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1  Products / Mistborn Adventure Game / Re: Active defense on: February 28, 2012, 12:21:51 PM
Thanks for those answers and I already felt exactly the same way till the thought came up that you might have declared an action which leaves you with less action dice from the start than you would have defense dice in the attribute or standing used by your attacker.
For example: A calm and collected orator trying with very little skill (physique) to stick a knife into somebody might be very easily insulted since he's got none of his wits or spirit which might be considerably higher to fall back on.
The argument in favour of that could be that he is so intent on what he's trying to do that he looses some of his skill in what he can normally do.
2  Products / Mistborn Adventure Game / Re: Active defense on: February 24, 2012, 11:23:58 AM
I might just not get it, but what happens to your defense dice if you are attacked with an attribute or standing other than the one you picked for your attack?
meaning: Do you pick defense dice against a wits or charm attack from your physique attack dice?
Or do you have to ignore that type of attack? Huh?
3  Products / Mistborn Adventure Game / Re: MAG Typos and Corrections thread on: February 24, 2012, 11:08:05 AM
Don't think I've seen these mentioned and don't actually know if I'm right on the first one:
page 158 Contests and Outcome: To determine the Outcome of a Contest between two sides, subtract the winner’s Result from the loser’s Result (again, treating the loser’s Result as a Difficulty).
Should you not rather "subtract the loser’s Result from the winner’s Result" ?
page 163 “The first side to … three successes wins the Contest” should include “get” or “gain” and actually a best of five will get you there and not a maximum of seven beats
and “The sixth Beat is a long push up steep tower stairs:” (the “a” is missing)
page 173  “to talk their outmatching opponent into surrendering” should probably be “to talk their outmatched opponent into surrendering”
4  Products / Mistborn Adventure Game / Re: MAG Typos and Corrections thread on: February 08, 2012, 12:22:54 PM
page 88: maybe
"Still, those without any powers tend to develop in other ways, and so they gain two additional Traits of their choice."
should better be
"Still, those with weak Powers tend to develop in other ways, and so they gain two additional Traits of their choice."
since that is what it's called above and in the example.
Or use "magical or superhuman abilities" instead of "powers" when saying they have none at all.
5  Products / Mistborn Adventure Game / Re: MAG Typos and Corrections thread on: February 07, 2012, 05:39:58 PM
minor layout topic:
page 78: The signature to the left hand picture is cut off on the right hand side
6  Products / Mistborn Adventure Game / Re: MAG Typos and Corrections thread on: February 05, 2012, 10:11:35 AM
The character sheet for Gavon on page 53 seems to be filled in with a font different from the other sheets (I'm guessing regular instead of bold)
7  Products / Mistborn Adventure Game / Re: MAG Typos and Corrections thread on: February 05, 2012, 08:14:11 AM

Could a moderator consolidate all the items that have already been brought up in these ten pages and index them by page number on the first post.  This way newcomers don't have to trawl through ten pages to see if their catch has already been reported.  This would also make creating an errata sheet extremely easy, and it would facilitate any similar activities.

Just a suggestion, thanks.
Hi everybody, I just came in, got myself the pdf-version and before I was going to read it went through this thread and made an errata sheet for myself. Didn't want to go through the posts on everything I found separately. So - not a moderator at all, but maybe including it here will help other newbies like me.

ps: left out rules clarifications and discussions (the post is long enough as it is Sad)

Bookmarks: Clicking on the bookmark for any of the metal chapters (other than tin,which is first) puts me at the last page of the previous metal, usually the wrap-up of the Feruchemy rules and the Hemalurgy rules.  I should also note that, after some testing, it turns out the sample characters and sheet sections work fine.
Page 30: "The islands thankfully have no trouble with mistwraiths or koloss, but skaa pirates and raiders prowl the narrow channels, plundering costal ports and lonely ships for weapons, wealth, and sometimes noble captives they can ransom for a small fortune." Should be "coastal".
Page 103: The table for Male noble names includes "Gloradel" twice. Should one of them be Goradel (the name of a minor character in the books)?
Page 107; 3rd Paragraph under "Choose Your Props"; the word "starting" should be spelled "starting":
Page 109-110: The Props table includes "Dagger" twice, once under weapons, and again at the top of 110 under Tools.
Page 122: There's a line about recovering an inner "piece" and I couldn't tell if that was word play or a typo. (should be “peace”)
Page 122: looks forward the next>Looks forward to the next
There is a sidebar on page 142, that was overlooked, that says that you don't get extra Action Dice when Catching a Beat.
So, Catching a Beat in a Conflict means you can take an undeclared action but must use existing Action Dice.
Page 181: The sidebar "Another Way To Check For Wounds" appears before the default method of determining wounds rather than after it.
Page 187:  "with the damage reducing that to 6" should be 4.
Page 227:"Beck hopes that the captain will become so preoccupied with visions of his dead lover that hfe’ll ignore his duties." Should be "he'll."
Page 232, 1st example:  If I understand the rules for spending Standings correctly, Sayna actually can make one more attempt to spend Resources.
Also, the second example should read "Beck has spent 3 of his 6 Influence."
Page 239: Difficulty one includes travel by "hors" as an example. Probably should be horse.
Page 240, again on 422: Soldiers like Gloradel>soldiers like Goradel
Page 244: She sells Brandon > she tells Brandon
Page 245: "The Narrator determines the final form of any particular piece of legislature" should be "legislation."
Page 256: Cut and dry>Cut and dried
Page 269: The words "first bullet above" are in red.
Page 269: "While a character may gain" should be "while a character who gains."
Page 287: "Blessings are the only exception to this rule — they don’t suffer this penalty because the spikes actually create them, and are responsible for their sentience." The pronouns seem to refer to Kandra in context, but Kandra aren't mentioned in that paragraph. Either "Blessings" should be "Kandra" (if Kandra are immune to all stat-loss drawbacks of Hemalurgy), or  "they" should be "Kandra" (if Kandra are only immune to the drawbacks of the Blessings).
Page 288: the example details how Pewter spikes are used to steal Allomantic physical powers. This should be Steel, pewter is used to steal feruchemical physical powers.
Page 296: Last sentence about Flaring tin. "While flaring Tin, you do not lose dice for having 0 Health (see page XX)." Which page?
Page 298: yardsl>yards
Page 307: In the section on Ferochemical uses of Iron it talks about people frequently using the extra weight to become a better anchor when ironpulling and steelpushing. As cool as that is, it's my understanding that doesn't exist as a possibility in the core book.
There are two ways I can see it being relevant.
   1) The "anchor" is a reference to the the target of Steelpushing and Ironpulling.  A Feruchemist in metal armor who increased his weight could act as an anchor for a Mistborn that is Steelpushing or Ironpulling.
   2) Through the use of a hemalurgical spike, it is possible for someone to have the ability to store weight with the ability to Steelpush or Ironpull.
The wording may be slightly better if it said a better anchor for ironpulling and steelpushing, but it doesn't seem incorrect as it stands.
As to Iron Ferchemy, the idea there is that the heavier a character is, the heavier a Steelpushed or Ironpulled object must be to move him. He or she has more weight to "throw around," which in the physics of this universe's magic system means he or she can effectively "throw around" heavier objects.
Page 311 in steel section:"Pushing Objects in Bodies: Pushing metal objects in a body (such as piercings and Hemalurgic spikes) is exceedingly difficult." That word was  originally pulling which doesn't fit because this is the steel section. I had a lot more but everyone else already mentioned them.
Page 316: "A Smoker Savant gains two “free” Nudges with Copper rolls and is a rare case of a Misting being largely unaffected by continuous burning. Consequently, the Savant suffers no penalties when not burning Steel." That should be Copper. (Although I guess it is technically correct.)
Page 320: Unlike most senses Bronze>Unlike most senses, Bronze
Page 335, under "Tapping a Goldmind":
"Gold a rare exception" - Likely meant to be "Gold is a rare exception"
Page 342: Duralumin-pewter can turn a person into a hulking monster>Pewter doesn't change physical appearance
Page 342: Duralumin, second full paragraph: "every other metal you're currently is"
I'm thinking "burning" should be in there before "is"
Page 355: "slain my mortal men" should be "slain by mortal men."
Page 380: We cover a many topics, from weaving a story in the Mistborn style, .....
Page 393: "Picture what a koloss might look like right in front of you, or an Inquisitor, or ab Obligator" should read "an Obligator."Page 462: "Though he’s not well loved, the revered and awed, and even those who disagree with his world use his name as a curse." Missing a comma after "world".
Page 395: first bullet, second sentence.
"Perhaps bandit have settled in caves along the cliff faces here..."
Missing the 's' a the end of bandit(s).Page 400: weary of meeting strangers>wary of meeting strangers (?)
Page 404: Perhaps OreSeur can keep them up to date>OreSeur has been dead for most of a book at this point
Page 446: Under the "Long Breathers" header, the following line is listed twice:
…recovers all lost Health, Reputation, and Willpower.
Page 446: The word "short" in "short Breather" should be capitalized in the sentence:
Each game session should probably have at least one short Breather, if only to give everyone (Heroes included) a mid-session break.
Page 447: The word "short" in "Long Breather" should be capitalized in the sentence:
You should introduce no more than one long Breather per game session, and you should typically plan for one every few sessions, both for the story (to represent natural pauses in the action), and so you can be sure the Heroes fully recoup and get the chance to train every so often.
Page 458 of the Adventure game (I'm looking at the PDF version):
"A pre-Ascension stone tablet containing ominous phases about the end of the
world (Major Secret)"
(emphasis mine) I assume it should be "phrases"
Page 476: "This brands JeHoy a rogue, and Brandon decides it’s sufficiently momentous that it warrants a chance in her Tragedy." Should be "change", I believe.
Page 491: "Propaganda" is spelled "Propadanda".
Page 501: Marsh's Bronze stunts are listed in bold, whereas they're italic everywhere else in the book.
Page 501: I'm not sure if this is a typo or not, but given the events of Alloy of Law and Brandon's statements elsewhere, Marsh should have an additional spike granting Atium Feruchemy. Not that it matters too much in the course of a game, but chiming in with it anyway.
Page 502: An odd pair given>an odd pair, given
Page 513: Under durable form, pronoun agreement problem: "TenSoon may shift his organs or increase your muscle density..." The "your" should be "his".
Page 530: Zinc 5 and focused emotion should be on separate lines
Page 536: Equipment section of Prelan
tFormal clothing; Horse & carriage
Page 550: "and gets final Standing scores of 5, 3, 3" should be 4, 3, 3.
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