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1  Products / Mistborn Adventure Game / Re: Starting a campaign soon, looking for some thoughts/feedback on: September 20, 2012, 03:00:15 AM
2) TLR finds out about the caches etc. I'm reluctant to use this one since I don't want to turn the game into 'chosen one takes on the lord rule and overthrows society' type of thing
I think the more plausible of TLR noticing is the "run for your life and don't be caught" story. Depending the perceived level of threat, he will send a herd of Koloss, or a crack team of Inquisitors. I think the heros will have enough trouble surviving so that they won't dream of challenging TLR. I would imagine this option (only) makes sense if the characters make a (couple of) big mistake which lets TLR know.
2  Products / Mistborn Adventure Game / Re: Dealing with my player's latest stunt... on: September 13, 2012, 04:11:21 AM
I like the idea of using it as suppression fire.

Another thought: what happens if the Slider is a Mistborn and burns Atium? Seeing the possible trajectories of each coin, can she adjust it to hit (better)?
3  Products / Mistborn Adventure Game / Re: Starting a campaign soon, looking for some thoughts/feedback on: September 13, 2012, 04:08:56 AM
The diary entry on Cadmium could be hilarious. 
"I locked myself in my study and began burning the new metal I'd discovered.  Nothing happened.  I kept burning it hoping something would happen, but nothing did.  It took almost four hours to burn through all the metal.  When I came out Fredrick, my dog, was dead and partially decayed.  I'm still not sure what happened.  I believe it sucks the caloric energy out of all nearby beings."
Haha, awesome. Not quite plausible, but fun.

Leviathan, what is your plan for the middle- and endgame? Do you expect/encourage conflict with their boss? Does TLR catch wind of the situation?

4  Products / Mistborn Adventure Game / Re: Hemalurgic Monsters. on: September 08, 2012, 10:02:33 AM
These are all lovely ideas. I have a bit consistency trouble, though: if there are so many hemalurgic beasts then there are also people who do Hemalurgy. (Why would the Ministry create all of them?) Who is that? Why are they still alive to do what they do?
5  Products / Mistborn Adventure Game / Re: Small adventures on: September 08, 2012, 09:56:00 AM
Here is my idea that has potential to unfold into a full-blown campaign.

The "heros" are in all kind of trouble: imprisoned, waiting for Inquisitors, whatever fits the character. They are (individually?) approached by a noble who offers them a deal: (s)he gets them out in exchange for them working five years for the house. The group is then put in a more or less undercover (I envision it similar to Kelsier's crew stealing a minor noble's or higher merchant's mansion) position somewhere on the countryside. They are tasked with taking down the noble's long-time rival house, bit by bit. This starts with simple errands, moves to more intricate missions and may end with very broad tasks the group has to work out themselves.

If the group is made of novice (or stubborn) players, you can have a (Terris?) butler or something act as a NPC mentor and/or smartass watchdog that nudges the players into the desired direction.

During the campaign, there should be plenty of opportunity for conflict with their employer: maybe they are told to liberally kill Skaa to disrupt the target's production of X, or they have to abduct/assassinate the target house's pretty heir, or it becomes clear that the employer plans to execute them once the time is up, or they have to sacrifice someone, or whatever. In the end, the heros can decide: stay loyal (that is, become the bad guys), keep up pretenses but start to carefully work against the employer (with new allies?), or openly break with them and embrace all-out confrontation. Either way, that should be fun.
6  Products / Mistborn Adventure Game / Re: Dealing with my player's latest stunt... on: September 03, 2012, 04:53:57 AM
You really shouldn't.  Shots from bubbles should be utterly impossible without a certain number of nudges-Likely 3 or 4.
Yes, and no. Yes, it should be harder than normal because of the change of trajectory (mentioned in Alloy of Law). But it's not impossible: the deflection is not random and a very skilled and experienced user may be able to account for the effect (similar to using a spear to catch fish). I would say that is only feasible if the Slider is also the Coinshot.

Also, the proposed use was essentially searching fire: you shoot a large number of coins roughly in the direction of your enemies. Every single one will have only a small chance to hit, but the overall chance to hit is high. That would work if shooting blindfolded, so it should also work using a Bendallow bubble.
7  Products / Mistborn Adventure Game / Re: The biggest problem I have with the system. on: August 30, 2012, 04:14:15 AM
I have never perceived Mistborn RPG to be one for long, epic campaigns in which the heroes become *heroes* in the classical sense. You are probably right if you say that the set of conceivable options for such groups is very limited.

I think Mistborn works well for more low-level, down-to-earth things. Set up a story in a middle-sized town somewhere. Have the group get there and try to take control of the mob from some group that is backed by the "Italians" in Luthadel. The whole Final Empire thing is the background: they can't be too obvious or else the Ministry descends upon them. Depending on their radius of action, they may very well encounter (or even (ab)use) Kandra and Koloss. But the real villians here are the normal people they are in conflict with. Intense bad and good can happen on a small scale: do we kill this mob boss's daughter? Do we stand by and watch our people rape this girl or do we make more enemies? Do we step up and protect one of our thug's family from the noble the thug pissed off? There is plenty of stories possible here -- if you don't aim for the world-shattering stuff.

Of course, not every GM or group will want that.
8  Products / Mistborn Adventure Game / Re: Hemalurgic Monsters. on: August 30, 2012, 04:01:04 AM
That's pretty sweet.
9  Products / Mistborn Adventure Game / Re: Dealing with my player's latest stunt... on: August 30, 2012, 03:57:49 AM
One strategy used by Wayne in Alloy of Law is to trap someone else in a bubble with him, giving him a chance to take them out before others get to react.
That tactic is pretty much impossible if those inside the bubble don't get more Beats than those outside, isn't it?
10  Products / Mistborn Adventure Game / Re: Mistborn Campaign and Adventure Seeds on: August 30, 2012, 03:52:03 AM
It occurred to me that, lacking gunpowder, ships in Scadrial wouldn't have cannons. 
I see wooden tubes from which Coinshots shoot steel balls.
11  Products / Mistborn Adventure Game / Re: Mistborn Sheets are Live on: August 09, 2012, 04:37:44 PM
Works beautifully now, thanks!
12  Products / Mistborn Adventure Game / Re: Probabilities? on: August 06, 2012, 04:16:20 PM
I decided to brute force it because a) I was a bit rusty with my probabilities (it's been 16 years since I took that class, and I've mostly used it for statistical and quantum mechanics problems since then), b) I was comparing each die set for multiple interpretations of the rules they'd given me, and c) they weren't paying me to do it; they just wanted the results. [...] With that, running a pool of 9 wound up taking most of a day. When I dropped the bells and whistles I was able to get up to 14 dice before the times needed for brute force got to that point.

Fair enough; I guess tenacy beats science sometimes (time to market, sanity preservation, ...). No offense intended, in any case; I hope that is assumed.

(By the way, runtimes of about a day are sweet. We work with biologists who have had calculations run for four weeks.)
13  Products / Mistborn Adventure Game / Re: Question concerning the hardcover on: August 06, 2012, 04:11:27 PM
The protection is the close carton itself, leaving less room to rattle. A lot of book shippers do the exact same thing - find a tight-fitting box and don't bother with peanuts or bubble wrap. We'd initial planned to stuff packing paper in the 1/4" gap at the and to completely immobilize the book but it sometimes proved too tight.

I see. It seems to have worked; as I said, the book arrived in very good condition.
14  Products / Mistborn Adventure Game / Re: Mistborn Sheets are Live on: August 04, 2012, 06:27:38 AM
By the way, the calculating sheets work perfectly with Adobe Reader 9.4.7 on Ubuntu 12.04 (and likely all other flavors of GNU/Linux). Very nice!

However, filled-in data can not be saved (in a copy). I don't know if this is an issue of Acrobat or you can influence that when creating the document. It would be nice if we could save filled-in sheets, obviously. This works with Evince.
15  Products / Mistborn Adventure Game / Re: Probabilities? on: August 04, 2012, 06:21:55 AM
The machine ran for a day? Did he brute-force it? O.o I feel that a mathematician should be able to do better. Maybe I'll try to come up with some closed formula as I perceive some potential issues in the distribution on Outcomes. Showing only success rates hides a lot of interesting data.
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