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1  Products / Fantasy Craft / Re: Virtual Table Tops with a FC Rules Set? on: August 14, 2013, 01:12:52 AM
They're customizable, though Perfect is a stretch from where I'm sitting. MapTool can handle some pretty complex stuff, and lay it out in chat a neat block of text. Roll20 wants to turn it into some kind of display result with outline boxes and little dice graphics, wherein if you're doing much more than to hit and damage your result is going to fill the entirety of the chat window. If I could tooltip a macro such that it would just show a result in chat, and provide formula details on mouseover, then *maybe* I could find it useable. But I can't seem to find a tooltip-on option.

Gentry, that sounds like a really handy way to reduce the amount of text on screen, you should suggest it to Roll20. They are fairly constantly updating, so it could be added.
Or someone who does use it could suggest it I suppose.
2  Products / Fantasy Craft / Re: A little something fun for Spellbound on: August 13, 2013, 09:35:11 PM
EDIT: One thing I'm really looking forward to are Word spells. I study language in my PhD, so I'm curious how something so nebulous gets put into a spell system Smiley

You're really just looking forward to Word spells so that you're one step closer to being able to let me play as a Forkrul Assail in your next game aren't you?  Cheesy

On another note, I love the artwork for the Fantasy Craft stuff, and I am really glad it has kept a consistent quality and style Smiley
So looking forward to this book.
3  Community / License to Improvise / Re: Andersen's Little Garden Centre of Horrors on: May 07, 2013, 11:15:08 PM
I think the physically slighter is made up for by being made out of by stronger material, and though peace is their end goal (Ventari was a pacifist), but they are under no illusions the Nightmare Court and dragons can be at all defended against with pacifism. And as they don't have to worry about politics, almost their entire society contributes to the war with the dragons or NC.
Still, I like take 2 Smiley

I'm not sure how much the Dream has to do with their telempathy with plants and the healing and shaping they can do, the soundless village does still have plant buildings, implying they can still have Growers (those that use the ability for plant shaping). But it is implied that they are cutting themselves off from the telempathy with other sylvari. Hmmm, on second thought maybe they cut themselves off from receiving it, but can still send via it. Allowing them to cut off and still build and heal. NC can still build and have telempathy, they just revel in pain and negative emotions.
Just food for thought for the paths.
4  Community / License to Improvise / Re: Andersen's Little Garden Centre of Horrors on: May 07, 2013, 12:38:48 PM
I like the race you've built, but it doesn't feel like the sylvari to me. I feel like I'm being a dick saying this, but I'd change a fair bit of it, in fact I'd pretty much gut out the parts of this interesting race you've made that make it interesting.
Keep in mind I've not gone out hunting their lore, but my first character at launch was a sylvari thief. So there may be some specifics I've not heard about, but I know them fairly well.


The sylvari are a young, inquisitive race of botanical humanoids, born fully grown from the fruit of the Pale Tree.
     Common Personality Traits: Honest, direct and focused, taking most things at face value
     Common Physical Traits: Green
     Example Names: Sylvari names are generally inspired by Celtic (Irish and Welsh) names. Sylvari do not have surnames, as they're all part of the same "family," though to each other they are more like distant relatives except in special cases.
     Splinter Race Feats: Dawn Cycle, Noon Cycle, Dusk Cycle. If you do not possess one of these feats, you were born during the Night Cycle.
     Requirement: Alignment (Pale Tree) or Alignment (Nightmare Court)
     Type: Medium humanoid fae plant (1x1, Reach 1). Your maximum wounds are equal your Constitution score. [4.0]
  • Attributes: -2 Constitution [-0.5]
  • Base Speed: 30 ft [0.0]
  • Cold Resistance: You gain an amount of cold resistance equal to your starting action dice.
  • Damage Vulnerability (Fire): Each fire die inflicts a minimum of half its highest face value in damage and you are sickened for 1/2 damage rounds. [-0.5]
  • Limited Proficiencies: You begin with play with 2 fewer weapon proficiencies (minimum 0).
  • Mark of the Dream: You take the first step on either the Path of the Pale Tree or the Path of the Nightmare Court according to your alignment. When you gain a feat from your Career Level you may instead take another step along the chosen path if after selecting class abilities your step will be no greater than one-half your Career Level, rounded up. [3.0]
  • Natural Camouflage: Choose forest/jungle or swamp. You gain a +5 gear bonus with Blend checks while in that terrain. [1.0]

Common Physical Traits: They're very obviously made of plant matter, they could not easily pass as another race. But they can be all sorts of colours. Mine is mostly purple with shades of red and black thrown in here and there, and she has thorns for hair Tongue They do usually have some sort of pattern of not too bright bioluminescence as well. The patterns and colour vary with individuals. Also, they have no irises, they have a pupil, and then the "whites" of the eyes are coloured, again they can be variety of colours.

Example Names: I just wanted to add to that, that a community is another good way to describe how they see each other. Somewhere between that and family. I suppose family still kinda works, just not the sort that minds in breeding?  Shocked
The sylvari can't have children (they're all born of a tree), so inbreeding is a non-issue but they do still form couples and have lovers. As they're based on human physiology, they have human sex organs, but for obvious reasons, homosexuality is a not even a consideration, they're omnisexual.

Splinter Race Feats: Which cycle they're awakened into has a bigger effect on personality than anything else (it wouldn't be a leap to argue that their personality in the dream triggers/influences/is the reason for when they're awakened). If you wanted to give actual effects based on which cycle the character is born into I think a better way to go would be something more akin to Morgenstern's Shifter race mechanic. Give a list of the choices and you must choose one. Instead of having to spend a feat to not be Night Cycle. Having to spend a feat implies that Night is the default or most common, something I've not seen a hint of.
Actually, a watered down version of the Human Talents idea could work well. Have some mild stat adjustments and a small bonus or two.

Damage Vulnerability: Yes they are plants, but the lady in charge of the creation of the sylvari has flat out stated they're only as afraid of fire as the other races and they burn no more easily. They aren't like rootwalkers, they're more living vine and plant flesh than wood and it's all green wood. Even the leaf clothing some wear is actually still alive, it grows out of them. In fact they've probably got the same heat resistance as they do cold. I'd give them basically an environmental resistance (heat and cold).

Limited Proficiencies: They are a very combat capable race, no more fragile than the other races. In fact at one point a sylvari comments that human skin "feels so fragile". And their contribution to the war effort against the dragons is one of the largest and fiercest. They are "born" into the world fully grown, but they live a sort of childhood inside the Dream before they're born. And they can be weapon proficient before they "wake". Sylvari still within the Dream in this state are one of the forces stopping the Nightmare Court's corruption, the corruption manifests as creatures in the dream, ones which "unborn" sylvari sometimes fight. That's actually the beginning of the game as a sylvari.
They are still somewhat childlike at "birth", but it's all in a "ways of the world" naivety kind of way. The First Born of the sylvari didn't understand fear, but were skilled warriors.

Mark of the Dream: It's not something I'd liken to a religion in the usually fantasy style. Not with prayers and a bestowing of power. It's a moral choice, a way of life (actually, most sylvari don't even question this issue till they come across/hear about the Nightmare Court). They are taught the teachings of Ventari, and it is a little religion like, but beyond a moral code it's very unstructured.
Having said that, switching to either the NC or the Soundless (those that leave the dream altogether) is a major, life altering choice. The dream is a constant ephemeral connection to their family/community. Those who choose the Nightmare Court cut themselves off from the normal dream (the nightmare court has it's own called the Nightmare Tongue and is trying to corrupt the Dream of Dreams), and therefore the connection they've had with those they knew since before "birth". And once they embrace the Nightmare, a sylvari cannot reconnect to the Dream. Not sure about the Soundless, they must practice and block out the Dream, I don't know if they can let it back in later.
It's essentially choosing sides in an idealogical war, they don't gain any powers from it either way. It would influence those things they then went to learn, and Paths based on which side of the Dream you're on could be great for a sylvari priest, but not a common sort of thing.

Blah. I really feel like I am raining on your parade, and I don't want to. As I said, I like the race you made.
I just know the source material fairly well and I feel I'd be remiss to not pass on what I know. I love interesting worlds and lore, and I think the sylvari are very interesting. Especially questions about the race's origin, but I won't go into that here, as it's part speculation and involves some spoilers from the game.

I am not good enough at FC stuff to whip up a replacement example species, but here are few extra tidbits that might be useful for ideas:
While they can and plenty do wear ordinary clothes, they can also grow clothes out of themselves, designed as they wish. Both simple ones all the way up to heavy armour.
They cannot be raised as undead or corrupted into monsters (NC are an exception and can corrupt them, sometimes forcefully converting them).
They have a vague empathic link with each other and other plant life.
They can with much skill use the empathic link to manipulate plants to grow buildings and weapons as well as healing plants.
While they don't necessarily normally heal faster than other races they can regenerate limbs. Their plant healing works on sylvari too, though in both cases it can't overcome every illness.
They do not appear to age (the First Born have not appeared to age in the 24 years since awakening).
They have golden sap for blood and are very different internally.
They need to eat and breathe, don't appear to photosynthesise, and are omnivorous.
Subsequent generations since the First Born understand the world more. All experiences of sylvari still connected to the Dream of Dreams flow into the Dream. This knowledge is taught to the Dreaming sylvari in a vague non specific way. They Awaken not remembering specifics of the Dream, but with a full personality and knowing how to talk, walk, use a weapon, ride a horse, etc. They don't know how to do everything sylvari before them have done, but a selection of that knowledge. Some some sort of skill bonus, or extra skill points/origin skill perhaps?"
They're very openly very affectionate with people they like, and they don't understand modesty. Clothing for the sake of covering is an adopted custom to not offend the other races.

Aaaaand that's a big enough wall of words. I hope it's helpful. I've attached a picture of my sylvari in an example full sylvari medium armour (was just previewing the armour, so excuse the boring background).

5  Products / Fantasy Craft / Re: Subdual damage dealing weapons and npcs immune to it on: April 18, 2013, 10:09:07 PM
This is something I am always aware of, as one of my best friends does Cirque du Soleil level acrobatics, she makes a living by being juggled on someone else's feet.

There's a job with ups and downs.  Boss always kicking you around. 

I'm sorry.

I laughed Tongue
6  Products / Fantasy Craft / Re: Subdual damage dealing weapons and npcs immune to it on: April 18, 2013, 11:12:56 AM
I'm generally wary of any response where the solution is "use common sense", considering some of the gamers I've encountered. I once ran into a gamer that said that Ocarina of Time was weeaboo horse hockey because "Everyone knows it's impossible to use a bow from horseback".

In our opinion the second you take common (table) sense out of the equation is the moment every actual roleplaying game in existence stops working. Shatters into a million pieces, never to work again.

You can take common / table sense out of the equation for tactical wargames, and there are certainly many of those out there disguised as RPGs, but actual RPGs... interpretation isn't just a feature, it's a requirement.

Plus, you always have to be careful about what you say is impossible when it's a question of skill. Unlikely sure, but especially when they train for it the things people can do...
This is something I am always aware of, as one of my best friends does Cirque du Soleil level acrobatics, she makes a living by being juggled on someone else's feet. World record for 3 point shots made in a row is 209. Going to tell me horseback archery is impossible when a Japanese archer firing at a 1m target 120m away down a 2m tall hallway managed to hit it 8132 times in a 24-hour period (done in 1688, so no compound bow or nice drawing hook)? Please, people can do amazing things.
7  Products / Fantasy Craft / Re: Fantasy Craft Second Printing Q&A Thread on: April 18, 2013, 10:34:38 AM
Well, it makes him immune to divine spells below 8th level.

I thought Divine Casters always automatically hit with spells? Granted with the lowest effect if levels of effect are available, but still...

"the spell is automatically cast, as if hed rolled a Spellcasting result exactly equal to the DC required to cast the spell" - Core p111
It doesn't specifically mention Spell Defence in that paragraph, but when looking at the Spell Defence paragraph;
"When a target has Spell Defence, the Spellcasting result must also equal or exceed the Spell Defense or the spell fails" - Core p112
As beating the Spell Defence is now the minimum Spellcasting result required for the spell to go off it would imply that the Spell Defence is effectively the new DC required to cast the spell, therefore it is beaten.
8  Products / Fantasy Craft / Re: Which Setting? on: December 30, 2012, 07:52:58 AM
(click to show/hide)

(click to show/hide)
9  Products / Fantasy Craft / Re: Fantasy Craft Second Printing Q&A Thread on: September 13, 2012, 08:33:00 PM
All good points. Maybe I'm too influenced by too much AD&D time. In that game once melee began your archer could not really contribute anymore.

It's probably also worth noting that they are talking more about firing from melee, not into melee. So they aren't suggesting that once the enemy closes with your party you can't shoot anyone, just that you need to try to keep the enemy from closing with you, specifically, to be at your best.
10  Products / Fantasy Craft / Re: Mastercraft this on: August 11, 2012, 09:31:40 AM
Hmm.     Scene one and scene three have the same effect. I would say she has charging basic or more and she is taking a unarmed attack along her path. Since she never ends up with the gun (or keeps it) i would not call this a disarm.  You can add any flavor to the attack as long as she does not end up with the gun.

I would do it as a disarm, some sort of disarm attack trick as Sletchman says as she does actually take the gun off him. Both in the animation and in the game. In the animation she then drops it, which is an option in the game. So attack-disarm then free action to drop and flee. Or some sort of posturing as Krensky suggests.
I like some of these suggestions, And thanks for this thread Mister anderson, as most MC unarmed combat is now going to look more awesome in my head now Cheesy

Man, this is really making me want to go play that game again, it was so much fun doing all that stuff Cheesy
11  Products / Fantasy Craft / Re: A Water Path and some other random questions on: July 23, 2012, 10:32:42 PM
By butch do you just mean too much wording, or too powerful?
If you meant to wordy, then yeah, but I don't see it as a big problem. If unbalanced, the following was my thinking behind it:

Essentially I looked at all the things Move Water allowed and broke it down and spread it over four of the steps. And made it at will. Relying on the scarcity of the substance in the world and it being more a utility spell than anything to reduce the power of being able to at will cast a level 4 spell. And I reduced the max amount of water she could manipulate.
Then we added a few other useful tricks based around the concept that will be useful in that world. Purification, drawing out of bodies and sensing water.
Then added a limited version of a level 1,2 and 5 spell.
So in the end she has a limited version of a 1,2 and 5 spell. A 4th level utility spell (limited by substance access) at will. Can purify, sense water and drain water. And a ranged bull rush, substance permitting.

Whereas a Path that's a little easier to gauge against like Death has the following:
2 extra damage vs living, can crit undead. A level 1 spell at will.
Spells: Two level 2, two level 3, a level 5 and two level 7 all once per scene.
(I find it a bit easier to use as a measure as the spells are given a level to help indicate their power, whereas qualities are harder to judge)

I hadn't thought of using a stance, but that could be a good idea.
While it is kind of like Waterbending it's not actually supposed to involve her being a martial artist, so I'm not sure I'd use Dex. I chose Wis as she is commanding the water through willpower.

I could change the water sense to take a half action to make it a bit more like a Deathwatch style spell?
I still feel like the 5th step needs a bit more to it as she only gains one 5th level once per scene, and with Death as the example that gains two 7th levels...
12  Products / Fantasy Craft / A Water Path and some other random questions on: July 23, 2012, 09:52:04 AM
I have made an alternate Path of Water for a Dark Sun game.
I am actually just a player in it, but we are converting from a previous system (some of you may remember helping me convert my character, thanks again  Smiley) We couldn't use the existing Water Path as the ability to create water at will at first level is way too powerful in Dark Sun and doesn't fit. And a lot of the path abilities assume there is ample water/create it to work. The GM said he is happy for us to try and make the water path for our Cleric. Partly because being a cleric of a Water Elemental was her idea, and partly because she is the only one there is anyway, so it's not a big world building decision, it's kinda part of her character.
So I sat down with her and we brainstormed and I (being the better at working the rules) wrote up what we have.

Path of Water
     Water I: You can manipulate water up to a volume in cubic feet equal to your Water Step2 x 5. You may move and shape this water at will, even against gravity. You may use this water to do the Bull Rush trick. Using the amount of water as your size for bonuses/negatives and using your Wisdom in place of Strength for the attack.
    Water II: When manipulating water you may push out or leave behind anything that is not water (allowing you to purify it, push objects out etc.). With a free action, you may sense all water (including that within creatures) within a distance of your Water Step x 30ft. This is a relatively vague sense and cannot be used to accurately target someone (though you can detect it's approximate distance and direction fairly accurately and you can also therefore detect if it moves).
     Water III: You may pull water out of non-animate things. Allowing you to draw water from plants, the ground or dead bodies. You may cast the Hold Person spell. Instead of needing a Type in common it is limited to anything with sufficient water content (GM discretion). There is no limit to how many times you can cast it, but you may only hold one person at a time and for a total number of rounds per scene equal to your Water Step x 2.
     Water IV: You gain a finer manipulation of water, allowing you to pull things into it (even pockets of breathable air), create eddies, whirlpools and other currents (having a Swim/Ride DC up to your Casting Level + 20). You gain limited manipulation of water within animate things. You may use the Command I spell on anyone you could use Hold Person on a number of times per scene equal to your Water Step.
     Water V: You may use Command II once per scene on anything that qualifies for your Hold Person ability.

Okay... so yeah...
I feel pretty good about it Smiley And yes, it is pretty much a less martial artsy/combaty Water Bender. Who doesn't mind Blood Bending Tongue
It's a bit wordier than most of the other paths, some of the language could use some tightening, and some things maybe need better parameters (how long it takes to draw water out of a body). Some of that I will leave up to the GM. I'm just not really sure how balanced it is.
Anyway, it's in large part made up of stuff that is a bit hard to gauge the power of, add to that us being new to the system, Paths seeming to have a bit variable power and a setting as unusual as Dark Sun and you have a me that is unsure...

Her other Path will be the Life Path as it is written. Though I do have a question about that that is confusing me. Why is it that many other paths gain two level 5 spells once per scene as their 5th step, but Life gains two level 5 spells, but only once per adventure? I realise they are powerful spells, but isn't that already levelled out by their preparation cost? Shouldn't they be treated as an ordinary level 5 spell as they would with a Mage? If they had a reduced Preparation Cost or something then I could understand the difference, but they are unmodified.
This isn't a complaint I am just trying to understand, as it's one of the ones that had me uncertain about Path creation.

Anyway, any suggestions/opinions would be welcome. I am thinking Water V needs more "Umph", but I am unsure as to what to add. Currently thinking something like being able to make everyone she hits with her Hold Person, Command I or Command II becomes sickened for a time or something like that.
13  Products / Fantasy Craft / Re: Race Creation Questions on: June 11, 2012, 07:50:56 AM
I'm thinking the Horror species would be something sneaky and good at secretly murdering folks...

So a xenomorph?
Sorry, I just watched Prometheus, so I have that universe on the brain Tongue

Now that I think about it, pressurised acid for blood would be absolute murder and destruction in a world where most weapons are melee... (sure there are spellcasters and all, but still)
14  Products / Fantasy Craft / Re: Spellbound Update: Where We Are and What Will Happen on: May 11, 2012, 07:30:27 AM
Damn, I saw that there was a new post in this thread and hoped perhaps that it was news.
Then I opened it and was sadened Sad

It'll be awesome whenever it comes out, but that doesn't mean I'm not impatient Tongue
15  Products / Fantasy Craft / Re: Beaten to death.. a bible... on: April 25, 2012, 08:23:17 AM
I swear we game with the same guys.

When 2.0 first came out one of my players saw that "Clergyman" was an origin choice and his eyes lit up in such a crazy manner that the group made a descision that it was a banned origin for him.  He also coined the phrase "I traded my parents for an extra action die" to describe Orphan, and on more then one occasion killed someones parents and informed them that "it'll be ok, you'll be more lucky from now on".  Oh and you know the headbutt trick from Brawling Moves?  He used it on a cocker spaniel...

I do game with the same guys, well, one of them at least.
Specifically the dog headbutter Tongue

Also, this character sounds absolutely fantastic XD (the thread title one)
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