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November 23, 2014, 05:14:15 PM
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1  Community / Off-Topic / Re: Life, the World, and Everything. (Social Issues) on: Today at 01:54:37 PM
And I thought PA's liquor laws were screwy.
Well, it's not mutually exclusive.
They are screwy, and state operated liquor stores suck, but it could be vastly worse.
2  Community / Off-Topic / Re: Video game news and reaction on: Today at 01:48:31 PM
Oooh!  Now they need an asynchronous version of Necromunda.
3  Products / Spycraft 2.0 / Re: So... Spycraft 3.0 is a bit down the road. What about that ol' 2.0? on: November 20, 2014, 09:42:23 AM
Two characters died to ice cream related injuries.
This is why we can't have nice things...
4  Community / Off-Topic / Re: Life, the World, and Everything. (Social Issues) on: November 19, 2014, 09:32:05 PM
P1 - Who the hell lets politicians draw the maps?  I mean seriously.  If you played kickball in grade school, you know that captains will divide the population down the middle AFTER picking their friends.
S1 - I suggest we start using the shortest split line method to draw districts.  Take the politicos out of the equation (literally) and see if that does better.
Use Census blocks.  Article on it here.
5  Community / Off-Topic / Re: Life, the World, and Everything. (Social Issues) on: November 19, 2014, 04:46:27 PM
It's kind of a no-win. We want a bureaucracy that's responsive to needs like veteran's care but we also want efficiency and fair and impartial treatment and thus resistant to fraud. We want superior results and less taxes. We're idiots.
The VA is one of the things the US feds should be doing, and the regular poor quality isn't a result of insufficient funding.

That said, I don't expect competence out of government, especially larger government.  I would rather a large government not waste resources doing something badly, better to do nothing at all.

I like to think that folks with the worst ideas would be unwilling to risk their lives to push them forward, though I suppose I should look at communists the world over to disabuse me of that notion. 

Samara's story gives some big moe moments.

1). Regard for information. How do we approach the importance of knowledge? And, let's be real, not everybody cares equally. If voting required high school graduate level testing the registered voter rolls would probably skew dramatically.
Ignorant voters, which is a pretty rational thing to be, are a core component of the problem.  Maybe everyone should have to qualify as a citizen by passing the test?  Dunno 'bout that.  The idea should raise hackles, but when half the citizenry doesn't show up to vote, and half don't know the branches of government, something ain't right.
6  Community / Off-Topic / Re: Life, the World, and Everything. (Social Issues) on: November 19, 2014, 08:17:23 AM
I think we really -ed up when we made assassination a felony.

More seriously there is a huge problem with elected officials not really controlling the bureaucracies that actually do things.  FWIW:  If a government needs a bureaucracy to get something done, is probably doing something that shouldn't be done.
7  Community / Off-Topic / Re: Life, the World, and Everything. (Social Issues) on: November 18, 2014, 09:00:58 AM
If I shipped, I would ship Tali and Garrus.
8  Community / Off-Topic / Re: Life, the World, and Everything. (Social Issues) on: November 17, 2014, 03:20:48 PM
However admired or despised the underlying nature of a soldier (here used as a stand-in term for any members of formal military structure) is that of a government worker. They fight for We The People. We decide when, how, why where and against whom. And they stop when we demand it.
Ish.  The US Oaths of Service, which are different for officers and enlisted members of the military, are to defend the Constitution; not the government, not the people, not the land.  There is a Long tradition, basically venerated, which is good, of civilian control of the military, but I don't find it difficult to imagine a "mutiny" if the military is ordered to violate the Constitution.

That's some of, btw, the reasons why veterans deciding to recommit to returning to hunt ISIL as civilians is a super bad idea.
Why?  Is that worse than veterans gathering supplies for Ukrainians to help them resist Russian aggression?  (If so, why.)

The waste of lives is on us. The destabilization of nations is our fault.
A government that uses rape as a tool of policy is, IMO, worse than "instability."  It is debatable, though.  Letting the boundaries set by outsiders stand hasn't served Africa or the middle east too well.
9  Community / Off-Topic / Re: Beyond Earth (Reactions, stories, let's play setups, etc...) on: November 16, 2014, 11:01:01 PM
Apparently you must choose between achievement whoring and adding mods.   Cry
10  Community / Off-Topic / Re: Cool pics on: November 16, 2014, 07:18:26 PM
11  Community / Off-Topic / Re: Beyond Earth (Reactions, stories, let's play setups, etc...) on: November 14, 2014, 07:41:46 PM
How does the computer go from launching a war of aggression back to friendly in, like, 10 turns?
Someone had it play tic-tack-toe?
I won't rule that out.

This run I'm going Purity, and really liking the aesthetic.

Still looking forward to the patch that updates your workers and trade units to an aesthetic for your affinity.  (Kinda wishing an Evolved Battlesuit looked different from a Prime Battlesuit.)

Also looking forward to the expansion that includes affinity blends and more customizing the planet before the game begins.
12  Community / Off-Topic / Re: KickStarter thread on: November 14, 2014, 07:35:40 PM
Why does getting a few of these and not telling my significant others about it seem like a hilarious idea?
13  Community / Off-Topic / Re: Video game news and reaction on: November 12, 2014, 09:23:55 PM
The Hyrule Cup for Mario Kart 8 goes live overnight. 
14  Community / Off-Topic / Re: Life, the World, and Everything. (Social Issues) on: November 12, 2014, 09:46:39 AM
If the IC ever jails/executes any Hamas bigwigs for their war crimes I will consider it as valuable as the paper needed to print one copy of the treaty that gives it power.  Until then, it is less useful than an udder on a bull.
15  Products / Ten Thousand Bullets / Re: Hello? on: November 11, 2014, 01:20:48 PM
Christ you could at least use a picture from this decade...

Cyber-code saves all - even youth.
It doesn't always look right though.  Young Jeff Bridges in the new Tron movie for example.
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