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September 02, 2014, 04:57:07 AM
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1  Community / License to Improvise / Re: I don't think I play Fantasy Craft anymore on: September 01, 2014, 06:13:37 PM
I don't mean to sound pushy or rude, but... if it is alright, would it be okay for me to request seeing some of those feats or classes? I really am interested to see what kind of stuff has already been created, and thus able to be admired.
Feats and Classes...
Well, I sat down and eyeballed feats- quickly weeded out the FC/AC feats that have been rebalanced or rewritten, then pulled anything that relies on variant rules (gear and crafting changes, new gear, a modified variation of Morg's Desperate Struggle, extremely high level feats, or grouped feats (we don't have Axe or Sword basics, but Edged Basics, with feats based on styles)) or feats that rely on those rules- well, it thinned out faster than I expected- still, here are a couple melee combat style feat chains:

Breaker: I tried to convert the Grunt Spycraft 2.0 class to FC, it worked OK but came out pretty boring, so I changed it into a feat chain (I took out a line from each of these feats, in my setting these all come with "Special: This feat may be taken as a Ranged Combat feat, if it is, replace any instances of Melee with Ranged")

Breaker Basics
Regardless of how you speak, no one doubts that you carry a big stick.
Prerequisites:Overpowering Strike Trick
Benefit: You may use Massive weapons regardless of your Strength score, and if your Strength is 15 or higher, you are considered 1 size category larger for the Massive quality.
Also, you gain a trick:
Every Ounce (Two-Handed Attack Trick): Make a single Standard Attack as a full action, this attack gains a bonus to damage equal to two times your Strength, Dexterity, Constitution, or Wisdom modifier.

Breaker Mastery
When you knock an enemy to the ground, you send them 6 feet under
Prerequisites: Breaker Basics
Benefit: The Large upgrade no longer confers an Error Range penalty for you, also, you gain a trick:
Dead to Rights (Two-Handed Attack Trick): If the target fails their save against the Massive quality, you deal normal damage as well as 1d4 directly to wounds, if the attack also beats the target's defense by 10, this changes to 2d4. You may use this trick a number of times per combat equal to your Melee Combat Feats.

Breaker Supremacy
Your training has built you into an impenetrable wall.
Prerequisites: Breaker Mastery
Benefit: Your Strength and Constitution each increase by 1, also, you gain a stance:
Breaker (Stance): You gain Stress and Subdual resistance equal to your Constitution modifier and add your Wisdom modifier to Damage. Also, you cannot be sprawled or targeted with Disarm, Distract or Parry actions. However, you may only take 5-ft steps while in this stance.

Duelist: Influenced by every instance of duelists I was able to think of- These carry the same Special rider as Breaker

Duelist Basics
A gentleman's game, no doubt
Prerequisites: Parry Trick
Benefit: When you make a successful Anticipate action while wielding only a single one-handed melee weapon, your target is also considered flanked until the start of your next Initiative Count. Also, you gain a trick:
I Hate To Kill You (One-Handed Melee Attack Trick): Before making this attack, you may choose to lower your damage after DR and Resistances to 1, even if you would do no damage. If you do, you gain a +2 bonus to hit and after the attack gain a morale bonus to Defense equal to one-half the damage penalty (rounded down). If you successfully do this four consecutive times in a row to the same target, you gain a related Clue.

Duelist Mastery
...In which an unreadable expression carries you far...
Prerequisites: Duelist Basics
Benefit: Once per round, when you make a successful Distract check, you immediately gain a free attack at a -2 penalty to hit, also, you gain a trick:
Fatal Slip (Taunt Trick): If you succeed and your target attacks you in melee, you may make a free attack immediately before their attack triggers, the target is flat-footed against this attack, and with a hit the damage is doubled.

Duelist Supremacy
...And an unbeatable wit makes you untouchable.
Prerequisites:Duelist Mastery
Benefit:Your Dexterity and Intelligence each increase by 1. Also, you gain a stance:
Dueling Stance (Stance): While wielding only a single one-handed melee weapon, you may add your Intelligence modifier to damage, skill checks, and Reflex saves. You may only move with 5ft steps and Skill checks while in this stance.

Joint Strike: These are Basic Combat feats, that are in a sense kind of like a different style of Misdirection B/M/S- we play a game with mid-late 1800s era technology, so firearms are a more common, but these still work with melee weapons:

Joint Strike Basics
“Whenever you're ready...”
Prerequisites: Tactics 4+ Ranks
Benefit: When you make an attack triggered by a Readied Action, you deal an extra die of Sneak Attack Damage, also, you gain a trick:
   Unified Strike (Readied Attack Trick): When you ready an attack triggered by the attack of an ally, the two actions happen simultaneously, each gaining a +3 bonus to their Threat Range.

Joint Strike Mastery
“...take your shot...”
Prerequisites: Joint Strike Basics
Benefit: When you use your Unified Strike trick to target the same adversary and either or both of you roll a threat, it may be activated for 1 fewer action dice (minimum 0). Also, if another ally readies with the same trigger as your Unified Strike, they gain its benefits as well (maximum 1 extra ally per 4 bonus of Tactics you have).

Joint Strike Supremacy
“...I'll follow through”
Prerequisites: Joint Strike Mastery
Benefit: Your Readied Attacks deal 1 additional die of sneak attack damage (total 2). Also, your allies may gain your Sneak Attack damage in place of their own when taking part in your Unified Strike.

Exotic Style: This is an unusual one and a little more insight into what a lot of our combat feats look like (feats with lists of options like Elemental Heritage are a fair amount more common in our setup, but I don't penalize feats for offering multiple choices) - This one is just something I put together to fill all the niche fighting styles I didn't feel were well represented by the feats and options available, to make them as viable as anything else-

Exotic Style
You take advantage of a lesser known style
Benefit: Choose one of the following styles, gaining the listed benefits:
•Ambidexterity: When you wield two weapons of different sizes that offer no guard bonus, you gain a +1 bonus to defense and a +2 on tricks and effects that grant multiple attacks.
•Dirty Fighting: When you make a ranged attack immediately following an unarmed attack or vice versa, the target of your second attack becomes flat-footed.
•Rapier and Pistol: Any ranged attack you make gains a bonus to its threat range equal to the number of successful melee attacks you've made in the same round. Also, when you wield a ranged weapon while wielding a melee weapon, it counts as melee for feats, stances, and effects (but not tricks).
•Sword and Fist: While wielding a single one-handed weapon and nothing else, you may make a free unarmed attack against any target you hit with two melee attacks in the same round.
•Twirling Death: When you  use a double weapon to successfully disarm or trip or activate a critical hit, you gain a free attack against another adjacent opponent with the other end of the weapon, if you hurled that weapon, you can hit an opponent adjacent to your target.
•War Painter: You may apply a poison or oil of ether to a weapon as a free action, and a single use lasts for 1 additional hit or effects 1 additional piece of ammunition.

I have a handful of base classes-
Primer - Based on Witchers from the polish book series/video game series - you can find that one revamped here:
War Mage - My attempt at a cliche gish class
Dervish - Unarmored version of the soldier
Archivist - Divine Skill-based class
Champion - Not to be confused with the FC class, but similar core concept-> Divine Martial class
Evangelist - Divine Talker with Aura-like abilities
Inquisitor - Much less friendly Divine Talker (again not to be confused with the FC class)

A bunch of Expert Classes- their specifics have changed a lot since my old post, but the list of names/concepts has only gotten smaller, as I've moved more toward Master Classes to represent high tier organizations and niche concepts

Master Classes - 32 of these, but effectively every single one touches on some aspect of house rules, and practically all of them are setting specific, so these might not be as interesting to onlookers

2  Community / License to Improvise / Re: I don't think I play Fantasy Craft anymore on: September 01, 2014, 04:12:08 AM
I don't mean to sound pushy or rude, but... if it is alright, would it be okay for me to request seeing some of those feats or classes? I really am interested to see what kind of stuff has already been created, and thus able to be admired.
You don't sound pushy or rude- I really don't have any problem putting things up, I just don't have anything in a readily sharable PDF format, and it'd be a random guess what I'd throw into one if I made one. When I get back in from work today I'll try to throw together a list or something easily readable and then maybe you can give me an idea what you'd like to see.
3  Community / License to Improvise / Re: I don't think I play Fantasy Craft anymore on: August 25, 2014, 07:09:30 PM
Feats are easier- though they'll be powerful feats compared to standard FC- but I don't have any on-hand in PDF format, and my current PDF has all the FC/AC feats (though many are rewritten) and some feats that aren't mine (Morg's Kensai and Arcane-Arms trees come to mind, I'm sure there are a handful more)
I do not mind them being more powerful, I would simply like to see how other people create feats and possibly nab some ideas off of them. I've only made one feat chain so far, and it's a little... eh, iffy.

Some aspects of feat writing just take experience; the more you write the more solid your understanding of how you want them balanced will become. It definitely took me a lot of writes and rewrites before I had a good grasp of what I wanted.
Early on when I would write a feat or feat chain I would start with my idea and try to figure out how to mimic it with the rules- this would usually start by stripping the idea down to it's most basic effects "A Hadoken is really just a way of hitting a guy over there" / "Here are the things a vampire should be able to do" / "These are the things a quip-y fencer from the movies does in combat in FC terms" and so on, throwing any concept of balance to the wind- then I start to trim them down, streamline the abilities, and compare the sets of abilities to the power level of other (similar) feats- if it seemed too weak to fill a chain, then maybe it could be streamlined into one feat, or if it was far too powerful, maybe it would be better suited as the heart of an Expert Class- I was/am much more interested in putting together abilities that empower players and are cool (a core tenet of FantasyCraft, I feel).

Failing that, core FC species feats are at least built on a foundation pretty close to the Talent/Specialty points- 2-2.5 points for a not-first-level-only, first tier feat, if I recall correctly, then 2.5-3 for second tier, and 3-3.5 for third (someone will surely correct those numbers if I'm off in remembering)- that's a good baseline as well.

But really what it comes down to is that, if you're running it, it's your game- you don't want to give one player an unfair advantage over the others, but if you think it's balanced for the way your games are run/played, then it's probably just fine.

and because I'm much more interested in abilities that empower and are cool (a core tenant of FantasyCraft, I feel), as I start looking at how to streamline those abilities, to trim them down and make them more effective,
4  Community / License to Improvise / Re: I don't think I play Fantasy Craft anymore on: August 25, 2014, 04:28:51 PM
That said, I am interested in seeing what other things have been created by you. Weapons and non-Species feats especially; those seem like some of the toughest things to homebrew and balance around the pre-existing examples. Would you be willing to share those, or at least some of them, in PDF format? (My friends are interested, but for some reason prefer PDFs to looking at plain words on a screen  Roll Eyes )

I'm all for sharing stuff, but weapons are a tough one for me to share without it being a torrent of information- it seemed to me that characters either just use whatever weapon works or their weapons are an iconic part of their character's style. So I still let characters take weapons from the lists in FC, but I broke down the weapons into Generic variants, where the classes for Edged weapons are Axe, Rapier, Dagger, Sword, Greatsword, Polearm, and Spear- you pick the type and build the weapon using a point buy system with different options available based on the class of weapon you're building. From there, all the descriptive details of the weapon are up to the player.

Feats are easier- though they'll be powerful feats compared to standard FC- but I don't have any on-hand in PDF format, and my current PDF has all the FC/AC feats (though many are rewritten) and some feats that aren't mine (Morg's Kensai and Arcane-Arms trees come to mind, I'm sure there are a handful more)
5  Community / License to Improvise / Re: I don't think I play Fantasy Craft anymore on: August 15, 2014, 10:10:59 AM
Unfortunately I'm in the opposite boat. I love FC and it has done wonders for allowing me to give mechanics to my homebrew setting in ways other games haven't. However, the majority of my gaming group (same group for some 20 odd years now) simply has lost interested in even looking at FC since it appears to be a dead line now. They were pretty burnt by the lack of that "one big release", and now that Crafty has said they are moving on to other things, they'd prefer to focus on a more "living" system. Its sad because FC is great, but this group simply wants a system that is more than a single book with no future support. Sad

I can understand this sentiment as well, and maybe that's part of what drove me to where I am now- it's a system I can easily expand on myself, either through converting rules or starting from the ground up.
6  Community / License to Improvise / I don't think I play Fantasy Craft anymore on: August 13, 2014, 10:31:06 PM
-and I mean it in the best way possible.

My experience with Crafty started with Spycraft 2.0 and I loved Fantasy Craft before it even hit the shelves. I used to run campaigns in homebrewed one-campaign worlds, but my players and I wanted something more persistent- so I sat down and put together a small conglomeration of kingdoms in a more-or-less simple setting.
Five-or-so years later that setting has grown significantly- wildly out of control- it started with a game here or there fleshing out more bits and pieces, but the rules were augmented and altered just as much, mostly in line with the sort of games and traits my players liked or desired. Now, what is it? 12 PDFs comprising some 700 pages from rules to fluff- much of it is brand new but some of the rules are borrowed from the great ideas that show up on these boards, and some just rewritten to accommodate dozens of tiny house rules; the entire Skills section reappears in the setting's books, and all the FC feats from all their books are reincorporated into the Feats chapter- everything is built on a significantly different scale of balance (to the point where I pretty much come to the forums to give advice or guidance, because my work doesn't mesh well with others' and that of others often takes a good chunk of adaptation to fit)
I use the FC core book only for NPC generation, the Combat chapter, and the core Classes- but I don't consider any of this an improvement of the system; if my group enjoys it more, I'd say it's a testament to the system- Everything is clear and understandable- nothing is nebulous, vague, or confusing, and I was able to pick up FC from the get go and put it to use. It's efficacy as a toolkit between that ease of use and the foundation that it sets forth isn't something I want to understate.

So that felt a bit stream-of-consciousness. I feel like I've given the Crafty guys a bit of hell (particularly regarding that one aggravating release), but they've really made an awesome system that I'm going to use for a long time, even if I only use a fraction of its original text. Anybody else out there find themselves carried away with FC?
7  Products / Fantasy Craft / Re: Fantasy Craft Second Printing Q&A Thread on: July 27, 2014, 09:39:38 AM
Yep, Surge of Speed doesn't do anything about that limit. For that you'd need Double Cast, which stacks up with it nicely.

It also works well for anyone who isn't solely a caster- Taunt/Threaten/Attack twice then cast. Now I kind of want to make an Aggro BMS character that taunts the whole room, then casts Elemental Shield or something similar.
8  Products / Fantasy Craft / Re: Questions on: May 20, 2014, 10:34:29 AM
Although, to a large degree, if you can't think of a Study for an NPC, it probably doesn't need one.
This is, for the most part, true- though I can still think of circumstances where you might need/want such a list for an NPC (players are at a university and grab a random professor, players using Cold Read on an unexpected target, that sort of thing); but yeah, it's much more helpful as a guiding tool for players

Again, I would argue that if you can't think of one quickly it's a good indicator they don't have one.

I don't really give NPCs studies at all, and I don't think he's saying every NPC needs a study. But I'd figure, at 0 XP cost, it's not like it's hurting anything more than a bit of complication if that's his playstyle
9  Products / Fantasy Craft / Re: Questions on: May 20, 2014, 09:21:13 AM
Although, to a large degree, if you can't think of a Study for an NPC, it probably doesn't need one.
This is, for the most part, true- though I can still think of circumstances where you might need/want such a list for an NPC (players are at a university and grab a random professor, players using Cold Read on an unexpected target, that sort of thing); but yeah, it's much more helpful as a guiding tool for players
10  Products / Fantasy Craft / Re: Questions on: May 20, 2014, 08:05:09 AM

I'm curious if anyone knows of a nice long list that could be used to create Studies for NPCs.  Sometimes, my imagination for coming up with stuff just starts to run dry…   Tongue

I have a big list in the character gen section of my version of the Hero chapter- it's a conglomeration of all the just basic-whatever I could think of and some of the more remarkable studies from the Skills section, then the rest are all broken off in suggested-studies-by-region- lemme see what I can cannibalize from there:

[Region or Common Species] (ie Cadian Laws or High Elven Laws): [Region] Common Folk, [Region] Geography and Navigation, [Region or Common Species] History, [Region] Imports/Exports, [Region or Common Species] Laws, [Region] Leisure Spots, [Region or Common Species] Nobility, [Region] Trade and Travel Routes, [Common Species], [Crafting Focus], [Crafting Focus] Materials, [Crafting Focus] Techniques and Creations, [Gear Category], [Weapon Type], [Species],[Ride Focus], [Type] Anatomy, Alphabets and Symbols, Architecture, Astrology, Astronomy, Common Codes, Riddles, and Ruses, Common Deceptions, The Ether, Economics, Ethnicities and Nationalities, Famous Libraries and Vaults, Famous Speeches, Art, and Literature, Historical Acts of Terrorism and Oppression, Mathematics, Music, Poisons and Diseases, Sports and Physical Games, and Tells

Animal Behavior, Horses, Trail Signs, Weather, Architecture, Mining, Homesteading, Hunting, Magical Environments, Adventurers, Knights, Tactical Maneuvers, [Ancient Kingdom] Ruins, Stories, Cartography, Sailing, Trade, Famous [Species] (famous Gnomes, famous humans, etc),Inventors, Political Relations, Festivals and Holidays, Natural Life, Food Chains and Symbiosis, Clans/Tribes, Legends, Mythology, Performing, Interracial Politics, Historical Disasters, Wars, Airships, Modern Inventions, Occult, Spellcraft, Exotic Species, Arcane Metamorphosis, Human Interference, [Deity/type/magic type] Rituals, Divine Laws, Sacrifices, Scrupulous Diplomacy, Rites of Passage, Political Deceptions, Ancient Artifacts, Walking and Riding Patterns, Natural Spirits, Corrupting Influences, Religious Texts, Medicine, Slaves, [biome] hazards, Legendary Treasures, Fighting techniques, Folk Stories, Meditation and Prayers, Poison, [biome], Weather Cycles, Mountain Climbing, High Altitude Living, Traps, Open Market Values, Black Market Values, Trivial Knowledge, Esoteric Knowledge, Etiquette, Defensive Tactics, Famous Castles/Keeps/Forts, Signs and Shows of Respect, Titles and Honorifics, Physical Contests, Challenges, and Measures, Body Modification, Sources of Magic, Military, Noble, and Knightly Insignia and Heraldry, The Elements, Valuable Trade Goods, Drugs, Engineering, Markets and Bazaars, Legal Loopholes, Privateering, Smuggling, Demigods, Astrology, Sports, Puzzles.

Sorry it's a huge mess, like I said, the big block in the middle is pulled from a big list of regions and backgrounds that my players use for inspiration and to get an idea of what languages, races, studies, and alignments are common for their choice.
11  Products / Fantasy Craft / Re: Questions on: April 26, 2014, 07:10:58 AM

Another rules question, this time about Action Categories (Movement, Attack, Initiative).  Uh, what are they for really?  Aim and Anticipate in particular -- what does it matter if they are Initiative actions?  Does it mean the character has to declare them at initiative time (i.e. when we roll) or can only be taken once, or you can only take one of that category per round?

I think the only important quality of Initiative Actions is that they are non-Movement, non-Attack actions, so that they are free from effects or restrictions of both types.
12  Products / Fantasy Craft / Re: Fantasy Craft Second Printing Q&A Thread on: April 22, 2014, 04:22:37 AM
Drake crafted weapons or a Specialty with Nothing Up My Sleeve.
A shame that lovely elf lady illustrating the mage entry has neither of those  Tongue

(Mostly I'm just amused by the fact that the iconic character has a build that seems really cool in theory, but in actual execution is super clunky.)

I don't actually recall if the iconic builds are official or not- but that's clearly an oversight (and a wildly unnecessary one- Elf-craft has far less utility for this character)- if she's not using her greatsword as a focus in place of a spellcasting kit in her picture then she doesn't have one at all and is conjuring one (in which case the spellcasting kit 'requiring both hands' would just be fluffed as it requiring both hands free-and-occupied).
13  Products / Fantasy Craft / Re: First to Second Printing update document. on: April 19, 2014, 06:09:53 PM
It's on the Downloads page, all zipped into this file: FP is first printing errata, SP is second printing errata
14  Products / Fantasy Craft / Re: A little something fun for Spellbound on: March 27, 2014, 08:48:58 AM
Wasn't the plan originally 1111 spells? Could you give some kind of estimate how many are left?
Looks like 36 spells per discipline from here, so 864. I think "nearly 900 new spells" has always been their claim- still a hell of a lot.

Looking at what they've got and what they've said, I think a big part of the problem is that it isn't just a list of spells they're trying to complete- it's kind of a web. While they have a lot of them done and in a workable state, as more spells reach that stage, others may need to be rebalanced, it kind of winds up where there are many spells that aren't really 'locked in' until others are completed and so on.
15  Products / Fantasy Craft / Re: Questions on: February 18, 2014, 05:22:36 AM
Yes they do.

You're getting a disconnect here because things work differently in FC.

First, the design assumption is that targets make their saves most of the time. So lets say its being cast at CL 9 for your example 90 points of damage.

Since that's pretty much going to be a NPC casting it at CL 9, we'll build a numerically average PC. This means medium progressions (all saves are +4, Def is +12), 9 Vitality per level, 13s in stats, etc. Similarly, the NPC will have Spellcasting V and straight 10s.

Ok, so the NPC needs to make a 31 to cast the spell and overcome a Defense of 13. Since the spell DC is higher, that's all we care about. Signature Skill V at TL 9 is +14. Which means he casts it on a 17 or better. Tough, but let's assume he pulls it off.

Now he does 90 points of damage to the PC, who has 90 Vitality and 13 Wounds, and a Wisdom save of +5. The NPCs DC is 10. So the PC needs a five or better, or 75% of making his Will save. Counting action dice, let's say he makes it. After this he's at 45 Vitality and 13 Wounds. No massive damage check, but he does need to make one for injuries, DC 22. At +5 Fort, he'll need a 17. Assuming he fails he'll be rolling 1d20+45 for a range of 46 - 65. All of which is bad stuff, but better then being dead.

Of course, your right that if the PC fails the Will save he'll take 90 points and have to save vs DC 45.

Them's the breaks. Why did you use Harm at that TL if you didn't want to risk the sudden death of a PC?

I'm not sure I agree with this- the breakdown is right but it just tells me all the more that Harm shouldn't trigger massive damage; in anyone's hands that would make it the best save or die spell in the grimoire and the best 6th level spell in the grimoire.
In the hands of a PC it's almost never going to do little enough damage to not prompt a huge massive damage save on an NPC, since they won't see it before 11th without special abilities, which makes it just an "or-die" spell, since the (non-terminal) save doesn't much matter- it will 1-shot any special character it hits without Cagey.
Critical Injuries you could argue for, but massive damage seems a bit too much.
Thanks for the phase-by-phase breakdown. It kinda puts things in perspective. Ok, I'll be using harm very sparsely in future play then, as I'm not a big fan of insta-kill spells.
TPK is easy, it is almost killing everyone that is difficult (and fun).   Evil
This is spot on- someone once called GMing "Losing with style" - I've always liked that.
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