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August 30, 2015, 06:59:27 AM
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1  Products / Fantasy Craft / Re: Mysterious Freelancer Revealed! Plus Spellbound Status Report! on: August 20, 2015, 04:59:27 PM
Casters being too powerful with respect to other character options is a legitimate concern: see D&D 3/Pathfinder. 

Yupp, agreed, but believe me when I say that The Black Eye went way, way overboard.
The book telling me, on the other hand, that combat mages in the setting are supposed to be powerful and respected members of military units, falls flat when said mages have only spells that usually affect single targets for neglegible damage and can only be cast at a range that is anemic... usually in the 8 or 16 m range. Roll Eyes
And on top of that said guild mages aren't even allowed to wear armor, they even need a special excemption to don padded armor.
Still the writers in charge try to sell them as assets that are somehow military important, despite all these limitations and the simple fact that their numbers are limited.
And I didn't even list all of their limitations, there are still more built into the system.
At that point it comes more off as them doing all they can to turn mages into an unplayable mess.

I've gotten the impression Fantasy Craft does a good job toning down casters and spells from those editions, and it definitely buffs up fighting-types.

Hell yeah, and the game is better for it, but a bit comes also from the fact that there are lots of options to deal with opponents, beyond mere Sword & Sorcery.
Everyone is awesome in their own right and mages are fun to play.
Quite frankly FC has set the gold standard in my book, when it comes to class and magic balance. Grin

Making magic weak is also totally a legitimate design choice.

Which I agree with, but at least tell the players so and don't set up Fluff and Lore to tell something else.
Hell, one of the funniest attempts of mine to play a mage in FC was with the Corrupting Magic quality active... but I knew full well what was coming my way. Evil
We ruled that the moment a Mage would be entirely corrupted a demon would burst out of his mortal shell. Evil
Let's just say that I didn't play that character for long and that it ended in a near TPK, due to the circumstances of my mage re-imagining a certain Alien scene. Grin
In my defense... FOUR freakin' 1's in a row is something that the dice gods shouldn't have allowed to happen. Shocked Grin
2  Products / Fantasy Craft / Re: Mysterious Freelancer Revealed! Plus Spellbound Status Report! on: August 19, 2015, 10:47:28 PM
Is the ritual casting system still in?


This will be awesome. Grin
I am very interested to see how that plays out on the table and eager to see your spin on ritual magic for FC.

I really love the fact that in every Crafty Game, anyone is awesome and I do appreciate the hard work that goes into Spellbound,
especially because a LOT of other developers would have either abandoned a project of this magnitude or released it half-baked.

The best example is The Dark Eye, a german RPG, that in it's fifth iteration did a LOT to crush the fun out of their magic system.
Comparing the sad excuse of a supposed combat mage in that system, to a chaneller or even bog standard wizard in Fantasy Craft
goes a long, long way to show how awesome Fantasy Craft classes are. Grin

Fearing that arcane classes, or specifically the guild mages, would unbalance the game, they are subject to a host of disadvantages to stop "power gaming". Roll Eyes
A slowly regenerating power source, astral points, that can stop a mage from using his powers for a week or more, after burst acitivities.
They are also prohibited on using armor, due to iron/steel interfering with their magic and guild mages aren't allowed to wear armor, even padded armor is out.
The limited range of supposedly combat spells is another serious problem.
The main stay of every wizards magic firepower has the incredible range of 16 m, which can theoretically be doubled... which is still hilariously pathetic. Roll Eyes
And this goes basically through the entire spell system, to use a fear spell you can at best be 14 m away from your target and usually it is only 7 m.
To top it all off, besides illusion spells - which can be easily discerned as such Roll Eyes - each and every spell, for now at least, targets only one person.

Hell, the stuff someone with Glint of Madness can pull in FC could be interpreted as working "magic" and it would be considered power-gaming in The Dark Eye. Grin
And thinking about the simple fact that wizards and at least the arcane savant are capable of casting a set of limited spells infinitely,
would lead to lots and lots of heart attacks among The Dark Eye players.

Also, I won't ever giving up my gun toting, troll stomping, jackbooted wizard in plate armor. Evil Grin
It's just to damn funny, to throw around bombs and fireballs and shoving a Blunderbuss into someones face. Grin
3  Products / Fantasy Craft / Re: Fantasy Craft Second Printing Q&A Thread on: June 04, 2015, 08:54:30 AM

NOOOOO!!! That way lies only madness. Shocked
The caster needs to be aware of his enemies/allies when casting his spells.
The caster can't see it - or sense it otherwise - then he can't target the spell properly.
And targeting hidden/invisible creatures with spells, without overcoming said status, is silly.

Furthermore, in case of spells that offer a maximum number of targets depending upon level, this is a flexible maximum.
Nobody forces the caster to use the maximum amount of targets by each spell cast.

Additionally, there are reasons why the Ghost feat chain is so damn awesome, because it can grant a stealth expert the hidden status,
which for many a mage - and anyone else, really - can be real pain in the ass to deal with. Evil Grin
Killing such a massive investment with - at worst - nothing else than healing or wounding spells would be insane.

Overall, just my opinion. Grin
4  Products / Fantasy Craft / Re: Humanity with magic/divine powers vs. Demons/Devils/Angels on: May 10, 2015, 03:21:30 PM
Thats good food for thought. Thanks. Smiley

There are quite a lot of moving parts in this, and predicting how people respond to crisis on a societal level inexact science at best. So at the end of the day, a lot of this will depend on what kind of story you're interested in telling, what kind of themes and message you want to highlight. You could have a theme of "people are dicks", with various feudal lords trying to take advantage of the turmoil to gain more wealth and power for themselves, lots of underhanded machinations covered over with strategic alliances and so forth. But on the flip side, you could go for a theme of "humankind is one big family", with the crisis causing rival factions to put their differences aside for the time being and band together to defend their home. Either approach can be considered realistic, looking at actual history.

Hmm... thinking about it, I might go for a two or threesided approach on that one. Sure most people would try to work together and be it out of sheer desperation, while some might try to still stay on top and some might even consider throwing their lot in with the enemy at worst.
Harder to write and set up, but definitely worth the effort in the long run.

As for how the humans will handle the outsider incursion, I would expect a lot of reliance on the divine powers. You're looking at a time when religion was a hugely dominant force in Europe. Even if it later comes to light that the divine powers are not necessarily 100% on man's side, they will (at least initially) be trusted and welcomed for assistance in repelling the infernal forces. When actual, visible demons are out there making trouble, and an angel pops up in a church and says "I'm here to smite some demons", people are going to be praising God and lining up to help. Even when developments indicating that the divine forces might not totally be aligned with humanity's own interests, there will likely be considerable resistance to believing that (at least within Christianity). Church authorities would likely dedicate a lot of effort to rationalizing or covering up evidence of disharmony between the ends of man and the ends of heaven. This might end up leading to schisms between those who believe heaven has forsaken them, and those who retain faith that the heavenly acts that harm human interests are simply God's mysterious ways (or even rightful punishment for human sin).

This is actually something that I hadn't taken into account in such depth. That's right there a LOT of trouble waiting to happen in a great many different ways.
The revival of old gods or even new ones, would add another interesting layer on top of all that. The possible schisms, especially if the heavenly forces bring out sword and fire to start cleansing in depth, would also hit Christendom especially hard. In other regions like India the gods would take precedence and there would almost no magic users available if push comes to shove.
Overall, I need to look closely at that and brush up on a few things. Smiley

And speaking of religion, it's worth thinking about how these developments would alter religious relations from real-world history, and how religion would affect the response to these events. You have the appearance of magic happening right around the start of the Islamic Golden Age, and one of your two magical hotspots appearing in Muslim territory. How are the European mages traveling to the Sahara going to interact with the Muslims there? Will it be a military endeavour, conquering that region from the Muslims, or will they integrate into the existing Islamic society? Are there tensions between the original Muslim inhabitants and the European immigrants? Given that the endpoint for this society is a matriarchal setup, I would imagine the Islamic influence is largely overthrown, which might leave some lasting tensions in that region. Perhaps the Islamic social dominance was supplanted by less strictly patriarchal standards introduced by the European immigrants. Said immigrants may very well be from a splinter sect off of orthodox Christianity, or even pagans, given their apparent devotion to magic.

At first I think, the immigrants will settle deep within the Sahara and build their first settlement near the center of that magical hotspot, trying to unravel it's mysteries.
There will be almost certainly conflicts with the established Berber and Tuareg clans/tribes wherever they want to settle. After all at first they need an oasis to establish their city, which WILL lead to conflict. This might end in bloodshed at worst or the wizards might be able to negotiate a settlement.
Over time they will absorb several tribes into their fledgling polity, while also accidentally unleashing the curse that forms so much of their society.
The fact that they are relatively spoken powerful wizards gives a lot of incentive for the tribes to play nice with them in the long term, because they can provide a LOT of nice stuff like water, food and other amenities. Doling those things and more out to be left alone in peace by the tribes or to trade on their behalf with the outside world would be a win-win for everybody. Especially early on there will be raids and sieges against the wizards. Throughout the various peace and other agreements the wizards gain men and women from the tribes either as a form of appeasement/insurance that the peace sticks or as good will for services rendered.

I think it is doubtful that they would adopt Islam per se, especially when they are a motley crew of christianity sects and pagans.
This goes doubly because the Tuareg, while Muslims, already practice a highly customized version of Islam.

The real problem might be forces, mainly Berber, outside of the deep Sahara that decide to conquer them when they hear of the mighty desert wizards and their riches. This goes doubly for any city that is established on the border of the desert. Any attacks on cities deep within the Sahara are doomed from the start. With most of the tribes benefiting from the presence of the wizards living among them it is also unlikely that the various tribes would try to conquer them. The fact that their cities also fortresses to keep out the sand and possible hostile forces lends further credence to the assumption that lethal force is not an option employed against them by the various tribes.

Politically they would be rather isolated, especially the more the females come to more and more power. Most of the surrounding realms wouldn't like to deal with them, especially because the Islamic view on sorcery is a bit more extreme and ends usually with the death of an accused caster.
The fact that the different Berber factions wouldn't look favourable at them, due to the wizards claiming precious territory and them being wizards, is another thing, but to add insult to injury the Tuareg are most likely either closely allied with Wizards OR went fully over to them over time.

Because I could see the appearance of magic causing some schisms within European Christendom. Christianity at the time was not especially concerned with witchcraft (that was more of a Renaissance preoccupation), but the appearance of bona fide supernatural powers would likely bring that issue to the forefront of debate. Especially since both laypeople and clergy display supernatural abilities, and the functioning of those abilities is conspicuously different. You might have revivals of old pagan traditions in these magical hotspots as a response to Church pressure against magic use, or perhaps schisms within the Church between those who condemn the practice of magic and those who condone it.

Even with magic getting a head start of 100 hundred years, the sheer amount of priests running around will ensure that there is a staggering amount of priests equipped with real divine power 100 hundred years after the first wizards started appearing. At that time there will already some things have happened, I'd reckon.
Surely the church will be split between accepting or condemning wizards. This might lead to an even earlier split between east and west IF both sides find a different majority oppinion among themselves, but not in the other.

Also, there is most certainly a revival of some pagan pantheos and keep in mind the norse gods are still alive and kickin'... so to speak.
When after 100 hundred years the first norse priests start appearing this will get REALLY interesting.
Not to mention that spellcaster will find a relative safe haven long before that, because the norse and many german tribes believed in magic anyway.
So passing as a shaman or a bona fide wizard shouldn't be to hard among those people if push comes to shove.
And if the wizard in question can also create magic weapons he is settled for sure. Grin

There's also the matter of the East/West Schism. At the time you're setting the beginning of the outsider incursion, the Church was still united. Tensions between east and west were just beginning to finally build to a head, and historically the schism resulting in present day Catholic and Eastern Orthodox churches would not formally begin until about 50 years after the outsiders begin to appear. Would the outsider incursion defuse those tensions, prompting east and west to put aside their differences to unite against a clear common enemy? Or would they exacerbate them? Perhaps the Pope seizing on the events as justification for a power grab further incenses the eastern Patriarchs who are already unhappy with the papal power creep. Or perhaps, since the infernal forces begin appearing in western territory, the east sees this as a sign of the corruption in the western Church?

Here I would go with defusing the tension. Otherwise this might get to complex or rather fractured. Smiley
There will still be splinter factions in the church that have different goals in the long term.

The fey are kind of a wild card in all this. It largely comes down to how religious views pan out. Some faiths may view the fey as benign, welcome allies in the fight against the demons. Others might view them as sinister beings, basically just demons in disguise. These differing views will likely exacerbate tensions between different religious groups. "See, those heretics have thrown in their lot with the forest devils!"

Yeah, the fey will be of great help to those who accept their help/ally with them, but also paint a big target on those same factions for doing so.
Here I see the Sand Wizards accepting their help without even blinking, knowing that they sitting on a Ground Zero of Outsider activity and being choosy in that situation won't work.

The problem with them is that they can unconsciously change the fate of humanity if they turn accidentally parts of mankind into fey creatures and therefore make them immortal. That this is a self-propagating thing wouldn't help at all. Mind you, I take some stories where fae act benign as hosts and offer food in their realm to humans and those turn to fey... something the fey don't know and neither mankind. Evil
That will be a nasty shock for anyone involved and lend credence to anyone who said they are nothing than devils.
And that is definitely a point that most religions won't like or probably might also actively fight.

As for the mythical beasts, their appearance likely wouldn't shock people too much. This was a time when the top scholars generally believed that they actually existed; it wouldn't be so much a matter of "holy crap, there's dragons now?" but rather more "holy crap, there's been a real boom in the dragon population lately". I'd expect a lot of efforts to domesticate mythical beasts for use in fighting the infernal forces. Though some (notably, dragons) would likely be viewed as monsters to be repelled at all costs, pretty much lumped in with the demons. Griffon riders, likely. Dragon riders, probably going to be viewed as evil marauders if they exist at all.

"holy crap, there's been a real boom in the dragon population lately", that line made my day. Grin
You are spot on here, I think.
Also it will be rather akward talk when a father has to explain to his son where the scales on his body come from. Grin
"What do you mean Gramps is a dragon?" Shocked
"Don't fret, at least you got body armor out of the deal, son." Grin

In the end, will they be able to keep the outsiders at bay? Depends on the relative power of the outsiders versus the assets at man's disposal. And, in particular, whether a means can be found to seal outsiders away or kill them for good. With outsiders banished rather than dying and capable of returning through the same portals, while men remain mortal, that's a recipe for the defeat of humanity in the long run if it eventually becomes a war of attrition.

Good point. Overall the rank and file outsider can be rather easy disposed of, albeit in a one on one you need still to be a badass to pull it off.
The problem that they just join up with the rest of their buddies on the other hand is something that can't really be solved, because basically their numbers are limitless.
Even by imprisoning the leaders of the outsiders will only bring a brief reprieve, until said leader is replaced.
Closing the portals is doable for mages equipped to deal with that, but in the end there will be other portals open, so that it will be very hard to keep them bottled up.
Things get even worse for those in the crosshairs of the gods, because sooner rather than later their agents on earth will try to kick those they don't like.
This in turn means that at worst some factions have to fight the infernals and divine beings, not to mention that eventually the divine outsiders on their side might take umbrage and demand of them to fight back.

The one advantage they have compared to the outsiders is that those have at best limited inherent magical abilites, but not the flexible magic mankind sports.
That's at least something. Mankind has in the end to stand together or fall... rather unceremoniously at that, or might that be to bleak?

Overall, I'd think that enclaves of priests and their flocks hold out on the surface against the infernal hordes through the help of their gods or rather their intermediaries.
Those not counting on the help of the divine entities on the other hand will probably have to dig underground. Either going full underdark style or at least burrowing under their cities and keeping those safe with mighty wards so that burrowing or teleporting into the hearts of their cities is not possible for the outsiders.

So any thoughts?
5  Products / Fantasy Craft / Re: Mysterious Freelancer Revealed! Plus Spellbound Status Report! on: May 10, 2015, 01:45:33 PM
Woohooo. Yes, great news. Smiley

If you'll excuse me... there is small happy dance waiting to be danced. Grin
6  Products / Fantasy Craft / Humanity with magic/divine powers vs. Demons/Devils/Angels on: May 09, 2015, 12:12:11 PM
So here goes a rather elaborate scenario. Sorry, for the wall of text, it's necessary... I promise:
After Charles the Great/Charlemagne is crowned as Emperor on the 25. December 800, a few days later there happens to be a surge of people who can learn magic powers.
This begins exactly on the 1. January of 801. The first who exhibit the ability to do so are the people who live in the german regions known today as Brandenburg and Mecklenburg-Vorpommern.
For the sake of the debate assume that these magical abilities are inherent in mankind and just lay dormant.
For the next 200 years people with the capability to learn magic will keep appearing exclusively in those regions.
Anyone descended from them will also inherit this ability.

Learning those magic powers will at first be governed by the desire/need to control them.
Just because everyone born with magical capability will exhibit it inadvertently in his childhood.
More intrepid or curious souls will certainly try to advance their knowledge even further.
Especially because it shatters the feudal social strictures damn hard.
Not to mention that a lot of nobles would love to have that power at their disposal or on retainer.:drevil:

Finally, there is a small faction among these new mages who are quite powerful and learn of a second region afflicted in a similar way to their own home.
These will largely travel to that second site and settle there, trying to unravel it's mysteries in the depth of the desert.
In essence most of them will settle in the Sahara and establish themselves as a power there.
This comes with a price though. For they are getting inflicted with a unbreakable curse, for prying in places where no man should.
In essence this curse makes it so that for 1 male roughly 10 females are born.
Also this curse is self-propagating. Any child born of someone afflicted with this curse will bear it too.
This in turn changes their society to one where the females lead and men are usually kept safely in the cities.
Overall this might cause problems in the long run... especially on a social and even worse a political level.
The leaders of the Zahirat are also opting to expand their desert holdings in the depth instead of expanding their cities on the surface.
Basically, I use a faction that I created for a game right there.Smiley

The Church and other religions:
The only ones who are never capable of learning magic are priests and those very closely associated with them.
Basically any priest is marked by his god/gods as his and therefore can't express magic. If he had magical powers before he loses them.
On the other hand those of true faith will begin to exhibit powers given by their gods. This will begin 100 years after Charlemagne was crowned as emperor.
While these are more limited - again Fantasy Craft style - than typical D&D clerics they are still damn powerful.
Basically, a Fantasy Craft Priest can pick to gain power on one or more paths, which give him a limited arsenal of abilities and spells to use.
One important note: The different religions still have their bones to pick, they are not automatically cozying up to each other or the different factions within them.
Not to mention the impending internal power struggles with some priests now having actually power.

After 200 years things get interesting with portals opening first in the regions where magic started to pop up.
The invasion will start slowly and methodically on part of the devils in the year 1001.
Meanwhile in the Sahara the demons face resistance by the resident wizards.
Angels and other assorted divine beings can enter the fray through grounds sacred to their religions, like the hallowed ground of a church.

A few more rules for the invading outsiders:
There are no magic weapons needed to kill them, enough force does the trick.
The only problem is that this method will only banish them to their home plane.
No outsider has learned magical abilities, at best they have inherent abilities.
Those might be powerful, but at least they are limited how often those can be used.

Another important thing to consider:
The different pantheons might or might not play on team mankind.
This might depend upon how many influence the gods can exert.
They are on the other hand quite opposed to the demons and devils.
Overall, this might lead to some really ugly situations.

With the onset of the invasion there are two more gamechangers entering the fray:
Each and every human - with the above stated exceptions of true faithful - will be capable of learning magic.
Furthermore, they are also guaranteed to express that talent in childhood.
Also, mythical creatures like dragons, griffons and whatnot will emerge over the next 300 years after the invasion starts.
Either brought in by the outsiders or born on earth.
For dragons: while they might be intelligent, this is not universal, also they have usually limited inherent magical abilities.

And lastly the final change to the overall fight will be that the Fae enter the fray.
Think, basically immortal elves, who have their own conflicts on top of all that.
If possible they will align with mankind, because they don't like neither the demons, nor the devils and their is no love lost between them and divine entities.
Anyone mingling with them might find that he turns immortal, but is marked as a creature of the Fey.Wink

So how might this play out?
Will Charlemagne or his successors try to use magicians to their advantage and conquer more territory?
How will the humans try to keep the outsider forces at bay and are they capable of doing so?
7  Products / Fantasy Craft / Re: Mysterious Freelancer Revealed! Plus Spellbound Status Report! on: April 28, 2015, 04:03:31 AM
I'm curious and maybe this can answered, maybe not.

I was looking at my copy of the Spellbound Gencon Preview and I was wondering how much the classes that appeared in it had changed at all in the interim time?

They probably haven't changed at all or just in small details.
After all, those classes are mechanically complete and oh so damn awesome. Cool

I still looking forward to giving the Trickster and the reworked Chaneller a spin. Grin
God damn, those Chanellers kicked ass and took names left, right and center. Evil
And that was just the converted Spycraft version.

Sorry if that makes me sound like a downer, but I've made part of it my job description to protect our resources as much as possible so that we stay solvent and to ensure Crafty's here to keep making new stuff for everyone to enjoy Smiley

I like that very much. Wink
It would be a disaster for my gaming table if you guys would close the doors.
8  Products / Fantasy Craft / Re: Experience rewards on: March 30, 2015, 03:59:31 PM
These times, at least when I GM, I'll just dole out levels whenever the groups wants to level up.
It almost never happens that I veto that. Also, I usually let them start at level 3, which makes them a bit more competent in their chosen roles.

Keeps me free to do the actually planning and other stuff, instead of keeping track of XP.
Works for me. Smiley

Then again, I have no problems if my group wants to start at level 20.
9  Products / Fantasy Craft / Re: Call to Arms Wave 5 + Fantasy Craft Second Printing Sale on: December 04, 2014, 06:36:32 AM
Read them! They're great. General consensus is that the new Paths on the Shinobi are fun as hell, and that the entirety of the Skirmisher is like the gift no one realized they wanted, but everyone loves. And of course, infinite damage spiral from the Witch Hunter smoking an NPC with Unlimited Spell Points brings smiles to faces.

I had to translate the Bundle for a friend, as practically all other english material, just because his english is so damn bad.
The Witch Hunter didn't appeal to him because... well, he loves spell casters.
The Shinobi he digged from the first to last sentence, but it was the Skirmisher with which he fell in love on first sight. Grin
I think, him loving the Captain since he got his mitts on that class might have to do something with it. Grin

And now he is seriously torn between a pure class Captain, a Captain/Skirmisher or the Chaneller... and this will only get worse with Spellbound hitting the shelves. Evil
10  Products / Fantasy Craft / Cultural Repercussions if there are severely more females than males? on: December 04, 2014, 06:28:58 AM
Hi there,

I decided to start a new round and put together a setting of my own for it.
It is a collaborative effort and a friend of mine tossed some concepts in my direction and wants me to use that as a foundation for one of the factions.
I have practically to do the write-ups, while anyone else throws concepts, ideas and things they want to see in my direction. Smiley

Basically, the major theme is Arabian Nights. The thing I already determined is that a former nomadic tribe gave up it's nomadic life and settled for good in the desert.
The primary reason is that arcane training is hard to do while you are running around and scraping by in the desert.
For some reason there is also a strong imbalance between the different genders. Roughly 10 females are born for 1 male. Possible reasons might include a curse (divine or otherwise), a broken pact with a dark entity or something else altogether. For now it isn't clearly defined. Another quirk is that nearly every male is gifted in the arcane arts.
The thing that stands from a historic point of view is that after settling down the so called Beni Zahir where gobbled up by a great empire. They tried to rebel, failed and got slapped with a ban of very nearly all weapons and armors and the provincial army that they had was dissolved and replaced by imperial troops. So to circumvent the ban somewhat they had to focus on unarmed combat and stick to the few weapons that they were still allowed. The same ban also lead to the founding of numerous monasteries which furthered the art of combat under the guise of religious practices. In exchange for all the support the monasteries received they allowed the rich in return to call upon their services... basically replacing the former dissolved class of soldiers.

Even after they threw off the yoke of the empire - only while the empire was in disarray and already falling apart - they saw no need to lift the weapon and armor ban, it had become part of their culture. Also the abundant use of magic in the confines of their desert realm ensured that most attackers would seek easier targets.
Naturally, the life is concentrated within the desert oases, which are therefore densely populated.

Their only allies are the desert tribes, that facilitate trade on their behalf. Everyone else sees them mostly negative or outright despises them for their magic use.
It doesn't help that they are seen as heretics who worship strange gods and have no problem with people that would be burned alive in other realms.
The Beni Zahir try also to keep their culture alive and would go to great lengths to minimize the influence of the illiterate barbarians beyond the desert.
The setting is generally inclined to be hostile for magic users.

So how could or would this culture - under the given circumstances - be structured when there are so many more females than men?
Could this work at all or are their reason why it wouldn't? Any opinions, remarks or suggestions?

As always: any help is appreciated. Smiley
11  Products / Fantasy Craft / Re: Mysterious Freelancer Revealed! Plus Spellbound Status Report! on: December 04, 2014, 05:47:55 AM
I'd love to see the Trickster in action. I love illusions and shapeshifting. Grin Combining a Trickster with Alchemist might also be awesome.
Chaneller is a close second in my book. FC makes it possible to play a blasty Lina Inverse style caster and still be effective. It's just awesome. Grin

Ah well... just a little bit more patience and then FC can no longer be called incomplete and it will be time for TOG and PF to admit defeat. Evil Smiley
12  Products / Fantasy Craft / Re: [LABORATORY] The final Spellbound spells on: December 03, 2014, 05:28:41 PM
It's actually only 1D4 damage that you're taking from bleeding, but also you do more than +2 damage because you also hit 5% more frequently plus the save bonus. so you probably make an even exchange of health for damage which could be an amazing trade for a cleaving or a spiral cutter or a darting/flashing weapon soldier. and that extra +1 damage can be a big deal at lower levels. At higher levels it still has uses as you stop worrying so much about 1d4 damage because of a huge HP pool or because you're backed by a healer or because you have regen.

It's certainly not a crazy powerful spell and it could trade health for damage poorly, but it's also a 0 level spell on par with "gain 1 vit in exchange for a full round action."

Personally I think that the character should already be bleeding rather than giving a person bleeding just because I don't think that a glory spell should spontaneously cause someone to start bleeding to grant a bonus. The ideas I've really liked is either granting bleeding instead of another condition. Trading fatigue for bleeding seems more heroic and glory like, you don't get tired or scared, but you're willing to bleed for it. Or affecting someone that is already bleeding.

I am okay with that spell handing out the bleeding condition. The preserver seems to be the dude that goes around like a knight in shining armor... and who believes his own hype. Grin
Just see it as the ultimate expression of someones will to suffer for others and you are golden. Totally fitting.

It also helps cutting down on players inflicting bleeding upon themselves to access even the last buff for the fight against the Big Bad.
Yes... I know players who would do that... without even flinching or thinking twice about it. Roll Eyes Grin
13  Products / Fantasy Craft / Re: [LABORATORY] The final Spellbound spells on: December 03, 2014, 05:15:10 PM
I think Bill Whitmore's comparison to Magic Vestment is a good one. Starting to bleed in exchange for a +1 to melee attack and damage rolls is flavorful and not totally broken, especially if the duration is short (1 minute). That's where I'm leaning at this point.

Overall, I'd like this specific spell to include the capability to be used on already bleeding buddies. That way it would be handy if my side is already bleeding to death anyway and I can at least swing the odds a bit in their favour. Smiley

EDIT: A lot of deleted text, that was made with a wrong assumption in mind. Go on, nothing to see here. Tongue
14  Products / Fantasy Craft / Re: Call to Arms Wave 5 + Fantasy Craft Second Printing Sale on: November 28, 2014, 06:20:38 AM
Awesome. Grin

Already looked over the Witch Hunter... what a freaking scary dude. Shocked
I love the Skirmisher. It's really neat that he begins just with one terrain type for his On Deadly Ground ability and can master up to 4 more.
Giving him the Mobility Feats is a perfect fit and as are the bonus feat options.
The rest of his abilities turn him into a surprisingly effective teamplayer and finally Killzone is a fitting capstone ability.

And finally... I think you outdid yourselves with the Shinobi. I really dig that class.
The path choices will be agonizing, they are all damn good.
Also the Mark of Uncanny Accuracy will be known as dwarven bane I think. Grin

Luckily, I have a setting where I can make good use of all these new additions. Evil

There are two typos in the Skirmisher PDF, right on the second page.
It says "Building the Shinobi" and "Playing the Shinobi" instead of Skirmisher.
The same goes for the Witch Hunter PDF.
Seems a certain black clad sneaky bastard wanted more attention. Grin
15  Products / Fantasy Craft / Re: Cloak and Dagger on: November 27, 2014, 06:35:09 PM
Thank you for your detailed response! I was envisaging a Legion Battlemage, so a frontliner was my intention, and I was planning on Mage 10/Runeknight 10.

One thing: in the approach outlined above you've dropped Favoured Weapon, a prerequisite for Runeknight.

Ok... somehow I totally dropped the ball on Favoured Weapon. Tongue
So, here is the corrected version:

Fighter: Armor Basics
1: Armor Mastery
3: Favoured Weapon
Mage 4: Hidden Spells
6: Armor Supremacy
Signature Weapon
9: Sword Basics
12: Darting Weapon/Charging Basics (whatever you prefer)
Trademark Weapon
15: Sword Mastery
18: Sword Supremacy
Mage 8: Casting Time - Casting Time is quite nice to have as a ace in the hole with the doubled casting times from Difficult Magic.

Basically, you have to make a choice between Darting Weapon or Charging Basics with that build. Both are good, but if you want to keep the line, Darting Weapon might be more appealing. It also has no limitations on how often it can be used in combat. On the other hand, if things like high-risk & high reward do the job for you, you might consider Charging Basics. Grin

Regarding Spell Secret: I was intending to use it to grab a couple of out of reach spells. M/R gets to Circle 6, so I was going to pull a couple of 7s down to 6. Yet everyone seems to focus only on Spell Secret's uses for Arcane Wellspring. Having not yet played a game, I was wondering if Arcane Wellspring was really that good, especially since I'd be getting it at level 20 with this build.

Let me preface this with: It's just my opinion... naturally your's might differ. Smiley
You get exactly two Spell Secrets to pick over your entire career... and quite late at that it seems.
Additionally, the Mage gives you spellcasting abilities up to level 4, while the Rune Knight provides 2 more on his third and seventh level.
Furthermore, you will end up with a total of 30 Spellpoints.

With those things taken into consideration: Why do you want two level 7 spells brought down to level 6? And which would that be?
I mean - depending upon your spell selection - you are either fire support (quite likely), someone to forge favourable circumstances or a healer... quite likely a mix of several.

You have plenty of options to kill people with your mind Grin and the same goes for any option really.
Level 6 spells in Cloak&Dagger must be cast against a DC of 36... for you those are not reliable spells, thanks to the setting.
You are excellent at kicking ass, slinging spells and taking names, but I'd concentrate on spells of level 5 and lower primarly... just don't forget to pick some nuclear options from spell level 6 like Lightning Bolt II, Cause Wounds II (freakin' mook killer), Mass and Quake Touch if you want to be living siege equipment. Evil Grin

A lot of your mainstay combat spells could be low level spells that are reliable and efficient from the spell point side of things.
Attack Spells recommended for that are: Ray of Enfeeblement, Scorching Ray, Searing Ray, Polar Ray I & II
Area effect spells: Fireball I, Call Lightning I and II, Lightning Bolt I. Spells like these will often be saved against, due to your lack of spellcasting feats, but even so they will do damage and take care of mooks.
Use ray spells to deny them saves and hit single targets for maximum effect. Evil
I just browsed through the core book... you might have other sources for spells available.

Other spells: You should have plenty of spells over to pick up anything else that you like or your group might demand.

On the topic of Arcane Wellspring... yes, it is awesome. The ability to cast level 1 spells over and over again is BIG.
Combined with two spells brought down to level 1 by spell secrets and you are set to inspire fear into your enemies hearts. Evil

Look at it this way: A Fireball II can inflict up to 16D6 damage... your Mage/Rune Knight could use that spell 5 times at level 20 and then he'd be out of gas.
Sure he could do inflict a maximum amount of 480 points of damage, but that's the most generous assumption. Grin
Enemies more often than not are capable of dealing with saves, therefore a LOT of damage would be negated, which is of no concern against mooks anyway... usually.

Now let's say your Mage/Rune Knight picked up Scorching Ray - a second level spell - as one of his spell secret. Not only is this spell easier to cast, it's cost's are also cut in half... so even without Arcane Wellspring in action you can cast that spell more often. The only disadvantage this spell has is that it can only be cast in short range... which luckily plays into your strengths and because it is attack-based there is no save to worry about AND you can hit up to 3 different targets or just focus fire. Sure, the spell deals only up to 6d4 per ray damage, but you can cast that spell more often. There is no save, it costs 1 spell point to cast if picked as a spell secret and with Arcane Wellspring you can use it all day long after you are out of spell points.

In the end my reasoning might not be your cup of tea and therefore I'll say this:
Overall, go with what you like. There is no right or wrong. If you see a spell that you just want to have... pick it.
The world won't be doomed for it... I think. Smiley
The bottom line is: Have fun. Grin Sometimes you have to slay the princess and save the dragon. Evil Grin
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