maybe some other bonus to make up for the restriction.

  I kinda did that in the set of new base classes I worked up for New Pie/contemporary play. The class that has the Cross-Training vibe (Troubleshooter) can take any Level 1 ability or any level 4/8/12/16/20 ability... That is to say they can keep taking the 4's ability from the same class. It lets them get all I through V of a single ability while going pure Troubleshooter or multiclass 4/16 or 8/12 with the host class and still get to the V ability.

  Jack-of-Trades: At Levels 4, 8, 12, 16, and 20, you choose your class ability from the following list. Tiered abilities may be chosen repeatedly up to the listed number of tiers, otherwise each ability may be chosen only once.

•   Ace: Magnum Opus, Road Warrior I-V
•   Champion: Relentless Assault, Uncanny Dodge I-V
•   Con-Artist: Sweet Little Lies, Live the Lie I-V
•   Examiner: Perceptive, Past Clients I-V
•   Fixer: Win-Win, Leverage I-V
•   Ghost: The Unseen Hand, Ninjutsu I-V
•   Hacker: Oracle, Net Gains I-V
•   Investigator: Take the Case, Legwork I-V
•   Marksman: Door Kicker, Stay the Course I-V
•   Mastermind: Surrounded by Fools, Puppet Strings I-V
•   Thief: Up and Over, Burgling I-V

  The first "superpowers" Seed class I wrote also had Jack-of-Trades in its level 4 slot so it would mesh with other classes while still having a nice level 5 ability if you stuck with it.
27  Community / License to Improvise / Re: A new language or traps on: August 10, 2015, 03:22:56 PM
  Very interesting.

  I think Key should probably either require Prestidigitation be on the list or add it to the skill list. Either could simplify the text.

  To make clean tables put [ tt ] and [ /tt ] tags (without the spaces between brackets and command) around the table. You can still use boldface and italics inside the true type area. You may find it easier to edit the table in a word processor in a true type font before pasting it in here (I use courier font myself).
28  Community / License to Improvise / Re: New kind of class? on: August 10, 2015, 03:15:31 PM
  Hmm. Seeing some interesting/weird cross pollination here with the idea of Supers as Paths.

  I have a couple very specific super-powers available in Farthest Star (high end alien nanotech augmentation). I set up one as a Seed class and the results seemed pretty sound. Spend 5 levels to get five levels worth of themed goodies.

  Definitely leaning towards adding core abilities so you can play using a Seed from level 1.
29  Community / License to Improvise / Re: Campaign Quality: Fast Repuation on: August 09, 2015, 04:10:36 AM
  Then I suppose I remain miserly - That quality essentially lets players spend extra dice to buy rep 1 for 1 when they're buying a crit. I'm not comfortable having the original die being used for one of the most common and most influential effects action dice have do all that AND get you a point of Rep. That's deep down into no-brainer territory and I don't find no-brainers fun. Player-centric in the extreme sometimes, but not actually fun.
30  Community / License to Improvise / Re: Campaign Quality: Fast Repuation on: August 09, 2015, 12:19:42 AM
PDF format always seems easier to read for me than forum posts, I don't know why. Still, looking forward to it!

  That's because good layout is magic Cheesy. That, and 2 column formatting is just plain less demanding to read because of the shorter 'carriage return'.
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