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September 05, 2015, 11:25:56 AM
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1  Community / Play-by-Post / Re: Cloak and Dagger - Last Days of an Empire - Recruitment/OOC on: August 22, 2015, 08:19:35 PM
To the new watch captain.
2  Community / Play-by-Post / Re: Cloak and Dagger - Last Days of an Empire - Recruitment/OOC on: August 22, 2015, 05:45:50 PM

Olegean Merchant Vessel, captained by Dacidus Karameros
3  Community / Play-by-Post / Re: Cloak and Dagger: Last Days of an Empire - IC on: August 22, 2015, 08:07:55 AM
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The group moves towards the private dock, and it soon becomes clear that this the changing of the guard as they are hailed by those on board in with friendly gestures. The new arrivals head to the raised platform aft and obtain theirs arms from before moving to replace the old guard at their positions. Those who have been on watch stretch their tired limbs, rack their weapons away and gather on the docks calling out jokes and jeers to their replacements; just before the group turns to leave - the leader figure from each group exchange an arm clasp, and exchange something small between them.
4  Community / Play-by-Post / Re: Cloak and Dagger: Last Days of an Empire - IC on: August 22, 2015, 03:56:34 AM
Your group gathers back together about halfway along the dock, near to the Customs House and the office of the Harbourmaster housed within. At the suggestion of Killishandra, you have stepped out onto one of the small outer balconies that overlook the dock, the bay, and in the middle distance the ship that Doucas arrived on. In the brightness of the late afternoon sun, the figures on board are still clearly visible and much unchanged in their positions since Bannar saw them earlier in the day.

A small boy peddling some foodstuff from his shouldered basket works his way along the dockside, and reaches the dock at which the Olegean vessel sits. From this distance you can't hear the cries of the young salesman as he walks up the dock towards the ship, but the response from the guards is both immediate and co-ordinated. Two stride out towards the boy, weapons unsheathed and bristling with menace, whilst the remaining lone sentry grabs his shield from its resting place and begins to scan his surroundings for potential threats. The speed at which the two guards bear down on the boy has the desired response, and the young fruit seller scatters to the wind leaving a few of his wares behind on the wharf, one of which was picked up by the soldiery.

A half hour passes, and the commercial activity of the dockside show no sign of ceasing even at this later point of the day. It is then you notice another group of men, 6 to 7 in number and similarly attired to those on the ship moving through the throngs at a brisk pace towards the ship.
5  Community / Play-by-Post / Re: Cloak and Dagger - Last Days of an Empire - Recruitment/OOC on: August 13, 2015, 07:38:49 PM
I'll drop an AD on my notice check:

"Probably just a rat..." Wink

You see nothing out of the ordinary on the busy dockside, the sun is shining and the pleasant sound of waves lapping against stone catches your ear.
6  Community / Play-by-Post / Re: Cloak and Dagger: Last Days of an Empire - IC on: August 13, 2015, 07:37:29 PM
Darius shuffles through a few record tablets before replying. "The captain is a Dacidus Karameros, we see him regularly enough in Imperia, though I know he does other trade routes throughout the Empire."
7  Community / Play-by-Post / Re: Cloak and Dagger: Last Days of an Empire - IC on: August 09, 2015, 07:34:00 PM
As you walk towards the docks, Cathas responds to your inquiry. "Agrates Aesopos, aye, I know of him. Like me he's been in service all his life. I served under him in the Imperial Legions for a few years as he made his way up the ranks. He's a hard man, stern and a tried and true warrior unwilling to accept any excuse, but he's loyal to those under him and he'll get the best out of them as well." Cathas paused for a moment. "Aesopos was moved to Legio Olegea after they suffered some pretty hefty losses against the Tribes, but its thought he didn't take kindly to it. He could have finished Praefectus of the Imperial Legion, but instead he got the same position in the Olegea instead; most wouldn't consider that a snub, but most aren't career soldiers like Aesopos.

Darius greets you at his desk that sits in one corner of the many warehouses that line the dock edge, his clasped arms hand-shake as strong as ever. "Yes, we moved the cargo from the Olegean ship - some amphorae of wine, general boxes of goods, and the Patrician's household effects - though some were handled by his slaves, his personal effects and the like."

He leans closer to you. "We didn't unload everything though, there are still several crates that we were told to leave on board and the ship has been under guard since she arrived. She's not had any crew on board either, not since we finished unloading, which is a bit odd. Just the guards on the dock."

"We can keep an eye on her for you though, there's no worry there."

The dock of Imperia bustle with the industry of trade and commerce filling every sense to the brim. The salt tang of the sea, the smells of the perfumes of a pleathora of trade goods mingle with sweat of those tasked to move them, whilst the shouts of commotion, commands and conversation assail you from every angle. The curved dock front stretches out before you with the docks themselves jutting out perpendicular to it. Ships of all shapes and sizes are docked here, with at least a hundred masts taking up the view before you. You walk further along the docks, away from the main commercial hub to the smaller docks reserved for those that wish to pay for them. There you see a ship that you presume is Doucas's, an House Olegean crest on its bow, and several obviously armed men standing either on the dock on the ship itself. The ship is a rounded merchant vessel, with a few additions for the comfort of her more important passengers. The docks either side of the berth that Doucas's ship is in are also occupied. The guards seems alert, but are at ease in their surrounds, weapons sheathed or down but at hand, and they seem content to let the bustle of the day move on around them.

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You await your colleagues to arrive as planned.
8  Community / Play-by-Post / Re: Cloak and Dagger - Last Days of an Empire - Recruitment/OOC on: August 08, 2015, 03:24:19 AM
Ok, so the plan seems to be to head to Doucas' ship. Any want to do anything else in the meantime (tool up, investigate), or you want to head straight there?

9  Community / Play-by-Post / Re: Cloak and Dagger: Last Days of an Empire - IC on: August 04, 2015, 05:50:35 PM
"Encode your message and head to the Tabularium. Ask to submit a record for Scribe Tertinius to work on, and it will get to me. If you are seeking further detailed instructions, I will set a spike calling you back to the records office, and ask if Tertinius has finished the work for you. Otherwise I will pass on what I can through the spikes themselves."

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10  Community / Play-by-Post / Re: Cloak and Dagger - Last Days of an Empire - Recruitment/OOC on: August 04, 2015, 05:08:51 PM
@James: My understanding of the political situation from the AC was that Olegea had pulled a Palpantine and repeatedly found reason not to hand over the throne, and that at the moment it was rotating between them and Corlante because no-one else has the might to make them stop?

Perhaps I had interpreted it in a different way but my read on it was that Corlantae and Olegea had alternated holding the Throne for the last several decades (p.6 -  Houses Corlantae and Olegea have alternated periods of rulership for more than a century,) and there is only one period noted where Olegea holds the Throne for more that a decade (p.12 -  Olegea refused to abdicate the Golden Throne at the Collegium, citing the then-current Second Balataic War as a reason to retain the same leadership. Ten years later, House Olegea found another excuse with the Third Balataic War).
My take on it was that after Olegea's stranglehold on the Throne following the Balataic Wars, Corlantae was the put into power through the help of allied Houses (rather than the nominated rotatation), and thereafter each time the House on the Throne has changed, only Olegea and Corlantae have had the might and cunning (through bribes, martial force or information) to wrest control from each other. Corlantae maybe a "nicer" nation to deal with, however with the overall crumbling of morals, they are still acting despotically under the guise of democracy.
Despite that, the current sitting Emperor has died mid-term with several years to go until the Right of Procession; my reference in the post was that the other 6 Houses may force the issue and try to get another House onto the Throne now, rather than wait until the Olegean term of office is up.

That's my thoughts, but I'm quite an open GM and I like my players to be involved - so if you want to suggest another history, or way of looking at it to help world build I'm fine with that. Let me know what y'all think as at this point it doesn't really affect much.
11  Community / Play-by-Post / Re: Cloak and Dagger: Last Days of an Empire - IC on: August 03, 2015, 06:17:18 PM
The beggar's mouth changed into a smirk. "At last, comprehension. Olegea lies leaderless, and with it the Empire. By the Right of Procession, it should be one of the other houses that is placed on the Throne next, but I'm sure Olegea will try to see they at least can claim the remaining years of the late Emperor's reign as their own."
He pauses and turns to Bannar. "Remember, you all are our eyes and ears; I will not always have the answers to the questions you ask." His expression turns steely for a moment, but he continues. "Doucas has a house in the central part of the city, which he maintains throughout the year and he has been known to conduct business from there at times. Due to him spending several weeks at home in Olegea, I would suspect he has brought some servants back with him on the trip. One thing my 'rats' on the docks saw was Doucas' ship was and still is heavily guarded."

He shuffles for a moment and leans out around the shadowy edge of the pillar. "Doucas is his own man, but his recent promotion has brought him some 'help' from his House." He nods towards the Patrician, as they finally approach the Senate House doors. "The older battle-worn man at his shoulder is Agrates Aesopos, former Praefectus Castrorum of Legion Olegea, and has been seen by his side in the weeks leading up to Doucas getting his new position, and has been even closer thereafter. His military record is solid, and he served his full 25 years. If anyone would to be consider Doucas' second, it would be him."

"Your task is information first, act second. And ensure that our enemies know nothing of you presence."
12  Community / Play-by-Post / Re: Cloak and Dagger - Last Days of an Empire - Recruitment/OOC on: August 02, 2015, 03:25:15 AM

Fair call! I should have chipped in sooner...

Sorry about the slow start guys, hellish week at work and I just couldn't get the mojo to write. First post is now up, so we're off! I'll be adding more information (on Imperia itself, on known figures in the Empire/Imperia and anything else I can think of) soon. I will always add this info to the first post in the OOC thread to keep it centralised, but if it calls for it pop it in a reply and then update to the first post later. I'm here to ask questions of if you have them otherwise PM me if you want to keep things secret (hehe).

I will of course obey my 8th house orders, but we're allowed to have our own agendas, right?
You can do what you want, and I certainly don't mind personal agendas, just remember the Don't Be A Dick rule.

13  Community / Play-by-Post / Cloak and Dagger: Last Days of an Empire - IC on: July 28, 2015, 05:25:46 AM
And away we go!....

"Forum - Statue of Juris at noon tomorrow, wait for the old Lion." Such was the message de-coded from the Aesonian spike left for you.

The wide collonaded space  of the Forum bustles with people, from citizens waiting for their right to petion, to slaves moving quickly but quietly through the throngs, to the well clothed patricians deep in discussion casting furtive glances to those around them. The sun beats down into the courtyard, and a slight breeze blows in the faint salty tang of the sea that mixes with the already heady perfumes of the busy space. Conversation, loud debate, shouted declarations and heckling all mix within the walls, and the sounds intertwine and intermingle into a hubbub of fervent political noise.

The central statue of Juris casts his steely glance towards the Inner Forum and its debating floor, with the large pool of fresh flowing water at his feet giving several of those nearby respite from the day's rising temperatures and the frenetic activity around them. A shabbily dressed man, clutching onto a long staff of barely worked wood and wearing a hooded robe weaves his way through the crowd, his free hand scaberous and red held aloft in front of him in askance.  His path wends its way towards yours, and finally his voice can be heard above the noise of those present.

"Spare a coin for one not blessed by Adomius' fortune." His voice is hoarse and weak, but strengthens for a moment. "Any Lion would do, even an old one". The words have barely left his lips when a flash of golden light flicks across your vision, drawing your gaze to a lustrous coin that has sprung into the palm of his cupped hand. The symbol on it draws your eye more, seven stars surrounding an Aesonian lion - the first coins minted in the Golden Empire. The beggar's glance meets yours and his nods his head of to one side biding you to  follow. His shuffling gait moves through the crowd with practiced ease, and he draws you further towards the entrance to the Senate House casting the occasional look towards the Legio Imperia troops standing guard nearby. No second look from them is forthcoming.

He comes to a halt in the shade of one of the corner pillars resting against it with his back to you. Several minutes pass and he doesn't acknowledge you but is constantly ever watchful of the Forum itself. After a deep breath he says "So you have all helped us before, and proved that your loyalties lie in the same direction as ours. But to save an Empire we cannot work alone. Thus I have brought you..." He turns briefly towards and nods at you individually " a lawyer, a pit figther, a man of magic and a worldy footpad all here to work together. The opening moves in this game we play have started, and I fear we have little time to respond. The Emperor's death has left good men scrambling for scraps of power as you well know, and the Houses are mustering every resource they can to ensure they sit 'rightfully' on the Throne. " He pauses, and looks down at the ground lost into his own thoughts for but a moment, his next words are spoken in a hardened tone, filled with passion. "We must do what we can to restore our great Imperia, and carve the tumor of corruption out of these marbled places. This is why I have brought you here,  cast your eyes to the Forum entrance."

As you turn, a shout goes up from the other side of the plaza and the sea of lower classes at the periphery parts and a small group of men enter the plaza. At its head a well dressed man of middling years, hair close cut and greying at the temples, leads his party through the throngs with the help of his obvious burly escorts.
"Patrician Edesander Doucas," says your beggar-companion "of Olegea, a banker of noted wealth. Elected to the Council Regentum two weeks ago, and left for Imperia the next day. He docked late last night, but has already sent messengers to several figures among the city. It would seem obvious that Doucas is here to make a deal for Olegea, but to show such an move so clearly... " He stops mid-sentence and watches as the Patrician stops and greets various others present; a Revan trader garners a firm handshake, two or three Senators exchange brief but pleasant words with him and those in his group, and he aims a long respectul bow at the beautiful Atrodian Consul present. The older man at his shoulder leans forward and speaks into his ear, and then he and his party move onwards at a pace towards the Senate House.

The beggar turns to you all. "We need information on what he's planning, if he's trying to broker a deal, and if he is what he's using as leverage. Find out all you can and report back, though if you need to act in haste you can do so. Questions?"
14  Community / Play-by-Post / Re: Cloak and Dagger - Last Days of an Empire - Recruitment/OOC on: July 28, 2015, 05:21:55 AM
Ok.. so things got away from me a bit, and I don't want to start this half-arsed... so please just bear with me for another 24-48 hours. Feel free to spit-ball any ideas in the meantime, or anything IC background you might want to post - There's an IC thread now available.
15  Community / Play-by-Post / Re: Cloak and Dagger - Last Days of an Empire - Recruitment/OOC on: July 25, 2015, 07:28:57 AM
Okay. Sorry about the double post, but I wanted this one separate from my character sheet.

Okay, so my character sheet is above and it is almost complete. My spells took a while.

What is left?
40 Reputatation to spend, right? Done. I spend 30 reputation on 1 Noble Renown and left the 10 floating for when I need it.
And what about starting equipment? Done. I spent 300s of my starting stake, leaving 100s in there.

I'll have to do that tomorrow, I'm sorry.

I'll add descriptions of the items and spells when I have time, and put in a section on attacks. Let me know if I screwed any of this up, or if there are any details that are absolutely crucial before we begin.

EDIT: Oh, right. Is there a table for generating setting appropriate names? Thanks Bill!

Looks good, don't worry about spell descriptions too much - we've the book for that. And yes you have calculated your vitality right. The only thing I can see is pointing out which spells you want to use Arcane Might for.

To All: I'm going to give it another couple of days to let anyone do any final tweaks, or posted revised characters. I have a day off on Tuesday and I hope to get the opening post written then as well as maybe some little flavour pieces to set the tone!
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