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1  Products / Mistborn Adventure Game / Re: Stat my concept? on: September 20, 2012, 04:26:26 PM
Obviously, he doesn't need any powers, so I think a setup of ... average-strong-weak would work

physique I'd probably make a 3
Charm 3
Wits a 5
resources 5
influence 5
spirit 3

leaving him with

health- 8
reputation- 8
willpower- 8

wow. very balanced

then no allomantic powers, and a total of 7 traits

drive- Kill mistings (assuming of course he cares about that more than defending the noble family he's contracted to)
profession- hazekiller, of course
specialty- Knows his prey
feature- (totally up to you)
personality- ruthless

and then two more traits, like
meticulous planner
hazekiller trainer/ well-connected/ hunter/ trapper

up to you.

Destiny- could be anything

and Tragedy- Something about his brother being murdered by a misting?

and finally, props.

dueling cane
rope and grapnel
leather armor
large wooden shield

I think that about covers it.

2  Products / Mistborn Adventure Game / Re: Hemalurgic Monsters. on: September 05, 2012, 02:09:33 AM
Steel Assertors.
   Used by the Lord Ruler during the Subjugation of the Dominances, Steel Assertors are the ultimate shock Troops, Just as Steel Inquisitors are the Ultimate Misting Hunters.

Race: Noble
2 Steel Spikes granting steel 5 each, for a total of steel 10 in addition to whatever the noble had before.
4 steel spikes granting pewter 5 each, for a total of pewter 20.
1 steel spike granting iron 5.
1 steel spike granting tin 5.
3 Iron spikes granting human strength for a total of 4 dice with rolls involving physical strength.

2 gold spikes granting feruchemical gold 5 each, for a total of gold 10, if TLR is able to find a Feruchemist to steal these powers from.

Very rarely, and only in extreme emergency does TLR enahnce them further, but it has been done at least once.
Pewter spike granting Feruchemical pewter 5.
Pewter spike granting Feruchemical steel 5.
Pewter spike granting Feruchemical iron 5.
Atium spike granting Atium 5. this is by far the most common enhancement done further, because the others allow for Compounding.

3  Products / Mistborn Adventure Game / Re: The biggest problem I have with the system. on: September 04, 2012, 11:13:23 AM
I've got an idea that might work.  We stick with a starting resources score the same as normal.
Resources 2is 10 imperials.  From there every time a character obtains boxings they set their adjusted score.  So if a party scores 30000 a piece-a huge score...  Then the character sets his score to 5 and 3.  The 3 is a tally placed by the score.  Every time the character makes a rresources roll they drop a tally.  So my test roll was a character at 5 and 3 trying to hire a Kandra.  It took him 9 rolls.  3 at 5 and 6 at 4.  This put him at 4 and 3.  To get that Kandra he spent 27000 imperials.  
A characters resources replenish at a score of 1 tally every day so long as their current adjusted score is below their base score.  So our resources 2 hero only recovers 1 imperial a day while a character with resources 6 gets back 10000 a day as long as they haven't spent down past 5 and 1.  I think that while this incourages repeated rolling. it does allow for money to be spent effectively.  My only worry is that it makes getting what you want easy and expensive because it allows too many rolls in some ways.  Im not sure what to do with that...  At the same time an average resources of 3 makes it seem less broken. It just means the wealthy can get anything they need if they throw enough money at it...  Which can be troubling and kind of unbalanced.  But Hey.  Kelly circa book 1 has resources 6 and he could afford a Kandra  pretty easily...  Thoughts?

In a way it makes resources rolls more of a sure you can have that but how much will it cost kinda thing.  And it makes keeping Allomancers in Metals quite a bit easier as one of the things my party hated was running out of metals and then failing two rolls due to bad luck and being unable to purchase them.

It does discourage thieving past a certain point as well.  How often do you get a score that can raise somebodies income by over 100000 boxings.  You'll never steal up to rank 6.  You might get a loan up that high but past a certain point its all advancement and shoving money at a problem until you succeed.

Lastly I'm unsure how to work bribes and especially acquiring forces into this.  Bribes should be fine but it makes gaining soldiers a bit too easy.  Anybody with rank 7 will almost always have the Max number of soldiers at their back and can easily manage a huge chunk of bodyguards.... My test run had a resources 7 character spend justover 90 percent of his fortune to hire an army the size of Oshkosh WI.  64900 soldiers.  A part of me doesn't see that being All that outlandish.  But it sure as hell makes resources powerful.  I think first the spender must set a goal.  If they fail the goal they have to try again.  So if the guy went for regiments he'd have managed 6000 soldierswhile if he went for Army's he'd have hired 40000ish.  But he'd have failed more rolls...  

At resources 10 using the aim for a number method the character managed to get.215000 soldiers.  That number is huge but they spent 999,900,000 imperials to do it and it takes a minimum of 40 days to regain that wealth assuming breathers don't affect resources.

I think you may have something here. Sounds great.
4  Products / Mistborn Adventure Game / Re: Mistborn Dice Set on: August 28, 2012, 01:45:09 AM
crap! i missed my chance for a premium set, didn't I?
5  Products / Mistborn Adventure Game / Re: The biggest problem I have with the system. on: August 28, 2012, 01:43:22 AM
sounds like a great idea for a different forum topic, but not his one.
6  Products / Mistborn Adventure Game / Re: The biggest problem I have with the system. on: August 25, 2012, 01:32:15 PM
I too feel constrained by the canon, but have found a bit of a workaround.

The Lord Ruler has rewritten history, and as long as he survives, I can get away with anything, if I put it far enough in the past. so, I'm playing 231 years after the Lord Ruler's ascension. New metals are being discovered, new territories conquered (The lord Ruler claims he conquered the world by the second century of his rule. Not so, just good PR.).

I'm running a group of characters as a noble house tasked with subjugating the final three dominances (The final sacking of Khlennium, The Terris people, and the Farmost Dominance.). I also fiddled with the strength of their powers to reflect that these early mistings are stronger. (no powers is unheard of, misting is weak, mistborn or feruchemist is average, and for one very special character, I've given permission to be both mistborn and feruchemist. That's a major plot hook/snarl/tangled web right there to run players through.)

There are of course a few nasty hemalurgic threats, both allies (for now) and enemies to be wary of.

So far, It's been a blast and the team cooperation has been fantastic. They're deciding how to go about conquering... benevolently, trying to preserve the societies and follow the Lord Ruler's bidding. Eventually, though, because of their tragedies and destinies chosen, they're going to run themselves directly into the Steel ministry.

It's not too hard to deal with canon. In fact, we have found several ways to support it. In Khlenni, for instance, we found a book with paintings and drawings of nature, one particular page of it will make it to Mare's hands 770 years in the future.

To make things interesting and to give the world more allomancers, though, Race-mingling has only recently been outlawed. (TLR will rewrite the books to say it was always this way, but even he needed the allomantic armies for conquering the world.

So, yes, just remember  "The Lord Ruler rewrites history to suit his fancy" is not just handy, it's actually canon. things have been rewritten in the past. It is fact.
7  Products / Mistborn Adventure Game / Re: Delivery wait on: May 22, 2012, 11:20:53 PM
8  Products / Mistborn Adventure Game / Re: Delivery wait on: May 22, 2012, 03:53:21 PM
9  Products / Mistborn Adventure Game / Delivery wait on: May 19, 2012, 07:50:48 PM
How long is the wait for the MAG hardback copy? I ordered one 4 weeks ago and I'm wondering how long I should expect to wait for the physical copy.
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