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1  Products / Mistborn Adventure Game / Re: Well that was unexpected - Zero willpower for all! on: September 06, 2013, 12:54:53 AM
That's a possibility yeah. Or just waiting for the players to resolve the burdens with the IC discussion going on (one PC, whose specialty is Ethics and guilt-tripping, is currently 'dying', or will be soon, due to loss of temporary HP from Gold. He plans to suicide (store *all* his health in his Goldmind and burn himself out) to force Cylee to see the error of siding with the Ministry if he has to.

I forsee the party attacking the Ministry rather soon, and gloriously getting slaughtered by the Lord Ruler Smiley
2  Products / Mistborn Adventure Game / Well that was unexpected - Zero willpower for all! on: September 05, 2013, 09:42:14 PM
This is following on from

Another member of the party betrayed the others (to try and save the house) and ended up being turned into a Steel Inquisitor for her troubles (he, what else do you do with a Mistborn who knows about Hemalurgy and a couple of secret metals? Kind of a waste to harvest them).

We end up in a fight with her and another Steel Inquisitor on one side, and the party Feruchemist, 'Inquisitor of Ruin', and Pewterarm.
Lets just say there was a lot of fighting and after one shot of Duralumin-enhanced Rioting from each side, the entire group's willpower was dropped to Zero (or about negative ten in one case).
Everyone bar the 'party inquisitor' (Cylee) ended up with the burden something along the lines of "Cylee is awesome", and Cylee had the burden "I don't know which side I should be on", and severely guilt ridden.

The session ended with the party stumbling out of the warehouse they'd been fighting in, finding a 'park like' area and sitting around in a daze trying to work out what to do, and watching the warehouse district slowly burn down (yeah, the Feruchemist accidentally set it on fire).
3  Products / Mistborn Adventure Game / Re: My PCs are "Assaulting Mount Olympus" - Brainstorming help! on: August 22, 2013, 07:57:37 PM
Work, meet Spanner

One PC (who was absent the session Leon decided to "Get Hemalurgic") decided to betray the party to the Steel Ministry, saying that some people in her house have gone off the blasphemy deep end, she'd help them root them out, please don't kill her, her unspiked friends in the house, or anyone in the house who didn't know about the blasphemies.

They agreed. And promptly turned her (already Mistborn) into a Steel Inquisitor.

The end of the session was her dropping in front of the entrance to the warehouse where the rest of the party had just killed TWO steel Inquisitors. The only person currently in there is the PC Terris Butler. Who the newly minted Inquisitor doesn't know is a Feruchemist...

Also, highlight of the session? Leon (with Zinc 11) rioting an Inquisitor's sense of *INSECURITY* (while dramatically revealing that Leon is spiked as well, and part of the "New world order") until the Inquisitor went berzerk and started smashing things randomly.
Good times...
4  Products / Mistborn Adventure Game / Re: My PCs are "Assaulting Mount Olympus" - Brainstorming help! on: August 21, 2013, 01:15:17 AM
Ok, I think Ruin's plan is:

1) Get in and mess up the Inquisitors with Leon's friend, cementing Leon's loyalty a little more
2) Take their spikes, make more servants
3) Lure out more Inquisitors, either in the city or by having the army of Hemalurgic Mistings attack a town or two
4) Kill them, take their spikes
5) Repeat 3 & 4 until sufficiently powerful
6) Assault the Ministry. Burn the buildings, kill the Obligators, set fire to Luthadel, basically fuck up as much stuff as fast as possible and get out before TLR confronts them directly (one place at a time bucko!)
7) Have loyalists start building a "Lord Ruler Trap" somewhere. Entomb him in the earth, drown him, something like that. A deep lake that can have a massive rock 'lid' dropped on it would be perfect
8) Find a way to keep TLR out of the way for the century it'll take for the Well to refill via this trap
9) Have his puppets take over the realm
10) Start creating fake prophesies and eventually grooming a 'young rebel hero' to take the Well and free him.

As to how well the PCs will play along... well, that's another thing entirely Smiley
5  Products / Mistborn Adventure Game / Re: Allomancy on the High Seas on: August 19, 2013, 10:08:14 PM
Now why would you use cannonballs when you can just IronPull the nails directly out of the hull, resulting in the ship falling apart? Smiley
6  Products / Mistborn Adventure Game / Re: My PCs are "Assaulting Mount Olympus" - Brainstorming help! on: August 19, 2013, 06:49:07 AM

Wow. Epic adventure! I have a Mistborn sociopath on his way to becoming a mad scientist who'd have loved to have met this mad scientist.

Anyway, my thoughts:

1. Is there a reason the Hemalurgic spikes (which by the sound of it were left unattended out of a living body for a century) haven't degraded down to a rank 2?

I figured that the ones left inside a body, alive or dead, didn't degrade. So Vespertine's personal ones did, but the ones in the inquisitor and his experimental creatures, didn't.

2. Only someone without spikes can get near the well as I understand it. This is why Vin needed to remove her bronze spike, and why Vin was needed in the first place.

Ooh, I'd forgotten that one. Thanks!

3. I imagine that removing power from the well pre-filling would only be counter-productive to Ruin. He needs someone untainted by his power (ie. Spike free, but not necessarily influence free) to enter the well when it is full and freely give up all the power to release him. I would think that removing the power would delay the 1024 cycle. Maybe Ruin could have a good reason for that, but I can't think of any. His ticket out of there only arrives every 1024 years.

Fair point... maybe I'll need to mess with the canon a little and make the well movable or something, with Ruin hoping that his minions can distract TLR and get the Well out? Yeah, farfetched..

4. Are they going to fight the Lord Ruler and his army of Inquisitors? Them dying against that might be a neat way to solve your problems Smiley  I have a version of the Lord Ruler statted up and ready to fight if you want it. We (over at are going to run a game in which we make Average-Strong-Mighty characters and fight the Lord Ruler (and obviously lose. Lol).

Anyway, awesome sounding adventure, and good luck with sorting out the ending.

I might have to take a look at that Smiley
Their current plan extends to "Wipe out these Inquisitors, hope the Ministry doesn't immediately realise what's happening, and then work out how to draw out the rest of the Inquisition in manageable amounts.

Was there any official or semi official count on the number of Inquisitors?

Ok, so you have two supermen to play with, a bunch of servvents of the dark one, and you need to know what ruin would do? Here are my thoughts, not that I spend too much time thinking about it...

Ruin would want, ultimately, to get freed from his prison. In order to do that he needs to let it fill then get someone to give it to him. Or as Kad said to give him part of it now so he had more control to get the rest of it later, but I think he has enough long term planning that he can wait. But the Lord Ruler is standing by to use it once it fills, putting off Ruins sescape for at least 1024 years. But he knows that a direct attack would probably fail.

PLan 1: Slowly draw out inquisitors from Luthadel and kill them, then use their spikes to make more servants that have more than the Ruin-control-threshold(or RCT) Then do the attack.

That's what they're thinking at the moment I think, but it's been pointed out in canon that TLR is capable of taking out anyone and everything on the planet, one creature at a time (barring an arse-pull 'no magical inertia' stunt from the Chosen One).

Plan 2: Do the Vin thing. Go to small outlying towns and kill the people with spikes and make kollos, or visit a Kollos army and use the durally to claim the army and use the army to ransack towns to find allomancers to spike (A' La Marsh). If they are disruptive enough (But not too much) they might draw in inquisitors from Luthadell. Enter Plan 1. Repeat...

Just my two clips.

They don't know about being able to take over Hemalurgic creatures with Emotional Allomancy, and I'm thinking that with TLR still alive that probably won't work anyway.
I think they're hoping to not go for the 'mass murder spike harvesting' scenario as yet, but we'll see if they think of that one.

Or as Kad said to give him part of it now so he had more control to get the rest of it later...

Woah. I never said that. I said that taking from the well would likely only inconvenience Ruin, as it would delay the 1024 cycle's completion.

Oh, my bad. That was Leviathan that said that.

Yeah, trying to destabilize the ministry would be a Ruinish thing. Destroy some economy, and infrastructure. Have to be careful around the pits though, since allomancy breaks the crystals, and Ruin would not want the crystals broken.

Yeah, complete destabilisation of the current regime is definitely something that the "Prophet PC" wants, but we again run into the "How do you stop TLR from just stomping the entire uprising one by one"?
7  Products / Mistborn Adventure Game / My PCs are "Assaulting Mount Olympus" - Brainstorming help! on: August 17, 2013, 07:29:27 AM
So! My game took a turn for the epic and the "oh gods what's going on!" last session, and I'd like to do a little brainstorming about what to do from here Smiley

This has turned out a bit longer than I thought, but hopefully it's an interesting read!

So, the basic setup for my game has been a century ago there was a Mistborn, head of House Vespertine, who was a bit of a mad genius. Allomancy, Chemistry, Clockwork, he applied scientific study to them all, discovering Aluminium, Duralumin, Electrum and Cadmium, as well as Feruchemy, Electricity and Explosives along the way.
He kept all this very secret in a lab in the far Eastern edges of the final empire, sticking away from the Lord Ruler. However things really took a turn when he discovered Hemalurgy, and started hearing the whispers of Ruin. He experimented extensively with Hemalurgy, spiked himself to massive power and was working on ways of destroying the Steel Ministry (he even captured an Inquisitor in what amounted to a flooding trap lined with Aluminium (which he could refine reasonably easily thanks to discovering electricity).
He was recalled to Luthadel by the Lord Ruler, so he closed up his secret vault, removed his spikes and headed to the city.
Nobody is sure exactly what the Lord Ruler charged him with (some treasons are best forgotten), but his entire House was put to the sword and his lands ordered to be left abandoned for century as a lesson (though the infrastructure wasn't razed).

Cut to the current time and the holdings have just been released again. While most Houses went for the old Vespertine mines and plantations, House Notra's ruler bought what amounted to Vespertine's private Manor house, believing there to be something there. He bought much of his house, including the PCs (all nobles from the house) with him.
They discovered the vaults and all the secrets therein, including Hemalurgy (one PC ended up spiked as a bargain with one of Vesperine's creations basically a Kandra version of a Steel Inquisitor which unfortunately had the mind of a child).

That particular PC had fled Luthadel at the start of the campaign over some... inebriated words that didn't really line up with the Lord Ruler's policies. He escaped before the Steel Ministry got him, but his best friend was taken.
He was sent a note that amounted to "Tell us what you find". No 'or else' really needed.

The PCs were sent to Luthadel to attend a party and politically destroy a rival (which they did), and the Inquisition was quite unhappy that Leon had failed to report anything to them. So they sent him a finger. He sent a frantic note back saying "Ok, I give in! I'll go get the evidence and notes you want, meet on day X at place of your choice".
Leon flees the city that night, the other PCs find him missing a day later, find out the direction he was heading (yay street urchins) and follow.

They find that Leon had headed straight for the vault, retrieved the dead Inquisitor (that their head of house had taken one look at and said "Seal that trap back up, we saw nothing. Unless we find nothing of value, then we'll report it to the Lord Ruler") and the spikes that Vespertine had used on himself, and proceeded to spike the living daylights out of himself (somehow the whispers he was hearing gave him an uncanny knack for knowing the right spot...), planning to launch a one man war against the Ministry to get his friend back.
PCs arrive as he exits the vault.
Leon was a Rioter already, and with the hemalurgic spike had a Zinc rating of 11, and rolled to riot everyone (there was a collection of guards and such there), messing with their sense of hatred at the ministry, bravery, desire for social change, that type of thing. A pair of fives and four nudges later, and we end up with two PCs having bolted, one PC (Thug) *also* getting spiked out the wazoo with the leftovers from Vespertine's experiments.

The pair of them head to Luthadel with all speed, the other two PCs following behind trying to work out what to do, and a couple of hundred fanatics following behind.

[By this point I determined we were ignoring the advancement system for the sake of story, the spiked PCs were given a slightly lower Wits and Charm, and a Spirit of N/A, they are now puppets of Ruin's will]

They get to the meeting place, and Lady Merl (the other spiked PC), with a tiny bit of help from their Terris Butler (who shockingly turns out to be a Feruchemist) kills one of the two Steel Inquisitors meeting there (That PC is going on holidays, so we ran her 'duel' last session, and Leon will be facing another one next session) thanks to another ludicrous roll (three fives and five nudges, in such a way that she got the damage bonus from the Inquisitor's +3 damage weapon, when the Inquisitor wasn't defending against her, having been distracted by the Terris), bifurcating him and harvesting his spikes.

The question becomes, what do I do from here??
Ruin has two slightly-above-Inquisitor-grade slaves [probably another one very soon] and through them a very small army under his control.
The PCs head of house (also spiked, with a spike that actually held the Tin rating of his dead daughter, long story) is going to come to the conclusion that his house is dead anyway unless they can overthrow the government, so will be grabbing whatever portable technologies and chemicals he can (think ancient Chinese grade gunpowder, Greek fire, that kind of thing) and also head for the city with the army (hey, there were writings in Vespertine's lab saying that the Lord Ruler isn't a god, maybe he was right about that?).

What is Ruin's plan going to be?
I'm sort of leaning towards having part of Preservation's power having pooled in the chamber below Kredic Shaw, and Ruin prodding the PCs to gain entrance, steal the essence and take it to the Pits of Hathsin and throw it on the pile of Atium (not that the PCs know about the Pits or any of that), to try and steal some of Preservation's power and break free? Maybe having the PCs meet the "Mistwraith" along the way who will try to charades-convince them to give it to it instead?

But any further ideas people can give would be really handy!
8  Products / Mistborn Adventure Game / Re: Question about Kandra reactions on: April 07, 2013, 09:11:03 AM
First, what motivated the Kandra spy for the third house to drop cover? Compassion? Also, surely the Kandra spy would not risk taking L.P. directly to the homeland, right? That's about as closely guarded a secret as possible! Maybe the Kandra could hide L.P. until it manages to communicate with the elders?

Ah. The Kandra was already sure its cover was blown. It'd been hiding in the ranks of the 'spies' for one noble house, and in the course of the fight most of its lower body had been crushed, bits of muscle had peeled loose from its bones, etc. It was obvious at one look (to anyone who knew what a Kandra was) what it was.

I figured that it'd take LP straight to the homeland (or as straight as an appropriate route to throw off any pursuit would be), since from his point of view it's basically an immature Kandra who *wasn't* created by the Lord Ruler.

Oh, I'd also suggest rereading the "Turning Points" section in book 3 of the rulebook. It's bound to have good advice for how to handle ths situation from a Narrator's perspective.

That's probably a good point. The Steel Ministry is already interested in a couple of members of the party, for different reasons, as well as interested in what is going on in this area. Plus if the party *does* start making use of Hemalurgy themselves... well, the game has the potential to start turning into a "Players are the followers of Ruin trying to take down The Lord Ruler" if that's the direction the players want to go in Smiley
9  Products / Mistborn Adventure Game / Question about Kandra reactions on: April 04, 2013, 07:52:11 PM
Any players in my game (played last night, in Brunswick, you know the one *Glares*) bugger off right now Smiley

Anyways, I'm looking for a little advice on the reaction of the Kandra as a whole to something that happened in my game last night.

So, the players have been, through various events, starting to get an idea of the existence of Hemalurgy, or at least "Metal spikes do weird things and grant powers".

Last night they caused a three way battle between a group of spies, some Koloss, and a Hemalurgic monster created by a century-dead Head of House known as "Little Proteus". L.P. is easiest described as a cross between a Kandra and a Steel Inquisitor, but with way more spikes (dozens) and the mind of a child.

L.P. was.. well, not killed, but pretty much flayed and impaled during the fight (like a Kandra whose had all its bones broken). Trying to 'finish it off', two members of the party tried pulling spikes out of it (since they know that spikes grant powers, and one spike came from a member of their house). However, one of the spies was actually a Kandra (spy for a third noble house) who begged them not to do so, and asked that the group let him take Proteus back to the Kandra home, because he's "Sort of like a brother maybe".

Eventually the party agreed, and the Kandra is on his way back to the homeland with Proteus, but the big thing is one little line that most of the party has no doubt forgotten.
One of the people pulling out spikes told the Kandra that she was doing it "Because maybe if they pull them all it it stops being sentient"

So, apparently one random group of Nobles in a far flung area of the Eastern Dominance have possibly worked out that Hemalurgic spikes, like Kandra Blessings, are what grants them sentience.
What kind of reactions would this cause do you think?
10  Products / Mistborn Adventure Game / Re: Upcoming releases! on: March 26, 2013, 08:25:16 PM
Highlights include:
  • Between four and five digital supplements just awaiting approvals, the first of which focuses on the Terris people.
  • Alloy of Law supplement is expected to be around 300 pages; first drafts are already in.
  • Additional material on different ways to play, like being part of a noble Crew.
  • Adventures!

Woohoo! I can't wait Cheesy
Considering that my players (Nobles game) are on the verge of discovering incredibly detailed Hemalurgy notes (and have already discovered a few new metals), I'm really looking forward to Compounding rules Smiley
11  Products / Mistborn Adventure Game / Re: Feruchemy, Pewter and Monster Wraiths on: February 14, 2013, 08:37:33 PM
If you really feel that Feruchemy needs a combat nerf, just cut the "Five extra charges grants a free nudge" part.

They're fantastic at splattering something in a single hit, but if the enemy dodges it's a massive resources expenditure.
12  Products / Mistborn Adventure Game / Re: A few queries: Burdens, Breathers and emotional combat on: January 03, 2013, 06:07:04 PM
Correct. Pewter is insanely powerful without even factoring in the healing ability, so I don't mind a few curbs on it for purposes of game balance Smiley

No arguments there Wink
And plays well into the Pewter endurance thing.
13  Products / Mistborn Adventure Game / Re: A few queries: Burdens, Breathers and emotional combat on: January 03, 2013, 01:21:00 AM
Flaring Pewter only lets you ignore the burdens while flaring - remember how Vin and Kelsier say a person who stops burning can drop dead? That's part of what they were talking about Smiley Gold on the other hand allows you to permanently remove the burden.

Hrm.. as a matter of interest then, what is the point of Pewter's healing ability?
It says it doubles your Healing rate to two Health per day in which you spend eight hours burning Pewter, so Pewter healing is only useful on the rare occasions that you aren't getting a Short Breather in a day, or need to spend all that day's breathers doing other things?
14  Products / Mistborn Adventure Game / Re: A few queries: Burdens, Breathers and emotional combat on: January 02, 2013, 07:58:33 PM
Why would he set himself on fire? Against snakes? I can kind of understand the intimidation factor against humans, but snakes don't think "Whoa! That human just set himself on fire, he's so badass we don't stand a chance!". Actually, snakes would probably think "Hmm. Warm. Nice." and go cuddle him if they're that huge.

Well, there were a few points for it in his mind. One, he figured that the creatures might be smarter than your average snake due to being able to cause fear, plus it'd distract the snake from eating the party member who had saved his life last session, *and* it'd give the "Humble Terris Steward" some street cred (he's secretly a Feruchemist and stored away the heat to prevent being burned).
It seemed like a fun story idea Smiley

Anyway, I'd say take it out of the regular defense pool, mainly because emotional allomancers would be at a disadvantage if their opponents could just draw from a different dice pool. It makes sense to me that if you concentrate on attacking someone, a Rioter or Soother would have an easier time manipulating you, because you're busy with something else.

*nods* good good, I did leave that bit as it should be then. Though if he pulls it again I think he'll be attacking with Charm or Wits rather than spirit Wink

Your Mistborn seems to be a bit reckless from what you've listed here. I don't know if it's the player or just how the character is played, but I'd say let her deal with the consequences. If it's just how the character is played, you could say those injuries taught her that she's not invulnerable and should rely more on her group. If it's the player, maybe she'll learn that too.

Hehe, it's a bit of both. I daresay this will.. help.. things somewhat. Though she's still making very basic mistakes, like forgetting to start burning Pewter until a couple of rounds into combat. She'll learn better soon enough I'm sure.

The rules for removing burdens without advancements are in the Pewter section (page 302), flaring Pewter lessens physical burdens by one degree. If your Mistborn has access to enough Pewter during the Breather, she could flare it for some time and ease all her physical burdens like that, she'd probably spend the rest of the breather suffering from Pewter drag. That way she could get rid of the torn muscle and the nausea and make her limp less severe. She could spend advancements to lessen one of the mental burdens (rebuilding her confidence for example) and end the breather with 2 serious and 3 grave burdens. That would still hold her back and hopefully teach her to be less reckless, but it's not enough to be worried.

Aha, I've found the passage, but the way it's written it only reduces the burden while you're flaring the metal, it doesn't help you heal from it?
Gold, by contrast, states "You lose one/all X grade physical burdens"

My advice before changing the rules is first to look at how you define a Long Breather in your game. Anything over 24 hours can be a Long Breather as defined by the rules, and the players could likely make those spaces for themselves (choosing to lie low for a day or two, instead of a half day) rather than pushing through. You may even want to be a little more generous on when Long Breathers trigger - for example, on those half day rests every session, let them be a Long Breather if the party's got its butt kicked recently. There are no Fun Police that are going to kick in your door for being generous to the Crew for the betterment of the game Smiley

You mean my group can stop barricading the door in case of the Fun Police? Well that's a load off my mind Wink
Good point on 'flexing' the amount of time that a Long Breather requires. "Half a day in your well stocked Noble's encampment counts as a long breather" would make sense, though I may specify to the players that they're allowed to 'take a day off to rest' as well if they want to (we're still getting the hang of the collaborative storytelling aspects).

That said, if flaring Pewter does allow you to permanently heal physical Burdens the way that Gold does, that'd pretty much solve the issue right there
15  Products / Mistborn Adventure Game / A few queries: Burdens, Breathers and emotional combat on: January 02, 2013, 02:06:46 AM
So, I'm now a few sessions into my fortnightly game, and I've got a few queries, partially checking that I'm doing things right, and partially to see how other people handle similar pacing.

So, first up, non-physical conflicts in a fight.
Say I've got someone pulling non-physical conflicts in the middle of a fight.
Specifically in this case the party is facing a number of snakes, including a couple of enormous ones. The party Terris decides to set himself on fire and wave a burning torch at one of them, trying to drive it off rather than hurt it.

At the time I set it as a Spirit vs Spirit contest targeting the Snake's willpower (and the Terris got a bonus die for setting himself on fire rather than just waving a burning torch).
Now, should the Snake automatically get to resist with its Spirit, or should this have been a "Take dice out of your combat pool if you want to defend" as normal for Combat? (though I think if I did that I'd have to make it a Wits or Charm vs Spirit to be more logical).

Similarly, emotional Allomancy during a combat, is it Metal vs Spirit as normal, or Metal vs Combat Pool?

Basically it boils down to "Do non-physical attacks in a Combat also go against Combat Pool, or the targeted attribute?"

Secondly, how frequently are other GMs giving their players Long Breathers? After three sessions the players are just getting their first Long Breather (the players had a couple of points of 'resting' for half a day or so, but they were kept on their toes quite a bit), and I'm rather worried about one of the players' burdens.
Specifically, the party Mistborn has managed in three sessions to:

1) Get beaten down to 'killed' in physical combat against four house guards and a noble (had her butt saved by the Thug), so that netted her a serious, a grave and a mortal burden
 - Torn muscle in arm (serious)
 - Severe limp (grave)
 - Shattered Confidence (mortal) [I figured the hoity-toity 'all non mistborn are worthless mortals barely better than Skaa' getting her arse kicked by five non-allomancers and being completely shown up by a Misting warrented a mental rather than physical burden]
2) Get scared out of her wits by a pair of Rioter snakes, and poisoned by a normal one
 - Severe Nausea (serious)
 - Claustraphobia (grave)
 - Fear of snakes (serious)

So that's three serious, two grave and one mortal burden, and she's only just gotten her first breather. Sure it's a good abject lesson in using tactics rather than going off half cocked, but I'm a little worried that she's going to end up a ball of burdens and nerves if current pacing keeps up.
The rest of the party have 0-3 burdens each

I've thought of three possibilities:
1) Assume that this is a bit of an anomaly, and keep going as per the normal rules
2) Allow long breathers that are in the weeks/months range to drop all burdens by one stage, rather than only one
3) Letting all breathers lower a burden *and* buy an Advancement

Does anyone have any ideas/advice?

Also, can anyone point me at the ruling for using Pewter or Gold to reduce Mortal burdens without Advancements? The Burdens part says refer to the Allomancy listing for the rules on it, but I just can't find it.
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