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September 02, 2015, 06:51:07 PM
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1  Products / Spycraft Third Edition / Re: what brought you into spycraft on: June 17, 2015, 05:08:18 AM
Well, last I looked, Sletch was more of a who than a what. 

Our very own Sletchman got me into Spycraft 2.0 a full decade ago now.

2  Legacy Games / Spycraft 2.0 / Re: AP ammo and standard NPC damage saves on: May 28, 2015, 08:46:54 AM
Thanks, Mister Andersen.

Turns out I had mashed some rules up - the construct NPC quality did worry about excess AP beyond that requited to punch thru armour.
3  Legacy Games / Spycraft 2.0 / AP ammo and standard NPC damage saves on: May 28, 2015, 12:08:10 AM
How does "excess" AP interact with a standard NPC's damage save?  Or have I conflated rules in my head due to the multiple years since I last played SC?

Eg J. Random Mook is rocking a flack jacket (DR 1/4, iirc - exact numbers aren't important) and he has the bad luck to stop a round with AP (6), which hits his armour.

Off the bat, JRM's flak jacket does sod all for him against this attack (ordinarily giving DR 4 against life's little miseries that move very fast, but reduced to zero by the attack's AP) - but there's 2 excess AP here, which is what I'm asking about.

How is JRM's damage save modified?  By nothing, or by something (-2?) for the excess AP?

If I haven't just mashed rules together, is there a page reference I can look up?
4  Legacy Games / Spycraft 2.0 / PC-driven R&D on: September 18, 2013, 01:12:24 AM
How well would a game where one of the core conceits is PCs actually inventing, prototyping and debugging beyond-bleeding-edge kit (as well as taking said next-generation kit into combat) fit Spycraft?

5  Products / Spycraft Third Edition / Re: what brought you into spycraft on: April 30, 2013, 08:09:10 PM
So Sletchman is a "what" now?
6  Community / Fiction and Story Hour / Re: [Game report] XCOM Forces Have The Nod on: June 11, 2012, 02:33:04 PM
Mission 3: Slip'n'Slide (Suicide)

Back to the labourious slog of chasing up leads.

Scene I

The crew, and their V-22, catch a Ruslan to RAAF Tindal.

4 C-model Super Foxhounds are based at Tindal, so the Mad Turk amuses himself yarning to the crew of one.  Initially quite apprehensive, they relax when Turk assures them he just wants to drool at the awesome, not punch holes in the sky with it.

All good things come to an end, as two of the Super Foxhounds scramble to intercept a nearby UFO, the crew that Turk had been talking to climbing up the ladder attached to the nosewheel.  The Turk, and the rest of the team, leg it to their tiltrotor as Turk madly flips switches, cursing in Turkish as he preps it for launch, willing the wings to unfold faster.  Thanks to his foresight, the Turk had "forgotten" to drain and inert the fuel system.

The Foxhounds bring down the UFO (not quite blasting it to downtown woop woop) not far inside the edge of the Osprey's combat radius.  Nearly two hours of terrain following flight later, the team manage to notice on approach, waay off in the distance, some sort of really fast hovercraft or other GEV inbound like bats out of hell.  Turk estimates they'll arrive about the same time as the ARA recovery team following behind them.

Blacklake gets on the blower and rustles up a Hornet from Tindal to try and "dissuade" the incoming GEVs.  Edwards rings up AUSCOM and manages to (via his backup ability and a couple of action dice) wangle three XCOM MIB headkickers (actually some of the previous game's multitude of PCs) - he's told it'll take around 12 minutes for the Lightning, It's One Of Ours, Sir to drop the muscle off.

When they turn up, Edwards tries to give the small guy his beloved shootin' iron, but is refused, as the headkickers move to set up overwatch on the UFO while the ARA takes its sweet time arriving.  They report two Sectoids and, unusually, a single Ethereal, which promptly spots Mouse and tries to buggerise her head around.  Hot on the heels of heavy laser burns on the Sectoids, Edwards relays orders from Devereux to subdue and capture the Ethereal if possible.  The F/A-18 arrives overhead three minutes ahead of the incoming GEVs.

As the headkickers jump-jet towards the downed scout-class UFO (which starts a semi-argument among players as to what gear category it falls under) the Hornet pilot pipes up, then engages the lead GEV with a Sidewinder, which does manage to blow it to woop woop.  A bit of dakka persuades the suriving two GEV to rethink their approach.

The Turk radios up to the Hornet driver, "Remember Top Gun?"

The Hornet driver swears, plugs in zone five afterburner, and tries to rake the GEV with his afterburner plume, causing a minor sandstorm. 17 burny burny stressy stressy damage later, the GEV pilots crack, lose control, and strew themselves across sundry kilometres of desert.  The Hornet driver asks the Turk, semi-seriously, what the brevity and splash codes are for downing someone with said afterburner plume. then gripes about not getting credit for the jetwash kills.

Blacklake cuts in and assures him that his ops room will know about it, after which he bugs out.

With hostiles subdued, the Turk takes the team over to the crash sites.  The lead skimmer that took the Sidewinder is completely rooted, while there's a bit more left of his wingmen.  After landing, Edwards and Turk dirtbike over to the first crash site - finding a somewhat suspicious lack of jetfuel burns or smell, and a bit of a turbine cowling.  More and bigger fragments (but no jet fuel) survived the other two crashes.

Back on the blower, Blacklake discovers that the additional recovery team needed to clean up and sift the three extra crash sites will take another 10 hours to get here.  The first recovery team also refuel the Turkrotor.

Mouse quickly finds out backtracking these guys may be a bit difficult - no sat footage until the intercept and shootdown, while Edwards suggests looking at other media along their approach path to the southwest.  She does get some results - the GEV seemingly bamfed into existence a little way north of the Kimberlies.

To quote FLGS owner: "Some cocky on a cattle station out the back of nowhere wants alien tech."

May Bee gets onto her contacts to start looking up cattle stations along that path that have changed hands recently.

Mouse wonders about altering the sat footage because the GEVs' backers might get sus.  Turk counters with setting an electronic tripwire on the images and footage.  One 5-challenge DC 38 code later, tripwire is doneski.

May Bee gets onto Tython (to lots of jokes about Jew bankers among the players), whom hems, hedges and haws , pointing out areas he'll need a court order to divulge. Blacklake gets impression Tython doesn't like her or her blunt intercession very much.

7 hours later, he rings back - the words are leaving my mouth when Blacklake's player gets a balance-update SMS from her bank, which causes the players to piss themselves laughing.  Seems Tython has been busy - three stations along the corridor of interest have had their holding companies' owners change hands.  The companies in question are registered in Liechtenstein, Luxembourg and the Seychelles, respectively.
7  Community / License to Improvise / Re: [XCOM Forces] Personal / Power Armour on: June 11, 2012, 01:42:00 PM
Thanks for the pointers to the 1st ed stuff - I'll see what I can rattle up.

The HMjesus special (mod-tac armour, vest,guards and trauma plates) with nomex undies? (Around 4-5x less protection than the personal armour, just to make sure I'm not misunderstanding you)

8  Community / License to Improvise / [XCOM Forces] Personal / Power Armour on: June 11, 2012, 11:34:33 AM
I've come up against a requirement to Spycraftise the trooper armour (specifically, the personal armour since that triumphed over plans for an armoured bobcat assault) from XCOM: UFO Defense. for the base, unconverted stats.

What would the basic armour best map to in SC2 terms?
9  Community / Fiction and Story Hour / Re: [Game report] XCOM Forces Have The Nod on: June 08, 2012, 02:43:53 AM
Sorry, I had too many hands on my time to put  up this week's update - Will have to be another double-header.
10  Legacy Games / Spycraft 2.0 / Re: SC 2.0 Cyberpunk? on: June 08, 2012, 01:53:31 AM
A little off topic, but as a member of one of Sletch's gaming groups, I can attest to HMjesus (Sletchman's Seizure Induction System when HMjesus plays Facemen) figuring out how to get even a microfusion generator (a swine to keep going at best of times) to initiate with a non-trivial yield. 

D-T fusion only converts 0.0018% of mass to energy, meaning (compared to 45 megatonnes yield per kilo reactant for M/AM annihilation, a mere 82 kilotonnes per kilo reactant for D-T, meaning an 82 kilogram yield blast for initiating and completely burning a milligram of fuel).

Awesome bits about biotech SOTA, though.
11  Community / License to Improvise / Re: Star Trek Space Combat [complete!] on: May 29, 2012, 08:10:31 AM
Why are officers of flag rank (Rear Admiral Upper Half and up) commanding starships and not flying their flag from them?

As for ship speeds, for the C24 shows (TNG, DS9, and Who The Hell Let Janeway Navigate??), given a warp factor w (w being between 1.0 and 9.0), velocity was w ^ (10/3) * c - 1516x c for warp 9, meaning 4.2 light years in a day (365-day year), or Terra to Alpha Centauri inside 24 hours.

Above warp 9, well.. it's difficult fitting a formula to a hand-drawn curve.  One approach I like (due to its simplicity) is outlined here, which adds a correction term to the exponent for speeds > warp 9.

Said correction factor is -0.5 log10(10 - w)  (where, as above, w is warp factor in question).  Zum beispiel:

W9.5 - exponent is 3.48, speed is ~2548x c , or 7.0 ly/day.
W9.8 - exponent is 3.68, speed is ~4472x c, or 12.3 ly/day
W9.9 - exponent is 3.83, speed is ~6555x c, or 18.0 ly/day
W9.975 - exponent is 4.13, speed is ~13,485x c, or 37.0 ly/day (Intrepid-class sustainable cruise speed, per Memory Alpha)
W9.99 - exponent is 4.33, speed is ~21,451x c, or 58.8 ly/day

Kinda weird that for long distance travel, ships don't simply punch up out of the densest part of the disk, transit "above" the disk, then drop back down at the destination.  Voyager would have gotten home in 5.2 years entirely under its own power (neglecting punch times) assuming it could have sustained that high cruise speed (yes, I know, I know, Rick Berman's pockets needed to be lined, thus a half-assed story).

Of course, astrographic features may make it inadvisable to open the throttles wide (rifts, gas clouds, tollgates, passing TARDIS, etc).
12  Legacy Games / Spycraft 2.0 / Re: SC 2.0 Cyberpunk? on: May 29, 2012, 02:46:11 AM
The institutionalised corruption certainly couldn't hurt things, either.
13  Community / Fiction and Story Hour / Re: [Game report] XCOM Forces Have The Nod on: May 29, 2012, 02:44:44 AM
Where the hell did all these hands on my time come from?

Scene VIII

Canvassing the area (Edwards and one federal copper) reports two women (one matching Mia's description) and one man, all Japanese, all apparently willing, bugged out in quite a hurry two hours before Masaki's call (~10 hours ago).

Smith pulls a dossier on Mia, while the resident flatfeet (Blacklake and Edwards) launch a manhunt to track down at least one of the above three people.  Said manhunt makes its way southwest and, on the seventh day, paydirt turns up in Fukushima.

A lucky roll (Blacklake, Notice roll, nuff said) spots the male fugitive near a KFC (Smith was inside, eavesdropping on the people he seemed to be with) - he spots them at same time and makes a call, then books it - Edwards books it on foot after him (after all, he's J, and Das Midget has been wanting this sort of foot chase since game start).  To the tune of "Runaway" by the Real McCoy, the chase barrels through a smallish shopping district, with the fugitve proving Edwards' equal in the fine art of legging it.

Mouse tries to cut him off with their van, but it doesn't quite work out, the fugitive (and of course J.D.E. ) barrelling down narrow side streets, with gratuitous and public parkour, and ... almost ... getting away clean.  I bent the rules slightly to allow Das Midget to try an attack run at Lead 10, which succeeded in stopping said fugitive - the rest of team also managed to find the mobile phone he'd been using.

Back in the restaurant, Smith hears the guys he'd been listening into ask "Where'd Manabu get to?"

According to the ID he had on him, Shigenobu Tomita did the runner.  May Bee (the Advocate) dug up a safehouse she just "happened" to have set up earlier, and the team (ex-Smith and Blacklake, who are following the associates) decamp to there, with the usual whiskey, phonebook and plate of asparagus setup.

Through more gratuitous "BADGE!" use, Edwards cracks him (after talking to Gen. Devereux, who OKs an offer of reduced penalty).  Turns out he was muscle, and had been told enough to do job.  He did overhear that Misae Matsudaira (the woman who matched MIa's description) was being stashed somewhere in Osaka (to Sletch's cry of "CALLED IT!").  He was paid half up front for the job, as usual, via a $50k bank wire.  Tomita notes that amount was moderately unusual for a simple abduction, but the other woman (whom he knew as Fusako Sugawara) was calling shots and arranged things.

While the interrogation is happening, Smith and Blacklake try to follow the associates from the restaurant.  Three pile into a Trueno, one into a Lancer, (both of which promptly get bugged by Smith) and the other two catch the bus, along with Smith and Blacklake.  The Lancer heads up the posh end of town, while (thanks to Blacklake's memories of when she was here in the RN, chasing a fugitive and a 20 on the knowledge roll) the Trueno heads to the low rent districts.

Three stops later, the first guy (and Blacklake) depart the bus.  After a 10 minute walk, he looks like he's heading home. Blacklake notes environments, address, approaches, etc, then departs.

Two stops later, the second guy (and Smith) depart.  This one shows a lot more situational awareness, keeps his feet live, etc, but receives a call halfway through an 8 minute walk home to quite a posh place.  Smith keeps going, and bangs on the door two doors down.  Sletch's WTF? look was funny as when an Australian opened the door and conversed in perfect Osaka-ben.  Smith catches the bus back.

Scene IX: Jag kan explodera, upp som dynamit

After letting Tomita go (and not mentioning the fact that XCOM will be keeping a bit of an eye on him), the team decamp to Osaka.

The heroes plan out their next move.  Smith uses kidnapping profiles to predict likely stash spots.  Mouse suggests forced employment in a strip joint - Smith counters as "Too classy for these guys".  Turk suggests spamming "Have You Seen This Woman?" posters.  Or put word out they want to flat out buy her.  Round three of Turk's suggestions is posing as collection agents for custom hardware.  Mouse starts work on a sniffer worm.

Mouse knocks her worm over in 12 hours and uploads it into file sharing networks.  Smith surmises can't go in openly, but lacks other ideas.  Blacklake launches another manhunt.





Round 1, she won by 37, dropping the lead from 5 to 1.  Round 2, won by 24, locating the stash house.  Six blocks off the Nipponbashi in an 11th floor apartment.  Turk suggests a stakeout from an apartment in the opposite-facing building.

A lucky Gear check finds a recently-vacated apartment with direct LOS, while Smith checks out the elevators of the buildings in the area.  Unsurprisingly, they all lack a 4th floor button.

The apartment turns up quite posh - 3 bedrooms, decently thick floor coverings.  Mouse prints up a "MAINTENANCE" sign to bung on

Thanks to her flubbing the forgery check... it's in English.  Smith rectifies the situation while uttering his catchphrase.

May Bee gets onto Crow, another one of her contacts.  Seems he got drunk with the civil engineers of the company who built the buildings around here a few years ago.  Crow gives her location of services - power, water, PA, etc.  While May Bee's on the phone, Turk and Blacklake notice two middle aged guys turn up at the stash house, then leave after half an hour.  Around 9 pm, a pizza delivery guy turns up with four pizzas.

More scheming.

Mouse proposes to hijack the PA and rickroll the entire building.
Smith nixes that idea, suggests a joint action to storm the place .
Mouse's player (who owns a De Lorean) makes a BTTF reference, where Marty launched himself with a wall of sound.
Turk proposes to spiderman in with flashbangs.
Edwards mentions they have a straight shot and he's a, to quote, "black guy with sniper rifle."

Disguising himself as a Zainichi Korean (don't ask), Smith checks out the apartment directly behind the stash house, bugging himself.  A Eurasian man opens the door and has a bit of a yarn re: cable TV problems.  Other apartments have a mix of occupants  -single people, couples, families, etc.

Eventually, a plan emerges - bung a big speaker on a trolley and jam things with white noise.  Edwards sorts the exfil with 11 identical police vans that very closely resemble theirs, down to license plates - idea being, a convoy of 12 such vans peels out at breakneck speed, the individual vans peeling off at random times, with the Turk making the 8th van in convoy bend the laws of physics.  Mouse kitbashes a remote that will silly-buggerise the building power.

Assault plan comes together - Mouse uses her remote to kill the lights, the white noise gets cranked, and Edwards takes a shot at whichever goon he can see.  Blacklake and Smith breach, and neutralise any other resistance, then clear the place.  After finding Mia, grab her and set the van convoy in motion.

Turk stuffs up the joint action but sorts the ambush.  He thinks (too late) to silicon the other apartment doors shut.  Mouse's player poorly apes Hannibal.


Power gets cut, sound cranks up, Edwards headshots the first very suprised goon.  He tops the initiative order, and cleans up the other goon he could see.  Blacklake and Smith breach the door, and sweep the place as Turk commando rolls in.  Mouse follows them.

Front rooms clear.  Two back rooms.  Blacklake goes right, clears it, and finds Mia stuffed into a closet.   Drugged, fairly logey, zip tied and generally out of it.  Turk finds the two bullets Edwards had fired and pries them out of the wall, taking them with him.

Rather than clearing the other back rooms, they grab Mia and book, leaving the trolley and speaker behind.

In the van, May Bee cuts the zip ties.  Mia freaks out, slugs May Bee, then gets tased by Smith, who reties her, adding a ball gag and duct tape this time.


Bloody hell, that was a long one.
14  Legacy Games / Spycraft 2.0 / Re: SC 2.0 Cyberpunk? on: May 24, 2012, 02:33:49 AM
Actually, Sletch, I was referring to Tolliver's Disease as an example, but I was leaning towards a couple of syndemics instead of mere pandemics.
15  Community / Fiction and Story Hour / Re: [Game report] XCOM Forces Have The Nod on: May 15, 2012, 08:32:44 AM
Scene VI

Blacklake pulls the new Austrian girl's file.

According to the telepath who scanned her, "she's either a genius, a functional schizophrenic, or both.  Owww, my head...".

The Advocate rings around, getting through to two of her contacts - Typhon, a private asset manager at N M Rothschild & Sons, and Mia-chan, a rather precocious Japanese uni student working at the JIST in support of XCOM.

Typhon, who does not forget to remind her of the confidentiality obligations he holds to his clients, suggests, based on the data he's supplied, that he thinks front entities have been copiously used, including explaining structures that he may or may not have seen used in the past.  Mia-chan, on the other hand, twigs almost immediately, despite the lack of clues, about the hyperwave decoder and offers to build one, saying "It isn't that hard".

While this ringaround is happening, Mouse and Blacklake identify where the surveillance footage was taken from - across the Italian border in a public park for EUROCOM, but inside restricted areas (near JDF Pine Gap for AUSCOM, and well inside R4808 for NORAMCOM).  This knowledge in hand, the team head out to scope out the Italian site.

After turning up not much - the site sees a lot of traffic and IS publicly acessible - the Advocate gets a call from a mutual acquaintance of her and Mia-chan re: the latter's disappearance.

Scene VII

The team make a rapid case to chase up Mia-chan's disppearance, lighting out to Vodkaville (aka RUSCOM) aboard a Lightning within the hour.  Flying commercial from Vladivostok to Sapporo, Blacklake gets mistaken for Mouse's mother (much to lulz of players), then they cool their heels for three hours in a holding pattern.

XCOM hasn't fouled up, so they collect their kit after clearing an abbreviated customs check, and book towards Sapporo's northern suburbs.  Mia-chan lives in a quite smick apartment block, unsurprisingly on the fourth floor.  Plant, equipment, and two apartments.  No external damage, but the key stashed outside is missing.  Blacklake somewhat sarcastically asks if the steel/titanium-cored door is Mia's, spotting the previous, amateurish, attempt to pick the lock.

After getting Advocate confirmation, Blacklake easily gets the door open, whereupon a suspicious beeping sends everyone diving clear.  Even a quick shufti down the hallway discloses the place has been ransacked, and a suspicious computer-shaped gap.

Thoroughly re-searching the place reveals an open window, a half-full Hello Kitty diary, a fridge full of Yebisu, a second half-full of grub and munchies, and a beyond-SOTA fibre optic modem, recently installed.  A quick shufti out the uncharacteristically open window reveals that some unfortunate woman has been defenestrated through it, apparently nothing but net.  Also turning up are piles of overdue bills, demand letters, and scrupulously paid rent and internet bills, and a rather banged-up futon.

The Advocate reluctantly opens and reads the diary, discovering (in her contact's rather crap handwriting) periodic multi-day bouts of insomnia, ideas (such as building a hyperwave decoder for the lulz), and a couple of rants about the LDP.  Cued by the ex-woman out on the ground below, they find evidence of a physical struggle not too far from the window.  Blacklake confirms a rumble involving at least two women and one man, and bloodstains from at least two people.

While this is happening, the federal coppers beat the local boys to the scene, having being briefed.  4 detectives turn up in two pairs, obeying some obscure MOJ rule that dictates one short, fat copper gets partnered with one tall thin one.  The upstairs pair, both able to speak English although the tall one is much more fluent than his partner, get briefed by the Advocate while the downstairs pair, seeing an African-American man near a dead Japanese woman, obviously assume he dunnit and move to arrest him.

Short-Upstairs disabuses them of this idea as Edwards yells "ENGLISH, MOTHERFUCKER! DO YOU SPEAK IT?"  The Pulp Fiction reference falls flat with neither of the downstairs pair understanding English, despite Edwards insulting them in it.  The bottom pair cordon off the impact site, then Short-Upstairs swaps places with his downstairs counterpart.

Mouse sniffs out, buried underneath at least a year's worth of crap, a connected, running laptop that had apparently been physically lost amidst the clutter and a switch.  She eventually breaks in ("WOOHOO!") finding that the laptop's running OpenBSD, but hits a login page in Japanese ("DAMMIT!").  She eventually gets in and manages to change the language settings, after an hour and a half's work.  The laptop hasn't been patched in a while, and Mouse sets about imaging the drives for later examination.
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