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August 29, 2015, 01:16:41 AM
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406  Products / Z-Corps / Re: Zombie material to prepare for Z-Corps on: September 29, 2014, 03:42:19 PM
Hey, let's have three more zombie medias, shall we?

(Book) Black Tide Rising series by John Ringo - Haven't had too much chance to delve into this series, but I've read the author's work before, so I know the guy's got some chops at depicting fighting scenarios.  Also, the small amount I was able to read was packed with military jargon, so it would probably help to brush up on mil-speak before reading.

(Audio Play) We're Alive - (Currently finished) Three soldiers arrive at base when an alert is sounded.  They soon learn that they are the only three that will ever make it to that base alive as the undead swarm their location.  Leaving quickly, they save a few civilians before holing up in an apartment complex, at which point the series follows their attempts to survive in their new world.
Interesting in that the main character is actually military intelligence, a rare case where such a person in a zombie story doesn't have an ulterior motive, so we get to see how someone like that would handle being thrust into such a situation.

(Video Game) State of Decay: Lifeline DLC - Basically the closest we can get to a video game Z-Corps currently, the Lifeline DLC takes the open-world zombie survival of State of Decay, and casts you as a military outpost in the middle of a city.  The main shtick is that unlike the main game, where you start with nothing and then build up your supplies, in Lifeline you start with an abundance of supplies, only to have them constantly run down as your mission wears on.
It also has a really awesome, completely non-regulation military pick-up truck that you get to drive over the zombie hordes.
407  Community / Off-Topic / Re: Cool Non-Video Links (Quizzes, Tests, Illusions, Etc..) on: September 27, 2014, 08:26:04 AM
New studies find that 30-50% of the solar system's water predates the formation of the sun, implying that there's an abundance of the stuff in the universe.

Well, that's one plot element we can no-longer use about alien invasions.  Tongue
408  Community / Off-Topic / Re: Video game news and reaction on: September 26, 2014, 10:39:02 AM
Small update on the cancelled Titan front:

Apparently (if this source is to be believed), Titan took place on a post-alien invasion Earth.  Players hold mundane jobs during the day, then at night they would go alien hunting.  The twist is that the alien fighting was the optional thing, so players could go the entire game doing non-combat related things.

I'm mostly just curious about the universe this would have taken place in.  Maybe via another genre?
409  Community / Off-Topic / Re: Video game news and reaction on: September 25, 2014, 02:38:32 PM
Some Blizzard news:

Blizzard cancels Titan MMO after seven years

And now we'll never know what it supposed to be.  Sad

Heroes of the Storm gearing up for "final stage" of the Technical Alpha

They are taking a week off (starting Sept. 29) to do the proper maintenance to their systems, and hope to be back Oct. 7.  They will be using production hardware when they do come back, so they hope to get even more people in on it, so sign yourself up for it if you haven't already.

Still crossing my fingers.

Carbot Animations is working on a StarCrafts II mod

Only one thing to say: "AAAAAaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAH!"  Wink
410  Community / Off-Topic / Re: Video game news and reaction on: September 22, 2014, 03:54:01 PM
By the way, Snake's getting a pet wolf in MGS5.

Can we attach a sniper rifle to it, though?
411  Community / Off-Topic / Re: Video game news and reaction on: September 20, 2014, 08:05:01 PM
Battleborn- Official Co-op Campaign gameplay

Battleborn interview

So which faction do you see yourself playing as?  I'm definitely seeing myself as Peacekeeper.  Most likely Oscar Mike ('cause I'm boring like that), though I do like Montana.  DUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUDE!! *Bellyflop*  Grin
412  Products / Z-Corps / Re: Zombie material to prepare for Z-Corps on: September 19, 2014, 10:36:46 AM
(Webcomic) Dead Winter - Has with it an interesting scenario: what if the local police (who are under orders that put the police before its citizens) and the local National Guard unit (who have some... interesting ideas about the future of the human race) are at "war" with each other during the zombie outbreak.  Imagine Z-Corps rolling in then, and trying to restore order...
(And then there's the fact that there's a Most Dangerous Game that was... interrupted by the infected, yet hasn't entirely slowed it down)

(Tabletop) Dead of Winter - Not to be confused with the above, is an interesting 'roleplay in a box' type board game.  Less 'provides Z-Corps' inspiration, and more 'looks fun, check it out'.  (video playthrough)

(Video Game) Plague Inc. Evolved - The Necroa Virus scenario is an interesting simulation of just what it would take for a zombie virus to actually take over the world.  For one thing, the classic 'it starts with a single zombie' simply does not work.  Even if such a thing happened in a remote location, humanity would probably slam it down almost immediately.  However, if it acts as more of a classical virus, spreads among the population first as a benign sickness, then switches over to a lethal corpse-raising form, then it would be devastating.  Even then, though, humanity would put up a hard fight, particularly if they set up "ZCOM" somewhere.  Wink
413  Community / Off-Topic / Re: The Silver Screen: Movie News, Reviews & Reactions 2014 on: September 19, 2014, 09:58:20 AM

What?!  No spinach?!  BLASPHEMY!
414  Community / Off-Topic / Re: Life, the World, and Everything. (Social Issues) on: September 19, 2014, 09:56:58 AM
Scotland says "No."
Mildly disappointing, but I can't say that I don't see the pragmatism in the decision. Sad

Oh well.  Maybe next year.  Possibly before March.
415  Community / Off-Topic / Re: The Silver Screen: Movie News, Reviews & Reactions 2014 on: September 18, 2014, 05:43:26 PM
Wow. Why is that movie not made yet?

Four words...
Wolverine: Origins
Green Lantern

We all want a Ryan Reynolds Deadpool movie, but after the confusing mess of Origins and the failure of Lantern, I don't think anyone's in a hurry to give it a green light.

Fair point.   Cry

Oh hey look, Fox confirms that they are planning a Deadpool movie.  What ya know, what ya know.
416  Products / Z-Corps / Re: So Z-Corps kinda sorta has some competition on: September 16, 2014, 10:24:03 PM
Not really "competition" in that, sure, it has zombies, but it's more a general "how would you survive the apocalypse?" type game.  If you want to play as any other character, then you'll probably have to go elsewhere. 

Like Z-Corps!  Grin

I would like to try out that alien invasion model at least once sometime.  Maybe Wrath of the Gods (Rapture variant), too, but that's mostly because of the "phase" I went through once.
417  Community / Off-Topic / Re: Video game news and reaction on: September 15, 2014, 02:44:32 PM
Yup, France saved the world. Oh well, someone had to. Wink

One of my best Assaults was French.  Went by the name "Cobra", which we would tack "lalalala" on the end whenever he did something epic.  Which was often.  Guy was sniping things with a shotgun all over the place, and had so much HP that he survived being blasted in the face three times without an infirmary break.

Then there's Annette.  And that's about it as far as she goes.  Tongue  Wink

(click to show/hide)
418  Community / Off-Topic / Re: Video game news and reaction on: September 13, 2014, 11:58:40 PM
What's the name of those ears?  'Cause I remember there being Dire Foxes in the game.

They're "Feline Ears."

Ah.  I also remember there being the more classic cat ears that characters could get in the game.
419  Community / Off-Topic / Re: Video game news and reaction on: September 13, 2014, 10:32:55 PM
What's the name of those ears?  'Cause I remember there being Dire Foxes in the game.
420  Community / Off-Topic / Re: The Silver Screen: Movie News, Reviews & Reactions 2014 on: September 13, 2014, 06:05:36 PM
Interstellar Trailer 3

Noticing a bit of silence about this movie.  In fact, the only real reaction was Mister Anderson's comment of:

Unsurprising failure to show the critical success of non-Americans in leading space exploration is unsurprising.

But really, that's kind of the point.  This is a movie with a message, aimed directly at the American psyche, and at NASA in particular.  I don't believe it's mean to belittle the accomplishments of other counties, and more rant against the growing apathy that America seems to have about cutting back on it's own space program.

MovieBob's take on the subject back when the space shuttle was retired, to give an example of where this movie might be coming from.

And really, you can also see it as a counterpoint to Hollywood itself.  Off the top of your head, name the movies of the 2000s where Earth has interplanetary abilities, and that was actually a good thing?  And no, sequels to pre-2000s movies don't count, though even then outside of Star Trek you'll be hard pressed to find any.
Think about it: any time humanity is able to go to other planets in movies recently, it's either to show just how terrifying space can be, or to show how big a monster humanity can be.
And even when Earth doesn't have interplanetary abilities, just being in space hasn't been shown to be good.

Heck, just having NASA help study a friggin' SPACE CUBE brought down an ALIEN INVASION.

Like the movie says, we (as in America) once looked up and wondered about our place in the stars, now we look down and worry about our place in the dirt.

And it's probably about time someone told us to wake up.
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