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May 29, 2015, 09:37:24 PM
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1  Community / License to Improvise / Re: New Expert Class: The Feral Heart on: May 21, 2015, 05:42:35 PM
Also, Massive Gains needs to increase your footprint if you go large.

•   Massive Gains: Your size increases by one category while you are in the Berserk stance (maximum of Large). If you increase to Large, your footprint increases by 1 square in each direction (typically to 2×2). If you are already Large, your reach instead increases by 1 while you are in the Berserk Stance.
2  Community / License to Improvise / Re: New Expert Class: The Feral Heart on: May 21, 2015, 04:52:29 PM
I'm fine with beefing up the A.

I’ve Got a Secret…: At Level 1, whenever you become Enraged, you may enter the Berserk Stance immediately as a free action, even if it is not during your Initiative Count. Also, you may spend an Action Die at any time to immediately lose any Enraged condition affecting you; this does not cause you to fall unconscious. Finally, you gain a bonus to the Bull Rush and Grapple maneuvers equal to your Constitution Modifier.

As to the G, I like the turn other conditions into Enraged, to get more mileage out of I've got a secret...'s stance trigger and AD buy out on Enraged. The terminal situation trigger is there because how often did the bad guys get the drop on Bill Bixby and end up horrified that Lou Ferrigno in green body grease began tossin' 'em around? Every week! Some of those terminal situations may not be considered terminal for the Raging version of you.

Boil Over: At Level 8, when you are not in the Berserk stance, and you gain a condition due to an adversary’s action (or attack), or find your self in a terminal situation (see Fantasy Craft, page 217), you may instead gain the Enraged condition. You may do this a number of times per session equal to your starting action dice.
3  Community / Off-Topic / Re: Blacksad Rpg on: May 20, 2015, 09:28:10 PM
Nice to see Blacksad is still a thing. I haven't really seen hide nor hair of it since the first US trade, back in 2000.
4  Community / License to Improvise / Re: New Base Class: The Breaker on: May 18, 2015, 05:13:34 PM
Ok... I had a post for these changes, but I accidentally closed my browser when I was minimizing it to upload the PDF and lost it. So, screw that - I'll condense to the important points.

I like the AD to ignore option, so this is built off that.

The 10/20 was too full for +1 CHA, +1 Legend, +1AD to ignore and +1 gaze effect in each helping. So, I made it +1 to CHA or Legend, +1AD to ignore and +1 gaze effect. That means you pick whether you want to get more uses (and rep) or higher save (and positive interaction boost). Thug or Hardass negotiator both get something to like, and have to make a choice to actively give up something thats useful to the character.

5  Community / License to Improvise / Re: New Base Class: The Breaker on: May 17, 2015, 10:11:36 PM
Yeah... but those are vs. Standards, auto-kill effects, and 3rd tier feat trick triggers.

This is something that's gotta hit, and then they've gotta fail a save. You get those two to stick, then at least you can make 'um burn an AD to kill it.

Since you're not married to it, but still thing some breadth of attribute use is needed to nerf min-maxing, what about leaving the AD burn (it's a thing, see coerce) but changing the Save mod's attribute to Cha and if there's a stat bump in the 10/20, it stays as Cha? That way, your gaze requires Cha for the save DC (without a low Cha making it totally useless vs. the cool specials that would be awesome story-time to face off with), and the 10/20 bump represents the fact that your ability to push the folk's negative buttons means that, like it or not, you develop more of a force of personality to get positive results.
6  Community / License to Improvise / Re: New Expert Class: The Feral Heart on: May 17, 2015, 07:14:19 PM
Ok, so Mutt private messaged me and asked me to comment on some of his projects. I said I wasn't doing much magic stuff until after spellbound drops because I don't want to have to go back and make corrections on lots of little stuff, that include stuff that uses paths. So what about the Feral Heart? That wasn't magical (at least not mechanically) and so I said I'd look it over.

In the Mad Beserker thread I stated that I think forcing a permanent, fundamental change to a mechanic or character's form isn't really the job of an Expert class. Mutt really liked the concept of "Hulking out" when in the berserk stance was the thing that inspired him to make this class. He also wanted to stack a lot of effects onto the stance (much the same was done in the Mad Berserker class). Since then, I've come to the conclusion that having 5 or 6 extra effects kick off because you've hit a stance is kinda crazy. Especially with the Berserk stance - it's got the "no skill use" downside that takes the whole feat chain to rescind for a reason. Also, Regen 1 as a core is crazy broken. Regen is incredibly powerful from a GM's aspect - If you don't fail those saves and go into Fatigue or Shaken grades, you can tick off that dangerous build up of Stress or Subdual damage a point at a time. Especially after you have the full feat chain and you operate like most Ragers - Wake up, stretch, go into your stance and glower at people all day.

So I told him I'd rework it into what I feel is a most balanced and more option assessable class. Mutt said he'd love to see it. We private messaged back and forth over the last week or so, refining stuff within the class as seen by me. When we finished, Mutt asked me to add it to this thread. Here it is.

Major Changes:

1) The stance only gets 2 variable add-on effects now. That cuts the one-trick-pony feeling way back. I was really happy when I realized that you can make hulk or wolverine with the class now, instead of hulk. Always hulk.

2) The backbone is split into Codd and Ceven as a pair of Pick ones. The reason for the split is so that you can't just stack up Berserk stance additions - you get 2. Likewise, the class's basis is the fact that your Berserk stance does fundamentally change you character in some physical way - and you can't dodge that. Even if it's not an outward change (like gaining Regen and Ferocity), it means this class is about the stance and you will be tweaking that to fit your character concept.

3) the Core turns you into a nimble runner (though not as greatly as Mobility Basics does) as a shadow of TOG's barbarian class. The BSM pair is just something that both Mutt and I feel should be seen more.

4)The Gamebreaker's trade Baffled for Fatigued ability is just plain fun. Baffled can grade to infinity, making skill checks nearly impossible in short order, but does nothing to stop your standard attacks. Sound like a Berserker Rage to anybody else?

 Here's the PDF:
7  Community / License to Improvise / Re: New Base Class: The Breaker on: May 17, 2015, 05:32:26 PM
I'm not a fan of the focus on Charisma for the class's backbone because of the difference between Charisma's "force of personality" relationship with the basis of the Breaker being a creepy, weird, and/or scary mofo. You can make your Breaker be the talker with your origin skill placement and a high charisma, but the core concept is a scary guy. Intimidate doesn't come off of charisma in Mastercraft because charisma is a positive trait. Being likable isn't being scary. The amicable series killer build would have a high charisma and would have other social tools (lots of Style feats), but the average Breaker seemed to default to a Thug in a lot of ways. Thugs aren't high charisma. You shouldn't force it on the Breaker.

I thought that the "burn an AD to ignore" was a solid compromise to let Specials off the hook. There is also the "Specials get +4 to their save" option that exists in other mechanics that could be used. But this "too tall to ride the ride" mechanic is... painful.

With the "pick an attribute" mechanic like the Martial Arts feat, you can have the kinda breadth I expect in a base class. The stat increase in the 10/20 doesn't have to be there - alleviating the stress over boosting the highest stat.

8  Community / License to Improvise / Re: New Base Class: The Breaker on: May 16, 2015, 01:15:14 AM
Enough about me. Smiley  What are your views on the Breaker?
9  Community / License to Improvise / Re: New Base Class: The Breaker on: May 15, 2015, 08:55:28 PM
Ok, here's what that looks like:
10  Community / License to Improvise / Re: New Base Class: The Breaker on: May 14, 2015, 03:34:03 PM
I still prefer the version of Bleeding Ulcer where it made the attack deal stress damage rather than being a trick only for attacks already dealing stress. Stress damage attacks are so rare and I find the "makes attack deal stress and also maybe bleed" version easier to refluff in a variety of ways (and the default fluff implied by the name just bugs me to no end...maybe it's just because I work in health sciences but I just can't swallow the idea of ulcers working that way). But, it is just one option in a fairly diverse list of other solid picks, so I won't make too much of a fuss over it beyond simply stating my position here.

On average, this guy is gonna be tons of threaten actions - which are Stress Damage attacks (it's an attack action, it causes stress damage). So eventually, he's gonna force a failed threshold save, and the sucker is gonna start bleeding from it. Then he (or his teammates) will start to Salt the Wound. The name is really just there to put the game effects into a thematic label on the tin. Stress ulcers aren't caused by sudden blasts of stress, they are believed to be the stress of chronic illness. A more realistic name would become more obtuse than useful (No, really - Subtle and Quick to Anger is the name for the Mage's spellcasting!).

Legend/scene for the glares is pretty nice. I think save for half with baseline effect of double your Aura is better than no save with a fixed, lower effect, mostly because it maintains consistency with existing extraordinary attacks (and consistently following common patterns and standards in design is, IMO, one of the major strengths of Mastercraft). Either way should be balanced, but I like "bigger baseline with save for half" better, even if it is slightly more fiddly. My points earlier about the save is only if it's derived from Legend, rather than an attribute; with a more typical attribute-based save DC, there's nothing wrong with it.


This needs to be hashed out. At first I didn't think a save was necessary, because the ability isn't supernatural in any way. All of the Gaze attacks in the book are supernatural powers or are coming from outsider-demon-freaks. The breaker is just the freak from down the street. Also, it does add an additional failure point in the abilities use.

On the other hand, even though the save isn't built into the Gaze Attack action's special rules, it is still present on all of the examples we have. And with the save for half mechanic, it means we have the possibility of an awesome x2 power level or save to have the normal power level. So it all comes down to the question of "Is the save worth it's extra rolling vs. ability replication and the save failed power boost?" I see advantages to both approaches.

Prosave: All gaze attacks in the core book have a save associated with them, it allows the x2 power effect.
Antisave: It's another level of possible failure in the class backbone, it's slower and more fiddly. It allows the backbone's power level to be even at all times in the class.

So, which is it. Save or No Save?

For a better name on the glare ability, what about something like "Distressing Presence" or "Visage of Doom"?

I don't think either of those is better than Unwelcome Attention. Last night's group suggested Stink Eye, On Notice, Target Lock,and Now You've Got My Attention. I'm not sure any of those were better either.

For Intensity...It occurs to me that, with glare uses based on Legend, you could have Celebrated as an option on the list, which would provide additional glare uses as well as the usual benefits. But that might be a bit much on a high-Legend class that already gets extra Legend in other class features.

Celebrated is an origin option, and I've already been schooled by Alex about not using origin abilities in classes without a damn good reason. That said, it seems to not be a bad reason, per se. I'm still trepidatious, though.

As for the gamebreaker, I think some sort of hard "save or lose" type effect might be good. The class is called the "Breaker", after all; how about outright breaking people? Not just grinding them down bit by bit (as most of the other abilities do); this is where you turn the scary up to 11 and just entirely pulverize their will in one fell swoop. Mechanically, perhaps a 1/session automatic nat 20 with an Intimidate check, glare, or stress damage attack, perhaps with little extra bonus on top since that's a bit more narrow than other auto-crit gamebreakers? Or maybe something like a 1/session full action that slams someone with at least one grade of shaken, potentially multiple with an exceptionally favorable result (maybe it's 2 grades of shaken, with a save for half, and if they fail the save by a large margin they take more?).

I don't know... maybe?

This is Gonna Get Worse for You: You are the anvil upon which others break. At Level 14, once per session, you may make 1 Will save, Wisdom-based skill check, or attack check with the Stress damage type, automatically scoring a natural 20. This roll is a threat and may be activated as a critical success. You may not be forced to re-roll this natural 20.

I Must Break You: At Level 14, when an opponent’s failed Will save you prompted results in a graded condition, the target suffers 2 grades of that condition.
11  Community / License to Improvise / Re: Some Improvised Weapon feats for a buddy (Fantasy Craft) on: May 12, 2015, 01:14:15 PM
Trick name:

Anything's a Weapon
Desperate Measures
What's at Hand
12  Community / License to Improvise / Re: New Base Class: The Breaker on: May 11, 2015, 04:29:24 PM
Ok, here a pass so that we can decide what finals we can make. Note, I'm not saying this is the final draft, but I that I think enough of the class is agreed upon to allow us to print it out, and take a red pen to the stuff that we think is in need of it - Unwelcome Attention and it attendant glares.

Of note:

I put UA gazes uses equal to legend and the save is now attribute based. The glares are still x2 effect, and the save is still for half.

All Outta Bubblegum is still DC15 this draft. I'd like it to be variable, if possible. It was getting hard to suss out if that was a concern or not, so I'm saying it outright: 15 is weak, Can we make this merit based? In that, if you get a stonking high margin of success, it makes the DC higher. 10 + the amount you won by is what I'd like to see. Win by more that 5, get a better DC than Orge made.

Name changed for Unspoken Promises, Obvious Threats to Unspoken Promises and Obvious Threats so that comma doesn't gum up the class table upon a quick read. Commas in class abilities are bad, ok?

Set the new Intensity at +4 uses. Other ideas?

Gamebreaker is re-written to cover the changes to other abilities and I went with the free action gaze option. After all the adjustments to this class, I now kinda wish that a less obvious and more elegant gamebreaker was in the class... something other than turning the Black Cat into an aura and more gaze. But I don't know. I though about party gets Contempt, or the the breaker gets the full Challenge chain, or something like that, but this class has plenty of feats already.

Anyway:   Version 2.3:
13  Community / License to Improvise / Re: New Base Class: The Breaker on: May 08, 2015, 08:46:06 PM
Ok. Here's all the moving parts for the Gaze attack ability.

1. It grants the ability to actually make a Gaze Attack (as required by the Gaze Attack Restricted Action).
2. It's a Gaze attack as outlined on FC, p223. (Range, attack, to-hit roll, sight needed, ignore Size, 1 at a time)
3. It ignores the critfail paragraph on p223.
4. If it hits a standard character, it affects the whole mob because mobs are supposed to work in close harmony - so one guy freaking out  about you means the whole mob gets freaked out about you.
5. Number of Gaze Attacks limited to starting AD per scene.
6. Variable effect is Double your Aura effect.
7. Save for half - because all the gazes on NPCs in the bestiary have a save involved.
8. Special Characters can burn AD to ignore.
9. Ends with free action, end of scene, or if you get taken out - because drooling unconscious guys aren't scary.
10. Target can only be affects by one gaze at a time.

Well, 1 and 2 are must haves - it's a gaze attack, and that's the minimum for a gaze attack.

3 just makes sense. Reflecting the effect back at you is fine for something with a magical component, but this is just super-stink-eye. Heck, you probably practice it in the mirror. So this is inherent to the ability's mundane nature.

4 is really just for convenience. If the whole mob is affected, then it's real easy to keep up with. "Ok, initiative 14. That's blue mob of bandits. They..." "Whoa. Don't forget that I whammied them. -2 to melee and unarmed damage." "Right. Thanks for the heads up." otherwise we end up with "Wait. That guy couldn't hurt me that bad! You said that he only hit me because of the flank. The only blue bandit flanking me is the one that I whammied!" "No... you wammied the blue one with the bent sword." "No, it was the one with the cracked base, because I made the joke that you should slow him down with your gaze because the figure keeps falling over." Blarg. Hit a member of the mob, effect the mob. Easy-peasy.

5 seemed necessary... but it might well not be. We'll explore.

6 Got doubled when the save was added in as an additional complicator. Save to avoid would have meant that the limited uses were a huge punishment. So it need to become save for half. with a total range of 1 to 5, that meant it needed to be doubled to compensate for halving such a small range.

7. Seemed necessary thanks to the fact that all the gaze attacks in FC have one. But they're magic/supernatural/mystical. This one isn't. I suppose that's why a save isn't automatically built into the gaze attack action description. If it stays and seems to high, we can always add in the "special characters get +4 to this save" bit.

8 This seemed to be a fair equalizer, as this gaze attack seems to be similar to other things that specials, heroes, and villains can spend an AD to ignore. It also allows the 10/20 to ramp up that cost so you're harder to ignore.

9 Ending with all those things seems right. Anything more would get too fiddly.

10 This was a balance issue, and it'll be a tough argument to convince me of a reason to drop it. Especially with the 10/20 allowing you to get 2 or 3 effects with a single gaze attempt.


OK. So, if we drop the save, then we can also drop the effect down to equal to your aura - and also drop intensity from the pick one, too.

1. It grants the ability to actually make a Gaze Attack (as required by the Gaze Attack Restricted Action).
2. It's a Gaze attack as outlined on FC, p223. (Range, attack, to-hit roll, sight needed, ignore Size, 1 at a time)
3. It ignores the critfail paragraph on p223.
4. If it hits a standard character, it affects the whole mob because mobs are supposed to work in close harmony - so one guy freaking out  about you means the whole mob gets freaked out about you.
5. Number of Gaze Attacks limited to starting AD per scene.
6. Variable effect is Double your Aura effect.
7. Save for half - because all the gazes on NPCs in the bestiary have a save involved.
8. Special Characters can burn AD to ignore.
9. Ends with free action, end of scene, or if you get taken out - because drooling unconscious guys aren't scary.
10. Target can only be affects by one gaze at a time.

Another possibility is to drop the number of Gaze Attacks limit (#5). Or to modify it. Currently, it's per scene - because the gaz is just as effective in a social use as it is in combat. We could pump the number up so it can change it to per session... or drop it altogether.  Or leave it. So 5 could become one of the following:

5. Number of Gaze Attacks limited to starting AD per scene. 5 IS UNCHANGED!
5. Number of Gaze Attacks limited to starting AD per scene. NO 5 AT ALL!
5. Number of Gaze Attacks limited to starting AD per session. Potentially very few uses. I hate this one.
5. Number of Gaze Attacks limited to class levels per session. Maybe?
5. Number of Gaze Attacks limited to career levels per session. Maybe too many

I don't know. Even if it doesn't get tweaked, we need to balance it against #10.

10. Target can only be affects by one gaze at a time. UNCHANGED
10. Target can only be affects by one gaze at a time. GONE!
10. Target can only be affects by one gaze at a time - and is then affected by the 10/20 ability. Perhaps a happy medium?

Evaluations? Any other thoughts? Anything I missed?

14  Community / License to Improvise / Re: New Base Class: The Breaker on: May 08, 2015, 06:54:17 PM
I envision it something like:

Unwelcome Attention: Your mere glance unnerves and unsettles those it falls upon. At Levels 3, 7, 11, 15, and 19, you may choose 1 of the following gaze attack effects. You may make a number of gaze attacks (see Fantasy Craft, page 223) per scene equal to your starting action dice using this ability. If you target a standard character, all members of that character’s mob will suffer the effects. If you target a Special character or villain, that character can spend 1 action die to negate the effects. A target can only be affected by 1 effect from this ability at a time. With a successful Will save (DC 10 + 1/2 Class Level + Legend) the target only suffers 1/2 the penalty. Gaze attacks gained from this ability are not subject to the Gaze Attack special critical failure (Your own reflection isn’t unnerving to you). The effects of this ability may be ended voluntarily as a free action by you, or will end involuntarily at the end of the scene or if you become unconscious or are killed. Each gaze attack effect below may only be chosen once.
You got that mob-targeting effect phrased much more cleanly than anything I was able to come up with! That wording actually doesn't look too bad at all.


I do have two major concerns, though. One is the use of Legend in place of an attribute modifier for the save DC. It's certainly quite fitting thematically, but it has a big problem: Legend is way easier to increase than attribute modifiers. It increases automatically with level (and the Breaker has high Legend), and can be further increased with the Celebrated ability from various specialties, as well as by the Larger than Life and Hero of the X feats. As DW notes, just the base Legend progression of this class alone makes for a pretty stiff save DC; it's certainly much higher, with no effort whatsoever, than the DCs any but the most dedicated builds could manage using a more typical attribute-based DC calculation. Shore it up with the right specialty and/or feats, and the save pretty much becomes a formality. If making the save extremely high is intentional, you may as well simply do away with it entirely; there's no sense in breaking precedent on how to set save DCs for player-initiated abilities just so you can dance around breaking precedent on gaze attacks having a save. If making the save extremely high wasn't your intent, well...

It's not the intent, but if someone is going to really min-max to up their Legend to boost this save... well, they will likely have a weak spot that the GM can exploit to death. Character death, most likely. I tweaked this take because you noted (rightly) that every (I believe) gaze attack in the core book had a save attached to it. If we drop the save, I think that would also allow the dropping of Intensty, since the ranged to hit becomes the chance of failure. We could also drop the effects back down to "equal to the Aura's modifier" rather than the current pumped up Save for half that is happening now.

My other main concern is whether an appropriate balance is actually feasible to make the effects worthwhile when saddled with so many restrictions. With this ability, you've got a small handful of uses, have to land a ranged attack, (possibly) give the target a save, and can't put multiple versions of the ability's effects on the same target. Even without the save, that's a pretty restricted ability. I somewhat suspect that making the effects worthy of all those hindrances will make them simply too good on the times they do stick. And that will in turn have a ripple effect if the "spend 1 AD to prevent effect for a special character" stays in, as it will essentially turn the effect into "lose 1 AD" against special characters, as it would be too crippling to let through. And against standards, if it's totally crippling, it somewhat begs the question of why not just kill them outright, given that standards are eminently killable.

So, the discussion turns to number of uses. I'll do a breakdown in another post.

It would be easier to balance appropriately with fewer restrictions. If it's going to stay a gaze attack, the ranged attack requirement is basically non-negotiable, and a save is strongly recommended based on existing precedent. The non-overlap bit seems to me more like a relic clinging on from the original draft where it was an aura rather than an active-use, targeted effect, but wouldn't necessarily be a deal-breaker. But the limited uses per scene is by far the most restrictive piece (especially in conjunction with the not-unreasonable chance of missing the attack roll and blowing a use to no effect whatsoever), and really has no particular thematic or mechanical reason to necessitate it. It really just works against the class overall. This is the "active" half of the class's spine, a central ability that defines the class's major theme and role. And as central, defining abilities go, something decent that can be used frequently is generally more interesting than something potent but inconsistent that only comes into play occasionally. An at-will ability (at-will 1/round, anyway, as is typical for extraordinary attacks) with a save to negate (at a normal, reasonably set DC) makes for much more of a "bread-and-butter" ability, which strikes me as more the sort of thing that ought to be in a C slot, rather than a limited but crippling trump card. Short of pie-in-the-sky "But what if ...!" ambition, I see no good reason to go with the far trickier to balance "highly limited but proportionately devastating" approach rather than something more modest but repeatable ad libitum.

Ok. this will definitely need a break down.

Unspoken Promises, Obvious Threats: At Level 6, 9, 12, 15, and 18, you may choose one of the following abilities. Each may be chosen only once.
•   All Outta Bubblegum (Taunt Trick): If successful, you may Force 1 special adversary or 1 mob to make a DC 15 Morale check (see Fantasy Craft, page 379).
•   Bleeding Ulcer: (Stress Damage Attack Trick): If the target fails his Will save, he also gains the Bleeding condition.
•   Brief Monologue: (Distract Trick): Instead of reducing initiative, you inflict one grade of the Baffled Condition.
•   Come at Me, Bro: (Threaten Trick): If successful, you may immediately perform a Taunt action against the same target, using this check’s result.
•   Implied Violence: You may target a single character with a number of Browbeat checks during a scene equal to your starting Action Dice, and you may apply your highest and second highest shifts for your multiple browbeat checks.
•   Intensity: You gain a +4 insight bonus with your Gaze attacks.
•   Leverage (city): BLAH BLAH BLAH.
•   Offer They Can’t Refuse: BLAH BLAH BLAH.
•   Shake Down: You may now perform Bargain and Canvass checks with your Intimidate skill.
•   Slanderous: BLAH BLAH BLAH.
•   Sneak Attack: You gain one additional die of sneak attack damage.
•   Whisper Mob: You receive a Reputation discount for the Harassment favor equal to 1/2 your class level (rounded down).
Those mostly look pretty good to me (at least, assuming Bleeding Ulcer is using the updated mechanics currently in the OP rather than the original as quoted here). I do like All Outta Bubblegum as a Taunt trick; it prompts the Breaker to use some skill-based maneuvers, which synergizes with the Aura of Unease, and it can combo with Come At Me Bro in a very flavorful way.

Bleeding Ulcer is what it says. Fail the save, start bleeding. It's actually pretty solid. Subdual resistance (and just a high DR) can stop the special character's fatigue death spiral, but stress damage is a harder to stop, so small helping still work with this. They work pretty well, actually. I plan to have this trick just as much as I hate Sword circle's parry trick that causes auto-bleed.

What about the variable DC bubblegum version in my last post? Too much? too little? needs more work, or is unnecessary?

I still don't like Intensity, though.

Fodder for the breakdown.

If it is in fact that necessary, that is simply evidence of bad design. When a list of options to pick from has an obvious must-have, that's a clear sign that something is very off. Either the must-have ability is way too strong, or it's a lazy patch slapped on to fix something else that's way too weak. If Intensity is necessary, then the appropriate response is not to keep it in, but to go back to the problem it's trying to fix in the gaze attack and fix that problem intrinsically. (Making the gaze attack usable 1/round rather than starting AD/scene accomplishes this fix, as missing with the gaze is a lot less disappointing when you can simply try again next round as opposed to when you just blew one of your few limited uses.) If it's not necessary, then it's just boring. Either way, good design principles demand it should go.

Like I said, dropping the save means that dropping intensity is totally doable.

All of these are solid suggestions, though I'm not sure I want them worked into Evil Eye, mainly because of how it scales. One level of Sickened per Aura of Unease is... Oof. A lot of negatives. I've got Baffled worked into the pick-one. Could we make a new option there and work the idea in there?
Oh, no, you misunderstand me. I'm not saying those should be scaling effects; I'm saying you could mix in some non-scaling effects as options alongside the scaling penalties. (Though to an extent this is contingent on a more modest "bread and butter" power level for the gaze, since most of these effects would be too weak by comparison with the "trump card" approach.)

Not a fan of gaze picks that don't build off the A+CEVEN half of the skeleton.

Though thinking about it, baffled specifically can stay as the pick-one option like it already is, and keep out of the gaze. For one, it occurs to me that it would be somewhat redundant with the skill-penalizing effects of the Aura of Unease and the skill-penalizing gaze. For another, I like the idea of peppering the pick-one options with tricks for skill-based maneuvers, since it makes sense to give the Breaker a nudge toward favoring those actions to synergize with the Aura of Unease.

Agreed. Letting the breaker use his skills is a plus.
15  Community / License to Improvise / Re: New Base Class: The Breaker on: May 08, 2015, 06:26:37 PM
While I really, really like this version, since it addresses TKDB's concerns nicely (no save, etc), it also brings up a concern of things possibly being too strong. I'm trying to imagine a worst case scenario, but it seems pretty straight forward. Assuming rounded down:

1:  10 + 0 + 1 = 11
2:  10 + 1 + 2 = 13
3:  10 + 1 + 3 = 14
4:  10 + 2 + 3 = 15
5:  10 + 2 + 4 = 16
6:  10 + 3 + 5 = 18
7:  10 + 3 + 6 = 19
8:  10 + 4 + 6 = 20
9:  10 + 4 + 7 = 21
10: 10 + 5 + 8 = 23

So, we're not looking at something utterly outlandish at first glance. This means that, if we assume the target is rolling 11 or higher half the time, at level ten, they'd have to have Resiliency VII or VIII to make the save at about half the time, assuming a reasonable Wisdom mid (Oof!). So, really, we need the option for the GM to spend an action die to ignore it (which is still in there, I'm just speaking aloud there). Someone correct my math if I'm wrong here, but that doesn't seem horrifying right off the bat, though I'm not sure how exactly using Legend would fit into NPC building...? Am I derping out here on this?

NPCs don't have Legend, and it hit me at the time as really thematically appropriate for a guy who works heavily off his reputation for that to factor into his save DC. For NPCs, I think double the menace is a solid substitute.

I like the pick one like this...

Awesome! Noting your choices, as well as your alterations, noteably:

All Outta Bubblegum (Taunt Trick): If successful, you may Force 1 special adversary or 1 mob to make a DC 15 Morale check (see Fantasy Craft, page 379).

I think this version is really gonna work better in the long run, if only because making it a trick and reappropriating the concept avoids the problems with Ogre-Made.

On reflection, DC 15 Morale check is really kinda meh. I almost like it to be a variable DC, as such:

All Outta Bubblegum (Taunt Trick): If successful, you may force the target (1 special adversary or 1 mob) to make a Morale check (see Fantasy Craft, page 379) with a DC of 10 + the amount you won this Taunt check by.

Thanks again guys!

You're welcome. I really like how this class is shaping up.
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