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1  Products / Fantasy Craft / Re: Quick Questions... on: July 25, 2011, 06:38:07 PM
Also, I apologize in advance for posting a potentially off-topic query, but the thread seems appropriate to answer a quick query of mine. Since I couldn't find it via some of the times I searched this site, I was trying to find an old post that mentioned how one could ignore some stealth penalties as huge size creature? Was it the Elemental Tradition/Heritage feats while you're Huge (via Truly Massive obviously), come combination of Covert feats? I recall it all being in core as a possible thing you could do, and it was an awesome enough idea that I want to do that for my Fantasycraft character, as a Huge Burglar who steals big things basically, being the concept.

Any help can be appreciated, feel free to point me to any quotes, links, or what have you that have answered this already. Thusly I apologize in advance if I missed such a simple answer, been a long time since I've been on this site.
2  Products / Fantasy Craft / Re: Stuff id like for future expansion of fantasy craft. on: October 22, 2009, 06:52:58 PM
Actually, I own two copies of the 2.0 Spycraft I do believe, one of them being a Pocket Edition. Has all those nifty errata, format changes, and cheaper to buy? Thus I knew I wanted that book.

Anyways, I've checked out the campaign qualities in that book first, and was thinking that FantasyCraft would have more than Spycraft would. Perhaps I expect too much, without really knowing to expect?

Any campaign qualities come to mind, that you think would port over to FantasyCraft well? Or perhaps the opposite, ones not so much, disregarding the obvious firearm related ones, and Historical.
3  Products / Fantasy Craft / Re: Stuff id like for future expansion of fantasy craft. on: October 22, 2009, 05:52:18 PM
It could just be me, but I felt the core book didn't have enough campaign Qualities. Thus I would like to see more campaign Qualities, to further help shape the tone of a Fantasy Game. Although I've only looked at them once, and wouldn't have any ideas what to add, all the same.

Of course, this is coming from the person who thought "Cheating Death" would've been a Campaign Quality, in addition to time periods, opening up the option for Gunpowder weapons.
4  Products / Fantasy Craft / Re: Favored foes on: October 13, 2009, 01:09:47 AM
I imagine it's similar to the Favored Enemy of 3.5, except it's probably been expanded upon, much more dynamic like. However I don't think I'd like it if this ability was so particular on Humanoid/Folk type, as it'd make it too specific to be useful necessarily. That, and I don't think that a Orc, Human, or even a Saurian for that example, biologically are going to be that much different. Their brain, heart, and "other" vital spots to strike an opponent are most likely still present. If I stab a lizardman in the heart, he's probably going to die no differently than a orc, goblin, or even a human would.

Something like that, is my view on it, if this whole favored enemy like ability was specific like that, I'd most likely allow it to be changed, so that it can be more general. I know back when I played 3.5, that's what I eventually changed it to, of course, that was also because the ability itself was weak anyways.
5  Products / Fantasy Craft / Re: Big characters. on: October 11, 2009, 12:23:43 AM
"Munchkin"?, Isn't that disregarding the concept of abilities, and taking them purely for their benefits? Such as where players would try to multiclass for some special combo, even if it didn't make sense conceptually or within a character concept, as an example.

Are you sure it's possible he's doing it for an actual reason, in wanting to play a mighty/true dragon like of a character? Otherwise, not much benefits for being that big, especially when ye probably won't have the level of HP (Vitality and Wound Points both most likely) that fellow creatures of your size category, probably do. Could be wrong of course, but all the same, it's obvious it won't work well for some reasons.

Well even if the reason be noble or for the sake of some silly optimization exercise. If it's not appropriate to the campaign, then I'd imagine it would be best to tell of him this. Thus probably not allowing such an idea for the character. As was said, a size of Large+ is more likely going to be characters more ideal in a wilderness/Battlefield like campaigns.

Of course, it could depend on why it's not appropriate for the campaign, tis possible that a workable solution or compromise could be made. Although Gargantuan character, does seem a bit over the top,  Huge even is a bit much to me.
6  Products / Fantasy Craft / Re: Available Now - Call to Arms: Gallant, Infernalist, and Monster Slayer on: October 08, 2009, 09:54:13 PM
You can mimic the playstyle of a Warlock best with a normal caster, like the Mage or Channeler, spell points are all used per scene, so you really aren't limited like a D&D caster.

I definitely think Mage with carefully picked spells or Priest with the Magic path into Infernalist can create a character who feels the same (though is far more capable than) a D&D warlock, mix in Courtier, Assassin, or Burglar to taste for whichever sort of warlock he was going for (Since this one takes the Cha skills hit, even though he makes up for it with really fun Intimidate, or just pick up appropriate specialties/talents)

Ah, I've been reading a good few of threads around here,  and I found out about that, how Arcane spellcasting is Spell point based, and refreshes per scene. I also learned a brief bit about the coolness of priests in FantasyCraft as well.

I thank you for the advice, I think it'll certainly help in some form. I can see the theme of Warlock in an Infernalist, tapping into such power eventually corrupting you if overly used.

First, it's an expert class. Second, it's more like Green Ronin's Thaumaturge then WotC's Warlock.

As for the Slayer, it's not really similar to a Ranger. It has a few offensive abilities, but most of it's abilities provide defenses versus monster attacks.

Can't say I'm familiar with Green Ronin products, however I am aware that it's an Expert Class. So no worries, I actually read threads generally, just those 50+ page ones, that I might not be able to read all of it. However I suppose I was vague, so my bad, I meant that it could be used to help further complete the concept/idea of playing a Warlock character. Also I prefer these classes being a Expert Class, than a full class, as was said, how it must fulfill a more dynamic/newer concept to be a full class. So I know FantasyCraft will try to avoid the whole needless classes that 3.5 started to insert after awhile, and doing somewhat with 4th edition as well.

All the same, thank ye kindly for telling me this.
7  Products / Fantasy Craft / Re: Available Now - Call to Arms: Gallant, Infernalist, and Monster Slayer on: October 08, 2009, 07:53:08 PM
Interesting, Gallant had sounded something knight like, a counterpart to the lancer I was thinking. As for the Infernalist, it sounded to me to be screaming the warlock.

I did like D&D's 3rd edition warlock, it was just like the type of character from a SNES game of the same name (I.E, Warlock) . Who fired purple blasts of energy at people, and that was what the D&D warlock was all about.

Anyways, I hope the Infernalist is what would be used to make a D&D esque Warlock of sorts. I am curious as to what it's like, those who own it, able/willing to give an idea what they're like beyond the product description?

In the very least, I'm interested for a D&D player of mine, who's a Warlock. Having played said class in 3.5 and 4th edition (which we're currently playing, trying it out and all), being the GM, I'd want to try and see if I can bring that concept/experience back to his character, should we convert to FantasyCraft.  I otherwise have heard someone has mentioned Priest being a good class to use for a Warlock like character.

As for the Monster Hunter, these type of classes are alright generally in D&D, just hope it's not some sort of "Ranger" kind of knock off. However I'm sure I trust that FantasyCraft has it's ways to make them be dynamic and interesting otherwise.
8  Products / Fantasy Craft / Re: Agent 333's FantasyCraft Camaign Log on: October 01, 2009, 09:17:20 AM
Ah, that sounds interesting, I suppose I shall check them out whenever I get the chance. Also, how well do you think they work as Yoshi's? I'm curious, as I think it'd be great if you could make a Yoshi in FantasyCraft.

Also you said 13 players?, do you plan to run a game with all of them at once? As I'd think that quite the madness, although it's possible to run an RPG with more than 6 players, I think it would start to break down after that. Especially something like combat, 13 characters at once, it'd be quite the madness I'd think.

Although that could easily allow the whole, "meanwhile" this group of 6 fighting, the other 6 doing Roleplaying (politics, investegations, etc.)tasks, and perhaps the loner guy doing a stealth mission or something.
9  Products / Fantasy Craft / Re: Missile Damage on: October 01, 2009, 08:37:29 AM
Having not played the game (yet, I plan to buy the game ASAP), I can't say too much on this idea being balanced, but I think it might help to allow one to add their Dexterity Modifier to damage rolls with ranged weapons. Perhaps to allow Dexterity/Intelligence with Firearms perhaps, knowing where to place your shot and such in the case with Intelligence.

As I'm not sure how much I like the idea of merely rolling dice with little to no modifiers with ranged weapons, seems to show the similar problem in 3.5. How it was all about multiple attacks/sneak attacks with ranged, and even it wasn't all that great. However FantasyCraft I know is to be different, but ranged doesn't seem to sound all that grand, relying on the foe to have armor and spending money on it, doesn't sound much of a balancing factor. Although, it was mentioned that feats with multiple attacks will make the bow a much better weapon, not sure if it's impressive enough though.

Well if I remember to, I'll take a look at the Bow/crossbow based feats, see how they work it and such. If all is well, leave it as it is, if not, then I'll probably just rule the bit I said above (since I'm the  DM/GM/Game Control, whatever they call it in FantasyCraft).
10  Products / Fantasy Craft / Re: Agent 333's FantasyCraft Camaign Log on: October 01, 2009, 08:22:19 AM
On another note, is anyone actually reading this? I'm sure it'll be interesting to read later, once the plot progresses a bit more, but right now it might not be all that intriguing. If anyone is reading, any suggestions on style or whatnot? Would you prefer I wrote out what happened novel style, rather than going through a play-by-play summary? It would take longer, but it might end up more interesting in the long run.

If it's to any consolation, I'm one of those that has discovered, and now currently reading this. So far it seems to have been good, your style works good enough, it brings in some in character stuff a bit, such as with the telling of the backstory and sand bit.

Although, I might like to hear details on any battles that occur, just to see how they're handled and such. I'm recently going to get into FantasyCraft somewhat, and want to learn all I can, see what battles look like and such. Although I've seen a couple of examples of battles elsewhere, one being a thread of two 10th level mage and Warrior, as well as a wuxia based one.

Alright, two players independently decided to make Saurian Fencer Swashbucklers. What the HELL about Saurian screams SWASHBUCKLER? Oh well...

That is a good question, it is as perplexing as it is amusing. I suppose ye give a Yoshi a rapier, and they'll go a mile.
11  Products / Fantasy Craft / Re: Sources of Inspiration on: September 18, 2009, 05:38:06 AM
Books, comics eh? what about Video Games, and good ol Television? I see no reason to limit ourselves to just literature.

I can't really think of much at the matter, what with Conan being said, although the short stories are quite nifty. As for comics, I suppose Berserk, has a sense of quality to it's fantasy like ways.

Berserk has the whole horror and tragedy bit, with powerful heroes, or at least Guts, being quite a protagonist. Might have ideas for monsters, for higher levels and such.

Video games: Assassin's Creed, DragonQuest, Final Fantasy series (I-VI), Fire Emblem series, Legend of Zelda series, Maximo Ghosts to Glory, Super Ghouls & Ghosts,

Every now and then, I'll want to include some minor element from this series for inspiration in Fantasy campaign of mine. Although said ideas would be for my D&D campaign, if I switch over to FantasyCraft, can easily just use said ideas for this RPG.

Fire Emblem has an interesting setting at times, taking some ideas from characters or an element in the story can't hurt.

As for Final Fantasy, mostly things like making bosses into the game, or a PC based on a character in the FF series. Such as sabin from FFVI, or the ever famous idea of being a FF based Dragoon.  Also some items, such as the Atma sword, which power is depended on the wielders HP, is a nifty idea as well.
12  Community / License to Improvise / Requesting Information for a Fallout 3 Campaign on: June 05, 2009, 06:09:15 AM
(Note: This may contain SPOILERS, of Fallout 3, or other games of it's series)

Hello, been a long while that I've posted here, I sadly still haven't run a Spycraft game yet! Well anyways, even though I've not played, I always like to get all the information ready for it. So that when someday, the desire to run such a campaign arises, it can just be done in under moments notice. Or otherwise just be more well prepared for it and such.

So I was wondering on any information that could be suggested to me for a Fallout 3 campaign. I've searched a small bit on this matter, read a few threads about it. I mostly just copied some random quotes from people, such as their take on the Railway Rifle, Shiskhebab, Super Mutants and Yao-Guai's as foes.

Not sure if I have all that much yet, but the only Fallout game I've played, is Fallout 3. As thus, I liked the place Megaton, quite a bit, so I think my campaign would have a bit of focus on Megaton. Probably be a bit bigger even, and be a more main town of sorts, in the wastes.

Considering Spycraft does like the characters to be a bit over the top at times, especially during later levels. I'd have no problem being a bit appropriate in regards to higher powerlevels, and having some more "over the top" like encounters. Such as Power armor wearing Super Mutants, or Four armed "Goro-Style" ones. Maybe even Enclave brainwashed Death claws, wielding Shiskebab greatswords, created from helicopter blades, or otherwise. Hell, may even make a high level encounter be a Armor layered behemoth!

Don't have much on Mission ideas,  but I think a big adventure of sorts that I had was:

(click to show/hide)

Another Mission idea, and I might consider doing it as the campaign starts. Is that Megaton is under attack. By a horde of Raiders, with some probably driving barely intact vehicles, perhaps some Molerats thrown in for good measure. They're a threat, in that carrying heavy weaponry, that is, Missile launchers and such.

I'm aware of this unofficial campaign, "war never changes".

However a player of mine, did give me a queer request, a sentient Deathclaw as a character. Just like the ones that existed in the previous Fallout games. Since I don't know any talent/race creation rules, I'd probably wonder on a Deathclaw write up there. I also would understand that some things would probably be done via feats, such as the claws AP value, probably starting off low, instead of negating all armor outright. As thus, I would want to fulfill this request for a player of mine, as I do want all players to be unique and such.

I'm also curious for Deathclaw, Super Mutant Behemoth, and other creatures in Fallout world converted over to Spycraft. So if anyone has those, I'd appreciate to see others versions. Although, by the looks of the NPC creation rules, I could probably create these creatures myself, if I just take the time and such. As thus, if that is what I must do, I don't think it'll bother me too much.

Anyways, any help, even if they're links to threads that have already talked about this, would be appreciated. If there's already a big main thread about converting Fallout , or Fallout 3 into Spycraft, link it, and I'll probably go there.

13  Products / Fantasy Craft / Re: Converting to Fantasy Craft on: June 25, 2008, 11:10:54 PM
been awhile since a response, and might as well say what I wish to say.

I was really hoping Fantasy Craft would come out around the time of 4th edition. Kinda thought for competing purposes or something foolish thinkig like that.

Otherwise I can't wait till this comes out, sounds to be truly a great book!

I'll probably convert to Fantasy Craft, if 4th ed is not to my liking as much, and If I like Fantasy Craft (obviously). However since the books are out, and I own the books (except the MM), we'll see how much our group and I will like 4th edition.
14  Community / License to Improvise / Re: Wheel(chair) man? on: April 21, 2008, 09:55:59 PM
I watched some repeats of Ironsides - though for some reason this discussion is reminding me of Family Guy.

Family guy... well Joe in that show does show some Spycraftian esque like stunts, such as using his chair to leap past cars and such, as shown in one of those old episodes with the robber in the mask stealing money for that kid in the iron lung. Also there is the time he was fleeing from a tank, it was a new episode (which I don't care for all too much).

I think this is a pretty cool idea, Bicycle sounds logical of an idea. I can see a Spycraft character going around firing with an automatic, wait, maybe they could fire an Gatling gun. That would be funny to see thats for sure.
15  Community / License to Improvise / Re: Megaman X into spycraft on: November 21, 2007, 01:03:32 AM
Reploid [Species feat]
You like to wear blue helmets and shoot things.
Prerequisite: Level 1 only.
Benefit: Your nature changes to whatever-human. You gain the reploid NPC quality. If the reploid quality ends up being too nice, then add a small penalty here. Your (pick appropriate attribute) decreases by 2.
Special: If you choose this feat, you may permanently decrease any one of your attributes by 2 to also gain any 1 Species feat with the prerequisite 'Career Level 1 only'. You must still meet any other prerequisites of the feat to select it.

After that you'd write up something along the lines of
Reploid (+X XP): Small amount of fluff. You have a weapon in your hand that you shoot things with. You do not age, eat, breathe, etc. Basically, all the base qualities that are found in every reploid.

Then you could make the feats that upgrade the body in whatever way Gear feats, the Hyper Mode feat a Basic Combat feat, etc. If you allow the Reploid race to be entered into as a Level 1 only feat, then you can also have Large Gorgon Reploids with 6 arms and whatever other crazy thing you can imagine.

Sorry, it's been awhile... been busy with some things over at Candlekeep & with one of my gaming groups.
Jumping back in here:

I really like the Reploid NPC Quality idea.  I'd go something like this:

Reploid, First Generation
You are a robot built insidiously humanoid design.  You do not need to breathe or eat.
You have internal repair systems and can heal naturally, but cannot receive any Medicine checks of any kind.  You may be healed using Mechanics (repair) using the Medicine checks as necessary.

Sorry for not posting for a long while, being too lazy I guess. I now got a Spycraft book, however it is not the special 2nd printing with the errata (so I'm not even sure what needed to be errated, so it kinda makes me unhappy to own a somewhat crappy version of this game).

So as far as the Reploid race goes, I'm guessing this is what is to be used for reploids? so Reploids get not racial bonuses, or do they get the bonuses that you kinda made a while back. If so, I did post some comments on it, that I don't think really go looked at.

Also for Sigma Virus I will likely use my own rules with it. Except going with your idea for every 5 sanity loss= -2 from stress threshold.

Also, I will look in deeper into adding on energy types to weapons, unsure if that is a rule in there. I also question balance, as laser does make most armor useless.
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