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November 23, 2014, 07:17:44 AM
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1  Products / Fantasy Craft / Re: Assassin - Mage? on: November 16, 2014, 02:20:32 PM
Another combo to consider - if you have access to the Spellbound preview - is Assassin 5/Mage 10/Arcane Savant 5.
You'd still net 2 Spell Secrets from the Mage AND could still cast level 1 spells ad infinitum.
The kicker is depending upon which discipline you decide to specialize in, you might cast up to level 2 spells of your chosen discipline as level 1 spells... which synergizes with the Arcane Wellspring feature of the Mage.

Let's say you pick the Energy discipline as your specialized discipline. This would allow you to treat Scorching Ray like a level 1 spell and in in fact every Energy spell would be treated as 1 level lower. A Fireball I would therefore only cost 2 spell points. This choice would also allow you to access Sunlight I, which is awesome against undead and you could access level 8 Energy spells. Especially War Cry is awesome. Smiley

Combine that with picking Shadow Weapon I as one of your Spell Secrets and you are literally never without a weapon - assuming that you have access to the Spellbound Grimoire preview. Enter a ballroom or a secure vault unarmed and take out the baddies with your dark magic. Grin The second Spell Secret could be used to either pick Cause Wounds II - to dispatch mooks in a blitz - Summon Spirit II, to get some Spirits to fight for you or Illusionary Image II if you want to distract and confound the opposition.

The only thing you would lose is the "Black Vial" perk from Assassin 6, which could or could not be a problem.
All in all this option might be a bit magic heavy and therefore not appeal to you. In the end it all depends upon you and your vision of your character.

So many good combos... so many things to choose. FC is awesome. Grin
2  Products / Fantasy Craft / Re: Any update on Spellbound? on: November 15, 2014, 04:36:54 PM
Woohhooo... news on the horizon! AWESOME! Grin

Looking over the newest version of the other game I realized how deep my love for FC runs. Grin

I HATE clerics and druids in the other game. FC did that part MUCH, MUCH better. I mean I play in our current campaign a bona fide druid. Right now he goes down the Path of Life and he while he could wear plate armour, he wouldn't because it is just not comfortable enough when he roams around in the forest. For added bonus, I'll pick up Paladin 10 and Avatar 5 levels to turn him into an even better support character... complete with faithful servants that come to his calling. Picking up exactly one Step of the Path of Beasts will also allow him to give EVERYONE with his alignment an Animal Partner. Grin Cue the horde of wolves helping his buddies out. Evil And on top of all this awesomeness I'll turn him into an Elemental thanks to the Paladin.

The nerfs to the wizard in the other game are... urrrghh.
To be fair, I used an adapted version of the Chaneller in my group and anyone who picked that dude up was like:
"Whoa... that's a wizard? Are you freakin' kiddin' me? He hits like a Fighter... are you serious? And he gets all these kickass spells?"
And let's not mention FC's general mage, who might be a bit squishier than a chaneller but throws around magic like candy all day long. Smiley

I looked over the Wizard paths in the other game and was appalled. Nothing really set them apart. They have no real restrictions and a Necromancer and an Illusionist are not that different, leaving aside their 3 paltry special abilities. The empty level syndrome with which the wizard was hit hard is also something that I don't like. The whole mess that is preparing spells aside, there is also the simple fact that having just 1 slot for level 6 to 9 spells is not enough. What is even worse is that while the Evoker is considered to be a battle mage, he can't keep up on that side. The spells are nerfed and therefore he usually can't kill enemies and has to rely on his buddies to deal the killing blow. This is a shame for a wizard that is supposed to go around and slap the shit out of the bad guys with his spells. So all in all, even if you are a necromancer, illusionist, evoker or what have you, you are still forced in the other game to pick up spells that hinder and harass the enemies instead of being a cool archetype like a trickster, a witch, a straight up battle mage or what have you in FC.

Look at the Reaper or the Conjuror in the Spellbound preview and the differences are like night and day between them. First and foremost they are limited in their spell selection which is great - as odd as it sounds, it really helps to focus the spellcasters - and the different ways they walk down through their levels is awesome. One goes full on creepy undead who thinks a graveyard is a swell place to chill (seriously he can pick a perk for that Grin), while the other goes around Time Lord style. Grin
The icing on the cake is that the player defines freely what spells he picks and that FC caster use a spell point system... so slinging around high level spells for a short time is as valid as conserving power by using a surgical approach.

So in conclusion: If I have to wait another year for Spellbound, I'll pay that price, because FC is the best fantasy roleplaying game I laid my hands on. And if push comes to shove, Spycraft 3 is also on the horizon. That warrants another Woohhooo! Grin
Sorry for the rant, guys. Smiley
3  Products / Fantasy Craft / Re: Assassin - Mage? on: November 15, 2014, 03:45:29 PM
You might look into taking Assassin 6/Mage 14 in the long run.

With that setup you could get the most out of poisons thanks to the Masks feature at level 6, that would allow you to pick Black Vial... which adds a whooping 5 points to any poison that you use. Combine that with selfmade poisons either by you or a buddy who have their save DC even more upped and it gets devastating quick. Evil

The mage on the other hand would allow you to play all kinds of tricks if you desire so and f you go up against undead you might get a lot of firepower through some spells.

You also get up to 3 Spell Secrets which lower the level of the spell in question. Pick level 2 spells and cast them whenever you've run out of Spell points. Grin
Consider Illusionary Image II as one Spell Secrets... mostly to drive people nuts, create distractions/diversions in a pinch or to set up an impromptu ambush. Evil
Another good pick for a Spell Secret is Scorching Ray. It packs quite a wallop and can be used to dispatch either a bunch of mooks or bring the pain against one bad guy. And because there is a good chance that you will end up against undead this spell is probably a no brainer.
The last pick could be anything, but Cure Wounds II or Restoration I are nice spells to have if you are happy with supplying your buddies with some magical healing on the side. If you pick Cure Wounds I, you can already use that to patch up your buddies after a tough fight and Restoration I might therefore more appealing with it's ability to cure fatigue grades. This would also be great spell to stay up for days on end if you have to and therefore it could be perfect fit for your character.

All in all this would be rather strong character. At Mage 10 you get the special ability to cast your level 1 spells when you are out of Spell Points and that combined with picking Spell Secrets that apply to level 2 spells means you have quite a strong selection of spells to hit your enemies with. So picking a lot of low level spells is quite helpful. Tossing around poisons like candy and deceiving people left, right and center would make things even more fun.

You might consider taking some heavy duty spells to quickly burn through your reservoir of spell points - after reaching Mage 10, mind you - to blast the opposition aside in a tough encounter and then going on to use your free spells to their utmost effect. Evil Grin

The only thing to consider is if you want to use the Core Ability of the Assassin or the Mage. In your case I'd recommend picking the Assassin, for his Core Ability (full BAB against specials) is awesome and synergizes well with your character. The Core ability of the Mage to know 4 cantrips more and to turn up to 3 action dies per scene into spell points is awesome too, but your character is not reliant on that feature and can quite happily toss around level 1 and some level 2 spells for free later in his career thanks to the Arcane Wellspring feature of the Mage at level 10. Grin

So probably going Assassin 1/Mage 6 or Assassin 2/Mage 5 at the start seems reasonable. Pick some useful cantrips, a lot of level 1 spells and work from there. By the way, Feather Fall is a must have and for a Saurian so is Endure Elements to escape the sickened condition from cold environments. Whisper might be good to coordinate the team very nearly silent and Dancing Lights might not only be used for light, but also to distract.
Depending upon how often and successful you want to use poison it might be best to bring up the Assassin to level 6 either quite fast or you might work in an Assassin level here and there between Mage levels. And if you want to toss around a large amount of your spells for free ASAP you could shoot straight for Mage 10 and fill in the missing levels of Assassins later.

Have fun and be awesome. Grin
4  Products / Fantasy Craft / Re: Discovering the obvious (building a knife-throwing specialist) on: October 30, 2014, 09:04:55 PM
Well, even with that aside, you do still run into the issue that Darting/Flashing Weapon specifies that you must be armed with only one weapon. Which will never be the case for a knife thrower unless you're down to your last knife, as Knife Basics means you're always armed with all knives on your person.

Darting/Flashing are pretty much incompatible with Knife Basics whether for melee or ranged; if you use knives, you pretty much have to go with Two-Weapon Fighting for extra attacks.

That makes no sense at all. Huh?
Just because a Knife fighter has access to all of his knifes at the drop of a hat, doesn't mean that he can't use the Darting/Flashing Weapon feats for extra attacks and is railroaded into taking Two-Weapon Fighting feats.

Yes, the wording of Knife Basics reads "considered armed at all times", but that shouldn't be grounds for exclusion of the Darting/Flashing Weapon feats and rather seen as the uncanny ability of a knife fighter to switch his weapons incredibly fast even in heated combat.
5  Products / Fantasy Craft / Re: Questions on: September 22, 2014, 04:23:01 PM
Is it possible to be an unarmed or natural attack rune knight? I love the idea of punching people with lightning, but favored gear is a prerequisite and I dunno if you can do that with unarmed strikes or natural attacks. I thought maybe some sort of rune scribed gloves or something, or tattooing yourself, but I don't know if either of those fly.

Sure, why not?
Just switch "Favored Gear" with "Wrestling Basic" as a requirement.
For a dedicated close combat/martial arts character it seems the best replacement, especially if you keep in mind that the Rune Knight gets the Signature Weapon and Trademark Weapon feats at level 4 and 8, respectively. Martial Artist might synergize very well with such a rather unique character.
Just adjust the fluff that he gets mystic tattoos for himself and you should be golden. No gloves needed, depending on the setting such Rune Warriors might be seen as mystics or radicals that eschew weapons (armor too???) even when it is really sensible to have one against marauders and other dangers. Probably they are seen as both Mystics and very strange people. Might be funny to have a Rune Knight and a Rune Warrior in the same team both arguing over the pros and cons of their respective style. Grin

All in all that Rune Warrior class should fly with almost any GM, after all it is only a minimal change necessary to get what you want.
6  Products / Fantasy Craft / Re: Slow 2h weap vs dagger... on: May 23, 2014, 05:59:15 AM
I'm going to have a hell of a time stabbing a spartan using a shield and a boar spear with two weapon defense.

Just throwing it in here, that two hoplite style soldiers are devastating. Nearly not to scratch thanks to their armor and shield feats and rocking spear basics allowed them to elevate the humble throwing spear to a murderous implement of far reaching death. What's even worse was the Phalanx Fighting stance from Shield Basics turned them into REALLY hard to hit opponents. Up to +4 defense made a HUGE difference.

The Armor feats accounted for +2 DR and immunity to sneak attack damage, the Shield feats gave their metal shields a guard of +4 and Phalanx Fighting gave them up to +4 on Defense too if they stayed together and to top it all off their simple throwing spears ended up with a reach of +2. Add in the defense and DR bonuses a Soldier gets and it got ridiculous. Grin

On the other hand their lack of feats like cleave or all-out attack for a long time took care that they excelled defensively but didn't kill enemies as fast as other warriors, but if someone needed guys to hold the line they were just damn perfect.
7  Products / Fantasy Craft / Re: Special Materials on: February 03, 2014, 04:04:32 PM
Actinium for the win.

That's the radioactive metal that freakin' GLOWS in the dark if I am not mistaken, right? Shocked
It definitely has the hilarious downside to mark any wearer in the dark as a magnet for any and all archers, slingers and whatnot.
Not that they would care with all the radiation playing merry hell with them. Evil

It would be a nice armor - quite likely in alloy form - for an construct. Just making it into an item upgrade or a prize should do the trick.
Hmmm... that makes me think. Can enemies build with a passive damage effect that debiliates their attackers? Cheesy
8  Products / Fantasy Craft / Re: A little something fun for Spellbound on: February 03, 2014, 03:57:39 PM
One question regarding Spellbound: are there any spells that can grant Darkvision I or Darkvision II?  Because it seems like this would be a very handy sort of buff to grant, especially for night ops.

I only found Polymorph Self which has the added disadvantage that the target changes into another creature. A spell that allows for partial transformations would be nice.

I think that this whole issue could either be dealt with per the "Wild Side" spells. Instead of just offering natural attacks, they could offer the ability to bestow certain animal traits (within a certain XP limit, like Polymorph Self), which would be thematically incredibly fitting and a nice addition to the Tricksters arsenal for helping his allies. it would also be damn cool to have the own group running around with the eyes of a hawk, the nose of a bloodhound and a bat's ears while tracking down some bad guys.. Cue the moment they enter a village where a fanatic priest or superstitious folk live and watch hilarity and lots of fire and pitchforks ensue. Grin

The other path is just using Polymorph Other... which has several severe problems. First of currently the forms are standard NPC's - they are more around splitting up enemies and makes them easy mince meat. The second problem is that only creatures with a career or threat level that equals half your caster level can be affected at all. Not to mention that the earliest level that can be used at all is 11 or 17 for Polymorph Other II and it is a Curse and therefore among the purview of the Necromancers. Something that made me wonder, but it is really fitting and refreshing to see so many assumptions broken up.
So the curse for the Necromancer and the more beneficient variant for the Trickster.
9  Products / Fantasy Craft / Re: Courtier Questions on: October 09, 2013, 12:06:10 PM
For a fun kick ass Courtier, don't start as a Courtier - start as an Assassin, then go Courtier. That dip gives you two awesome things - a warrior BAB vs. specials, and flawless Blend and Resolve.

"Go away, you sniveling little sycophant. I'm a hero of the realm, and nothing will stop me from taking the throne! Least of all a puny wallflower like you!"
"Wrong." *stab* "I will. And in a way that no one will ever suspect me of. While you bleed out, I'll go find help. A pity I didn't find you sooner after your mysterious attack."
"But... but... I'm special..."
"I know. Thanks for that."

Sorry for the late reply, got caught up in real life. If I could I would like that over and over again. Grin

Going Assassin 6/Courtier 14 seems really, really nice. Cold Read, Quick on your Feat, Blade Practice and Masks (Black Vial, seems approbiate Evil) are all damn fine. I need to ask the GM if I can retool the character "in the right direction".

Thanks for the help, it is appreciated.
10  Products / Fantasy Craft / Re: Effect of being a Passenger on a Special Character on: October 09, 2013, 11:58:41 AM
Hi there,

I don't have my rulebooks handy currently, but IIRC the following benefits are provided by riding. The larger size of the mount is assumed for anything involving size. You also use the lower of your or the mounts Defense, Initiative and Saving Throws (IIRC) and the better of your's or the mounts Damage Reduction and Resistances. The biggest boon right of the bat is that usually you as the rider choose who takes the hit of the two of you - unless the attacker spends Action Dice. The last one alone ensures that you will be quite likely the last man standing even in a tough fight.

I think you look from the wrong angle at your problem. First off, if you pick an Animal Partner and go on top of that Beastmaster you can have some pretty, pretty nasty critters in your arsenal that are really good at carving up the baddies. So these animals are usually there to flank and kill stuff right out of the box.

A riding mount doesn't need to be good in combat all on its own. Take a look at the given horses, they are practically all better with a rider - especially if you consider the possible synergies if you have some points to upgrade them. If you add the Charge Feats to a horse things can end up really, really nasty and combine that with the Mobility Chain and it gets even worse. At that point you are practically untouchable for melee oriented foes for a while. If I have points to spend I tend to pick the Armor Chain for my mounts to - but that's not a given. And if your character is loaded to bear with stuff like Spear and Polearm up to Supremacy for best effect he can combine his abilities with those of his mount to be a badass knight that trounces enemies left, right and center.

Crafty's system for handling mounted combat keeps thing sane for the game and it also allows the player freedom on what feats to pick since he doesn't need to have every "needed" feat all on his own, some can be provided by his mount. Which is really, really nice and therefore to keep things fair and square you have "only" 2 half actions like anyone else even on a horse/drake/whatever.

Consider also what that can mean for a wizard or a ranged combatant on a mount. Cast one spell/shoot arrows and then get out of dodge on your mount, rinse and repeat to the annoyance of any footmen. In the other game riding was more of a hassle, in FC it is really, really dangerous.

EDIT: Got a look at the Triceratops. Armor that beast up (and pick the Armor Feats, mounts in plate are awesome) and enjoy having a sneak attack immune tank then go stompin' over anything that is Medium sized and enjoy the crunchy sounds. Hell, on that beast you are literally a tank driver. So picking some thrown or other ranged weapons would help to weaken anything that comes close. Have some or more nets handy on the dino to thin the opposition and try to see if you can have one or two weaker creatures to pick off the leftovers.

EDIT 2: The only situation I can think of where someone should get more actions on a mount is in situations where you have 2 or more passengers on a mount, which I think isn't covered in the rules. The primary rider would still get his 2 half actions and the passenger would - if I'd be the GM - get a half action. So on a elephant/triceratops fitted with a howdah loaded for bear with loads and loads of kobolds (sneaky bastards that they are) the rider/mount would get 2 half actions and anyone else on board would get only 1 half action. The reason for that being fair is in my opinion that they will share the advantages to be on a mount and therefore a lot of damage could be tanked by the mount and they also don't have to worry about movement in the first place. This should cut down possible shenanigans to abuse the riding mechanisms.
11  Products / Fantasy Craft / Re: Courtier Questions on: September 20, 2013, 12:42:50 PM
Thanks for the help,

so the whole Ghost Feat + Threaten stuff works out, which is awesome.

As it turns out there is no place at all for Followers in this build, especially because of the Ghost Feats.

On the other hand having a Courtier with a dash of Ninja is awesome. Not only is he a monster in social situations - and Impress with his skill level is practically brainwashing, thanks to Legendary Skill Mastery - but he is also capable of scouting for the party or playing at least a supportive role in that department. Add to that his Combat Butler and his Wardog, his ability from Level 10 onwards to take out enemies with Repartee Supremacy, Glint of Madness and Ghost Supremacy at level 14 and he shapes up as a capable threat. Not to mention all the money he can throw around for bribes and supplies etc.

Fun class, should have played one earlier, but was a bit worried that his heavy social focus might be problematic.

Thanks again.
12  Products / Fantasy Craft / Courtier Questions on: September 16, 2013, 04:43:46 PM
Ok, here is the situation.

I'm about to play a Courtier for the very first time in a very political setting. Think of a cross between Crusader Kings 2, Games of Thrones and add in bloodthirsty enemies on each and every venture.

So picking a Personal Lieutenant is the definite way to go for added protection. I also thought picking up Glint of Madness and the Ghost Feats would be great if someone tries to off him - which is very likely. Which leads to my first question. Threaten counts as an attack in combat right? So if my Courtier "cloaks" himself and begins randomly picking off people with Threaten his sneak check suffers only half the normal malus for an "attack" right? If I am right up until now then I turned my Courtier successfully into a "Whispering Stress Ninja of Doom". Grin

Another thing that jumped at me is the Power Play option of "Sterling Reputation". Since you lose reputation if you keep your followers for to long with you this means I am capable of mitigating that entirely, right? So his Entourage is - outside of dramatic scenes - capable of going wherever he goes, right? And for calling them into dramatic scenes, well... hello Regent.
13  Products / Fantasy Craft / Re: PEACH my monsters on: September 15, 2013, 03:13:20 PM
Hi there and welcome,

for a general impression for how powerful your npcs are look at page 243 under "The Art of (not) killing the PCs". There is a xp guideline you can use at least to an extent to see how dangerous your npcs/monsters are.

From the first impression your monsters will hit hard and the Risen Villager has a case of nasty synergies going on. With "Battering" each and any succesfull hit, which will hit quite hard thanks to its high STR also dishes out 2 additional points of subdual damage. And when the party attacks the Risen Villager each and every attack missed against it will cause - thanks to Grueling Combatant - another 2 points of subdual damage. It doesn't sound like much, but since each instance of subdual damage can lead to the fatigue condition which further impairs combat abilities it can be quite devastating. Also Tough allows them to ignore a killing blow once, so they will be quite impressive adversaries.

When it comes down to your wolves my guess is that if you send them in as a pack they will inflict at least quite some damage on the party. They are tough as nails with a Damage Save of +7 at TL 6 and if they properly flank their enemies they inflict their bite damage + 1d6 sneak on top.

Your monsters also have very high statistics in STR and CON, the first allows them to hit harder and more often in general and the second offers more survivability. Granted if they are Standards they might drop fairly easy but my guess is with a CON of 17 and 15, they will take some work to be taken down.

Is your party composed out of mostly primary combatants (like Soldier), do they tend to avoid combat or do they struck some middle ground?

In general I would lower their physical attributes. Compare your wolves to the wolves in the bestiary (page 286). Their strength, dexterity and constitution scores place them as threats that are probably good for a heavy combat focused group if you want to wear them down. Your wolves are more or less elite wolves compared to normal wolves, especially with their enhanced damage (Bite II).

Let's say a bog standard priest of level 6 tries to fight your wolves. He has a BAB of +4, he probably has a forte in his chosen weapon which adds +1 and let's say he sports STR 14, which nets him +2 with his favourite skull cracking implement. So he ends up with a +7 for his attack checks - leaving aside temporary modifiers. So roughly 45 % of his attacks will miss. The wolves on the other hand will quite likely hit him more often than not - especially if they flank properly.

Tough is definitely overkill in their current write-up. Tough should be used sparingly, for the monsters that are a bitch to take down. If you use it more often than not it will also drive you crazy in big fights to keep up who has already used it up and who is still on full "health". And in general it slogs things down unneccessarily, but thats only my point of view.

In general flat out fixed bonuses through attributes are quite powerful in FC, which is why the monsters in the bestiary usually don't sport crazy high attributes like D&D/Pathfinder monsters.

The upside to FC's NPC/monster creation is that your monsters "grow" with the TL of your party and therefore they will never end up as pushovers. Smiley

Again, welcome and have fun.
14  Products / Fantasy Craft / Re: How many Alignments? on: September 03, 2013, 03:32:58 PM
But I would also be hard-pressed to figure out skills that match order and chaos.

You could let the dice decide at least in the case of chaos. Smiley It would be a bit easier if the player just picks 4 skills that he likes and that's that. Depending upon what other paths are in place some skills could be preset, but I think just picking what suits is perfect for chaos. Would definitely make for an interesting priesthood. Some could be more or very erratic saints and some just plain old crooks or something in between. Not to forget that you could show some very odd priests and saints in that case. One patron saint could be renowned for his origami skills which sometimes were used as the gods avatar, the next could be a knight who came late to the whole priest gig and tested his mettle against some bossy goody-two-shoes angels together with his demonic sidekick, another lifed as a simple carpenter but spouted out randomly double edged prophecies like candy and so on... not to mention that the actual priesthood would come of as an insane asylum to anyone who knows only more organized religions. Worst case there isn't even a central leadership. Because why bother? It's not as if the boss hog came up with something boring like commandments. To be annointed in the priesthood could be as easy as shaking some priests hand and getting the divine gift from the god - after all it is probably a trickster god and nobody said that you are told that you are now marked as a priest. Or it could be really, really hard like sneaking up to the god's avatar or stealing some relic from a rival cult. If they have some definitive trickster aspects they could also go "undercover" and trying to blend in within another religion, especially if they are persecuted.
15  Products / Fantasy Craft / Re: Reputation for nonmagical item purchases? on: August 07, 2013, 04:13:18 PM
I remember the WEG D6 Star Wars Smuggler, start with a ship and $25K in debt with the corollary to the GM about making sure they cannot pay off the debt so easily because then you given them a ship for free.

Ah, Star Wars D6 you totally insane, yet totally great game. Even today I don't know a better Star Wars RPG. Fantasy Craft combined with Spycraft 3.0 would allow some awesome things in that regard I think.

I currently run a campaign where anyone who doesn't oblige the "happiness is mandatory" mantra or doesn't follow the teachings of the God-Emperor and having raw, pure feelings that aren't subdued by alchemical potions that each "citizen of the realm" has to take (think Equilibrium meets WH40K) is kicked into a realm of eternal darkness (think Avernum/Underdark). But at least you are given the hope to redeem yourself... my players hated that Utopia from the start. Grin

Problem was, they had literally nothing than some basic stuff. One struck a deal with a goblin that he met. He got a whole bunch of arms and armor and an overcoat that he must wear at all times when he wears the chain armor. He hasn't Darkvision II and therefore he doesn't know that the overcoat is glowing in the dark with advertisements from the goblin trader. And you bet that it can be seen far and away. Grin

Normally, I would them hand just all the stuff they would need depending upon their background and be done with it. If that means handing a soldier or lancer two horses, serious armor and some arms because he is a landed knight or one of the bigger highborn... so be it. Need some expensive equipment? Have at it, but remember: don't lose nor break it. I can either do that or wait until the moment I send them some armored orcs or other foe that they then in the best murder hobo fashion desecrate and strip down to their last tusks. Smiley
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