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October 06, 2015, 11:36:11 AM
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46  Community / License to Improvise / Re: Converting 4th Edition D&D Paragons on: October 09, 2011, 10:46:28 PM
Carry on!  One of the things I actually liked in 4th was the Sword Mage class... I hope to see it's rebirth here in FC.  Grin
47  Products / Fantasy Craft / Re: Cold-Blooded and Elemental Heritage (Ice) on: October 06, 2011, 10:51:12 PM
Cold-blooded is one of those things that just makes me twitch still.  Drakes are a hard row to hoe for developers since 'dragons' are so very very iconic and very very disparate in people's minds.  Personally, coldblooded is weird. But that doesn't drive me nutters nearly like them being quadruped frames instead of hexaped frames.  Seeing dragons depicted as such has driven my batty since I was a wee child.  So we just play mine with a hexaped config and let the rest ride.  Forelimbs that can rend a man in twain, but still can't operate a door for a damn. 

We figure a good part of his stash gets blown on repairs to structures while in town.   Grin

I look forward to an official race generator so we can teak those kind of bits if we want.  Otherwise I'd just house-rule it to heat-type weakness instead. 
48  Products / Fantasy Craft / Re: Blackpowder weapons on: October 06, 2011, 10:39:02 PM

49  Products / Fantasy Craft / Re: Racial Flight. Opinions? on: October 03, 2011, 10:45:53 PM
In our last game when asked "Why he didn't just fly over the city walls and avoid the throng wishing to pay respects to the dead King?" my Drake replied that "...ballistae bolts are generally not good for your health."

Folk tend to get nervous when flying, fire-breathing critters wing about willy-nilly overhead.
50  Products / Fantasy Craft / Re: Questions on Drakes on: September 11, 2011, 09:46:28 PM
You can buy custom magic items with renown (if GM allowed of course) that help boost your nat attacks and such to help the equip curve out.  Although FC doesn't rely as heavily on equipment as D&D did.
51  Products / Fantasy Craft / Re: 'Readying' items, Mage's Pouches, and Hidden Spells. Also Armor sizes. on: September 10, 2011, 10:52:33 AM
*chuckle* Which is why the quality should cost about 4 times what it does, 8-10 times when applied to a one-handed weapon Roll Eyes.

Well... in the Drakes' defense. Forging fine weapons without having dexterous hands, or being a 'tool-using' race to begin with, does put a bit of a premium on their handiwork.   Tongue
52  Products / Fantasy Craft / Re: Questions on Drakes on: September 09, 2011, 08:12:45 AM
My concept is a Drake that is primarily a fighting type preferring to use hi natural abilities. claws teeth breath

He may dabble in magic, but that is secondary

I was looking at taking the Speciality Sorcerer for the Species feat and at 1st lvl take ..
It's what I used for a very similar idea.  I refer to it as "Critter-as-a-class" for this kind of concept.
Draconic Heritage (for the tough hide)
Elemental Heritage: Metal (for the Edged Resistance)
if You can take two heritages. He would be a steel dragonkin. I am unsure of class. Soldier or Martial Artist maybe?

You might look at the 'Monster' specialty brewed up here on the forums by Paddyfool (and others) using a reverse-engineered version of the formula Crafty uses to create them. 

Also Paddyfool started the ball rolling to bang out some neat-o-keen breath feats with much awesome collaboration by all.

Pawsplay  created a Path of Dragons for usage in alignments.  Very nifty!  Only caveat we used in our game was to allow a species feat choice instead of Draconic Heritage if it was previously taken

Another neat feat is Larger Than Life from the Adv. Companion book.  Totes worth it.

I took MA as base class, mostly because I felt Soldier was weighted a bit too heavily towards tool-users wearing armor.  As I'm, like you, playing an 'au natural' beasty, I just didn't feel it.  Ma is nice.  Ma is wicked nice.  You just have to get Kung Fu out of your head and remember you aren't Bruce Lee with scales... unless that's where you want to go of course.  hehe

I haven't decided on an Expert class yet, but probably will roll into Dragon Lord for the goodies within as Master class.  I may forgo the Expert class and stick with MA up to DL, it's just that good for this concept.

I went with a heavy Wrestling build for now, hoping to model the brute strength with slamming people around, pinning them with a claw and then delivering a deathblow with a bite.  Unfortunately I've found that the wrestling mechanics kind of hobble this a bit (please please correct me on this anyone if I am wrong here) with a grapple taking a full-round action followed up by another one for a grapple benefit check.  Two perform a coup-de-grace you need to win grapple (1fr act) then win grapple bene check for pin (1fr act) then, having Wrestling Supremacy, able to deliver the coup-de-grace in the following round (1 fr act).  Still, what a cinematic sequence and so totally acurate.  Grab offending thing in claw, smash it to the ground trapping it there, snake head in and deliver fatal bite tearing out vitals.   Evil

The number-cruncher in me says to simply attack six times with claw or bite as seen fit for better usage of actions.

Oh yeah, bite is freaking monstrous as a MA.  It ends up being 16+ threat with d10 base.  Ouch.  Take Nat Ferocity and that goes to 15+ making that a nasty nasty crit machine.  Just remember that you are using your mouth to do that damage...  some things you don't want to bite.  My GM names all of his Scenes like chapters in a book.  One of those was "Are you going to eat that?" with no small amount of nodding towards (me) the drake.   Tongue

I'll write more later, but I have to jet to work.
53  Products / Fantasy Craft / Re: Questions on Drakes on: September 08, 2011, 08:10:27 PM
Large size is a bit of a mixed bag.  You take up more space (2x3 on a grid) so it's 'easier' to flank you.  You get a -1 penalty to your Def due to being bigger target.  Grappling has some modifiers in there for size differentials.

It DOES get you some nice things.  Like wounds being 1.5 x Con instead of 1 x Con.  This is very handy.  Your carrying capacity is much higher as well.  Your natural attacks do more damage out of the gate.  I might be missing something here as I've been up since 0530. 

Yes there are several feats that help improve your natural attacks, they are kind of limited though.  Native Ferocity improves all of your natural attacks by one grade.  Good news: It does them all at once.  Bad news: You can only take it once.   Enhanced Natural Attack lets you buy qualities for your attacks, like bleed or trip, etc...  You take the feat and all of your nat-attacks get that quality.  You can take this multiple times to stack up qualities.

Tough Hide is not improvable to my knowledge.

You are correct in your last two bits, no exceptional senses and no baked-in DR.

I know right were you are thinking, I had a similar bit of disconnect when I statted mine out.  In FC all of the races are built using a point-buy system.  A human = elf = goblin = drake = giant etc in the builds.  So a lot of those things we often see as very 'dragon-y' would just put the total way beyond the other races and are left out.

Now with that said; FC is fantastic for letting you craft a character to your idea.

What is your idea?  We can probably help you achieve it.
54  Community / License to Improvise / Re: Drakes: Where do we go from here? on: August 23, 2011, 08:59:23 PM
The Monster specialty is really nice.  It was pretty spot-on to the concept I was making.  I'll post more when I can get a chance to really dig in.
55  Products / Fantasy Craft / Re: Forget all you know, or think you know... on: August 01, 2011, 08:15:20 PM
This is a campaign setting our GM has been running in for 10+ years, so there is a flavor and feel to the world.  This is our first trip into it and its inaugural run on FC rules so I would imagine there will be some interesting goings-on. 

We're all looking forward to the ride.  It has been a long time since ad20 game system has actually interested me.  Class-based systems generally put me off, but FC has enough awesome built-in with the progression, feats, tricks, etc to break that predisposition.  We start tomorrow at 10am.   Grin
56  Community / License to Improvise / Re: Drakes: Where do we go from here? on: August 01, 2011, 04:19:46 PM
At my table to get a rough estimate of maximum length: add length of your footprint plus double reach times 5 feet. For example a typical large drake is reach 2 with a 2x3 footprint, so length is (3+(2x2))x5=35. Much of this is actually neck and tail, torso length is about footprint length times 4 feet (12 for a typical large drake). Wingspan is equal to total length.

That is much better expressed with maths, but pretty close to the lines I was thinking along.   I just hadn't seen it in the main book and thought that I missed it somehow, I do that from time to time.

I also back-of-the-napkin figured the body width was about 50-60% of the footprint width, so 5-6' across at the widest (probably the hips or shoulders) point.  Probably 5'ish for your aforementioned typical drake, 6' just seems too wide for a 12' "torso" to me.
57  Community / License to Improvise / Re: Drakes: Where do we go from here? on: July 31, 2011, 10:22:53 PM
If you're looking to be a combat monster with natural weapons, it's hard to go wrong with the martial artist.  Soldier isn't bad either.  The beast upgrade will let you use armor.  Just style it as plates or padding over the more vulnerable areas.

You said you want to play "critter as class" but dragons were much more than just combat monsters.  You could be a courtier or a sage and be a great dragon.

Initially combat will be the focus, but that had been one of the ideas I had knocking around in my head.  I wanted to stay away from using armor or other crafted bits.  It just didn't seem in keeping with the race to strap on armor.

I am a fan of those feats but I really think your first game should be pretty close to the book.  Save stuff from the board for when you have a better feel for how the game balances.  This is of course only my opinion.

When we start playing a system we keep the characters a bit protean for the first few sessions.  It helps to know that if you misunderstood something and dorked a build you can fix it.  This also goes for combos that you play and go woah, that sucker's too powerful.

As always we (GM +players) discuss things at great length.
58  Products / Fantasy Craft / Re: Forget all you know, or think you know... on: July 31, 2011, 08:36:29 PM

Thank you all, these are great so far!  Any combat mechanics that we take for granted?  Like I'm pretty sure there are no more attacks of opportunity right?

- Large characters are great.. ..until you visit a Pech town.  (Logistics of Large sometimes cause a little bit of GC headache.)
-  Treefolk are awesome.  Treefolk that enjoy wielding fire are awesome AND hilarious.  (Not really a difference, just something I wanted to throw in there.)

I mentioned to my GM that I think the bulk of my drake's blowing money in town is going go for repairs to structures accidentally damaged.  Also for sampling fine cooking, cause still twitching and bloody is great and all but it doesn't hold a candle to finely braised crown roast(s) with attendant courses and libations.

Intrest: Cooking anyone?   Grin

Funny you mention that about rootwalkers and fire.  The wife's RW'r is a priest following primal life: healing, life, and fire for the "Spark of..."  heh
59  Community / License to Improvise / Drakes: Where do we go from here? on: July 31, 2011, 06:36:54 PM
As we are poised to start our FC game I have been pouring over the FC books and here on the forums/DB to grok the system and my chosen race to play; the ever-humble drake.   Tongue

Now, let me put a big ol'caveat here:  I am so not proficient in this game yet.  We have done a few little one-shot kind of things to horse around with, but no real meaty gaming to get my sea-legs under me on the feel and progression of it all.  If questions I ask are redonkulously noob/pedestrian that'll be why.  Please feel free to tell me so.  Wink

These questions are in a jumble no doubt, I'll try to structure them as best I can to flow.

Where are the physical dimensions for them?  Neck, tail, body length, wingspan.. that kind of thing?  I haven't cover-to-covered the book so I might have just missed it.

I went Monster Specialty Martial Artist and will probably take Dragon Lord for progression.  I'm trying to play 'critter as the class' as close as I can and those seemed the best fit.  Any other classes that jump out?  Soldier seemed interesting but looked like there were too many things that required armor to be of use.  This may just be a perception thing though. 

Paddyfool's thread on Breath Weapon feats will help out a good bit along with both tricks from that same thread.  I plan on making grappling a focus for the character so Grab'n'blast'em will get some mileage.  Any others that spring to mind?  The two feats that modify your natural attacks are neat.  One adds qualities the other upgrades their rank.  The feat that upgrades rank only looks able to take once.  Any other ways to upgrade natural attacks I'm missing?  DLord has some action there as the lvl3 benefit. 

How would you handle Draconic Legacy being taken by a Drake, btw?  That's one of the first level DLord benefits.  The attribute bonus fits, but what of the breath (you already have) and flight with the resulting penalty?  Assume the new flight speed?

I'll leave it at that for right now, time to go watch a movie with the wife-unit.  I had hoped to put more thought/research into this and ended up hammering it out.  heh

60  Products / Fantasy Craft / Forget all you know, or think you know... on: July 31, 2011, 05:41:23 PM
We are going to start our FC game this week for real, and I had a thought.  I have seen "Forget what you know about D&D..." as a oft-repeated refrain around here.  I understand and agree, and was wondering if the gestalt mind of the forums might give us some pointers as to the more egregious landmines to avoid?

I've been wracking my brain, but come to the conclusion I have played D&D 3.x (and 4 for a short time) games for far too long to objectively look at it.

Any sage advice?
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